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Once Joyce’s surgery had been completed and she was resting comfortably with good vital signs, Buffy let herself relax and lean against the strong shoulder beside her.

“The doctor said she should be fine now,” she said with relief. “He said something about some possible, very rare, side effects of the surgery, but he’ll tell Mom all about them when she’s ready to be released.”

“Too bad your mum doesn’t have slayer healing,” Spike replied with a smile. “She’d be up and about by now.”

Dawn spoke up from his other side. “It isn’t going to be too long, is it, Buffy? Didn’t the other, not-Ben, doctor say that it would only be a couple of days? Then she can come home?”

“Yep, that’s what he said. If she still looks good by day after tomorrow, we can take her home. She has to rest for a week or two...” She fixed Dawn with a hard eye. “Which means you and I are going to be taking care of the house – without any whining.”

“I don’t whine! Do I, Spike?”

“Oh no, you don’t, Bit. You’re not putting me into the middle of this. Now that I know that your mum is alright, I’m heading back to my nice, peaceful crypt.” He turned to Buffy and gestured to the bag she was holding. “Does that belong to me, pet?”

“Huh? Oh, yeah. It does. Sorry, I almost forgot about it.” She handed him the wrinkled bag containing his still-dirty shirt.

He sniffed appreciatively, causing Dawn to frown with confusion and Buffy to blush and smack his leg. “Ewww,” she muttered. “I don’t even want to know what you’re planning to do with that...”

He leaned in and whispered in her ear, smiling at the way she shivered. “I think you know exactly what I’m goin’ to be doin’ with it, love. An’ I’ll be thinkin’ about you the entire time...”

Still bright red, she pushed him away and stood up. “On that disturbing and embarrassing note, I’m going to go in and visit with my mother. Come on, Dawn, let’s let the disgusting vampire go back to his hole in the ground.”

Still puzzled by the whole conversation, Dawn obediently followed Buffy into the hallway, waving her good-bye to a grinning Spike.

It was hours later, well after dark, when Buffy knocked softly on the door to Spike’s crypt. It was quickly opened by the vampire standing on the other side with a glass of blood in his hand. He was shirtless, his low-slung jeans barely clinging to his hips. She quickly averted her eyes – which wanted so badly to linger on the smooth chest and flat stomach in front of her – and entered the room quickly.

“What’s with the knocking, Slayer?” He asked with a grin. “If I’d known letting you catch me wankin’ was all it took to get a little courtesy out of you, I’d have done it years ago.”

“Very funny,” she muttered. “If I’d known that’s what you did in your spare time, I would’ve started knocking a long time ago.”

He sat his untouched glass down and ran one hand gently down the side of her face. “It’s all I’ve had for a while now, love.”

She rolled her eyes, even as she leaned into his hand. “That’s crap, and you know it. You had Harmony. And don’t think I haven’t seen how the girls look at you when you strut through the Bronze. You could’ve had plenty of the real thing if you wanted it.”

His hand cupped her chin, while the other one circled her waist. “Didn’t want it, did I? Rather have my dream of perfection than a substitute. Only one girl I’m interested in shaggin’ and if I can’t have her, I’d prefer my hand to a cheap imitation.”

Buffy closed her eyes as he brought his lips closer. “I’m not sure if that’s really flattering or really ewwww,” she whispered against his mouth.

“Was meant to be flattering,” he whispered back, finally fastening his mouth on hers. With no worries about being interrupted, or having to rush off to somewhere, they let their lips and tongues do the exploring that they had both been wanting for days. When Spike’s tongue gently ran across her lower lip, then tickled her upper one until she parted her lips with a sigh, she melted into his body and allowing the kiss to deepen into something that turned her bones to liquid.

He picked her up, holding her tightly against his body and never taking his mouth off hers as he walked backwards until he felt the edge of the couch behind his knees. He sank onto the cushions, pulling Buffy across his lap and ghosting his free hand over her body. Whispered words of adoration and devotion made a soothing background for the sensations he was creating with just his lips and a hand that was barely touching her.
Oh my god. Is this what I’ve been missing by trying for normal? No wonder Drusilla stayed with him for over a hundred years.”

Buffy was struggling to maintain coherent thoughts as she lost herself in the vampire’s bone-melting kisses and soft caresses that left her body on fire. She was very conscious of the muscular, bare chest in front of her, and tentatively ran her own hand from his collarbone down to the taut abdomen just above his open jeans. His sudden gasp and muffled groan reminded her that she was not the only one being affected by their kisses and she smiled into his mouth.

“Playing with fire there, pet,” he growled, nipping at her lower lip with his blunt human teeth.

“Oh,” she said, batting her eyes innocently. “Then you don’t want me to touch you? You wouldn’t like it if I....?”

She lowered her head and brushed light kisses over his shoulder and down to his chest, just trailing her lips over his nipple. Instead of answering her, he groaned again, sliding down on his side until they were lying side by side on the narrow couch. The new position allowed her to feel the hard bulge now pressing tightly against her upper thighs and indicating just how badly he wanted her to touch him. He groaned again, straining against her and burying his face in her neck.

“Makin’ me crazy here, love,” he murmured into her throat. “I feel like a kid feelin’ a real woman for the first time. Want you so bad, Buffy, let me touch you, love. Please let me touch you.”

“I don’t think I could stop you if I wanted to,” she gasped, wrapping one leg around his. “And I’m pretty sure I don’t want to,” she added with a blush.

“You mean that, Buffy?” He pulled his head back to meet her suddenly shy gaze. He raised his hand and pushed her hair back off her face, as he continued. “Want you more than anything, love. You know I do. But I don’t want to push you. Don’t want you to be sorry – don’t ever want you to be sorry,” he whispered, dropping his mouth back to her neck and sucking on the skin there. “It would kill me if I thought you were regretting...“

“I don’t have anything to regret, yet,” she said, nudging the side of his head. “I’m beginning to think you’re all talk and no action man—“ She got no further; Spike rolled until she was beneath him, his hard length slipping between her thighs to press into her warmth, eliciting a small whimper of need.

“That’s it, Slayer,” he growled. “I’ve been more than a gentleman – given you every chance to change your mind. Now I’m gonna take you downstairs and show you just how much I’m NOT just all talk.”

“Promise?” she whispered, arching into him and distracting them both for several minutes. He pressed into her, rotating his hips as she began to pant and whimper against him, her breath coming faster and faster as she rubbed against him. He waited until she had shivered with a final whimpering cry before pushing himself away.

“Not doin’ this here where anybody might come in,” he growled, pulling the dazed-looking slayer to her feet. He steered her to the entrance to his bedroom and pointed down the ladder. “Go on down, love. I’m gonna shut the door.”

Buffy gave him a puzzled frown, then dropped into the lower level and stared up to watch him pull a large slab of stone over the opening. From the exertion she could see on his face as he held it over his head, she knew that no human was going to be able to surprise them. As soon as he had adjusted the cover to his satisfaction, he came the rest of the way down and smiled like the predator he was.

“You’re at my mercy now, Slayer. You’re all mine.”

He prowled towards her, backing her up until she ran into the bed, and then running his hands over her body in a way that he hadn’t permitted himself to do before. It took only a few seconds for Buffy to find herself out of her clothes and lying on the bed, an equally naked vampire lying on top of her.

“We’re gonna do this, yeah?” he whispered, staring intently into her wide eyes. She nodded, wrapping her arms around his torso and her legs around his hips. “I think we are,” she whispered back, never taking her eyes off his. Neither of them pretended that they were referring only to the lovemaking that was going to occupy them for the rest of the evening, although neither of them said the words that would change their relationship forever. Some things were better left for another time.

The End

Writer con Fic specifics:
Characters to be included: Any of the Scoobies and Spike
Rating: R
Season: BtVS season 5
Must Have: (1) Dawn/Spike friendship (2) teamwork (3) an old friend revisiting
Can't Have (1) major character death (2) Angel (3) magic