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Max rating
Can help with:Grammar, sentence structure, plot guidance/advice.
Uncomfortable with:No - I'm pretty good with editing anything.
Return within:1-2 days depending on length
Additional information:
I like canon material, though I've become interested in reading AU/all human fics. I have knowledge of the music business and I'm a history major. I have no problem with either BtVS or ATS fic.

Max rating
Can help with:Spelling, grammar, general stuff. I love to write so whatever I can help with.
Uncomfortable with:slash, major ick factor for me. Especially if Spike is involved. Oh and those really depressing angst ones that make you want to go to your room and cry, those too.
Return within:A few days depending on my schedule. Not more than a week.
Additional information:
New at Beta reading. Want to try my hand at it. If I suck at it, I'll be the first one to tell you. Otherwise, I am willing to try. I am a sometimes poet, of the bloody awful variety, but I still do it. I just don't share it with the rest of humanity. :)
I am bilingual, English and Spanish, an am taking classes to become a certified Translator. I freelance once in a while, translating projects for others and get a kick out of that. Would love to work from home and get paid beaucoup bucks for it.

But, I digress. I'll be happy to help so let me know.

Adriana :)

Max rating
Can help with:I'm probably best able to help with plot guidance/advice. I'm pretty good at catching grammar, spelling, and general sentence structure type errors too.
Return within:couple of days at the most
Additional information:
I'm not particularly knowledgable in any one area, but I know a lot of people who are very knowledgeable in history, languages, mythology, withcraft, etc. So, if I have no idea, I can ask one of them.

Max rating
Can help with:Best able to help with grammar, punctuation, & sentence structuring...would be happy to help with plot guidance/advice as well.
Return within:2 days at most, usually.
Additional information:
I have a M.A. in English Lit, so I'm pretty good with literature and grammar; I also worked my way through college as an English tutor, so editing is a real strong suit. I used to tutor History of World Civilizations as well, so I'm fairly well-versed in the high points...I'm also willing to do a bit of outside reading/research if need be.

Max rating
Can help with:Just call me a grammar Nazi. I'll help with punctuation, sentence structure and all that jazz too. Human thesaurus, here!
Uncomfortable with:Please note, I am 17 so I legally can't beta anything smutty or slashy.
Return within:I work around school hours, as I am still at HS. Can usually get a chapter done in three days.
Additional information:
I read heaps. I'm good with mythology, especially the greek kind, and your basic CSI-type crime jargon.

Max rating
Can help with:I graded English papers in HS and have enough hours in English for a minor, so I know I can help with grammar and puctuation. I proofread my husband's fiction occaisionally, so I believe I would be good at making plot and charachterization suggestions without taking over the story.
Uncomfortable with:I am pretty much willing to beta anything. I really prefer happy endings, but I don't mind angst along the way!
Return within:24 hours for a single chapter. Maybe longer if it is a weekend and I am away from a computer.
Additional information:
I double majored in History and Gov't. I minored in Middle Eastern and Eastern European studies, but I concentrated on current era. I also have 18 hours of upperclass level English courses.

Max rating
Can help with:I'm very nit-picky about grammar and spelling as well as plot pit falls. Often an author will use the wrong name or will inadvertantly contradict himself or herself in an effort to post the newest chapter. While this is understandable it often distracts the readers by drawing attention away from the story. Unfortunately I also do this for movies and consequently am no longer allowed to speak while watching with friends. I'm also a great sounding board for the author and will give advice if asked. I'm willing to beta any length and any rating fic... yes, even the 'G' rated ones.
Uncomfortable with:No restrictions. Willing to beta any pairing or threesome in any situation. If you happen to pick something I've never read before I'll still welcome it.
Return within:Usually same or next day but could be up to two days for multiple chapters.
Additional information:
I live on the east coast of the US. I'm a college student- psychology major with criminal justice minor. I volunteer at the college rape center. I am not easily offended. If you have any questions feel free to email me for anything

Name:Ashley Rose
Max rating
Can help with:grammar, punctuation, plot guidance/advice, sentence strucuring, anything really.
Uncomfortable with:Nothing too angsty.
Return within:1 normally. up to 3.
Additional information:
Arts enthusiast.

Max rating
Can help with:Pretty much anything; I'm an avid reader and have absorbed most of the rules of grammar as a result, as well as spelling, sentence structure, and advice on plots; typically I make suggestions and leave it at that, but that's what I'd be here for!
Uncomfortable with:Nope, nada. There is very little that bothers me in fic writing.
Return within:No more than 2 days; typically less than one. I would contact you if it were otherwise.
Additional information:
I have a background in nursing, so medical terms is something I'm fairly good at; I am also former military, so I'm particularly good at the Initiative bull if you have it in your story. As for others, as I said, avid reader, so I've seen information on many subjects. If I don't know something, I'd let you know; otherwise, I'd research a bit and give you my best response.

Max rating
Can help with:I think I would be good with everything listed above. I'm an excellent speller, good with grammer, and can follow a plot line without messing everything up. I'm good for advice, too.
Uncomfortable with:The only thing I don't want to beta is slash and EXTREME sexual scenes.
Return within:It will take me no more than two days.
Additional information:
I haven't watched seasons 4,5, or 6 yet, so I probably can't help wit hfics based there. But after 7, during 7, or 1,2,3 I can be of great help.

Name:Azurian (Azzie) Dreamer
Max rating
Can help with:I can help with conventions once a story has found its form. Things that I am uncertian of , be they any of the componiants involved in convention, I a capebable of finding the answer. If I am asked to temper plot twists, do, with enjoymentl What I am able to do for a particualr plot must be related to the authors want for teeks in manuscript. If that made sense to you, you are so far away from mel
Uncomfortable with:slash
Return within:Ah! A loded question. If it's under 10 pages, I'd say twenty-four hoursl Aprox.
Additional information:
I have in innate knowege of characterization. Yes, you read that right, I was born with the ability to look at a person and instantly know who they were. Also, when I was born, I could takl. Jut poped out of there a'rambling. I still havent stopped. End Resut: Knowledge of what makes a creature streach. I have brief medical knowledge based in severl genera. History, in the sense that you are probably gathering, I undersatnd very well. If History is ancient myth. I love to read. Not just love, LOVE with doves and roses and pencial. That love will hold my though a fic, even if it is one of the most insiginfigant. I will not interfear with anyones story like, unless they asked me to.

Name:Bethann Fields
Max rating
Can help with:Grammar, punctuation and sentence structure are my strengths. I hesitate giving plot guidance/advice unless asked for it, because I think, unless stuck, writers should go with their instincts. I do, however, give a thorough review after reading/betaing a chapter - giving the writer my praise and opinion, but also telling him/her where the chapter took me emotionally and what my predictions are regarding the plot, etc.
Uncomfortable with:I will beta anything, but while I enjoy a little angst as much as the next person - I try to stay away from the really, really dark stuff.
Return within:I am typically a same day or next day service kind of gal
Additional information:
I am in grad school as a history/government major. I have seen every episode of Buffy (gotta love DVDs) and most of Angel (work in progress :D)

Max rating
Can help with:I think i would be best with sentence structuring, plot guidance/advice ( i always have ideas, just not enough to write my own) and i could a lot with grammar and punctuation.
Return within:about a day to two days
Additional information:
I am a 19 year old freshman currently living in Las Vegas, about to move back to Ohio. I am knowledgable in history and mythology and religion.

Max rating
Can help with:Grammar, punctuation, sentence structuring, continuity. Pretty much anything, I'll try to help with.
Uncomfortable with:I don't want to beta fics with rape between the two main characters.
Return within:depending on my schedule, 1-3 days.
Additional information:
I'm in college to become a fiction copy editor.

Max rating
Can help with:i love english so...grammer, punctuation, sentence structuring and plot guidance...i'll have a go at anything:)
Uncomfortable with:really bad slashy stuff...not so keen on the really really dark themes...sorry:( am 2 happy 4 that
Return within:usually 2 - 24 hours depending on wot time of day fic is sent but around 48 hours tops
Additional information:
ermm...well i love english, history and i am generally good on general knowledge...also anything to do with horses i know about:)

Max rating
Can help with:grammar, punctuation, sentence structuring, story enhancements
Uncomfortable with:Nope give it all to me!!
Return within:less than a day, have a lot of down time at work
Additional information:
I have been reading Spuffy fics for over a year now and am finding it hard to find stories I haven't already read, or finding stories that are great but could be helped along with new ideas. I would love a chance at helping anyone with their stories.

Max rating
Can help with:I can help with grammer, punctuation and plot guidance/advice and pretty well anything that's needed.
Return within:24 hours at the most
Additional information:
I'm extremly knowledgeable in terms of BtVS and AtS, which sometimes helps authors when they're trying to gauge a character's reaction to an occurance.

Max rating
Can help with:I'm pretty good with everything. Grammar sometimes eludes me but i have good plot guidance and making sure the story flows
Uncomfortable with:Anything and everything. It takes a lot to squick me out.
Return within:1-2d, week if it is long
Additional information:
I've always been a history buff and i am getting a double major in elementary education and history.

Don't count on me for dates though, not good with that kind of memorization

Max rating
Can help with:I would be able to help best with grammar and sentence structuring. But I would love to help in any other way possible.
Return within:1-2 days
Additional information:
I am knowledgable in many areas specifically history, literature, and pop culture.

Max rating
Can help with:I'm good with things like using correct grammar and punctuation, as well as considering sentence structure (thanks to stupid mandatory degree courses), but I also think I'll be good at looking at the story as a whole and making little suggestions when things just don't feel right.
Uncomfortable with:I'm up for anything!
Return within:I reckon I'll only need a day, maybe two at the most
Additional information:
Like everyone here I'm a huge Buffy fan, and I also love Angel (but I don't suppose you guys need any help with stuff regarding the shows...)I'm doing a science and journalism degree, so I have a broad knowledge about sciency stuff, which could be useful. Or you know, not. I'm also an ancient history fan... and basically anything I don't know much about, I'm willing to spend the time to help research it- call me a knowledge whore! :P

Max rating
Can help with:grammar, punctuation, sentence structuring, maybe some plot guidance/advice depending how much you need, in charachterness season 5 and on
Uncomfortable with:slash, non-Spuffy, sex scenes
Return within:a day or two
Additional information:
not particularly knowledgable on anything, but if you asked for some help researching something for a story, I'd be more than happy to help when I have the time. I'm still in high school, so fairly young here, guys. Been reading fanfic for about 4 or 5 years, and I started writing for a year or year and a half.

Max rating
Can help with:I???m a reader and I love it. I???ve been loosing my self in the written word since I was 9, been reading Spuffy, for 5 or 6 years. Read so much of it that I now have wonderful Spuffy dreams at night. (lol, I???m abscessed.) Any way, I feel with my well-versed Spuffy knowledge, I would be good at the whole grammar, punctuation, plot guidance/advice, sentence structuring, etc, etc, etc thing.
Uncomfortable with:You write it, I'll read it! I'm not one to read stories with bestiality in them, but will make exception if its simple references of say Riley and sheep. Any and all Riley bashing is acceptable, and even encouraged.
Return within:I should be able to return a page with in a day 98% of the time, two days tops.
Additional information:
I figure 24 years as a bookworm, Should help me be a good beta. The only real experience I have in writing is, (other then my drabble that no one sees,) I was an I.T. recruiter, part of the job was to make my clients r?©sum?©s??? all fancy. I???d take a simple sentence and turn it into an elaborate paragraph. Had to make the clients' look good. Other then that, I know a little of this and a little of that. I do have lots of fictional life experience!

Max rating
Can help with:I taught English for 10 years, so I feel comfortable with any aspect of proof-reading.
Return within:Depending on the length, I would say no longer than a day or two at the most.
Additional information:
Like I said, I taught school. I am now a Lt. Detective with my local Sheriff's Dept. so I know about criminal investigations, etc.

Max rating
Can help with:I'm happy to help with grammar and punctuation, but my speciality is vocab checking - I'm a dictionary dominatrix :)
Uncomfortable with:I don't beta AtS, although having characters from there in your fic isn't a problem. Mainly it's because I just didn't enjoy the series. Go figure!
Return within:3-4 days depending on chapter length and what you want me to comment on.
Additional information:
Word is easiest for me to review in. I'm 29, have professionally edited in the past, UK based so cultural background there :) I know bits about a lot of things, ask me a question and if I don't know, I'll find out for you.

Max rating
Can help with:Grammar, puncuation, plot guidnace/advice/ structuring, pretty much anything u need help with
Uncomfortable with:slash. dont like anything other then spike and buffy or spike and faith, or spike and angel. dont like character death but will read
Return within:No more then 3 days
Additional information:
I've been writing for 5 years. I aced english through high school and im very good at telling stories. Good with details.

Max rating
Can help with:grammer, punctuation, i could help in checking if all the story plots and the events flow together and are interesting and fun to read..i could be of alot of help
Uncomfortable with:nope
Return within:not very long maybe a day 2 at most
Additional information:
well i am very knowledgable on vampirism and of course buffy and angel..more so on those subjects 2...

Name:D. Kane
Max rating
Can help with:grammar, punctuation,and spelling
Uncomfortable with:rape and Angel and Riley fics
Return within:It depends on when I'm able to check My e-mails.
Additional information:
I'm 17 almost 18. I'm a Senior in HS. I love reading Spuffy fics and the Harry Potter Books. I can Help with anything in the Culinary Arts Field.

Max rating
Can help with:grammar, punctuation etc.
Uncomfortable with:slash
Return within:3
Additional information:
I just like reading a lot

Max rating
Can help with:grammer, puncuation, plot guidence/advice, sentence structuring, etc.
Uncomfortable with:I'm open for anything.
Return within:1-2 days depending on work
Additional information:
I'm knowledgable about magicks, I'm a certified Wicca so to speak.

Name:Deborah Weatherhogg
Max rating
Can help with:Not great with grammer - but quite happy to read for general flow - and any help for those with writers block!
Uncomfortable with:Non-consensual sex
Return within:Hopefully within 4-5 days
Additional information:
I am English, an osteopath - and the same age as James Marsters!!! I fence, horse-ride and play in a concert band and an orchestra (clarinet)

Max rating
Can help with:plot guidence/advice, sentence structure, puncuation and an opton on grammer
Uncomfortable with:Send it my way whatever the genra!!
Return within:depending on chapter length..about a day or two on average
Additional information:
medical, musical, historical, weaponary, cultural. I tend to dabble a bit.

On the list since:01/06/2007
Max rating
Can help with:plot, grammar, style
Is comfortable with:het, descriptive sex, underage sex, torture, extreme angst, character death
Special interests:creative writing, culture, education, history, IT, language, mythology
Return within:between one day and a week
Additional information:
I'm from Germany, so I can help you with any questions regarding German culture, education, stuff like that. And with the language itself of course.

I'm a computer technican, so I'll be able to ansewr almost all questions regarding that. Might have problems with anything Mac-related, but I'll probably know where to look it up.

Mythology means ancient Greece, and history would be ancient Greece, lots of stuff regarding the Roman empire, England at pretty much all times. Those things are only a hobby of mine, but if I don't have an answer, I think it's safe to assume that I know where to look it up.

I'm not very good with punctuation (have enough trouble with that in my own languahe), but I think I read enough to have a pretty good handle on whether something reads well or not. I'm not willing to beta for someone who doesn't have someone else to check the technical stuff - don't want to be responsible for not catching those errors, but if you need a second opinon, detailed feedback, or want to reduce the workload for your "punctuation beta", I should be able to help you out.

Max rating
Can help with:Im good at sentence struckturing and punctuation and som grammar. Not so well with the last one; I'm from Sweden.
Uncomfortable with:No, I don't think so.
Return within:up to 3 days, most.
Additional information:
some History, and about kids, other tha nthat, I don't realy know. I have n't Tried this before. :)

Max rating
Can help with:Grammar, punctuation, sentence structuring. Pretty much anything, I can help with.
Return within:Depending on my schedual, it will probably take from 1 day to about 3 days.
Additional information:

Max rating
Can help with:I'd say I'm best with the story flow, but I'm good with everything. Lol.
Uncomfortable with:No man on man action. If there is a threesome or two (or more) girls, it's fine.
Return within:a day. up to three
Additional information:
Well I'm Finnish, so I know quite much about the country. (like someone would write a fic about Finland o.0) I speak Swedish, English, Finnish and Spanish. I'll also start Japanese next year... I've been speaking English for nine years, so althought it's not my first language, I know the grammar...
I study photographing, history and psychology, so I have basic knowledge (and little more) of those... Do I need to tell more? I hope I didn't suck...

Max rating
Can help with:I've been editing for grammar/punctuation and sentence structure since HS, so I'm probably best at that. Willing to take a shot at plot guidance, but my creative writing instincts kinda got squashed in law school ....
Uncomfortable with:Nah, I'm open to anything
Return within:24h best, a week at worst - depending on how long it is and my job.
Additional information:
Hmmm ... not sure if any of this will be helpful for bitey Spuffy fanfic; I'm kinda boring. I'm a lawyer by profession: ex-litigator (i.e., trial lawyer), currently a telecom policy wonk. Studied poli sci in college, w/an emphasis on Japanese culture & politics (s'posed to speak Japanese, can't really do it anymore). I love to cook; have an amazing ability to retain completley useless info, which makes me a great Trivial Pursuit partner (and that + $2 will get you on the NYC subway ...). Oh, and I'm a complete Buffyverse FREAK - I've seen every episode of both series multiple times over, and own all the DVD sets (w/Angel S.5 on pre-order). Is that helpful?

Name:Franchesca Gindler
Max rating
Can help with:grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, flow of story.
Uncomfortable with:none listed
Return within:hopefully 1 day, 3 to be safe
Additional information:

Max rating
Can help with:Willing to beta any rating...not sure if NC-17 or R is stricter in nature.
I'm very good with grammar, punctuation, spelling, sentence structure and possibly helpful with plot guidance/advice.
My time/schedule is usually quite flexible.
I was a communications/English TA in college, though it's been a few years.

Uncomfortable with:Angst would probably fall last on my list, though I'd give it a shot.
Return within:A day or 2? Don't know what the norm is...depends on chapter length also.
Additional information:
I'm a 40 something female, in a long term monogamous het relationship. I worked previously as a nurse, but have worked in insurance (health), retail (including shoes!), health foods, pet foods & supplies, teaching, various secretarial/assistant positions in college (counseling, gofer,
TA, drunken prof nanny, among others) and own my own business, breeding parrots and selling pet supplies, as well as the occasional farm animals. I own rural property, one acre, and have had almost any animal you could imagine on it except hogs and horses, tho' have learned a bit about those too along the way. As noted first, I have a fair knowledge of the medical field. Also some knowledge of the military, especially in it's medical field, as while a nursing student, a large portion of my training took place in a Navy Hospital, it's ER, & it's clinics. Also, a bit on military from a historical viewpoint, as I re-enact, and have studied nursing from American Revolutionary War, Civil War, the US 1930 & 40's/WWII (a little WWI in there as well) with emphasis on WWII, as I am currently learning about the experiences of combat nurses while into WWII re-enactment.
Though a nurse already, I became a history major in college, majoring in History with a contextual (like a minor but cross colleges) in Social Sciences Education. I started by substitute teaching, as well as doing the required internships in FL.
Hobbies include historical costuming, aviculture & animal genetics, Middle Eastern Dance, historical re-enactment & research, watching waaay too much
TV (got addicted bigtime when I shattered my foot in an car wreck)and reading Buffy fic, particularly Spuffy fic, most anything w/Buffy & Spike. Even with the Brooding One too, so long as B&S are there too.
My faults include not being punctual, generalized ass-dragging (I know, so not good for a beta, right?), being a LOUSY car driver, and having a potty mouth.
My personal beliefs are non-Christian, but I respect people that practice what they preach.
My personal beliefs lean towards humanism, Wicca, and I attend a group within a congregation at a Unitarian church. So, yes, I guess I could list magick, witchcraft, wicca/Wicca, the occult including ritualized ceremony, in general, mediums, and African based spiritualities as well, as areas of experience.
Oh, and while in college I also proofread for Non-English-native students so got somewhat used to typos made, words left out, by writers not thinking in English as their native language.
Hope it helps!


Max rating
Can help with:I can do most types of beta - pretty good with grammar, etc., but OK with plot help, too.
Uncomfortable with:I'm not easily squicked - as in it hasn't happened yet :p
Return within:hopefully 1d. couple at worst
Additional information:
I have extensive law enforcement knowledge.

Max rating
Can help with:I'm fairly useless when it comes to grammar and spelling. So why offer to be a beta? I know when I write I sometimes just want to know if people are getting the right impression from what I right. So what I can help with is plot guidance, characterization. Stuff like that. If you want someone to tell you how it reads (and don't worry, I do it nicely) I'm your girl.
Uncomfortable with:I'll beta anything.
Return within:say 2 days to be on the safe side
Additional information:
I have a B.A. in linguistics, although I'm not sure how much that helps. I'm also pretty familiar with the Victorian period, so if you needed help with some aspect of William's past I could either help you or point you in the right direction.

Max rating
Can help with:All. I run everything through spelling and grammar check. My biggest thing is flow and characterization. I am the angst queen and pretty good with humor as well
Uncomfortable with:submissive girly Spike
Return within:Depending on amount, but usually within a week. Will notify if I take longer.
Additional information:
I have extensive medical knowledge

Name:Jace Nox
Max rating
Can help with:plot guidance/advice and other details. Grammer and punctuation as well as spelling are some of my less defined areas but I am still willing to beta for those.
Uncomfortable with:Slash, Bangels or anything else that isn't Spuffy or Spuffy friendly.
Return within:three to four days at max! If any longer I will email explaining why.
Additional information:
I know witchcraft, vampires and anything else that basically go bump in the night. But I don't stick to any one particular style.

Max rating
Can help with:I was an English major for 2yrs. I am able to help with any and all of the above.
Return within:24hrs
Additional information:
I have a fiarly extensive knowledge of shakespere and poetry.

Max rating
Can help with:Sometimes grammar is so bad that I can not finish the story. A lot of writers (betas too since they do no catch the errors) do not know the difference in there, their and they're. Once or twice can be typing errors, but not every single instance. I'm not an English scholar but I can spell, know correct word usage, and love to read.
Uncomfortable with:I'm not too fond of slash unless its vital to the story or vampire Buffy stories.
Return within:Since I work during the day, not untill the evening. Then, usually as soon as I have read it.
Additional information:
I know some history; I have read many historical novels, medical thrillers, horror, techno thrillers and romance novels. I am reasonably intelligent.

I have read everything I could get my hands on since I learned how to read.

Max rating
Can help with:grammar and plot guidance/advice

Uncomfortable with:M/M slash
Return within:one day
Additional information:
i am an Ex Navy journalist so I am good with all kinds of writing. Also I have worked in the film industry.

Max rating
Can help with:The thing I'm best at is plot guidence and advice. I will pick up on word confusions like, witch instead of which ect. I will get the chapter back within one or two days as I can't stay off the computor to long without going through withdrawl.
Uncomfortable with:I don't like Spike/other pices but I will review them.
Return within:1-2 days unless on vacation
Additional information:
I have a decent understanding of European and American history anything else I don't really get. I have a great wealth of medical information especilly cancer and mentail disorders.

Max rating
Can help with:Grammar, punctuation, sentence structuring, etc. (I'd be willing to help with plot guidance, but I'm hesitant to do so, because I wouldn't want to completely change an author's idea of what's supposed to happen.)
Return within:Between 1-3 days. If I feel it\'s going to be longer due to work or school, I\'ll let you know.
Additional information:
I'm totally up for doing some last minute research if you don't have the time to do it yourself. Science in particular is my strong-suit. (Research for a science-related topic would probably be slightly more in-depth than for history or anything else).

I'm really thorough with my work, which is why my return time isn't shorter. I might read through a fic 2-3 times before I'll let myself believe it's perfect. The same goes for research. Unless I absolutely have no time or can't find anything (or an author tells me to quit beeing nit-pick girl), I'll try to dredge up all I can on my given topic.

Max rating
Can help with:I mostly beta for punctuation errors and grammar, but i also love helping with plots or advice for idea's but I won't push an idea if the writer doesn't like it or jsut doesn't think it would work good. I work pretty fast and I have beta'd before for the spuffyfantasy archives.
Uncomfortable with:I won't beta NC-17 fics (I have my reasons >.>) and I also won't beta smut because i don't like fic's with no romance or some kind of bonding (other then physical).
Return within:I am usualy able to return a chapter(s) in about 2 days or a LITTLE longer but I don't take long....
Additional information:
Hmmm....not really I'm just pretty good at writing is all.

Max rating
Can help with:Can help with grammar, punctuation, sentence struture.
Uncomfortable with:Don't want to do slash.
Return within:Usually 2 to 3 days.
Additional information:
Spent twenty years as an administrative assistant in the computer industry, owned my own dance studio for ten years (taught ballroom dancing).

Max rating
Can help with:grammar, punctuation, and helping sentences to flow well
Return within:day or two tops
Additional information:
i'm somewhat of a history buff and also a literature buff