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Freedom by icemink
Chapter 27
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Warning: A fair amount of violence in this chapter.

Chapter 27:

Buffy bounced up and down on the balls of her feet as she tugged on Spike's hand, trying to get him to let go of her.

He hadn't seen her this happy or excited in days. Not since she found out about her former Watcher.

She had become silent and withdrawn, and had shied away from his touch. She wouldn't even let him kiss her anymore, which made no sense to Spike. If she was so worried that he was going to run off and sleep with the Watcher, shouldn't she be shagging him senseless to prove that she could satisfy all his needs? But then she was a woman, and not all there, so he couldn't expect her to be logical.

What was worse, she teased him horribly. He wasn't even sure if she was aware of just how sexy she was most of the time, and that just made it worse.

Like tonight when she'd dressed for fighting, but all he could thing about was pinning her against the wall and fucking her brains out.

She was wearing those tight black leather pants she'd become so fond of, and he was damned fond of how they showed off her ass. Her top was also black leather and showed off her pale stomach and milk white breasts which almost seemed to glow in the lamp light.

Her arms were also bare, although she wore fingerless leather gloves. Every time he saw her delicate hands he couldn't help but fantasize about those gloves running over his bare flesh.

"Remember to be careful, luv," he told her. "Guns can't kill you, but the pain will throw you off your game. Not to mention they can maim you a bit."

"Yeah, yeah I know," Buffy said as she tried to pull away from him.

"And remember what I told about drugs. If the blood tastes funny stop drinking immediately."

"I got it, I got it," she insisted. "If I don't hurry they'll get away," she pleaded with him.

Sighing, he let her go and watched as she quickly and quietly vanished into the dark warehouse.

The whole thing was a bad idea, and he didn't even know why they were there.

It had all started the night before at a dive bar. Spike had taken her there to help her learn to master her new vampire senses. She needed to learn to be comfortable in settings with lots of humans, and to filter out different sounds and scents.

Learning to filter out background noise and concentrate on one conversation was a difficult trick that took most fledglings years to master. But after a lifetime of focus and training, the former slayer seemed to master the skill almost easily.

As she practiced her new trick, they overheard two people planning a large drug sale for the next night. Buffy had listened intently to the conversation, and when the two criminals left she turned to Spike, her eyes sparkling with mischief and asked, "Can we kill them?"

He had been startled and pleased by her request. It was the first time she'd shown any interest in killing anything human.

Up to that point she had fed without showing any remorse for killing her victims, but she never seemed to enjoy it either. She seemed to completely lack any blood lust at least in regards to humans.

She seemed more than happy to pick a fight with any demon or vampire that crossed their path, and Spike had begun to isolate her from the rest of L.A.'s demon populace. Luckily she seemed to understand the minions were there for a purpose and had left them alone.

So he was delighted when suddenly she wanted to kill someone.

"Sure pet, we should still be able to catch them," he told her as he started to rise.

"No," she put her hand over his to stop him from getting up. "I mean all of them. Tomorrow when they make the deal."

He tried to talk her out of it. It had nothing to do with them, and it was dangerous. Not to mention potentially messy if the police showed up. Not that Spike had any problems killing either the police or criminals. He'd killed a lot of both in his day, but it really wasn't the sort of situation he wanted to put his new childe in the middle of.

She had her heart set on it, however and he'd finally given in to her begging and pleading.

So here they were, and Spike couldn't shake the feeling that this was all a bad idea. Having no other choice, he quietly slipped into the warehouse behind Buffy so that he would be there if she got herself into any trouble.

As he watched the drug deal from the shadows, he found his attention was split. He kept shifting his focus from his childe, to the deal, to the guards who were strategically placed around the perimeter. So even he was surprised when Buffy leapt down from the catwalk to land right on the table where the drugs and money were being counted.

Then all hell broke loose.

The first few seconds were filled with blood, the next with bullets. The moment Buffy had landed in the middle of the criminals, her foot had shot out, kicking one of them under the chin, his neck snapping as his head was thrown back. After that it was pure mayhem as the young vampire quickly ripped through the humans, not bothering to feed, simply creating carnage.

Spike began cursing as he moved to try and get rid of one or two of the guards who were now training their guns on Buffy. But just as quickly as she appeared, she vanished, leaving nothing but the torn and mutilated corpses behind.

What the hell is she up to? Spike wondered. There was no way she'd been able to feed during her frenzied attack.

Almost as quickly as she had appeared she disappeared. Spike watched as the frightened survivors began to scan the darkness for their attacker.

Then she began to play, picking them off one by one as they searched the shadows for her.

It wasn't until only a few were left that she got sloppy. She was moving in behind one of the last stragglers, when one of his friends spotted Buffy.

Spike moved quickly, grabbing the man's arms, and snapping them just as he pulled the trigger on his gun. The bullet harmlessly hit the floor, but it caught the attention of Buffy's intended victim.

He spun around, his gun trained on Spike, but Buffy was quicker, and had her fangs deep in his neck before he could get a clean shot off at Spike.

Spike took the opportunity to feed from the man whose arm he had broken, putting him out of his misery. As he did so, he looked into the eyes of his childe who was likewise feeding.

The last heartbeats in the warehouse went silent as they let the bodies slip to the ground. Before Spike could say anything, Buffy had closed the distance to him, her bloodstained mouth seeking out his.

He was surprised at the passion with which she kissed him as her tongue forced its way inside his mouth, eagerly seeking battle with his. Without hesitation he returned the kiss, wrapping his arms around her and reaching down to squeeze her leather clad ass. His cock grew hard as he tasted her victim's blood on her mouth, which was warm from their stolen heat.

"See," she whispered breathlessly as she tore her lips away from his. "Isn't that more fun than killing coeds? These guys really tried to fight. They might have even hurt one of us."

And just like that something clicked for Spike. This girl had spent most of her life engaged in a life or death struggle. She had been raised to fight an enemy that would certainly one day kill her. She was a born killer, but without some element of danger, killing didn't hold any special thrill for her.

"I'm still rather fond of the coeds myself," he admitted. "But if this is what you want-"

His words were cut off by the sound of approaching sirens. It seemed that even in this part of L.A. all that gunfire hadn't gone unnoticed.

"Come on," he said. "Let's get out of here so we can. . . " He took her hand in his, lifting it to his mouth so he could suck the blood off of her fingers. "Clean up."

They made their way to the roof, choosing to take the high road to avoid being spotted. They leapt from roof top to roof top, until they had traveled several blocks to where the DeSoto was parked and waiting for them.

Spike momentarily thought about thrusting her against a wall and shagging her silly, but he figured her passion would hold until they were home, and after being denied her for what seemed like an eternity, he wanted the chance to have her naked and learn her body all over again.

That didn't stop him from flooring it, as they tore down the darkened L.A. streets. She curled into his side, nibbling on his neck and rubbing the growing bulge in his jeans. All things considered, it was a miracle they didn't crash into anyone or anything.

As soon as they were home and out of the car, she jumped him again, kissing him hard as she wrapped her legs around his waist. He could easily carry her weight, although it wasn't exactly easy to walk like that.

One of his hands slipped under her ass as he held her tightly and kissed her. All of her weight seemed to be focused on his cock, and he thought he might explode if he didn't get inside her that minute. And the heady scent of her arousal told him she was more than ready for him.

When he slammed her back into the door-frame as he tried to open the door to their lair, they both moaned before their mouths found each other again. Somehow he got the door open, and then they were inside.

He wasn't even aware of the minions until one of them tried to stop them to say something. Before he could do anything, Buffy unwound from him and tossed the minion aside. He whimpered from the loss of her body so close to his. But then she was pressed up against him again, kissing him, before she turned to run up the stairs to their room.

Without a moment's hesitation he followed, enjoying the sight of her perfect ass as she ran up the stairs. She opened the door to their room, and stopped dead in her tracks. Spike collided with her, momentarily enjoying the feel of his cock pressing into her ass.

At least until he saw what it was that had stopped his girl.

Sitting on their bed, looking very prim and proper even with her long blond hair undone and her white blouse unbuttoned to show a hint of cleavage, was Gwendolyn Post.
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