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Well...what can I say? I have too much free time. And what does one do when they find themselves with too much free time? Write new and sometimes unusual scenerios for their favorite fiction, of course.

And the BtVS verse just so happens to be one of my favorite fictional universes--with Spuffy as the power couple, obviously.

So therfore, I choose to inflict my imaginings upon it--and them.


17-year-old Buffy Summers has just lost her mom and finds herself relocating from L.A. to a small town called Sunnydale, to live with her estranged relative, Great Aunt Agatha. In this strange town, Buffy begins to learn about her mother’s past, and realizes she may not have known her mother as well as she thought she did. Could it be that the bedtime stories her mother used to tell her, about supernatural beings, were more than just stories? In a town where nobody is who they seem, and where things previously thought of as unreal ARE real, Buffy finds herself drawn to the most foreboding person of them all: Aunt Agatha’s caretaker and long-time friend, Spike.
Genre: , - Rating: - Warning: , - Complete: No
Chapters: 6 - Words: 29,012 - Started: 03/07/2007 - Updated: 08/01/2007 05:34 am