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Something Bluer by slaymesoftly
Something Bluer
As the demon assault ceased and everyone recovered from the spell, Buffy realized she was lying on top of a fully aroused Spike and had been, until just that second, kissing him as hard and as passionately as she could. She leaped to her feet – Slayer agility allowing her to put several feet between them before she actually touched the ground. “Eeew! Spike lips! Lips of Spike, yuck!”

Spitting and snarling, Spike jumped up rubbing his mouth just as vigorously, “Slayer breath, uh, ugh!” The two bitter enemies stood glaring at each other, each trying to convince themselves (and everyone else) that the other one had been the aggressor.

As everyone left the tomb to go back to Giles’ apartment, Buffy stayed conspicuously away from Spike, letting Giles and Xander handle putting the ropes back on him and tying him to his chair when they got back. For the rest of the evening she did her best to stay as far away as possible, while Spike studiously avoided looking in her direction. Willow, meanwhile, was busy baking her third batch of “I’m sorry” cookies and making sure everyone, even Spike, had at least one cookie at all times.

The next day, at the next Scoobie meeting, Buffy still refused to look in Spikes’ direction even though he was openly watching her with a bemused look on his face. “Stop staring at me!” she snapped. “It’s rude.”

“Come here and I’ll show you rude, Slayer.” He leered. “Afraid to get close to me? Afraid you’ll get all soft and giggly again?”

With Slayer speed, the small blond was across the room, her hand on his throat. “In your dreams, Spike.”

“You were in my dreams, pet. Was I in yours?” he whispered so low only she could hear. “You wish,” she hissed at him, dropping her hand abruptly from his neck where it had somehow stopped squeezing and was just touching his (surprisingly) soft skin. “Yeah, luv, I kinda do,” he said slowly. “Must be losing my mind.”

“Well, I haven’t lost mine, so just forget it. It was just a spell and it’s SO over.” Although her words were angry and her expression was cold- a warm flush had worked its way up her neck to her face, making her look incredibly desirable to someone who lived on blood. The blond vampire smiled at her and raised one eyebrow, “That right, Slayer? S’not what your body’s saying to my nose.”

“I can fix that!” she snapped and punched him in the offending nose.

“Ow! Bloody hell…..” for a second his vamp face started to come out, but the chip immediately fired and he yelled and threw his head back. Buffy felt slightly guilty for causing the pain, as, if she was truthful, she would have to admit that she did dream about Spike and the kissing and fondling they did while under the spell.

It was the first time most of them (except Willow) had seen the chip at work and they all watched with varying degrees of interest as Spike growled and shook his head.

“That’s pretty cool,” Xander said, approaching Spike’s chair. “So, I could like, do anything to you, and you couldn’t touch me without being zapped? What if I do this?” he asked, flicking Spike’s ear and jumping back quickly. The tied-up vampire growled, but didn’t move or try to get loose. “Oh, I’m going to like this!” he leaned forward again, but to his surprise, Buffy grabbed his arm and said, “Leave him alone, Xander.”

“What? Why?”

“Buffy’s right, Xander,” Giles said, cleaning his glasses. “We don’t torture helpless creatures, even evil ones.”

“Yeah,” Willow piped in, “we’re the good guys remember?”

“Well that’s no fun,” Xander moved off grumbling to himself.

For a second Buffy and Spike were the only ones not looking at Xander and their eyes met briefly. Buffy found herself noticing how incredibly blue the blond vampire’s eyes were and that there was an expression in them she had never seen before. Except, she realized, maybe when they were both under Willow’s spell and thought they were in love. A flashback to what it felt like to be sitting on his lap and kissing those soft, supple lips (eww – vampire! What’s wrong with me?) sent another rush of blood to her face and she broke the eye contact and moved away quickly.

“Buffy,” Giles said, “I need to go out for a while and Willow and Xander have things to do. Can you watch Spike until I get back? There is blood in the refrigerator if he needs it.”

“Uh, yeah, sure, I guess so,” Buffy stammered.

In the suddenly quiet house, Buffy found herself searching the room desperately for something to look at besides the smirking blond tied to the chair. “What’s the matter, Goldilocks? Afraid to be alone with me?” he jeered.

“Don’t be ridiculous, Spike. Why would I be afraid of you?” she asked – immediately cursing herself for coming up with such a leading question.

“Because you feel the same thing I do between us. That spell just brought out something we were already feeling.”

“That’s ridiculous! The only thing I feel for you is disgust. You are evil and I should kill you.”

“Then why haven’t you yet?” he asked softly. “And more important, why haven’t I killed you? I could have, you know, when I had the Gem of Amara.”

“I should do it right now,” she glared at him and moved closer taking a stake from her pocket. “Why don’t I just end this now? Put you out of your misery?”

“Pretty hard to be miserable with a warm slayer this close,” he said, visibly inhaling her scent as she leaned over him with the stake. “And, I can see down your shirt,” he added.

“Oh,” she recoiled and felt herself turning red. “If you weren’t tied up, I’d…”

“You’d what?” he shot back. “If I weren’t tied up, I’d show you…”

“Show me what? Your chip won’t let you show me anything.”

“My chip won’t let me hurt you – I don’t think it cares what else I do to you.”

As the heated exchange of words took place, Buffy was getting closer and closer until they finished the argument nose to nose. “What’s the matter, Slayer? Afraid of me? Afraid of what you feel? Remember what we were like yesterday? I remember how you felt wriggling around on my lap.”

“I didn’t wriggle!”

The vampire just cocked an eyebrow at her.

“Well, that was a spell. Didn’t mean a thing,” she said, suddenly remembering how good it felt to be in those strong arms and what had been pushing against her bottom when she wiggled.

“Prove it,” he sneered. “You’re afraid to get that close now, aren’t you? Afraid of what you’ll feel.”

“That’s ridiculous,” she snapped. “You have no affect on me at all.” As she spoke, she edged closer to him, then sat down on his lap. She had to put her arms on either side of him to hold herself on the chair as his hands were still tied behind his back. As soon as she reached around him, he fastened his mouth on hers and began kissing her. Much to her dismay, she found herself kissing him back, and sliding her arms around his neck while her lips and tongue explored his soft mouth. (how can the evil undead be such a good kisser?) Vampires don’t need to breathe, but humans, even Slayers, do and eventually she had to pull away long enough to take a shaky breath.

“Now tell me you don’t feel anything,” he said, nuzzling her neck (omigod! Spike’s mouth is on my neck!) and sending little shivers down her spine. Instead of answering him (because, actually, what could she say? There was no way he couldn’t tell what he was doing to her) she just kissed him again quickly to shut him up. She found her hands sliding over his upper body, feeling his chest, sliding down to his rock-hard abs and up his back – all while continuing to feel his tongue and lips exploring her mouth and sending warm sensations all through her body. Without thinking about what she was doing, Buffy slid around on his lap so that she was straddling him with one leg on either side of the chair. That brought her into direct contact with the impossible-to-ignore bulge in his jeans and elicited a groan from him. “Oh God, Slayer. Untie me, please. I need to touch you.”

“No, I don’t think so – no touching,” she murmured as she wiggled around on him. “You’re too dangerous to untie.” She began moving back and forth on his lap, rubbing her crotch against the bulge and breathing harder.

“Jesus Christ, Buffy! The Watcher said no torture!” he groaned again and strained against the ropes.

“What Giles doesn’t know won’t hurt him,” she gasped, rubbing harder and harder as her body took over and pursued the sensations emanating from contact between her throbbing ---- and his denim-covered cock. Growling fiercely, Spike strained at his bonds while continuing to kiss her mouth and neck, driving her to move faster and faster on his lap.

“Oh God, Buffy, please, love, please….”he whispered into her ear. “Let me loose, let me do this right.”

“It feels all right to me.” Buffy gasped as she bucked and shuddered on his lap, collapsing against his chest as her orgasm left her panting and embarrassed.

(Ohmygod, did I really just come on Spike’s lap? She thought to herself. I can never look him in the eye again). As she became more aware of her surroundings, she realized he was still hard and still begging her to let him go. To keep from having to look at him, she reached around and pulled at his ropes. “I can’t,” she gasped. “You’ve pulled them so tight I can’t untie them.”

Reaching behind him put her mouth right next to his neck and without consciously thinking about it, she began planting little kisses under his jaw and running her tongue along his neck. Amazingly, she could feel herself becoming aroused again. Making a quick decision, she pushed herself away from him and jumped off his lap.

“Buffy, Slayer, you can’t leave me like this,” he groaned. “Come back, luv.”

Buffy didn’t answer him, just ran to the kitchen and grabbed a sharp knife. Spike’s eyes grew big as she came at him with the knife and he watched her warily as she approached the chair. For a full minute, she stayed frozen in front of him – eyes locked on his blue ones, knife in hand. Shaking herself abruptly, she went behind the chair and slashed through the ropes.

Quick as a cat, his arms pulled her around and into his lap again. The force of his grab knocked the chair over, sending them both to the floor, the vampire on top. Holding her arms over her head, he growled, “Now it’s my turn, Slayer,” and captured her mouth with his while sending his free hand roving around her body. Every place he paused and touched sent a pleasant shock through her body. Sliding up her leg, he teased around her thong before ripping it off and putting his hand where the underwear had been. Gasps and moans were coming from Buffy by that time and she reached for the zipper on his pants and pulled it down, freeing his erection to lie along her stomach. Spike bent down to run his mouth and tongue around her nipples, lowering himself onto her body and sliding in to her.

She gasped as she felt him pushing against her entrance then groaned as he quickly thrust himself inside her, murmuring her name and a lengthy string of praises for the environment in which his cock found itself buried. They began to rock together, all of Spike’s whispered words running together as their bodies moved in tandem faster and faster until with a small shriek, Buffy clenched her muscles and bit into his shoulder, shuddering all over with the force of her orgasm. As soon as those muscles squeezed down on him, Spike also came, exploding like warm champagne and collapsing on top of the small blonde.

As their breathing retuned to semi-normal (and why is the vampire bothering to breath? she wondered), she squirmed beneath him and pushed him off. “Spike, move, you’re heavy!”

He rolled off to the side, but kept one hand across her body, idly tracing a pattern on her stomach. “Well, Slayer, what do we do now?” he murmured in her ear.

“Do? We do nothing!” she pushed his hand off and sat up indignantly. “This is just left over from the spell, that’s all. Now that it’s out of our systems, we’re going to forget about it. Just like it never happened.” Straightening her clothing, she moved away from him and began combing her hair.

“I’m not going to forget about it, Slayer, and neither are you.” He said as he pocketed her ripped underwear when she wasn’t looking.

“Yes, I am – we are!” she exclaimed with more vehemence than conviction. “Never again!”

“Never’s a long time, luv,” he said softly. “A very long time.”

The End?


As abruptly as it had settled on them, the spell that had Spike and Buffy thinking they were in love and getting married was lifted and Spike found himself lying on the floor in a lip lock with the Slayer and with an incredible hard-on. Much as he hated the little blond bitch, he had to admit it felt damn good to be clutching her athletic body to his and kissing those wonderfully soft, full lips. Whoa, guess that little party’s over! he thought as Buffy leaped off and away from him spitting and rubbing her mouth. Not to be outdone, he immediately began gagging and complaining about “Slayer saliva” in his mouth.

On the way back to the Watcher’s he tried to stay away from her and avoid meeting her eyes. Which wasn’t terribly difficult, he had to admit, because she stayed as far away from him as she could get and still be said to be part of the same group. When they got back to Giles’ apartment, he and the whelp tied Spike to the chair again in spite of Spike’s arguing that he couldn’t hurt anyone, couldn’t feed and had no desire to be recaptured by the “soldier boys”.

Being tied up and forgotten (except by Willow, who kept shoving her “sorry for the spell” cookies in his mouth every time she went by with a new batch) gave him plenty of time to watch the Slayer and remember how it felt to be kissing her and how well they seemed to fit together while under the spell. Thinking about her wiggling around on his lap while the watcher couldn’t see them made him grow hard all over again and he was grateful no one was paying any attention to him.

Spike spent a long and uncomfortable night and day in the Watcher’s bathtub, until he was tied back up in the chair to free up the shower for Giles. As everyone gathered for the Scoobie meeting the next day, he was once again ignored except for the occasional snide comment from Xander.

Buffy again stayed as far away as she could and refused to look at him. Spike, on the other hand, couldn’t stop watching her and he could feel himself growing hard again as he watched her move around the room gracefully. She looked small and fragile, but he knew the incredible strength that was in that body and found himself wishing the spell had lasted long enough for them to be alone for a couple of hours. Hell, shaggin’ the Slayer might be almost as much fun as killing her, he thought suddenly.

“Stop Staring at me!” Buffy snapped at him – suddenly bring his attention back to her face and mouth. “It’s rude!”

Spike leered at her and let his desire show for a minute as he challenged her to prove she wasn’t afraid to get close again.

Her response – to fly across the room and grab him by the throat, wasn’t totally unexpected, but the warm flush he could see moving up her neck and face was.
Well, maybe I’m not the only one with fond memories of yesterday, he thought to himself. Now, how can I work this without getting staked?

As soon as they were alone, he started baiting her and when she got close enough that he could feel the heat from her body, he dared her to prove her indifference. Knowing she couldn’t turn down the dare, he was ready as soon as she got close enough to his face and he fastened his mouth on hers immediately. He put all the pent up desire he was feeling into the kiss and was gratified to find her kissing him back. The longer the kiss went on, the more obvious it became that the spell was not totally responsible for the heat between them the day before.

Buffy refused to acknowledge that there was anything there – even as she initiated another kiss (probably to shut me up.) that lasted longer than the first one. Suddenly she turned and was straddling him. When he felt the heat of her crotch against his swollen cock, all his bravado left him and he could do nothing but beg and plead to be allowed to touch her.

The Slayer wasn’t having that, though. She just continued to rub against his aching cock, her breath coming in little pants until she suddenly shuddered and collapsed against his chest. Spike could tell she was mortified at what she had done, and he spent an uncomfortable minute or two begging her to undo him and wondering if she was going to kill him rather than have to admit what had happened to her.

When she ran to the kitchen and came back with the large knife, worry turned to outright fear. (What if she’s decided to cut it off? He wondered frantically. Wouldn’t put it past her!) Instead, she slashed through the ropes holding him to the chair and he grabbed her before she could change her mind. As they toppled to the floor, he managed to land on top and immediately began running his hands over her body. Instead of pushing him away, she responded willingly and he soon found himself inside her warm, wet, incredibly strong walls, babbling into her ear about how good she felt and how much he liked being there. Their coupling was hard, fast and powerful; resulting in mutual orgasms that left them both drained. Even though the Slayer pulled away almost immediately, insisting that they were just acting out the rest of the spell, she refused to meet his eyes and he could see her hands shaking as she adjusted her clothing.

Despite her insistence that this was a one-time only, never-to-be-repeated incident, the vampire vowed to himself that someday, somewhere, they were going to repeat it. And, repeat it and repeat it and repeat it until neither of them could walk. Somehow, someday – as he told the Slayer, “never is a long time.”