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Where Do I Stand? by Thianna
15 - My Angel Mine
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Disclaimer: The characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer are owned by Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, and Fox studios. This story is not meant to infringe upon anyone's rights, only to entertain.


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A/N: Dialogue enclosed in // means dialogue is being heard through the claim.

CHAPTER 15 – My Mate Mine

The dreadful feeling would not go away. Panic. Fear. Loathing. Over and over again those feelings washed over me. It was insistent and alarming. One name was chanted like a dreaded mantra -- Angelus. It was a name I had no love for to begin with and that fact just added to my fears.

I ran, letting the claim guide me to my Sera, to my mate. I could feel her fear and distress as well as the sense of urgency she pushed through the claim.

Drusilla had been upset over the claim but had made no attempts to dispute it. For a week or so, our sire opted not speak to us. She acted as if we didn’t exist. She would wave her hand in our direction acting as if there was nothing there but mere wisps of air. It took her another week after that to finally withdraw from her silent anger. Then it was as if nothing had happened.

She berated herself over and over about being a bad mum. Then she opened her arms to her children once more and showered us with kisses each night. I knew she had not completely forgiven us but her affections were enough assurance that she at the very least would not dispute the claim.

Darla just looked upon the situation as if it was somewhat trivial and so I foolishly thought that with Darla’s approval, Angelus would abide by her wishes.

Angelus. The name was burned into my thoughts once more. What was the poofter of a grandsire doing to my mate?

//You know his affections are false. They are nothing more than a mirage to fool his body into ravishing you. You know he thinks of his dark princess still. He pines over her constantly and will never ever let her go. This claim will falter dear lovely Sera.//

//It will not. The claim is strong.//

//Tell me then what it’s like to spread your legs for him. Does he hold on to you possessively while he buries himself deep within your folds? Does he whisper sweet sonnets of affection? He tells you you’re his one and only doesn’t he? But in truth who does he see? //

//He sees me!//

//Sure. Fool yourself into that. He was your first wasn’t he? You know… I can make you feel that way, perhaps even better. I can show a side of yourself that he would never be able to touch.//

//NO! I don’t want you. NO!//

Panic. Pain. Sobs. She was close but it was still not close enough as I growled into the night sky in frustration. I felt my chest tightening as if I was having difficulty breathing.


//Spread them for me wench. After this he will no longer touch you without knowing that I’ve tasted you myself. I will make his precious little angel fall from heaven.//

//Sod off!//

//Feisty little wench.//

I saw them in an alleyway. My grandsire had pinned Sera with his body against the wall, his fingers buried beneath her skirts. She had her hands pressed against his chest as she struggled to push him away. I saw nothing else but rage as I lunged and tore him away from my mate. Eyes burned golden and fangs brandished in fury at the monster that attempted to take what was rightfully mine and mine alone. “You dare …”

Angelus smiled. “Come now William. It’s not like we haven’t shared anything before.”

I answered him with a menacing growl. “She is mine and I will kill anyone that would dare harm her. I don’t sodding care if you are our grandsire.”

“Bold words for someone as young as you.”

The demon urged me forward to exact vengeance on the one that dared harm my mate. Reasoning left me and was replaced by blinding fury as I lashed out at Angelus – at my grandsire who was the messenger of my constant torment and inefficiency. He wanted to writhe his way into every happiness that I possessed and twist it into his own perversion so that what was left was something I barely recognized. I knew he delighted in the fact that my sire bore more love and affection for him beyond mere sire and childe bond than she ever did with me. I was her child. She chose me out of a multitude but despite everything I had done for her, her eyes and heart would never be fully mine. She loved me. There was and will always be a part of her that will love me. But that love was enough just to fulfill her obligation as my sire.

Angelus relished in the fact that though I was Drusilla’s beloved prince, her dark knight, I would be nothing more than a play toy for her to amuse herself when he wasn’t around. And now, he wanted to twist what I had with my angel. He wanted to taint her and control her so that I would be left with nothing but emptiness and anguish.

My never-ending rage towards him compelled me forward. It drove me to punish him with a barrage of blows and kicks for daring to hurt my mate. We moved with speed and precision, our bodies responding to the different emotions inside us. His was surely the need to possess and torment while mine was of rage. But the rage wasn’t mine alone. Though she seemed frozen where she stood, the anger that burned in Sera’s eyes was evident.

I knew more than felt that my body was not immune to his assaults. I knew that his blows and kicks were connecting but my pain and the blood that oozed out from numerous cuts meant little as I focused on inflicting him with my own personal retribution.

He began to stagger and I paused for a moment, licking the blood from my busted lip.

“Haven’t I taught you anything boy? Why have you tethered yourself to only one? We are meant to be free. We were made that way. Free to kill. Free to take whatever we want. And yet you have lost yourself to her charms. Petty charms at that.”

“Such bitter words Angelus. Is that jealousy I ‘ear in your voice? I know why you ‘ate ‘er so. It’s because she rejected you and she still rejects you. It irks you to think that she could choose me over you.”

He threw a punch aimed at my torso.

“That’s it isn’t it. The poofter can’t stand the fact that something could be mine and mine alone.” I said returning his blow with my own aimed at his jaw.

“You’re delusional William.”

“And your sodding blind. The claim is strong and nothing will break it.” As if on cue, Sera finally moved and made her way towards us. She wrapped her arms around me and shot an icy glare back to our grandsire. Then she moved slightly and planted herself in front of me, pressing her soft body close as she tilted her head and plunged her fangs deep into my neck. She pulled slowly, sending feelings of love and devotion through the claim. I snaked my arms around her waist possessively, then sliced through soft flesh as my fangs buried themselves deep into her neck. I kept my gaze on my grandsire, daring him to challenge us now.

Angelus grunted his disapproval. “Let’s just see how long this will last.” He wiped the blood from a cut from his cheek. He shot us one more look of disdain then disappeared into the night.

We both pulled away from each other only when we sensed that the poofter’s presence was no more. I gave her a concerned look as I pressed my forehead against hers. “You scared me luv. I was afraid I was going to lose you.”

“I’m sorry, Spike. I should have been more careful. I should have sensed his presence earlier.”

“No. It’s not your fault, pet. ‘e’s just a big pain in the arse. You were brave my sweet darling Sera. ”

“I didn’t want him near me. Didn’t want him so close. ”

“I know luv. I know. If it’s anyone’s fault, it’s mine.” I said tucking a lock of hair behind her ear.

She shook her head and sighed into my chest. “I must smell dreadful. He was rubbing himself against me.” She said with a shudder.

“We will take care of that, pet. I’ll ‘elp you forget. I’ll give you something better to remember tonight.” I cupped her cheek and pulled her in to kiss her passionately. “I love you my angel, your mine and mine alone.”

She looked at me tenderly as she pressed and molded her body against mine. “I am yours as you are mine. I love you.”


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