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Where Do I Stand? by Thianna
20 - A Good Night, But For How Long
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Disclaimer: The characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer are owned by Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, and Fox studios. This story is not meant to infringe upon anyone's rights, only to entertain.


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CHAPTER 20 - A Good Night, But For How Long

… China 1900 during the Boxer Rebellion ...

I couldn’t stop myself from grinning. Tonight was a good night. There was fighting and not just a regular brawl in a bar. It was more than just a good spot of violence because it was with the Slayer no less. My first bout with a Slayer and I won. There was something about that fight that seemed more satisfying than any I had experienced before. Then there was blood and not just ordinary human blood. I took my prize from the young bird and tasted Slayer blood for the first time. It was intoxicating, alluring and powerful. And then, most importantly, there was flesh -- flesh that I had touched but not tasted in months, flesh that had been barred from me because of a curse. She was mine once more. I could truly call her mate once again since she had allowed me to love and worship her body as well as claim that part of her that had initially feared me.

The claim was reaffirmed in this temple and we both wore fresh bite marks to prove it. It had been months since we had been so intimate and part of me was starting to feel a little restless because of the lack of contact. Well lack of contact wasn’t entirely true. She would at least sleep beside me and she did allow me to pleasure her but it was all one sided. It was all meant for her and for many nights during the past couple of months I had to find my release elsewhere … alone.

I would watch her as I imagined that the hand wrapped around my hardened flesh was hers and not my own. Her form would be pressed and molded against me and not lying still on the bed. The subtle moans that escaped her lips as she slept were not because of dreams but because she was lavishing her affections on me, her fingers dancing lightly on my inner thigh as her other hand stroked me faster. Then she’d press kisses on my skin, purposely letting out a faint breath to both tickle me and send shivers down my spine. She’d grasp me tighter, bringing me to completion. Her name would echo in my thoughts as I bit down on my lower lip desperately preventing myself from proclaiming my love for her out loud. But that was in the past. Now I, as her mate, was where I was suppose to be; inside her, buried in her core and basking in her nearness. Can you really blame me for being ecstatic and maybe a little cocky?

She moved in my arms and an exhausted moan escaped her lips as she finally released her hold on me. I wanted to stay in this moment, to soak in the feeling of absolute satisfaction, but it wasn’t meant to be as the sounds of gun fire and screams slowly bled into the temple. She let out a small sigh.

“We have to go,” she said somewhat sadly.

I nodded and slowly released my hold on her. I watched as she put herself back in order, smoothing down skirts and buttoning up her blouse. I stood, gathering my trousers to dress as well. She was silent as she started fixing her hair, putting it up and away from her face with such skill and familiarity. She took my arm when she was ready to leave and we finally stepped out of the temple.

We walked out in the street slowly, arm in arm and for once it seemed like everything was right with the world. But I was foolish to have momentarily forgotten the reason why we came here. I caught the slight guilt that flitted in her eyes and then it all crashed back into reality.

“Don’t think that, luv. She’s a killer in her own right.” I said voicing my opinion before she could verbally berate herself with guilt.

“But if I hadn’t sought her out, she …”

I snaked an arm around her waist and pulled her in. “I love you,” I whispered into her ear as we walked down the street ignoring the chaos around us.

She leaned closer but didn’t reply.

It was enough for now and the fact that she didn’t stop me earlier meant that deep down she still had feelings for me. Somehow, she still felt for me.

Then another pull invaded my mind. Drusilla was calling. Elizabeth immediately stopped walking, pulling away from my arm. I cocked my head to the right and saw her start biting her lower lip nervously. “She’s looking for us.” She said matter-a-factly.

“I know luv. You know we have to go. Dru will only make it worse if we don’t go to her now.”

She lowered her eyes and sighed. “Just a little longer,” she said weakly. “Can’t we take our time? Let me be me for just a little longer.”

Let her be her. I wanted to protest. I wanted to ask her what that meant. I called her Elizabeth but that was her human name and she was no longer human. I had named her Sera but to call her that would bring about too much pain. She was trying to deal with her guilt and there were days she would lose and fall into that precarious pit between insanity and despair. I did my best to comfort and support her.

In the eyes of the family there was nothing different. She was still Sera. But having to pretend she was something that she was having difficulty coming to terms with was not easy. Just like when she was first turned, she would have to find her place in the world again. If she didn’t then I dared not think what she would do. I actually had an inkling of what it would be. She almost did it tonight if I hadn’t stepped in.

She must have sensed my worry because she looked up and brushed her lips gently against mine. “Just for a little bit, Spike.”

I looked at her tenderly and wrapped my arms around her. “Guess it wouldn’t hurt.”

She had to pretend that she was still a killer. She had to pretend that she was still an agent of death. That was what the family expected of her and she hated the charade since it just reminded her of her guilt. I planted a kiss on the top of her head to comfort her and patiently waited for her to be ready. She shifted ever so slightly, burying her face into my chest and I held on to her, hoping that I was enough to soothe the turmoil inside her.

A few minutes later, Drusilla was calling again. It was urgent and quite impatient, typical of my dark princess. I felt Elizabeth burrow closer as Dru’s insistent call invaded our minds. I looked down and planted another kiss on her head. We had to go and seek out our sire but I could tell Elizabeth needed a few more minutes.


When we arrived, Dru seemed excited about something but Darla had her arms crossed and a stern look on her face.

“There are my babies. Come here my precious little ones.” She pulled me from Elizabeth and planted a kiss on my cheek. “My Spike had him a Slayer. A little pixie told me so and I can smell her on you my precious knight.” Then she released me and pulled Elizabeth into her arms. “You saw it didn’t you … saw our Dark Knight fight off the little girl. Did she taste sweet on your lips? Did she … My princess is glowing. Glowing… Glowing ... Burning …” Then her eyes narrowed. She placed her hands on Elizabeth’s cheeks and looked into her eyes.

I saw my mate cringe as she tried to put up a brave front, but Dru was holding her tightly and looking as if she was penetrating into her being. I placed a hand on top of my Sire’s and gave her a menacing look for a second. “Luv, can’t you smell it? Sera fought the Slayer as well and you know what seeing her fight does to me.” I said as I pulled my mate into my arms, holding her protectively. I lowered my head and nuzzled the claim mark to reassure her that I would keep her safe.

“NO! … NO! ...” Dru cried out. “She’s glowing ... burning … a spark. She will burn you. She will burn my precious baby. I won’t let her! … “Our Sire’s features changed and she launched herself at us. I quickly released Elizabeth and pushed her roughly behind me as Dru’s claws struck my cheek, my blood and skin now under her fingernails. She took a side step and moved forward trying to get at Elizabeth. I twisted my body and caught her wrists. “Dru, stop this. She’s done nothin’ wrong.”

“Her spark … her spark is blinding.”

Angelus just stood there chuckling to himself at the scene and it didn’t look like he was going to make any attempt to stop his childe.

It was Darla that stepped forward and put a firm hand on Dru’s shoulder. “How long were you planning on keeping this from us Spike?”

“Wot are you soddin’ talkin’ about? I thought you’d be happy that Sera and I took down a Slayer.”

“That is not what I’m alluding to. I’m not blind Spike. The luster in her eyes for the kill has dulled and don’t you think I can tell that your preferred prey has changed? I no longer smell sweet, young flesh on your bodies but drunkards and filth.” Darla said sternly.

“Are you daft? Nothin’s wrong, pet.” I said tracing a finger on the claw marks on my cheek.

“Don’t lie to me Spike.”

I raised an eyebrow and looked her straight in the eye.

“I had thought that perhaps both of you had just grown bored with your usual prey. But this is much worse and it explains things. She has a soul Spike. How can you stand being mated to her?”

I gave her an icy glare. “How can you stand takin’ the poofter to bed?”

“We should just cut the soul out of her.” Angelus suggested coolly. “Perhaps toy with her for a bit while we’re at it.”

Instinctively, my eyes blazed golden and I snarled at Angelus. “NO one will be touchin’ her.”

“You’re going to protect that whore?”

“I warned you once not to call her that.” Roaring with anger, I rushed Angelus and slammed against him, pinning his body to the ground as I pummeled him with my fists. He clamped down on my arms and threw me over him. I picked myself up quickly and aimed a kick at his chest. He staggered back a few steps before launching himself at me. We traded blows and kicks, not caring who or what around us was getting destroyed in the process. I doubt anyone would have cared at the moment anyway. The whole city was flung into chaos and people were running for their lives. They wouldn’t stop to watch, much less complain, about two men fighting and destroying anything and everything in the street.

“STOP IT! Just stop it.” Elizabeth said, the tears streaming down her face.

There was sadness in her eyes as I felt through the claim what she intended to do. Before I could protest, she turned around and ran. I turned my back to Angelus and moved to go after her but Darla caught my arm. “Let her go Spike. She’s not worthy to be with us anymore.”

“She didn’t ask for this. She was cursed with that damn thing.”

“But you weren’t. She isn’t like us anymore. She’s like a wounded animal.”

“We should just stake her. ” Angelus said casually.

I let out a menacing growl at my grandsire’s suggestion. “She’s my mate.”

“Break it Spike. Break the claim before she taints you any further.” Darla commanded.

I shrugged free from her grasp and took a step forward.

Dru approached and wrapped her arms around me, leaning her head against my chest. “My precious Spike, remember who you are. My sweet boy shouldn’t be playing in sunlight. Let her go and come back to me.” She said brushing her lips against mine as her hand caressed my neck lovingly. “Remember when I first held you. Remember when I saw your glory. She holds you back from everything you can become.”

I leaned my head against hers, taking the scent and feel of my sire around me. Though the sire/childe bond with her has grown weaker because I had claimed Elizabeth, it was still there and always gave me a sense of comfort. She cupped my cheek tenderly and cooed me into a loving embrace. Drusilla, my Dark Princess. Would it be different this time around? Would she be mine now? I slowly pulled away and took her hands in mine, bending down to kiss each one softly.

“Break the claim Spike. Break the claim now before it’s too late. Do it for your own sake.” Darla said once more.

I gave her a slight nod then stole into the night after Elizabeth to do what I knew I had to do.

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