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Death and Destiny by Mefiant
Chapter 1
“Yes! Eyeballs dangling from the sockets, and you shouting, ‘Frankly, father, thine eyes offend me’." He settled deeper into his seat, laughter still colouring his voice. “Bloody priceless. And beating the groom to death with his own arm-- I mean, honestly, you're a bloody killing marvel.”

Angelus smiled at his protégé before shoving the girl beside him towards William.

“Yeah. Have a drink.”

“No, that's your spoils, mate”

“I've had my fill. Go on, take her.” Angelus offered the bride’s neck once more.

“Nah.” William shook his head as he leant forward slightly to stare into the passing night. “I think I might go and find Drusilla. She's prowling for street urchins in the east end. Make her happy if I joined her for a bit.”

Angelus looked at the younger man thoughtfully. “She's special, isn't she? Our Drusilla.”

A light lit William’s eyes. His face animated as he thought of the woman who had made him a man, even though he had had to become a monster to achieve it. “More than that. She brought me into this world. Where I was meant to be. It's like... she's my destiny.”

William didn’t notice the calculating smile that graced Angelus’ face. “Yeah, she is a sweet plum. I mean, a bit dotty and brain-addled, but— “

William rushed to defend the woman whom he adored; his saviour, his princess, his world. “She's not— She's just— It's like she's still got a bit of a child in her.”

Angelus laughed, “Perhaps two or three by now.” He raised his hand to knock on the carriage wall behind him. “Driver! Stop the coach!” He gave a small sigh, “Happy hunting. Go on. Just be home before sunrise.”

William nodded his farewell before stepping out into the night; he turned and watched as the coach moved off into the night. “Now, my plum, where would you be?” Turning towards the noise of the town, William began his search for his sire.


Hours had passed and William had been able to find no sign of his elusive sire; in fact, he had found no sign of anyone roaming the streets at all. It was as if the townspeople were aware that evil was stalking them this night and all remained safely tucked inside their homes. Sighing with regret, William turned his steps towards the mansion he and his companions had moved into on the outskirts of town. William smiled in remembrance of the timid young maid’s innocent invitation to the four weary travellers who had appeared at her doorstep one night. Tales of a carriage accident played on her sympathy and opened the door to a night of pain and terror for those inside.

The sound of a child’s laughter drifted across the night air, snaring Williams’s attention as he made his way towards the sound. If Drusilla were still about, the sweet innocence of the voice would surely attract her, and if she were not, then William might avail himself of another meal before returning to his Sire’s delicate arms.

William casually strolled down the secluded path, before stopping and secreting himself behind a tree. The small cottage before him lay shrouded in darkness, its occupants having long ago retired to their beds. A movement to the side of the house caught his eye; a young girl, no more than four years and clad in a simple white shift, skipped through the small garden, her hands reaching into the night air as she tried to capture the fireflies that glowed through the darkness.

William scanned the area, searching for any sign of Drusilla; finding none, he began to make his way closer to the small girl. “You know little girls like you should be safely tucked into their beds at this time of night.”

The young girl gasped, spinning around to stare wide-eyed at the man before her. “P…please don’t tell papa; he’ll be ever so cross.”

“What are you doing, poppet?” William crouched down, softening his face as he moved closer to the little girl.

“I’m catching fireflies.” The girl opened her clenched fist to show the stranger the half dead insect within.

“And what do you do with them once you’ve caught them?” William inched closer until he was almost touching the child.

The little girl gave him a mischievous smile, her eyes lighting with what William would have called evil intent had she been demonic in nature. “I pop them.” The girl demonstrated her meaning, snatching the insect up between thumb and finger and squeezing until the creature burst with a small pop.

William chuckled. He liked this girl; she had spirit. He reached forward to brush a stray curl from her face. Oh yes, Drusilla would like this treat very much. “And why do you do that, poppet?”

“Because it’s fun,” the girl answered innocently before turning her attention to the insects that still buzzed around them. Reaching out her hands, she deftly plucked one from the cool night air with deadly accuracy, clutching it tightly in her fist. “Ouch,” the girl gasped, opening her hand and releasing the insect, a small tear tracing down her face. “It bit me.” She held her hand up for Williams’s inspection. “Why would it do that?”

“Well, I expect it didn’t want to get popped.” William ran a soothing finger across the child’s palm, his eyes flicking towards the darkened cottage. “Maybe you should go inside and have a look at your hand under a lantern. Who’s inside that we can get to help?”

“My Mama, my Papa and Hope -- she’s my sister,” the girl whispered. “Do we have to wake them up? Papa would punish me for coming outside in the dark.”

“No, we don’t have to wake them, but do you know how to light a lamp?” William waited as the girl looked worriedly at the cottage before turning back to face him.

“Please will you come inside and fix my hand?” she asked tentatively.

“Of course, poppet, I’d be more than happy to go inside and fix it so your hand didn’t hurt anymore.” William stood up, scooping the girl into his arms and striding towards the back door. “Thank you so much for the invitation.”


William lay sprawled naked on the family’s ancient chaise, his body smeared with the blood of his victims. He smiled in remembrance of the terror that had sweetened their blood as he had drunk his fill. When he had entered the house, he had deposited the girl on a bench in the kitchen, telling her to wait there while he found a light. Instead, he had moved through the house, locating the bed where her parents lay.

He had quickly stripped away his clothing, not wishing to arouse suspicion should he pass any other late night travellers on his way home. He had thrown himself onto the bed, holding the terrified wife in place with one hand around her throat as he plunged his fangs into her husband. After draining the man to the brink of death he turned his attention to the woman beside him. He had spent the better part of the next hour fucking and feeding as he tormented the woman, finally leaving her semi conscious body beside that of her rapidly cooling husband’s, their blood intermingled on the rough sheets.

As he moved to the next room, his breath caught in his throat. In one of the small single beds lay a girl of about fifteen, a mass of almost-blonde hair floating about her head like a cloud. William settled himself on the bed beside her, marvelling at how she had managed to sleep through her parents’ deaths. He was sure the mother had managed a short scream or two during their play. He slowly tugged the hem of her shift upwards to expose her bare legs, before carefully manoeuvring the fabric of her undergarments so that his hand lay positioned before her vagina.

In one quick movement he thrust his fingers roughly into her tight passage before rolling on top of the girl and grinning wickedly. “Hello, Hope.”

The girl’s eyes had widened in terror, as she tried to wriggle away from his invading fingers.

“Now, now, none of that.” William moved his hips so that his cock brushed against her clit, before thrusting his finger deeper inside her. “I’ll think you don’t like me if you keep doing that.” He grinned wickedly before tracing a lazy kiss along the length of her neck.

“Papa!” Hope managed to gasp the word out as William began tearing the clothing from her body.

“Oh, I’m sorry, sweets, but your Papa can’t help you.” He yanked the now naked girl from the bed and pulled her back against him. William began to massage her clit vigorously, until the girl began to pant from the affects of an impending orgasm. “Come now and I’ll show you.” William began to move the girl slowly towards the door to her parents room, all the while deftly working her clit. Smiling to himself, he waited...timing their passage through the doorway with the eruption of her unwanted climax. The girl’s scream of release was tainted by the screams of terror at the sight of her parents mutilated and lifeless bodies.

William had vaguely registered a small whimper behind him, and the sound of small feet racing through the house. He had ignored the noise though, concentrating instead on all the small pleasures he would visit upon the fresh, young virginal body he held in his arms, before she met her final death.

Thrusting her forward, he propelled the girl onto the bed between her parents. “Now, Hope, where shall we begin?”

William stood up from the chaise, rubbing his cock as he remembered the feel of Hope’s tight pussy as he fucked her on her parents’ deathbed.

Moving into the kitchen, William located a large tub of fresh water and began to wash the blood from his body, his eyes occasionally drifting to the coal bin in the corner of the room from which the occasional sniffle could be heard.

When he had finally redressed, William cast an eye around the cottage, noting how the only room that had been touched by his presence was the room the held the dead family. Whoever came searching for the absent family would find nothing amiss until they entered the killing room. William let out a wistful sigh, disappointed that he would not have the pleasure of seeing the discoverer’s reaction. Reaching down, he flipped open the lid to the coal bin. “Now, poppet, what are you doing in there getting all dirty?” He pulled the child out and brushed her down as best he could. “You want to look your best when you meet my Drusilla, don’t you?”

The little girl whimpered before nodding hesitantly and looking up at him with watery eyes. “Why did you pop them?”

William stared at her, puzzled for a moment. “Your family?”

The girl nodded, stiffening slightly as William scoped her up into his arms.

William smiled, leaning to whisper in her ear. “Because it was fun!”


William strolled into the rooms he currently shared with Drusilla and the others. Depositing the now sleeping girl on a nearby seat, he headed towards the door that led to his and Drusilla’s bedroom.

William paused, frowning at the sight of Angelus’s back as he fucked a woman dressed in white on the bed. “Well... looks like you haven't had your fill of her after all—“

William stared in disbelief as Angelus almost casually leaned back to reveal the woman on the bed.

“The little children didn't come out to play.” Drusilla sat up, leaning into Angelus’s chest before continuing, “Did you miss me, pretty William?”

“I'm sure he did, Dru. After all... you are his destiny.” Angelus filled his voice with derision as he mocked William’s earlier words.

Drusilla laughed, the sound of her voice driving into William’s heart like an icy stake. “Oh. That's so sweet.”

William felt the rage and hatred well up within him; he was transported back to a time when his human self was ridiculed by his peers. A sense of impotence filled him momentarily before he mentally shook himself, turning on his heel and stalking out of the room. He wanted to rant and rave, bash and smash, but he didn’t want the still cackling pair he left behind to hear his pain and anger.

A movement caught his attention; he turned to stare at the frightened child who now sat wide awake on a seat in the corner of the room. This child was to be his gift to Drusilla, a small token of his love for his sire.

Grabbing the child up roughly by the arm, he stalked out of the room, rushing down the stairs to the front door. With each step he took William’s rage grew until finally he reached a small clearing in the nearby woods, far enough away so that his words would not be heard by his tormentors. “That bastard.” He flung the small girl onto the ground, causing her to whimper in pain. “He knows. That bastard knows what Drusilla means to me.” He clenched his fists tightly as the words spilled forth. “Drusilla is sick, you know.“ He addressed the child before him. “She’s smart as a top, my girl, but also as loopy as a bat. And he—“ William pointed in the direction of the house. “HE knows that, he does – bastard is taking advantage of her illness to get to me.”

William crouched low, his voice and body quieting as he leaned menacingly towards the little girl. “It’s his fault I’m like I am, you know. He may not be my sire, but he is my teacher.” William leaned in even closer, his face almost touching the girl’s as he spoke. “If it wasn’t for him I would never have hurt your family like I did.” William smiled as he noticed the girl cast a hateful glare towards the house in the distance. “He’s the one who taught me how to kill, how to make them bleed.” William moved to sit behind the child. “If it was up to me, I would have just lived somewhere quiet with Drusilla. It’s all his fault.”

“He’s a bad man,” the girl whispered, her voice laced with hatred.

William let out a calculated sigh. “So am I, poppet. I’m a bad man, but I only do bad things because I want to please them—please HIM.” William began to stroke her hair tenderly. “Did you ever do anything that was wrong because you knew it would make someone you loved happy?”

“I snuck some of mama’s cookies for Hope one time.” The girl popped a thumb into her mouth and began to suck on it. “Is that the same thing?”

William nodded, “Yeah, poppet, it is.” He schooled his face into one of sadness and remorse. “I wish I hadn’t done those bad things now. I only did it because HE wanted me to.”

The girl nodded. “Mama paddled my backside when she found out the cookies were gone and it was Hope that ate them all.”

“So it’s not really me who should pay for your family, is it?” William waited for her reaction.

“He’s a bad man and he should be popped.” The girl jutted her lip out as she set her small face into one of determination.

“I think you’re right, poppet.” William stood up, gathering her tenderly into his arms. “I know a nice family who will look after you until you’re big enough.”

“Big enough for what?” The girl looked confused.

“Why, for you to punish the bad man, of course.” William smiled as he let his plan for revenge solidify. “When you’re old enough, I’ll come back and get you and we can both pop the bad man.”

“Ok” the girl answered as she snuggled into his arms, drifting off to sleep as William carried her to her new home.


Morning arrived shortly after William returned to the house and wearily fell into a deep sleep in one of the spare rooms. Drusilla stood at the door watching her sleeping childe as she searched his mind for hints of his whereabouts after he had left the house a second time. “Why, my sweet William, whatever have you done?” Drusilla clicked her tongue in disappointment. “We can’t have you hurting daddy, now can we, my William?” She came to bend low over his prone figure, humming softly as she worked her way deeper into his mind. “Forget.” With one small word she erased his carefully thought-out plan, ensuring her precious daddy’s safety from her wilful childe.


The little girl sat at the table, hungrily devouring the breakfast that her new family had set before her.

The woman, her new mama, came to sit beside her, “Now sweetie, do you promise to learn all your lessons so you’ll be ready for when Mr William returns?”

“Uh huh, I’ll be real good; I promise.” She finished her breakfast and delicately wiped her mouth. “Willum said when I was big he would come back and we would pop the bad man.”

“That’s right, sweetie.” The woman gathered up her plate. “Your new papa is going to take you to work with him today. He works at a very important place. Do you want to know where?”

The girl nodded, as she straightened the new dress that William had gotten for her on their way to her new home.

“You papa works for solicitors; they are called Wofram and Hart.” The woman smoothed the girl’s hair. “You must do everything you’re told while you’re there. Ok?”

“Uh huh.” The girl turned towards the door as a man strode through straightening his tie. “Ok, I think everything is ready.” He gave his wife a quick kiss. “We shouldn’t be late.” He moved to the front door before turning to address his new daughter. “Are you coming, Eve?”