The Space Between
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I caught on to BtVS a little late (started watching mid-season 4ish) and I became hooked. I got to go back and watch from the beginning and although something about Bangel touched me, something also didn't seem kosher.

When they finally brought Spike and Buffy together, I was all about the Squeeeeeeeeeee after that! ^^ (I still love me some Bangel though)

Umm...I always hate filling these things out because I never know what to say. [blushing]
Right now, my world is spinning just as it should be and for me, that is enough.

"The space between
The tears we cry is the laughter that keeps us coming back for more
The space between
The wicked lies we tell to keep us safe from the pain

Will I hold you again"

~Dave Matthews Band


Did anyone else wonder what happened during that summer Buffy was gone? This story will tell about those 147 days and those crucial weeks after starting with The Gift and Bargaining. This is mostly a Spike-centric story that focuses on his POV and his relationship with Dawn as well as a lot of Dawn’s POV (including their interactions with the rest of the Scoobs) during the summer that Buffy is dead. Then it will touch on the relationships between everyone (mostly Spike, Dawn, Buffy) through the episodes of Afterlife through Wrecked so it's pretty much gonna be cannical (cannon) except for a few small tweaks of my own here and there (which I will point out if you didn't guess). This is the stuff that was alluded to as well as what happened between Afterlife - Wrecked that they didn’t show so expect some heavy angst as well as the general angst that was shown in the timeframe I specified. Now for the prerequisite disclaimer: Non bitey. It starts out kinda PG-17ish/R for heavy angst/general angst, violence, extreme language, character death and then will be rated NC-17 for sexual situations towards the last half of the story. I did not create BtVS or any of its characters nor do I claim any of them at all in any way (though I would love to be the meat between a Angel/Lindsey sammich or a Spike/Wesley sammich…or any combination of the four…I’d be a happy, happy—and well fed—girl either way). I am not making any money off of this fic nor do I have any money to give to Joss or anyone else at M.E. whom are all way richer than I, should they decide to be cantankerous bastards and sue me. This is what I think happened during that time and hopefully it helps to fill in some of the holes/gaps left in between all of those episodes that kind of made you go ‘Huh?!?’ Feedback is greatly appreciated and helps feed my muse although he is deserving of some serious punishment for abandoning me in the middle of my other fic. Stupid writer’s block. *kicks really big concrete block really hard and then cusses really loudly as I limp away*
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Drooling is just not pretty...
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Do it because you want to and sod all else.
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Book 1 in the Prophecy Chronicals. Post Chosen. Spike is gone now. Dust, and Buffy is choking with that realization. Her heart laden with guilt for they way she treated Spike and broken for a love that never knew its potential; she is tired, exhausted beyond words. Now that all the potentials are all powerful Slayers, Buffy can finally rest now. ~'~Can't she? ~'~ This story will somewhat follow the guidelines set by AtS post BtVS's Chosen, but for the most part, its pretty much gonna be off cannon. ~'~ Disclaimer ~'~ All things Buffy and Angel belong to Joss Whedon/Mutant Enemy. My version of BtVS is simply building on everything Joss created and in no way are they owned by me or am I taking credit. It's just that Joss, you so left us hangin man. Someone had to do something while you leave us all twitching like addicts going through withdrawl. Please don't sue me. Lawyers give me the shaboogies. /shudder
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