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Hi, names Kendall. I am a huge fan of Spuffy. I came into the show midway of season 5, so I never had to deal with any of those pesky Angel issues. :) Anyways I read and always comment. Every now and then I'll write something when the mood strikes. I'm always happy to chat :)


After the Sunnydale Hellmouth fell before her eyes, Buffy had thought that her life would change. Time passed, six months to be exact, and Buffy found she was wrong. She tries, but just can't seem to let go, although one drunken phone call could be just the change Buffy is looking for.
Genre: - Rating: - Warning: - Complete: Yes
Chapters: 8 - Words: 13,003 - Started: 02/07/2010 - Updated: 07/04/2010 03:06 am

A drabble on Spike's thoughts during Season 6's Seeing Red. Thanks to slaymesoftly for the beta! :)
Genre: - Rating: - Warning: - Complete: Yes
Chapters: 1 - Words: 544 - Started: 01/21/2010 - Updated: 01/21/2010 02:46 am