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Chapter Three
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Chapter 3

AN: Okay, here it is. This is the worst of the chapters then the next chapter comes with the normal Buffy and Spike. There is some slight non-con in it, depending on how you look at it. Also, thank you to Ruth and DreamsofSpike for betaing.



For the time being, the only sound in the dark basement was that of William’s blood slowly dripping from his many wounds. He slumped limply in the corner like a discarded rag doll. His hair was dirty and matted, hanging down into his face. He was completely nude and exposed to anyone who might happen to make their way into his dark underground prison—not that it mattered to him anymore. He was, however, grateful that Elizabeth had decided to loosen the chains on his arms so they were no longer stretched painfully over his head.

The door at the top of the stairs opened and he lifted his eyes in fear. By now he had learned that only bad things came of that door opening.

“Little Willy,” the figure that appeared in the doorway called sweetly. Then the door closed and the light disappeared, but he still knew who was there. “How are you doing on this fine evening?”

There was no answer, as she made her way down the stairs to stop and stand in front of him. Her hand shot out to catch him by the chin, jerking his head up to look at her.

“You will answer Mummy when she asks you a question,” Elizabeth hissed in irritation.

“S-sorry,” he stammered out.

One hand caressed his cheek, while the other brushed his hair from his eyes. They were so very blue, and she found herself gazing into them intently. Then, the spell seemed to snap, and she jerked her hand away, horrified at her own behaviour but not about to let him see her lapse.

“Are you hungry, boy?” she asked, wanting to get back to her reason for being down there in the first place.

“Yes,” he answered truthfully.

He hadn’t eaten for several days. Whenever Elizabeth brought live food to him, he had still refused to kill, and eventually she had just stopped offering him food altogether. That was why her next words surprised him.

“I’ve brought you something to eat, but I was not sure quite what you were hungry for tonight.”

Saying this, she stood and walked back up the stairs. He didn’t know what to expect, but he knew that it definitely was not going to be good. His time under her “care” had taught him that.

Moments later, his fears were confirmed when Elizabeth returned, dragging three teenage girls with her. She forced them to their knees before him, growling at them in full game face. Finally, her amber eyes focused on him, and he tried to shrink back against the wall as she advanced on him.

“They do not seem to like my true face very much. Perhaps they will like your lovely face better; I know I find it quite appealing myself.” She reached out to tip up his chin with two fingers.

A protest rose in William’s throat, but the look in her deathly eyes killed it just as quickly as it began. He swallowed and focused on doing as she asked, bringing his demon face to the fore. According to her, his vampire face was not normal; he wouldn’t know, as he had never seen it for himself. In fact, he had only ever seen one vampire. Her.

Elizabeth watched with interest as she always did when he changed. At least not everything about this “new breed” was a let down. His skin took on a blue tint while the normal facial ridges formed. His eyes were silver and he had doubled fangs on top and bottom. It was truly an amazing sight. She forced herself, as she usually did, not to gawk at his true form.

“Beautiful, as always,” she murmured.

“I do not wish to kill,” William said again—as if he had not told her this every time she had tried to make him feed.

“Little Willy, you will select one of these girls for your dinner, or I will kill all three in front of you.” She stood and moved to stand behind the cowering females. “So, you choose. Shall only one of them die, or all three? If you do as you should, then two of these pretty ladies go free.”

Defeat caused him to wilt further as he relented, “Fine, give me one to feed on.”

“No.” A wicked smile curled her lips. “I want you to choose who dies.”

Pure horror washed over him as he realized the point of this game—besides, of course, forcing him into feeding almost willingly. He started to shake his head in refusal but she backhanded him before he got a chance to voice his objection.


“Her,” he choked out on a sob, motioning to the frightened girl in the middle who immediately started screaming.

The girl was dragged across the room, despite her flailing struggles, to be shoved so close to William that the poor thing nearly fell onto her killer. He caught her and held her for a moment, looking up at Elizabeth as if his Sire might change her mind and call this off. Her eyes made it clear that that was not going to happen and he looked down at the pulse pounding wildly in the pale neck in front of him.

With a tortured cry, he sank his fangs into the exposed throat and started feeding, his demon taking over to sate the hunger that had been building from days of starvation. The stopping of the girl’s heart brought him back to his senses and he dropped the still body.

There—that had to be the end of the game, right? She would leave him alone now?

“Good Little Willy,” Elizabeth cooed into his ear and reached down to lift the body by the hair. “Was she good? I bet she was, laced with fear and maybe just a bit of excitement. She was young, and young blood is the best.”

“You will set the other two free now?”

When she got up and walked back toward the other girls, William let out a deep breath of relief. It was a premature reaction, as in a flash Elizabeth had grabbed each girl in turn and snapped their necks. His mouth was gaping in shock when she turned back toward him.

“They are free now,” Elizabeth announced almost serenely with a maniacal look in her eyes. “You did well.”

All he could do was sputter in helpless protest as she left the basement once again. Though he tried not to look, his eyes were drawn in horror to the bodies that she had purposefully left in there with him—just as she had done the night she had turned him, throwing that corpse in the grave with him for when he woke.


Another week passed before Elizabeth returned to the basement. One of her theories—her hopes—was that if she starved him to a certain point, the demon would take over out of desperation and kill whether that damned soul liked it or not.

However, it did not seem to be progressing as she had hoped.

Tonight was not about feeding. It was about something else entirely—more to do with breaking him and making him see that he was hers. This would be training for what she would expect from him in the future as her companion. She walked down the stairs, completely nude and sure that he could just make her out in the dim light. Could he tell yet that she was naked?

The gasp she heard a few steps from the bottom of the stairs gave her the answer.

“Good evening, sweetheart,” she said sweetly as she moved toward him with supernatural grace. “I thought perhaps I would do something different tonight. We will begin your...training in the art of pleasing a woman.”

If there had been any blood in his body he might have blushed at the declaration, not sure if this would be better or worse than her attempts to make him kill. His eyes were devouring her nonetheless, moving over her soft curves and darting away from her most private places.

“There is no reason to be shy. I have seen you naked every night,” she reminded him.

She took one of William’s hands and brought it to her breast, closing her hand around his to give it a squeeze. When she removed her hand, his stayed for a few moments, his eyes locked onto the mound of flesh in his grasp. Then he jerked his hand back but she caught it, moving it to the cleft between her legs.

“You might as well get used to touching me now; you will be doing a lot of it.” She rubbed herself using his hand, letting him feel the moisture that began gathering there. “You might as well be of some use to me besides being a dreadful annoyance.”

Dropping his hand again, she went to stand with her legs on either side of his body. Her crotch was right in front of his face and he was forced to either look at it or close his eyes. He knew she would only make him open his eyes again, so he looked. Her hips shifted towards him, opening herself more to his gaze. Then her fingers were in his hair, forcing his face forward to her pussy, so close that for once he was grateful that he did not have to breathe.

“You will start licking me like I am your favourite dessert,” she instructed, grinding herself against his face when he followed her orders. “Oh, you shall get better at this as we practice more.”

The fumbling attempts he made were laughable and she soon tired of trying to get much pleasure that way. She released him and dropped to her knees, straddling his thighs. She tilted her head and gave him a considering look, capturing his gaze when he tried to hide under his hair.

“Maybe we should not do this,” he said softly.

She clucked her tongue and shook her head. “We should—and we will.”

Elizabeth ran her hands down his chest, raking her nails over his skin and causing him to hiss at the sensation. She dipped her head to zero in on her target with her mouth, capturing his nipple with her teeth so that he bowed his back with unbidden pleasure. The chains rattled with his struggles to get away from her, but she would have none of that and sat firmly on his thighs to keep him in place.

“Good to know that this works correctly,” she teased maliciously as she reached down to grasp his now erect member. Her other hand deftly removed the ribbon that tied back her hair. “Nevertheless, you are a virgin; I can tell. And virgins, they can be highly...eager, but capricious.”

There was no elaboration on that point; instead, she gave his cock a couple hard pumps with her hand, making him groan with growing pleasure. Just as quickly, she stopped and wound the ribbon tightly around the base of his shaft, constricting his cock. He bucked up off the ground so that she had a bit of difficulty with tying the ribbon off.

“Now, just do as I say and I will reward you if you make me happy,” she told him, running a nail along the underside of his cock to have him hissing in pained pleasure.

She lifted herself up enough to position the head of his dick at her entrance, rubbing it along her slit before letting herself sink down onto him. His eyes rolled back in his head and she chuckled at his reaction as she leaned forward to bite down on his exposed neck with blunt teeth. His hips jerked up into her and she moaned, biting down again to get the same reaction. Immediately, her hips started grinding against his in order to find her own pleasure.

“Just...keep bucking your hips up—yes, like that—in time...oh...in time with my hips.” She looked him in the eyes for a moment before dipping her head back down to his neck.

Her mouth found the marks she had left on his skin when she turned him, sucking on them and worrying the flesh with her teeth. One hand braced on the wall behind his head while she rode him, the other curled around his waist with her nails scoring his back.

“Mm, William, I want you to...take my breast in your mouth...and suck.” She tossed back her head and arched her spine, bringing the jiggling mounds of flesh right into his face. “Suck it hard...and use your teeth, lover.”

It took a few tries, but eventually William was able to capture the bouncing target in his mouth, latching onto it fervently. He suckled as instructed and grazed it with his teeth as they moved together towards release. The movements of his hips were instinctual, surging upwards into her sheath with a primal need. His hands were grasping her ass, squeezing as she moved on top of him.

“Oh yes, oh yes,” she ground out as she felt herself getting nearer to her completion.

She angled her hips and the bow she had made in the ribbon brushed against her clit, almost as if she had placed it with purpose. The added friction sent her into a frenzy, bouncing erratically until she screamed her orgasm at the ceiling.

Sliding off him slowly, she knelt between his legs with her hands resting on his thighs.

In the post-coital stillness, something started to gnaw at the back of Elizabeth’s mind. Something just wasn’t right. Suddenly, she wasn’t as sure of what she was doing as she had been before, when she had first turned William. Her eyes lifted to meet his and saw the way he was looking at her, with emotion that she couldn’t—no, didn’t want to—identify...despite all the torture she had put him through.

Maybe it was because she had yet to let him cum.

Or, it could be something to do with her being his Sire, something that she could never torture out of him.

Regardless, it started to burn inside her and she nearly clawed at her chest in a vain attempt to make it stop. She howled then skittered away from him, knowing that this had to be his fault. Everything had gone wrong since he had crashed into her life.

“Y-you!” She pointed an accusing finger at him, shaking with fear. “You did something to me!”

“I assure you,” he said hoarsely, arching his hips upward with need. He didn’t dare touch himself and incur her wrath. “I have done nothing.”

“It burns! It burns! And it is all because of you! I should never have sired you! I should have just killed you!” She tore at her hair as she screamed at him. “You came back wrong! Wrong!”

Before he could question her mad ranting, or beg her to release his swollen, angry cock, she was up and running across the basement to grab the key where it hung on the opposite wall. She flung it at him and started inching towards the stairs with wide eyes.

“I know I should stake you. There is no guarantee that would end this, though, and...and I cannot do it. You have tainted me with it. I feel it crawling and burning inside me! It is all your fault and maybe...maybe if I get far away from you...maybe I will get better.”

With another nod, her eyes distant, she ran up the stairs and left him in the pitch blackness. The silence boomed painfully in the aftermath of her raving. William looked down at the key beside him and picked it up, glancing towards the door as if she might come back to tell him this was another of her games.

But, she did not come back—and William was alone.
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