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Freedom by icemink
Chapter 28
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Chapter 28:

"Hello, Sire." Gwendolyn Post sat on the bed, looking over Buffy's shoulder as if she wasn't even there.

Before Spike could even begin to think how to respond, Buffy flew forward. He tried to grab her, but she moved too quickly, and instead of heading straight for her former Watcher she darted to the left, grabbing a crossbow bolt from the top of the dresser.

Ms. Post never moved. Even when Buffy thrust the bolt into the former Watcher's chest so hard that it pinned the older woman to the wall, she didn't so much as flinch.

It wasn't until Buffy released the bolt that Spike was able to catch her, yanking her hand roughly behind her back.

Ms. Post just sat there and smiled while she calmly pulled the bolt out of her chest.

Buffy froze, disbelief washing over her face.

"But I staked you, and. . ?" the confusion was clear in the former slayer's voice. "Why aren't you. . poof?"

Spike took advantage of her confusion to pull out some chains, and bind her wrists. Buffy didn't even bother to struggle, she just looked at her ex-Watcher with the same look she'd had when the woman shot her.

"I take it you were successful." Spike directed his gaze to Ms. Post, nodding towards the large green ring on her finger.

"Quite," Ms. Post agreed. Then she turned her attention towards Buffy. "You know, you really need to take a firmer hand with her. She used to be quite willful as a child. I could. . . help if you like."

Buffy growled, and just like that she began struggling against the chains she had let Spike put on her just moments before.

He grabbed her braid, yanking her head back. He hated doing it, but he was quickly realizing he'd been too soft with her, that if he didn't do something quickly she might end up out of control. He might not have ever directly said, 'Don't stake Gwen,' but there was no way she couldn't have known she was going against his wishes.

"Be still," he growled in her ear. Then he turned his attention to his other childe. "I can take care of her. Now, give me the jewel, and get out."

She slipped the ring off of her finger.

"Don't I get a reward?" she asked as she placed it in Spike's outstretched palm. "After all, I did manage to find the Gem of Amara for you." She placed a hand on his chest, moving in closer to him. "Don't I get something for that?"

Buffy growled again, her eyes were now golden and her fangs bared. Spike quickly pushed Buffy face first against the bed, pressing his knee to her back. He wasn't sure he could hold her like this if she decided to go against him, but for the moment at least it would keep her still.

He turned his attention back to Ms. Post. She was right, she did deserve a reward, but there was no way he could give her the one she wanted. Even if there weren't Buffy's feelings to consider, he had no sexual interest in Ms. Post. Although that might be because he still saw her as the woman who'd tried to kill his girl.

But there were other rewards he could give her, and the one that came to mind would not only act as a reward, but also remind Buffy that this woman was his childe too.

He shrugged off his coat, letting it fall to the floor. Then he lifted his wrist to her mouth.

"Drink," he told her.

Surprise and delight lit up Gwendolyn's eyes before they turned golden. She moved closer to him on the bed, pressing her knee into Buffy's back before her fangs sunk into his wrist.

He couldn't help but gasp when her fangs penetrated him. He might not like her, but she was still his childe and he still felt pleasure when she fed from him.

He was mildly aware of Buffy struggling beneath them, and that was what kept him from letting Gwendolyn feed for too long.

"That's enough," he said hoarsely, as he pulled her head away from his wrist.

She let go reluctantly, letting her tongue snake out to lick the puncture marks shut. Then she smiled up at him as if she was expecting more.

"Now, get out of here," he told her. "I have business to attend to."

"Of course, Sire," she said in a tone that was overly polite. Her eyes lingered wickedly for a moment on the prone Slayer, before she smiled and left.

Spike waited until he heard the other vampire reach the bottom of the stairs before acknowledging Buffy, even though she was the only thing on his mind.

"You disobeyed me," he said trying to make his tone harsh.

This is just like disciplining any other vampire, he tried to tell himself. But he just couldn't bring himself to believe it. The last thing he wanted to do was hurt her even if it was necessary.

"You never said not to-" He cut her off by growling in warning.

"You knew very well that she was off limits. I still have uses for her. You deliberately went against my wishes."

He lifted his knee from her back and got off the bed. He was glad that she didn't make any attempt to get up or get free. If she accepted her punishment he could be done with this sooner. Maybe he wouldn't even have to hurt her as badly.

He drove away that last thought. It was being so lenient with her, never giving her more than a warning and letting her have everything she wanted, that had gotten them here. Whatever she had been before, she was a vampire now, and only harsh discipline could keep her in line.

She needed to learn to think before she acted. To learn that even as a vampire the world still held consequences, because if she didn't, and if she crossed the wrong demon or sorcerer. . .

He moved to the desk and pulled a box out of one of the drawers before returning to the bed. He set the box down within Buffy's view before sitting beside her. He put the ring on his finger, showing it to her.

"This is the Gem of Amara," he explained. "Vampires have been searching for it for centuries, and your Ms. Post was able to find it in a matter of weeks."

He didn't bother to add that he'd given her a head start. For years he'd been gathering clues to the gem's whereabouts, thinking that it would make a wonderful gift for Dru, not to mention ease some of his worrying about her.

"That's just one of the reasons I-we need her." He paused searching for his next words. "You can't do this anymore, Slayer. You can't pretend that nothing has happened. You're playing by a new set of rules, and if you don't learn to play nice with others you're liable to get us both killed."

He leaned down to place a kiss on her neck. "And I intend to spend lifetimes with you," he whispered tenderly.

He pulled back. He wasn't here to be tender. But the brief press of her flesh had reminded him of the erection straining against his jeans. He needed her so desperately, and he was tired of being denied.

He pulled her jacket down off her shoulders. With her hands chained he couldn't remove it completely but that was okay. After all her top was sleeveless, so with her back exposed he could undo the zipper in back and take it off.

He leaned over her, pressing his erection into her ass. He couldn't help but lean forward and kiss the smooth unblemished skin of her back.

He opened the box he'd placed next to her and removed the black satin handkerchief placed there as an extra precaution.

With the Gem of Amara on his finger, he reached inside and pulled out the cross that lay within.

Buffy began to struggle under him, but there was nowhere she could go. She could feel the holy icon repel her down into the mattress. Before she could fight against its effects, Spike was pressing the cross into her back.

When she screamed he had to bite his lip to keep from telling her that he was sorry. But there would be no point in this if he didn't stay firm.

Then she bucked under him as she struggled to get free, every movement she made sent a shock up his already aching cock. With a snarl the demon burst forth, eager to reclaim what was his.

He didn't know how long he held the cross to her back. It probably wasn't that long; it was his own need that drove him to stop.

He tossed the cross away from the bed. As soon as it was no longer pressed against her skin, Buffy stilled, but he was barely aware of it.

With his hands now free he slid them around her hips, reaching for the zipper of her pants. He peeled the leather away from the smooth skin of her ass before reaching down to undo his jeans.

His cock sprang free, hitting the soft skin of her ass. He grabbed her hips, positioning his cock at her entrance, before thrusting into her.

They both groaned as their bodies joined together, Spike's thrusts desperate as he tried to hold onto her and make her his.
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