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Title: Boy Good

Boy Good

"So...How long you gonna pretend you're still under that spell Slayer?"

Forever? Or at least until you leave and I can spend the rest of the night happily denying what we just did?

Buffy buried her face in his neck and tried to control her reaction to his words, but Spike’s soft chuckle told her that her increased heart rate had given her away.

“As long as I can,” she finally muttered, feeling the heat radiating from her face as she kept it resolutely buried in the soft skin of his neck. She was unconsciously inhaling deeply as his scent reminded her of what had sparked the embarrassing events of the past hour.

“Come on, pet. You don’t really think I’m going to let you get away with that, do you?”

“You could, if you wanted to,” she grumbled, still refusing to look at him, and still curled into his side. His hand was gently stroking her arm and she found the action surprisingly soothing and pleasant.

“And, why would I want to do that?” he asked, dropping his head to whisper into her ear – running his tongue into and out of it as he did so. Buffy shivered violently at the sensations he was creating and moaned involuntarily. “Tell me, Slayer. Why would I want to do that?”

His mouth traveled from her ear down her throat, eliciting more shivers until, with a final whimper, she stilled. She bit her lip and gave a deep sigh of resignation, reluctantly pushing him away and sitting up, clutching the sheet over her breasts. For the first time since he’d told her to open her eyes while they were still intimately connected, she actually looked at him – her gaze disappointed, but stern. Spike’s brow wrinkled in confusion and he cocked his head at her curiously. Her body had been telling him she still wanted him, but the look on her face said something else entirely.

“Because, if you’re going to insist on reminding me who we really are – or who I really am, anyway, ‘cause you were probably just being you…” She let her voice trail off, then exhaled sharply and continued, “If I’m me, and not Cave Buffy, then you’re just a pile of dust waiting to happen.”

The vampire studied her resolute face for a minute, his former good mood ruined by the determination he saw there. He kept his gaze on her, noting that although her steely stare never wavered, her lower lip trembled just the tiniest bit as it crept out in the beginning of a pout.

“Right then!” he exclaimed in one of his mercurial mood shifts. “Cave Buffy it is! More beer?”

Buffy blinked at him in surprise for a second; taking in his hopeful expression and the beer bottle he was eagerly extending in her direction.

What the hell. If I’m still drunk or under a spell, then I can’t be responsible. Right?

She tentatively took the bottle he was still holding out, tilting it up and swallowing rapidly.

“Beer good!” she grunted, eying him suspiciously to see if he was going to play along.

“Beer very good, Sl-Cave Buffy. Beer very good.” He upended his own bottle, emptying it and dropping it to the carpeted floor with a muffled ‘clunk’. “But, you know what’s even better, pet?” he purred, taking the empty bottle from Buffy’s hand and sending it to join the other one on the floor.

He gently tugged the sheet from her clenched hand, allowing his eyes to roam over her tanned body, pretending he couldn’t see the blush moving from her face down her neck and onto her chest. He ran his hand lightly down her body from her neck to her hip, pulling her towards him as he did so. He put his lips on the already healing bite marks on her neck and sucked gently, reveling in the way she shuddered beneath him. Buffy’s arms slid tentatively around his neck as she allowed him to press their bodies together again. When she nibbled on his throat, licking lightly and sniffing, he chuckled against her lips.

“Are you sniffing me again?”

“Boy smell nice,” she growled, embarrassed at having been caught out.

“Girl smell nice, too, love,” he responded, sliding down her body until his face was pressed against the source of the mouth-watering aroma that was teasing him. “Girl smells bloody delectable.”

The first swipe of his tongue caught Buffy by surprise and she yelped softly before relaxing and opening her legs for him.

If this is how cave women were treated, it’s a wonder they ever left the cave. Oh my god, who knew…Spike…was so…talented…and creative…and…gah!

While Buffy was still trembling from the orgasm that taken her by surprise, the vampire crawled back up her body, kissing his way past her navel and pausing to suckle on each breast before stopping when they were face-to-face. He stayed there for a second or two, just searching her eyes for some sign that she wanted him to continue. Becoming more and more nervous, the longer the vampire stared at her, she finally blurted, “What boy doing?”

“Boy is going to teach Cave Buffy how to kiss,” he murmured, leaning in to her mouth.

“I already know how to ki---“ Buffy’s indignant reply was interrupted by the soft, cool lips that brushed over hers briefly before fastening themselves. One light caress from Spike’s tongue had her willingly opening her mouth to him. She could taste herself on his tongue, then quickly lost that train of thought as he showed her what he meant by teaching Cave Buffy how to kiss.

For long minutes she allowed Spike to control the kisses, enjoying the way he could go from gentle and tender to fierce and passionate and back again. She felt her already sated body melting into his as the kisses began to have an effect she could not have predicted. With a last attempt to regain some control, she caught his lower lip in her teeth and sucked it into her mouth, smiling to herself at the smothered growl from the vampire.

Oooh, sexy. Who knew having a vampire growling into your mouth could be so sexy? Who knew Spike could be so sexy? Okay, scratch that. I knew it. It’s always been there – just hiding behind all the wanting to kill me stuff.

Releasing his lip, she sent her own tongue to battle his for dominance, sweeping it around the inside of his lips and teasing the small indentations in which his fangs were barely contained. A burst of feminine pride went through her when his grip tightened and he growled again, pulling her against his lean length.

Growling back at him, Buffy flipped them over so that he was beneath her, staring up at this newly confident woman; his admiration shining in his eyes. Never taking her eyes off his, Buffy slowly lowered herself onto him, smiling when his eyes rolled back and he arched his hips into her with a gasp.

Putting his hands over his head in an unintentional imitation of the way he’d had her pinned when she awoke from the spell, she held them there while she raised and lowered herself until they were both gasping and panting. Buffy leaned into him, rubbing against his pubic bone as she allowed him to fasten his mouth on the marks on her neck. She released his hands and used hers to clutch handfuls of the soft curls that had been freed by their earlier athletic coupling. He immediately grabbed her hips, digging his fingers in fiercely and holding her in place while he pushed up, his face contorting as he gasped her name.

Buffy gave a muffled scream as she clenched around him, tremors shaking her body and goose bumps covering her skin from head to toe. She barely noticed the vampire’s own growling release, remembering where she was and with whom only when her breathing hand gone back to normal and she realized that she was lying on Spike.

He seemed to be as exhausted as she was, breathing in unnecessary, hard gasps. His arms were around her back, his hands stroking her sweat-dampened skin in a rhythmic fashion as his gasps turned into a soft purr.

“Boy good,” Buffy murmured, her lips moving against the skin of his chest where her face rested. “Boy very good.”

“Right back at ya, pet.” His reply not hiding the smile in his voice, but lacking the cockiness she had been expecting. “Right back at you.” She felt his lips brush the top of her head in what could only have been a gentle kiss.

Reality began to assert itself, and Buffy gave a small sigh and began to roll off the limp vampire, only to feel his arms tighten almost imperceptibly. She surprised herself by dropping a kiss on his bare chest before saying clearly, “Let go, Spike.”

He squeezed her gently; then released her with a soft sigh. “What happened to ‘Boy good’ and Cave Buffy?” he asked carefully, remembering what she’d said earlier about dusting him if he reminded her that she was no longer under a spell.

“I guess she’s left the building,” Buffy replied almost sadly. “And so will you if you know what’s good for you.”

“So,” he growled, sitting up and looking around for his clothes. “The bitch is back, huh?”

He instantly regretted his words when he felt her flinch and watched her expression harden. She moved away from him, as far as she could without falling off the narrow bed.

“Get out, Spike. One chance. Take it.”

The apology on his lips died unspoken when he saw the unyielding lines into which her face was set. Clenching his jaw, and cursing his mouth, he began pulling on his pants, resolutely keeping his back to her. Behind him, he could hear the rustle of fabric and knew that she was pulling the sheet around herself, hiding her nudity from his eyes.

He had just put on his boots, when there was a sudden rattle as someone attempted to enter the locked room. He didn’t need to see Buffy’s face to know that it would be showing more fear than he’d ever been able to inspire in her, no matter how often he tried to kill her. Her gasp and frantic scramble for clothes followed immediately upon the unmistakable sound of Willow’s voice.

“Buffy? Are you in there? What’s wrong? Why is the door locked? Buffy? Let us in!”

Us? There’s an ‘us’ out there?

“Well.” Spike slowly pulled on his tee shirt. “Isn’t this a bit of a problem? The Slayer naked, a vampire in her room and his mark on her neck.”

He relaxed back against the headboard of the bed and grinned at her.

“What are you gonna tell ‘em, pet? ‘Boy bring beer?’”

While Willow continued to rattle the doorknob and Xander’s voice joined hers in begging the slayer to open the door, Buffy just stared at Spike in horror. He was just thinking he would repay her easy dismissal of their evening by walking over and opening the door himself, when she surprised him by whispering, “Please?” Her expressive eyes met his and in spite of his best efforts to remain impassive, he succumbed to the silent plea there.

“Fuck!” he growled, being careful to keep his voice down, even as he snarled at her and at himself for caring. “I must be bloody insane!”

As Buffy hesitantly answered her friends, saying in a shaky voice, “I’m fine, guys. Just give me a minute to get dressed,” the vampire opened the large wardrobe against the wall and stepped inside, turning to face out into the room. Forgetting about the sheet, Buffy ran quickly to shut the door after him, hissing, “Don’t say or do anything – don’t breath!”

“Vampire here, Slayer. I think I know how to hide.”

She hesitated briefly, then, without speaking again, closed the door carefully. He heard her quickly dressing and straightening the bedclothes before walking across the room and opening the door.

Her friends took in her tousled appearance and the worried look on her face. “What happened?” Willow asked, frowning as she glanced around the room. “Where have you been?”

“Ri…right here. I came right back here just like Xander told me to. I guess I fell asleep or something.”

“So, you’re all right then?” Xander’s question was accompanied by a hard look at her disheveled clothing and messy hair. “Turns out the beer was magical – that’s why you were acting so weird. It turned you into—“

“Cave Buffy. Yeah, I got the memo when I woke up naked and…and naked.”

“You were naked? Damn, I knew I should have walked you home!”

The guttural snarl from the wardrobe was almost drowned out by Willow’s loud “Xander!” and Buffy’s equally loud “No, you shouldn’t have!” but the slayer’s hearing picked it up.

“Look, guys, I’m fine. All modern Buffy again. Why don’t we go out and have some ice creamy goodness? Doesn’t that sound good?”

“So, no more beer?”

“No, no more beer. Beer bad – beer IS bad. Bad beer. Very bad.”

Her friends stared at the babbling slayer, their brows wrinkling with suspicion. Willow pointed at the empty bottles on the floor and the remains of the six pack sitting near the door.

“Where did this beer come from?” she asked, frowning at Buffy’s panicked expression.

“Uh…I, uh, I…I guess somebody left it here!” Buffy looked at them brightly, quite pleased with her answer. “That’s it! Somebody must have left it here. I’ll bet it will be gone by the time we come back,” she insisted, pushing them towards the door. “Now let’s go get that ice cream!”

She shoved them out of the room, shooting a quick pleading glance at the now-ajar wardrobe. “It’ll be all gone when we get back!” she caroled loudly as she closed the door firmly behind her and prayed that she was right.