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The Wind Beneath My Wings by slaymesoftly
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Chapter Four

Nodding silently, he opened the stairwell door and held it while she stepped back into the lobby. Buffy pushed the button for the elevator, then took his hand, linking their fingers as they waited for the doors to open. She told herself she should be feeling terrible about breaking up with Angel, that she was the worst kind of slut to be thinking about cheating on him before he had a chance to learn that he was no longer her fiancé. It didn’t matter. The instant the elevator door closed behind them, she pushed the vampire against the wall, climbing his body and pressing herself against the growing bulge in his pants.

Spike’s growl vibrated through her whole body as he grabbed the globes of her ass and pulled her against him even harder. The slayer’s entire body was singing with anticipation, Angel, the wedding, her friends – all forgotten as she fell into Spike’s frantic kisses. When the elevator reached her floor, he exited it, still carrying the slayer whose legs were wrapped around him so tightly that there was really no need to hold her in place.

Not that he was planning to let go – his hands were acting independently of his brain, stroking her firm flesh and silken skin as he carried her in the direction she was pointing. Buffy fumbled in her pocket for the room key, turning in his embrace to stick it in the slot. At the click of the lock releasing, Spike hit the door handle and burst into the room, kicking the door shut behind him. He fell onto the bed, pressing Buffy into the mattress and using his now-free hands to begin removing her clothing.

With the slayer’s enthusiastic cooperation, they were soon naked and they wasted no time on foreplay. He sank into her warmth, stilling once he was buried as deeply as he could go, and fighting back tears when she gasped his name. Her “I love you, Spike. I love you. Say you believe me. Tell me you believe me this time,” released a torrent of words from the vampire – words that continued to flow as his hips began moving against her.

“Say it again. Tell me again, Buffy, my slayer, my love. I believe you. Never leave you again. I promise. Will love you forever. Nothing can keep me away from you now. Missed you so much, Buffy. Thought I’d never hold you again. Never feel you around me, squeezin’ me, holdin’ me. Want to make love to you forever…”

With her arms and legs wrapped around him tightly, Buffy let his murmured words flow over her, his warm, rich voice soothing her emotions while his churning hips were sending her mind and body into incoherence. “Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god,” she repeated over and over, her head thrashing from side to side as she built quickly toward her release. With a small shriek, she clenched around him, her final “I love you” almost lost in the vampire’s equally heartfelt “Buffy!” as he emptied himself into her.

“Oh my god,” she repeated softly as she relaxed under him. “I think I was starving.”

Not answering her, Spike kept running his mouth over her face and neck, kissing and licking while his chest rumbled with deep purrs. Without ever fully softening, he began to grow inside her until he was just as hard as he’d been before. He continued to purr, the vibrations running down through his cock and eliciting moans of pleasure from the slayer.

“I missed that sound. Missed it so much,” she whispered. “Did I ever tell you how much I like it when you purr?”

“Might have mentioned it a time or two,” he murmured, still licking her neck and face.

“Don’t stop.”

“Couldn’t if I wanted to, love. Might just be purring for the next fifty years…”

She laughed softly, beginning to move her hips in response to the vibrations against her most sensitive parts.

“Fifty years works for me,” she gasped as he began to twist his hips to hit the spot no one but him had ever found.

Those were the last articulate sounds from either of them as they allowed their bodies to become reacquainted. With the initial desperation to connect now out of the way, they fell into a lazy pattern of alternating tenderness and passion that eventually left them exhausted and sated. Spike pulled the covers up from the floor where they’d kicked them and gently spread them over the slayer before curling up behind her. As his arm went around her waist, Buffy’s hand rested upon his forearm and she fell asleep, a happy smile curling the corners of her mouth.
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