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Subliminal by Levi Madden
Blind and Bruised
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A/N: It's been a hella long time since I posted and life as been hellishly busy. I had no computer for over a month. I hope that now that now that things are slowing down I will be able to post more frequently. I hope you enjoy and feedback is appreciated!

Chapter Four
Spike’s Point of View

“Rule number one, never let a Drachen demon spit. Didn’t your watcher teach you anything?” I crouch down to sit on her torso with my boots crushing her arms to the ground. The slayer struggles against me, kicking her feet around attempting to throw me off. She squeezes her eyes shut tight, blinking, trying to see. “How’s it feel to be blind? Helpless?”

“The blind part sucks but I wouldn’t know about helpless.” I bit of confusion sweeps over me just as she manages to throw me off of her. Women and their adrenaline rushes in times of need piss me off.

She jumps to her feet and takes a fighting stance. I lunge at her with a swift punch to her jaw and she retaliates. We are a flurry of hits, kicks, and blocks. She lands the majority of her punches to my face while mine don’t seem to be connecting. To an onlooker it would seem that I probably couldn’t land a punch to the broad side of a building.

“What’s the matter? You’re not talking so big now.” She gloats.

I back away from the fight and she stands up straight trying to find me. She turns her head trying to catch a sound of movement coming from me but I stand completely still. She’s a mess. Her hair is falling out of her ponytail, her clothes with the disgusting little cutesy rabbits are covered in dirt, grass, and demon, and her skin is slicked with sweat.

“Are you hiding now? Should have known.”

She continues to taunt me, but as she’s talking I slowly make my way around her to come up from behind. Grabbing her arms I pin them behind her back and push her forward into the side of a mausoleum. I use my legs to spread hers apart to keep her from kicking and a free hand to grind her face into the wall.

“You should learn to keep you’re mouth shut. You were too busy listening to yourself talk to hear little old me sneaking up behind you.” She wriggles in front of me, trying to break free. In doing so her rear rubs against me and she stops. I catch a hint of arousal coming from her and push her face into the wall harder. I have her right where I want her, I’m not letting this wench best me because she has a thing for the undead.

Buffy’s Point of View

Oh, God help me. What the hell is going on with me? He has me completely helpless I can’t head butt, kick, or push him off of me. Now this is what it is like to be truly helpless. I try to worm my way out and wind up getting aroused. The rough wall is rubbing my face raw, tearing my lip, as his arousal makes itself known. The harder he gets the harder he pushes on my face. My eyes begin to well with tears from the pain and frustration.

The vampire wraps my hair around his fist and brings my head back to slam it again. “What the hell are you doing to me, slayer? Witchcraft?”

“Nothing! I’m not doing anything! I yell back at him.” He let’s up on me and spins me around, only to shove me into the wall again. He backs up slowly as if he is going to leave. I gather my strength to jump at him and beat him once and for all. I head towards him with a punch full of fury and he blocks it, he grabs my fist and I freeze. It takes me a minute but I bring up my other hand to hit him and he easily grabs it. He starts walking forward, pushing me back yet again. His grip on my fists starts to crush the bones. A normal person’s bones would have shattered.

I stumble as he’s pushing me back. I get a predatory vibe off of him and my stomach flips. I wish I could see, I wish I weren’t practically at his mercy. His hands slide down to my wrists and he pins them above my head, raising me off the ground to his height. I can feel his breath against my lips and my breathing is erratic.

Spike’s Point of View

Once again I have an ideal opportunity to rip out her jugular or just tie her up and drag her to Dru for the healing. Instead my eyes are drawn to her lip and the blood that is beginning to drip from it. I lean forward and lick the droplet. I let out a sigh at the taste of slayer blood, it has been far too long since I’ve tasted a slayer. Slayer blood is a spiked version of normal blood and I have it right here in my hands. I lean back to her lip and suck on the split of her lip, my tongue flicking over the wound.

Her body is completely still, almost like she’s dead herself, her deep breaths are uneven. While I’m busy with her lip she sticks one of her legs between mine and sweeps my legs out from under me, I land on my back with her on top, her hands now pinning my arms down. Sneaky bint. Even blind, she could stake me. Why? Because I can’t kill her. For the unlife of me I can’t kill her.

She sits back a little and stares at me. I know she can’t see, but her eyes are focused directly on mine. Without warning her lips crash down on mine and her tongue is sliding inside my mouth. She moves her hands off of me and keeps them on the ground to stay raised above me. My hands reach around her and to grab her ass and grind it down onto my erection. In an attempt to roll us over to be on top I sit up but she slams me back to the ground. There is something about this petite girl with her domination issues that is hot as hell. Too bad I’ll have to kill her. My fangs knick her lip and the taste of copper invades my mouth again. Quickly, she leans back and punches me.

“What the hell was that?” She asks angrily.

“Well, see Slayer, I’m what they call a vampire.” She punches me again and I throw her off of me and into a gravestone.

“I have a name you know.” She says as she stands up and dusts herself off.

|refuse to call a formidable opponent, Buffy. I simply will not do it.

“No need for names or formalities, luv. It seems you’re already willing to give up the goods.” I snicker.

Buffy’s Point of View

I stand still where he threw me. With his last shot I hear him leave. I want to say something back, but maybe blind and bruised isn’t the way to fight him. The air is starting to warm up around me and I know that it’s almost sunrise. Ah yes, it’s always great to be awake and blind early on a Sunday morning.

Walking down some streets on your first day of being blind? Not so easy. I could only imagine how horrible I must look, taking small cautious steps early in the morning in my pajamas. Slowly, I make my way to Giles’ place and knock. He opens the door and I begin whining.


“I’m blind Giles. Blind. Please tell me it will go away.” He helps me over to the couch and sits down.

“Is there anything I can get you, Buffy?”

“How about my eyesight, you know, just a suggestion.” Kicking my shoes off I hold my legs close to me on the couch. I can hear him pacing for a minute before he starts sliding books around.

“How did it happen? Demon? Magic?”

“Drachen demon… or so I’m told.” Thankfully he either doesn’t hear that last part or he just decided not to ask.

“Slime then. Well let’s see.”

“Yes, Giles. Let’s see. Seeing would be very nice.” He is quiet for a few minutes and I can hear some clinking noise of bottles and some pouring.

“Do I want to know what I am going to be drinking?” I ask.

“No, I suppose you don’t. Just drink it fast and you’re sight should be restored within a few minutes.”

I hold my hand out and he places the small glass in my palm and helps me grip it. I smell the foul smelling liquid and gag. It smells almost as bad as the demon itself. Pinching my nose together I take it like a shot. The liquid isn’t so much liquid as it is a slimy gel. I squeeze my eyes together tightly willing my sight back.

“How did you come across a Drachen demon? I didn’t know you were patrolling tonight. I thought you’d be taking it easy with the lack of sleep you’ve been having.”

“I couldn’t sleep and when I can’t sleep I want to kill things. Usually myself. I figured it might be a tad more productive if I killed the evil things that go bump in the night instead.” Gradually my sight comes back. First came outlines of figures then slowly the colors came back. “I ran into the vampire that’s been following me. I was blind but for some reason he didn’t kill me. He was definitely strong enough but he didn’t.” At this Giles sits up straight. He throws out questions left and right but I only catch a few. “He speaks with an accent and says things like “luv”, who says that? I mean I don’t even know the guy. Demon! The demon… he’s a demon.”

“William the Bloody.”

“William the Bloody? That’s it? That’s all you have to offer me?”

Giles begins going into detail about William’s past and about Drusilla and everyone. “Are you going to tell me that you knew all of that off of the top of your head?”

“No, Buffy. Angel stopped by last night voicing some concern over a symbol. The symbol is actually of a dying clan of vampires that William had belonged to for a very brief period. They have been surfacing in Sunnydale more recently and we could not understand why. He must have brought them here but we don’t know the reason.”

“To beat the crap out of me, I suppose.” My lip is still throbbing from being torn against the wall along with the left side of my face. Giles busies himself saying he wants to brush up a bit more on William the Bloody and for me to go home and try to get some sleep. Sounded like a damn good plan to me.

Spike’s Point of View

“Dalton!” I yell as I enter the factory. The idiot of a lackey rushes to the door, glasses and all, “I need to find out what this is for. What does it mean?” I ask throwing Dru’s list and writing at him.

“Well, Spike, it’s in Latin.”

I take in a deep unneeded breath at his idiocy, “I can see that, Dalton. I want you to find out what it is and don’t say a thing to Dru. If she finds out what I am looking into I will tear out your eyes. Now get moving.”

I need to find out what is going on with me or it might just get me killed.
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