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Where Do I Stand? by Thianna
22 - Sunnydale
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Disclaimer: The characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer are owned by Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, and Fox studios. This story is not meant to infringe upon anyone's rights, only to entertain.


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A/N: Thanks to my wonderful betas 2zen2 and McChick

CHAPTER 22 - Sunnydale

… Sunnydale, California 1936 …

I don’t know the reason why but both Elizabeth and I were drawn to Sunnydale, California. We had been living in Los Angeles for over five years, quietly hiding in the shadows. Unlife had definitely changed for both of us. The nights of chaos and mayhem were gone and human blood was more like a delicacy, especially to Elizabeth. She refused to kill anyone innocent and it was only the blood of killers and criminals that passed through her lips. The sting of those deaths would still worry her but in the end I knew she consoled herself with the fact that she had done it to help someone else.

I didn’t really feel obligated to follow her feeding habits since I was not burdened with a soul. However, out of concern for her, I opted to change. I had learned to take from humans without killing them. It was not easy at first. Pushing the demon down when it craved human blood took a few years of practice. Of course, due to the lack of any satisfying prey, the demon sought elsewhere to vent. So there were fights, brawls, anything I could get to fill the nights with something other than feeding. Elizabeth disapproved at first but she knew better than to complain. She would push forth a feeling of concern and I could tell she didn’t like seeing me with cuts and bruises. She knew I needed this though. She knew I needed something else to amuse me.

We kept to ourselves, sometimes living in abandoned buildings or empty crypts. Our existence was a far cry from what we knew in our younger years. Angelus surrounded himself with human luxuries and being part of the family we were privy to them as well. I was sure that the Poofter was still living it up wherever he was.

All we had was each other now and we avoided any vampires related to the clan like the plague unless we knew for sure that dusting a minion or fledgling wouldn’t have any dire consequences.


“Does she know where you are? Does she know what you do?” I heard from behind me as my victim fell to the ground by my feet.

A dark cloaked figure moved closer and there was something about this that brought my senses on full alert. I backed up cautiously.

“You are incomplete. You’re fate has been changed. This is a mask.”

“Mask? Fate? Look mate, I don’t know what in bloody hell you’re talking about but I think you’ve got the wrong bloke.” I hurriedly made my way out of the alley, but as I neared the street I felt something preventing my legs from moving.

“We have much to talk about, you and I. There is much you need to see and understand.” The cloaked figure materialized before me.

The demon inside raged at the idea that it was being kept imprisoned. I lunged for the figure with fangs bared but he merely stepped back and with a flick of his wrist flung me against the alley wall. I tried to push myself away from the wall once I felt that my legs were mobile again. I took two steps forward and then steel chains seemed to grow out of the wall and wrap themselves around my waist, wrists and ankles. I was thrown back against wall and struggling was useless.

“We have not finished our talk, vampire.”

My eyes continued to burn a fierce yellow. “So start talkin’ so I can fuckin’ leave.”

“You are the key.” The figure spoke.

“The key?” I said with one brow raised in question.

“You are the key to everything … to life … to death … to what the world will be. You are the key that can change the destiny of existence.”

I just gave him a puzzled look. “You obviously are either off your rocker or just want to get your jollies by confusin’ a poor bloke. Now let me out of here.”

“But you’re not ready yet. You have not finished being forged and neither is the lock. Irony of ironies. You will wield great power. You will wield the power to remake … power to change … power to unleash. The world will be spared for now but in the end you are the key and you will have to make your choice.”

What he said obviously disturbed me but as I looked up to try and ask a question I found that I was alone, free and back in the dark alleyway.

“Spike?!” Elizabeth cried out in relief. She rushed over to where I was, burying her face against my chest. “I couldn’t feel you. You disappeared. I thought something bad happened to you. Don’t do that again! Don’t you ever do that again!”

“Do wot kitten? I’ve only been gone for an hour. I’ve barely started my prowl.”

She looked up at me with concern. “Spike, it’s just a couple of hours till dawn. You’ve been gone for over six hours.”

“You have got to be … “ I looked up at the night sky and my senses told me she was telling the truth. What in the world happened? How did I just lose six hours of my existence? What did that stranger want?

“Let’s go home, Spike. There’s something in the air here that I don’t like.”

I didn’t protest and let her lead me home.


The crypt we called home was located in the oldest part of the cemetery. Visitors rarely came to this area anymore so we were relatively safe. As we settled into a comforting embrace on top of a marble sarcophagus which served as our bed, I proceeded to tell Elizabeth of my lost time.

She listened intently though she was just as puzzled as I was when I finished. Her lips jutted out into that adorable pout as she pondered on all the facts inside her head. I couldn’t help myself as I leaned over and started nuzzling her neck.

“Spike, this is serious.”

“I know so am I, luv. I just lost six hours. That’s six hours that I could have spent with you.”

“Oh, I’m surprised you still want that constantly. We’ve been mated for over forty years. One would think you’d be bored with me by now.”

“Never, luv. I could never tire of you. I could never have enough.”

“Don’t lie. I know you’re not happy – not truly anyway.”

I pulled away to face her, giving her my disapproving frown. “How can you say that, pet?”

“Because it’s the truth. I’m just a burden on you Spike. You’ve had to give up so much and … and … “

I placed one finger on her lips to stop her from talking. “Stop that. You know how I feel about you. I love you Elizabeth. That will never change.”

“But if you could get Sera back, would you? You’d be happier if I was her again.”

I let out a small sigh. Damn women and their insecurities. But she posed a good question. I had accepted a long time ago that the soul was going nowhere and that I would stand by her side even with it in place. I had turned my back on my family and chose to be mated to what was an abomination in their eyes. I didn’t care. I loved her truly and would follow her to the ends of the earth. However, something about the mysterious events of tonight made me question my staunch devotion.

"Power to remake … power to change … power to unleash..."

The demon inside me clasped onto the idea that perhaps its unbridled mate had the possibility of returning. It loved Elizabeth, was satisfied with her wanton affection that I was grateful she was still showering on me whenever I wanted, but the soul was stifling me. Perhaps my demon felt that her soul was imprisoning it. If there was a chance to remove that soul, would I take it?

“Honestly luv, I don’t know. I know better than to hide between pretty words. You know me so well I wouldn’t have been able to hide it from you anyway. I want you Elizabeth, plain and simple. I crave you. I may have claimed you first but you know the power you have over me, luv. “

“So your answer is you don’t have one?”

“My answer is whatever would make you the happiest.” I said before I went back to nuzzling her neck, hoping that would be enough. She wanted to ask some more so I pushed her against the bed and worked on my claim mark with tongue and lips. I worked the mark with licks and gentle kisses until I could tell that the question that was forming on her lips was overwritten with her mewing.

I let my hand move down, cupping then squeezing her breast softly. My thumb moved in small circles teasing the nipple beneath through the fabric of her dress.

“You know how much I want you.”

“Mmmm … Spike, you’re … just … mmm … trying to … change the topic.”

I pulled away from her enough to see that her eyes were closed and her lips were parted in anticipation. My lips sought the now hardened nipple and I clamped down on her breast not caring if my tongue tasted cotton. I lavished affection on her bosom while I pulled her long skirt up, letting my fingers trace the soft smooth skin of her inner thigh. My hips pushed down on her, letting her feel my need for her.

A moan escape her lips and with a grin I moved down to her nether slit, mimicking the same lip and tongue movement I had just lavished on her breast. I felt her undergarment dampen both from her arousal and my tongue’s ministrations. Fingers tugged the now wet garment down, moving to lay her lower half bare. I hooked both arms around her thighs and let my tongue taste the length of her slit. Licking slowly, I purposely avoided the bundle of nerves that I knew she wanted me to kiss. Instead, my tongue lavished attention on the folds of her sex, licking her in long slow strokes and on occasion, darting my tongue inside her. Her hands moved towards my head and she let her fingers tangle within the curls of my hair as she tried to guide me towards what she wanted me to taste next. But I felt like teasing her for a while longer, as I planted a very quick kiss on her clit but nothing else.

“Spike … “

I pursed my lips against her slit then let out a soft growl as my response. She felt the subtle vibration from the growl course through her and her muscles tensed at the sudden sensation. Another growl rumbled from my throat to my lips and this time her tense muscles were accompanied by an insistent moan. She writhe beneath me and moved her body a bit lower, wanting to move her clit closer to my lips.

I teased her until I heard her whimper her complaint. Then with a devilish grin I opted to give her what she wanted. Imprisoning her clit with my lips, I sucked on the bundle of nerves gently. Her hand tightened its hold on my hair as I interchanged between kissing her passionately and bathing her with my tongue until her thighs quivered uncontrollably and wave upon wave of pleasure rolled through her.

As she lay there taking in deep breaths, I quickly shed off my trousers. I climbed back on the bed and took in the sight of her still heaving breasts. Her eyes were still closed and her lower lip was caught between her teeth. She was a vision. When she eventually opened her eyes to look up at me, I knew I needed to feel more of her. She parted her legs without my prompting and gave me a knowing smile. I lowered my head to nuzzle her neck as I slid inside her. She met my thrusts with her own letting me sink deeper into her core. We found that usual rhythm and I twisted my hips once in a while to hit that special spot that made her moan either an octave higher or a tinge louder. The pressure was building inside me but I was trying to occupy my thoughts with other things to keep this up a bit longer.

She looked up at me with lust in her eyes, sensing both through the claim and knowledge of how my body worked that I was close but resisting it because I wanted her to join me. I caught her flashing me an evil grin as she projected an image of her rubbing against me. Then she did a number on me by bucking her hips upward and burying me deep inside her. She squeezed her muscles around me as she projected an image of her carressing me with her tongue with long languorous strokes. I was undone and screamed out her name. She had a look of triumph which somehow didn’t seem right so I let a hand slide in between us. My fingers found my prize and I teased her precious button with my thumb and forefinger until she lost herself in ecstasy as well.

The sun was still a few hours from setting but both Elizabeth and I were fully awake. Something was in the air and though we didn’t have to voice it to each other, we understood it was there. It was something old, familial and pulled to both of us. She shifted in my arms as if trying to hide from something.


I felt her sigh against my bare chest. “We have to be careful. I have this dreadful feeling that they will call for you.”

“Nonsense, luv. They don’t know we’re here.”

“But your mystery man found you yesterday. What if he knows of the clan? Or worse, came from the clan.”

“He didn’t smell like an Aurelian. You’re just worrying again, pet. We’ve been able to live far from the clan for over three decades now.”

“But this is the Hellmouth.”

“This is a Hellmouth. There are others around the world. The Aurelians won’t want to come here.”

“But it called us Spike. This place calls to me.”

I let out a small sigh. “We’ll be fine luv. You know that.”

“Perhaps you’re right. I’m just afraid that if they find us, they will torture you on sight for protecting me.”

I planted a kiss on her forehead. “Let’s take a look around tonight and if somethin’ doesn’t feel or smell right we’ll leave. “

She smiled and planted a kiss near her claim mark in appreciation.


Elizabeth’s fears and concerns were unfortunately correct and it was actually much worse than what we had thought. The Aurelian clan was in Sunnydale. The smell was unmistakable and it didn’t help that I picked up Darla’s scent muddled together with the others.

“At least Angelus isn’t here.” Elizabeth said with a relieved tone in her voice. Ever since Angelus tried to challenge the claim, Elizabeth was always wary that our grandsire would come after us, especially since I turned my back on family. I have all but renounced the clan by staying bonded to her and therefore could not seek refuge with any Aurelian. So if Angelus saw fit to stake me and have his way with Elizabeth, no one would object.

“Wait. If Angelus isn’t here, then that means ... Bollocks! We better leave right away. Elizabeth, this isn’t just the soddin’ clan, luv. It’s the bloody Order. The Order is in town.”

She bit her lower lip nervously and understood what that meant. We hurried back to the crypt and packed up the few belongings we knew we couldn’t part with. It was a shame really. The crypt was luxurious enough for our needs and the town being the Hellmouth attracted enough shifty humans that could satisfy my hunger.

We made our way to the train station, hoping that there would be a train leaving that very night we could stow away in. It should have been an easy enough escape from this place and the Order, but fate didn’t seem to be on our side that night. As we were checking the train schedules, I felt the familiar tingle of sire prickle the hairs at the back of my neck. Elizabeth noticed it to as she squeezed my hand in concern.

“It has been ages William. I would have thought you would have dusted looking out for your crippled mate.”

I turned around to meet Darla with burning yellow eyes to show my distaste for her words. She was with four other Aurelians, all master vampires in their own right. If I fought her now, I would definitely lose given that they were all older than me by at least thirty years.

“So either Peaches finally got tired of you or you actually traded him for these oafs.”

“Come now William. Is that anyway to treat your sire?”

“This is William the Bloody? This puny creature has bested a Slayer?” one of the master vampires spoke up.

“Yeah, bested a Slayer but is mated to a vampire with a soul. She smells so human it’s disgusting.”

“We don’t need to worry about that much longer. The Master will ascend and rule the Hellmouth and this place will be a haven for our kind just as it was prophesized.” Darla said confidently

“She is a pretty little thing isn’t she?” One of the vampires said, approaching Elizabeth, reaching a hand out to touch her hair. Before I could even growl out my protest, she was already in game face and hissing at him.

We both took a step back, hoping to avoid any sort of confrontation, but it was obvious Darla was not going to let up. The next thing I knew, Elizabeth’s hand was lost to me as she was yanked away by two of the vampires. I answered back with a growl, attempting to make my way to her but Darla and the other two master vampires were blocking me from her.

Elizabeth fought them as best she could. I wanted to help her but I had problems of my own as I felt claws digging into my arm. I tried to shake myself loose but he held on tightly so I decided to push against him and rushed him into a wall. His grip loosened and I grabbed onto his arm and twisted my body throwing him a few feet away into a couple of benches. I soon found myself engaged with the other vampire, exchanging blows, not letting up and proving my worth as a Slayer killer. But then I heard Elizabeth scream and I felt a searing pain in my shoulder. Sure enough, her dress was ripped by her left shoulder and I caught the slight leer her attacker had in his eye at seeing her flesh. The slight curve of her left bosom was peaking through and the demon inside me grew angrier at the sight.

She growled back in rage as the other two stepped towards her. But as one of them tried to reach out and touch her shoulder a bright red light burst forth from her and threw both master vampires a few feet away.

One of them shook his head and picked himself up. “That light… She is marked. She must be the one!”

“That is impossible! She cannot be …” Darla cried out.

“She has to be the vessel. If the vessel has awakened then the other will awakened as well. … The one that has been prophesized shall come to us.”

Darla shook her head. “She cannot be the one. She is tainted, unworthy of our line, unworthy of the blood that flows in her veins.” She then turned on me, clamping her right hand on my right wrist.

I cursed myself for being so reckless as to let her in so close. I showed no fear when she tightened her grip and pulled me closer.

“What have you done, Spike? How can she be a vessel?”

“Now, why would I want to tell you that, my sweet Darla?” I said leaning closer with a smirk on my lips.

“Don’t play games with me?!”

“And why not? I remember you enjoyed it when I played with you, pet.” I said licking my lips and leaning in even closer as if to kiss her. In truth I had no desire to and the mere idea of it was somewhat revolting in itself but it was fun to see her unnerved.

Her hand flew against my cheek but I showed no anger. I looked at her with hooded eyes and a malicious grin. She clamped tighter around my wrist but instead of registering pain, it felt like it was burning bordering on the feeling of pins and needles. The feeling started to spread, moving from my wrist up my arm, through my shoulders and so on. Perhaps it was just adrenaline or anger, but somehow I felt stronger. My left hand gave her a back-handed blow, effectively releasing me, and knocking her to the floor. I launched myself at the master vampire behind me, grabbing him by the throat and throwing him against the one I threw into the benches a while ago. Then I rushed to Elizabeth’s side and traded a few blows with each of the master vampires that were keeping her occupied. Their movements seemed slow to me, but now was not the time to ponder why.

“You alright, luv?”

She nodded as she grabbed the bags we had dropped earlier and we ran towards the trains while we had a chance. Luckily, there was a train that was just leaving and we both slipped into the last car. I quickly shrugged my coat off and offered it to her. She smiled appreciatively as she pulled it around her.

“Elizabeth, wot’s that?” I said looking down near the start of her bosom.


I traced the symbol with a fingertip. It seemed familiar somehow.

She looked at me with questioning eyes. “What can that be? And what was Darla talking about me being a vessel.”

“I haven’t a clue luv.”

“Spike, you’re arm. … It looks like it’s bleeding.”

“Bleedin’?” I looked down quickly and pushed the sleeve up. Sure enough, a few inches from my wrist my skin was bleeding but it was in the shape that I felt like I had seen before. Where had I seen it before? I turned to look at Elizabeth’s mark. The one I had near my wrist was different from hers which made things all the more confusing.

Elizabeth took my arm, and bent down to lick the wounds closed, an act that sent shivers down my spine. She smiled and gave me a quick kiss before finding a comfortable spot to rest. I followed her soon enough, sitting beside her. Her head rested on my shoulder as my arms wrapped protectively around her. Things were not looking good. I didn’t understand what Darla was alluding to. Now it seemed like the clan would be after us for different reasons. Before it was because of shame that Elizabeth had a soul. I don’t think the Master really cared whether Elizabeth had a soul or not. I’m sure he would have been more than displeased, but in his eyes, we were still fledglings, nothing more than lowly vampires. I surmised that we were probably insignificant in his eyes since after that first meeting with the Master, I had not heard anything else. Then there was Darla’s wounded pride that someone in her family could be tainted. I knew this for a fact having dealt with a few minions that she had sent after us a number of years back. Now though, she seemed to be singing a different tune. Our grandsire mentioned something about my mate being a vessel.

I let out a tired sigh as I leaned my head against Elizabeth’s. Now we would have to live deeper in the shadows. Whatever it was that Darla meant, I didn’t fancy figuring it out by meeting any from the clan, or the Order.

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