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Challenge: 485
Someone - say, Andrew, makes a crazy wish that Spike were a sparkly daywalking vampire. A justice demon, or something else, overhears him. As a result, Spike wakes up from a week-long coma back in 1880 as a daywalker who sparkles when he shifts into game-face in the sunlight and with all his memories intact. This, of course, changes everything.

Must Have:
1. Spike thinking he's gone insane because his mother's supposed to be dead, not crying over him because she thought he was dying.
2. Spike hunting down and finding Angelus, who is surprised to smell him as his own Childe. (Make this scene as hilarious as possible with Spike trying to explain himself).
3. Spike eventually resigning himself into reliving it all
4. Despite his best intentions, he still ends up with the title of Slayer of Slayers.
5. This must end up as Spike/Buffy.

1. Pre-Slayer Buffy somehow dreaming about Spike and everything he ever did for her. She, of course, would think he's her soul-mate - but he's not real. So she's settling for Angel until she sees Spike.
2. Alternatively, having Buffy end up her Pre-Slayer Buffy body in the past.

Have fun!!

Challenge: 484
Season:Post Chosen
There's a lot of stories that have someone going back in time and making sure that Spike & Buffy get together.  How about a story where someone goes back in time to keep them apart?

Challenge: 483
Name:Darkest Night
Season:Season 7
I would love to see a Season 7 fic where the Spuffy relationship gets a chance to develop more. ? Spike, Buffy, or both aren't satisfied for their conversation in "End of Days" to end where it does in canon, one or both have more to say, and some feelings finally get discussed. ? It doesn't have to be all touchy-feely, just let us see something grow between them from that point. ? Smut is a must here :)

Challenge: 482
Could someone write a fic where Buffy leaves after Graduation and meets up with Spike somewhere. They get together and instead of going back to Sunnydale, they go to LA. Essentially, rewrite the Angel series with Buffy and Spike and without Angel?

Challenge: 481
Season:Season 6
Buffy's brought back and feeling depressed but vengeful about it. D'hoffryn appears to take on the high priority wish of the Slayer and Buffy surprises D'hoffryn, Spike and herself that she wishes that Spike was chipless from that point on. Spuffyness ensues, preferably with a slight "Spike-offers-himself-as-a-pet"-kind of thing. 

Giles scolding Willow extensively.
Willow trying to undo Buffy's wish.
Spike standing up for Buffy, preferably with a bit of violence thrown in.
Spike being possessive. 
Giles scolding Anya for participating in Buffy's ressurection when she, of all the scoobies, had to have known better considering her demony past.

Buffy instantly being lovey-dovey towards Spike, or in any way suddenly, or self-loathingly realize she loves him. 
Xander whinging unreasonably.
Dawn whinging unreasonably.

That's all I'd like to see.
Thank you.

Challenge: 480
Season:Season 7
I would love to read a fic where, after the gang's betrayal in season 7's Empty Places (where the gang, including Dawn, kicks Buffy out of her own house)Buffy returns to fight the First, but then, when it's over, she leaves them. She is unable to forgive them for their betrayal and total disregard for her safety after all she has done for them.

It would be great to see her return later, but only because she finds out Spike is back from the dead. She can forgive Dawn and maybe Giles, eventually, but never Willow or Xander. Spuffy ending of course.

Challenge: 479
Season:Season 5

Sick and tired of getting beaten on by Buffy (despite recently discovering he loves her) and the scoobies after getting smacked around again after trying to help them, Spike gets a spell done on himself so that any human that attempts to attack him will suffer the same pain he feels when the chip goes off. He does this mainly to try and teach Buffy to treat him decently (which she does eventually). The scoobies try and have the spell reversed despite Anya telling them that only the caster or the person who requested the spell can have this spell reversed.

Glory can make an appearance but that's not required.

Should take place pretty soon after Out of My Mind.

Must have's:

Dawn & Joyce exempted from the spell (maybe also Tara) as Spike likes and trusts them. (Maybe demonstrate this by having Dawn lightly smack Spike in front of the others without anything happening.)

Buffy returning home to find Spike with Joyce & Dawn and helping Dawn with her history homework.

Buffy punches Spike and discovers the spell that sends excruciating pain through her head and sends her to her knees. Spike tells her what he's done and he's not going to be her punching bag anymore.

Riley (or Xander or both) attempting to attack Spike and getting zapped by pain.

Riley leaving after Buffy breaks up with him after discovering he's been helping the army keep tabs on her and her family. (Spike can be her unknown informant.)

Buffy standing up for herself against her friends on her decision to date Spike.

Spuffy ending with Buffy, Anya, and Willow getting excluded from the spell as well. Xander and Giles I'll leave up to you.


Watchers Council pay a visit and some of them attempt to attack Spike.

Anya congratulating Spike on his inventive method of vengeance in front of everyone and saying that if she was still a Vengeance Demon she would have made an exception in his case to grant his wish.

Can't have's:-

Buffy/other love scenes or Spike/other love scenes.

Excessively out of character behaviour by the scoobies.


Shame on You by ginar369 (complete!)

Challenge: 478
Name:Mr. Chaos
Season:Season 2
We've all seen the time travel fics where Buffy or Spike go back and alter things. Well, this time it won't be either of them.

Because Spike died saving Angel. And Buffy, in her grief, gave a random vamp his one good day.

Up to you what makes them realize it, but Xander, Willow and Giles send themselves back in time, to ensure that Buffy and Spike get together. Problem is, Buffy doesn't want anything to do with Spike, and Spike wants to spill her blood.

No requirements, no restrictions.

Challenge: 477
Season:Season 2
I would like to see a fic where Xander believably rapes/attempts to rape Buffy and Spike saves/picks up the pieces. I want it to be a bit dark (obviously) but also fluffy and don't be afraid to pour in the angst. I don't particularly care when it's set. Have fun.


Destroying Entropy by BuffyMeetsSpike (complete!)

Challenge: 476
Season:Post Chosen
Okay, so here's the deal. It's set during Angel season 5.
More during the episode of Power Play and NFA. Obviously Spuffy.

Must contain:
1. Buffy appears in the timeline disoriented and beat up looking: reason is she just killed the senior partners.
Now Buffy runs Wolfram and Hart. You can describe the battle or just skip to this scene.
2. Scenes from Power Play and NFA
3.Buffy and Spike find some way to bring back Fred without killing off Illyria.
4.Buffy is still conflicted over choosing Angel or Spike. Eventually leads to Spuffy.
5. Episode: The Girl in Question, that Buffy was a decoy. Original Buffy was in Africa with Xander.
6.Slayers and Wolfram and Hart merge but conflicts arise.
7. Angel is shown in a bad light, but how ends is up to you.

Add your personal touches and side stories and have fun!

Thank You!

Challenge: 475
Season:Post Chosen
I absolutely love ‘let’s go back in time and fix it’ stories, and of course as we all love our Spuffy, most of them centre around either Buffy or Spike, or both of them, being the ones to relive events to bring about a happier Spuffier outcome.
What I would like to see is for GILES to be the one to go back into his younger body with all his acquired knowledge intact, preferably to when Spike appears begging for help in ‘Pangs’, to make an effort to set things right.
He could go back any time after ‘Chosen’. I know that at the end of the comic season he is killed by Twangel so if you want to take the comic canon into account, naturally he would need to do it at some point before then!
He has come to the realisation that Spike redeemed himself by sacrificing himself for the world and belatedly admits to himself that the vampire earned his respect. He bitterly regrets the way he abandoned Buffy after her resurrection, didn’t trust her instincts about Spike when the chip was removed, his conspiracy with Wood to get Spike dusted, and his betrayal of Buffy in ‘Empty Places’ and he takes the time to review all his past opinions/actions regarding Buffy & Spike and the other Scoobies in light of the outcome.
I am not very familiar with the comics, but perhaps at some point he would come to the conclusion that so much of the chaos and loss of life that has ensued (such as LA going to Hell, the military getting involved and Twangel killing all those baby slayers) could have been prevented by accepting Spike into the Scooby circle earlier and giving him positive encouragement to change instead of that single suggestion made too early that the chip might give him the opportunity to do some good, and afterwards ignoring the possibility and instead cutting him out and beating him down all the time.
The probable trigger for his final decision to take such drastic action would be the realisation that by simply changing his attitude to Newly!Chipped!Spike – and guiding Buffy and the Scoobies accordingly - the Initiative/Adam could have been dealt with more easily and then the fight with Glory would have been won sooner as Spike would have been on hand to witness the ‘Ben is Glory, Glory is Ben’ moments and he would have taken action so that Buffy wouldn’t have had to die so Willow wouldn’t have felt the need to resurrect her so the Slayer line wouldn’t have been weakened allowing the FE access to this dimension and the Council wouldn’t have been blown up and all the potentials could have lived and safely remained potentials and Anya wouldn’t have been killed and bonus - NO KENNEDY!
How much Riley to include and whether you allow Joyce and/or Tara to die, and how the other relationships in the group develop, completely up to you!
Happy Spuffy ending of course please, although it wouldn’t be Spuffy if there wasn’t a bit of an emotional obstacle course getting there….

Challenge: 474
Season:Season 5

I don't want to restrict creativity so the challenge is pretty simple. Spike/Buffy (obviously) - that's a must. You can include Dawn if you wish (though how is up to you). SO - the challenge:

Spike is the Key. Now what?

Must Have:

  1. Spike's original history as a vampire. Why or how - make it interesting.
  2. Drusilla as a vessel for the Powers that Be.

Can Have (aka suggestions):

  1. If you can make it so that Dawn was William's twin sister and a slayer before he turned her. Just remember that if Spike's the Key - William was the Key too, and sent to the Slayer (Dawn) for protection.
  2. Drusilla was a potential who was next in line for the Slayer line but was turned before she could become the Slayer.

You don't have to do the can haves. In fact, I'd rather if you didn't - come up with something cleverer than those and I'll be happy.

While I realize it's tempting to do this one as a crack!fic (and I'll take one of those, too, if anyone's willing) I'd rather if it were a semi-serious story. Don't lose the humor - I like being amused. :)

Challenge: 473
Name:Mr. Chaos
Season:Season 1
Things have gone to hell. At least in Andrew's mind.  it is Season 8/9/whatever, and his life has turned into a bad fan fic. Dawn became a giant...and is now dating Xander? No more Slayers? Angel can flying?!?

On his own, Andrew receives an audience with the Powers that Be and learns that the majority agree with him...things have become too screwed up. And it is Andrew's job to fix it.

But not alone.

Andrew is allowed to select 5 people, from any point in time, to journey with him to the time of Season 1. Their mission will be set right what has gone wrong, to ensure that the world is saved. And if Andrew has his way, a certain Slayer and 'vampyre' get together as they should!


-Andrew (and thus you) are allowed to pick 5 people from any point in time, except for Giles, Willow, Buffy, Xander, or Spike (aka the Original Scoobies and Spike). This means you can pick anyone from Joyce Summers before the tumor, to Dawn Season 8, to Anne Pratt before she was vamped, to Lorne or Clem any season, to even Drusilla before she was vamped (or Angel or Darla or hell, even the Master!). You can pick any character (and any VERSION of that character), up to 5, to journey with Andrew into the past...this will give you alot of leeway to create original interactions.

-The teams first mission is to save the world...Andrew makes their second mission to get Buffy and Spike together. How they do this is up to you

-Andrew, while he can be a funny character, should be the leader of the group. Give the boy his day in the sun.


-Should you have a good idea how to do it, you may also choose to select characters from alternate realities. For example, Andrew selects Tara...but this Tara is from a world where Willow was killed, not her, and Tara went Dark Witch.

Challenge: 472
Season:Season 4
In S5, when Buffy jumps from Glory's tower, she doesn't go to heaven, but to an alternate universe, S4 where she can't contact anybody, just watch the events going on.
Angel hasn't left Sunnydale in this world and he is the one that is chipped by the Initiative.
Spike is there too, to find the Gem of Amara, and he is responsible for Angel being caught.
Angel looses his his soul... again and tries to destroy the world... again. "S5 Buffy" can see that even chipped there is a lot a vampire can do if he desires to be evil.
"S4 Buffy" teams up with her Spike, they stop the world from ending and "S5 Buffy" is brought back to her world by Willow's spell. Back home, Buffy finally treats Spike different.
Nice happy-ending for at least one of the Spike-Buffy couples, preferable both.

Challenge: 471
Season:Season 5
Like many of us, I was wondering what would have happened if Spike reacted differently to his revelation of love in "Out Of My Mind".?  Spike was always one to channel his inner William and kind of always knew that Buffy wouldn't accept him.?  Here's the challenge: After Spike's dream, he decides to play secret admirer with Buffy. Sending her flowers, candys, poetry, gifts, etc.?  Hoping that she'll fall for the man she refuses to see. They'll continue their obvious sexual chemistry but Spike cannot be the one to reveal himself.? 
Must haves:
? Spike plays secret admirer
Riley and Buffy break up? 
One of the Scooby's outs Spike
Buffy starts feeling something for Spike post breakup before his reveal
Happy Spuffy Ending

Can't Haves:
Nothing comes to mind.... Any rating, R & Up prefered.? 


Drowning In You by BloodEnvy (wip)

Challenge: 470
Season:Season 5
Set during seasons 5 or 6 (If done well then it might during season 7 too).
At some point in time when Spike is already in love with Buffy Drusilla comes back to Sunnydale needing his help. Spike might not be in love with her anymore, but she is still his Sire and he definitely cares about her so he takes her in and looks after her. Buffy for some reason really doesn't like Dru being near Spike, not that she would admit to being jealous.

Must Have:
1) Drusilla is either sick, cursed or hiding from someone wishing her harm.
2) Drusilla must promise not to eat anyone while there.
3) Dru isn't as jealous of Spike's feelings for Buffy, she might actually help him (after all she was the first one that knew he had those feelings at all and getting rid of him isn't the way to keep Spike away from Buffy).
4) Spike should protect Dru from Buffy and at the same time try to tell her that he isn't in love with his ex.
5) Buffy is jealous.

Can Have:
1) Bonding between Dru and Dawn, I imagine their conversations to be interesting.
2) Angel showing up, but not for Buffy.
3) Spike healing the rift between himself and Dru, but starting to look at her in a more familial way.

Can't Have:
1) Dru dieing.

Challenge: 469
Elizabeth Summers is an eighteen year old Slayer in the year 1912. She is being sent to America with a wealthy gentleman, because the Watchers Council is running into financial problems that her unwelcome fiance has promised to resolve in exchange of her hand in marriage. Elizabeth is furious that the Council not only expects her to frequently save the world and die a painful bloody death, but they're also making sure the life she still has left is miserable.
William the Bloody is a master vampire that has a fascination with Slayers and is traveling to America to get away from the painful memory of being left by his sire Drusilla.
The twist is the fact that they are both getting ready to travel on the Titanic.
Elizabeth meets William when she is considering a jump into the ocean. He saves her so they can 'dance', but she isn't willing to do so, because her dusting him would mean she was helping the Council. Instead they start a conversation and find out about the sad joke the other's life or unlife is. Where you go from there is up to you.

Points to remember:

1 Some people from the Council should be there on the ship making sure that she doesn't disappear.
2Titanic's reason for sinking can be magical, because of a vengeance wish from someone, or exactly because of the ship running into an iceberg.
3) At some point in the story Buffy has to die and be brought back, or it has already happened at some point earlier so the Council can't be sure of her death.
4) In the end Elizabeth escapes the Council's and her fiance's notice by giving another name to the authorities.
5) Some bloodplay is involved, not necessarily a claim although that would be a big plus.

Challenge: 468
Name:Mr. Chaos
Season:Season 5
'Before casting the Morningstar from Heaven, God proclaimed that if he, any of his fellow fallen, or any of those that would come after him, were to call to Him and ask for aid and redemption, the Lord would provide it, and their former standing would be returned. It would be known as 'The Last Covenant to Lucifer'."

During the final battle with Glory, as Spike falls from the tower and sees Doc approaching Dawn, he cries out in his mind, begging God, if he is truly up there, to save Dawn. Without realizing it, he invokes The Last Covenant.

The next moment, Spike is flying through the air, a pair of angelic wings bursting from his back.

Doc is stopped, Dawn is saved, Glory is defeated...and the Scoobies have a whole new problem to deal with

Must Have

-Spike is still a Vampire, only now his demon has become angelic, and thus he is the Light Form of a vampire. Thus, while he keeps his fangs and taste for blood, he also begins to develop angelic abilities. What they are is up to you.

-Spike not able to control his new features...his wings pop out without warning, other abilities turn on and off...think Clark Kent when he first got X-Ray vision.

-Spike does not know how to react to his new form. He is still himself...he smokes, he drinks, he likes playing Poker...but now half the group expects him to become a choir boy and the other half think this is a trick.

-The Scoobies don't know what to think. Some expect Spike to be completely different. Others think its a trick. Some think its unfair Spike gets the upgrade, while a few wish he was back to the way he was

-Any Vampire or demon could gain what Spike has. All other demons and half demons are afraid too though...thus shining a new light on the likes of Angel and others.

-Buffy and Spike falling for each other...duh.

May Have

-Surprising people being there to help or hinder Spike...such as Dawn not liking Spike no longer being the bad boy, while Xander decides to try harder and help the vamp (realizing that Spike must be different if any vampire could gain the gifts and none have...not Jesse, not Angel...)

Challenge: 467
Season:Post Chosen

Willow’s Secret Challenge

Several years past Chosen and NFA, Buffy is still not over Spike. Not knowing he’s actually alive, she’s just trying to get through each day with the weight of regrets about their relationship and the final loss. 

However, Willow has known Spike was alive for quite some time, and instead of telling her friend, moved away and lost contact, leaving Buffy feeling betrayed.

This is where things get interesting. Willow knows about Spike because Andrew told her. But the two of them are also keeping another (even bigger, maybe) secret, which came from the Powers That Be with strict instructions not to tell Buffy. 

Up to you what the secret is. I’ve had an idea myself, but I’m saving it for my own version. It has to be something to do with Buffy and Spike’s relationship. Come up with a plausible reason why Buffy can’t know.

Have Willow, Buffy, Andrew and Spike all as main characters.

Must have:

- Spike and Buffy meeting again, and it turning out W/A knew all along.

- Andrew/Willow pairing. Don’t be put off, it doesn’t necessarily have to be romantic, but at the least a deep friendship that’s come through sharing this secret together.

- Xander and Spike at one point united in their joint fury at Willow.

- Buffy having some kind of breakdown, either post Spike’s death or post Willow’s ‘betrayal’.

- Dawn older and more mature, but still squealing like an exited little sis when she sees Spike :)

- Cleveland Hellmouth. Or a Hellmouth somewhere else, but still set somewhere nice and Hellmouthy.

- Happy ending.


Can’t have:

- Willow bashing. She’s one of the good guys, after all.

- Explicit sexual stuff. Keep it PG-13 or below. R-rated is fine for other stuff, but no NC-17 fics please.

- Willow can’t tell the secret. They have to find out some other way.

- Too much Xander vs Spike. Xander’s more mature, and he’s also seen how much Buffy has missed Spike. He doesn’t have to like him, but be grateful that she’s happier.

- Angel. Not in this fic. He’s off saving the world somewhere else.

- Comic verse. It’s not fair because I haven’t read them yet, and I want to read any of these fics. Besides, I have no idea how this idea would fit.


Can have:

- Giles back being the father-figure to Buffy

- Buffy and/or Dawn slapping Spike for being such an idiot, followed by tearful hug.

- A prophecy. Always fun to write.

Challenge: 466
Season:Season 6
A crossover between Angel and BTVS. What if the fang gang called the Scoobies and Spike to help with their little Darla problem and later Holtz. ( ame up with it when watching Angel)

Must have:
Fred (because I love her)
Tara (I love her to)
Gunn (He is awesome)
Spike loving the situation between Angel and? Darla? and the fact that he got her pregnant
Spike knowing straight away that the baby is Angel's
Spike remembering Holtz and telling Angel that he? is done for, but telling Darla he will save her
Connor? must be born
Anya saying Spike and Buffy have been doing it to everyone .

Can't have:
Fred and Gunn together
Connor dying

Bonus things:
Fred and wesley together
Cordelia and Angel together

Challenge: 465
Season:Season 6
Buffy is caught by Dawn & Tara in Dead Things.

Must haves:

1. Buffy is beating Spike outside the police station and gets caught by Dawn & Tara.

2. Dawn is furious at what Buffy has done with Tara being greatly disturbed & upset.

3. Spike insisting Buffy's not at fault and tries to protect her by claiming he did something wrong. Dawn & Tara don't believe him and insist on taking him back to Buffy's. Buffy follows them, guilt-striken by her sister's and Tara's words, therefore not hearing Katrina's name mentioned by the police.

4. Katrina's name is issued in the newspaper and the group realise the Trio are behind the murder.

5. Trio get taken out as the group finally mention Warren's name to Spike and he tells them where to find him as he visited Warren's lair in Smashed.

6. Tara still reveals that Buffy didn't come back wrong & Buffy must face the consequences of her actions.

7. Buffy and Spike re-learn how to be friends whilst he is recovering in Buffy's house as Tara and Dawn won't leave him alone with Buffy.

8. Buffy asks Spike for forgiveness.

9. Xander gradually befriends Spike.

10. Buffy and Spike slowly restart their relationship, with no violence involved.

11. Someone lets slip to Angel that Spike is living with Buffy and he pays a visit (can bring some of his group along if you wish), catching them kissing on the back porch. Altercation follows (physical/verbal or both) with Buffy choosing Spike in front of everyone. Angel can make some remark about preferring Spike over Riley.

12. Happy Spuffy ending (of course) with Buffy saying "I love you" to Spike (and he accepting this, no Chosen responses please!!).

13. (this can be added in somewhere if you like) Spike gets his chip out, either through magic or it malfunctions early and Buffy gets the army in to remove it to show she does trust Spike.


1. Severe out of character behaviour. Try to keep them as much in character as possible.

2. Buffy kissing Angel on the lips. BIG NO on this one!!

3. Evil Xander or Willow (i.e. scheming to make Spike disappear or abusing Spike in secret).

That's about it. I hope this interests someone out there. Good luck and I look forward to reading any stories that arise. Also feel free to use any ideas mentioned here in your own stories if you like them and you don't want to write one that uses all the challenge requirements.


Challenge: 464
Season:Season 4
I think it is safe to say that if the Gem of Amara protects vampires from sunlight, holy objects and injuries, then it might also protect them from magic.  With that in mind and assuming the ring's creator was vampire friendly I would predict that a curse upon a vampire would be seen as harmful and would be removed.
So the Challenge is simple, what if after Angel put on the ring of Amara sent to him by Buffy it detected the forced soul afflicting its wearer and removed it. I imagine this would be a fairly dark and angsty fic, based alone on the fact that Angelus is in the picture, add in his sudden invulnerability and hell is in everyone's future.

Things that should happen:
* Buffy and Spike form another truce. Buffy because she needs help dealing with Angelus and Spike because he wants to get the ring back (besides I would imagine that his gransire getting something he had found after it has been thought of as legend for hundreds of years would irk him immensely).
* A happy Spuffy ending, anyone else can die or not at your leisure.

Things that shouldn't happen:
* Spike can't be chipped, here the only thing holding him back from killing is his promise alone. We all know Spike doesn't break his word.

Things that are up to you:
* Whether or not the rest of the season goes according to canon, or you make it completely different.
* Whether the Scoobies know about Buffy's truce with Spike or not.

Challenge: 463
Season:Season 4
(Set in Season Four, but a prologue can be included and set in any time prior to fourth season.) 

Buffy is drafted by the initiative (perhaps while she is away from Sunnydale, in the gap between the second and third seasons) and joins up--with the intent to find out more about demons and help people (there may be an ulterior motive to come to terms with the Angel/Angelus debacle.)

Also, Buffy's relationships with Giles, Willow and Xander is existent but not nearly as close as it was. Have grown apart due to their disagreements about the Initiative (Buffy for, Scoobies against.) 

Buffy is the Initiative's greatest asset until a new hostile is captured (Spike, clearly.) 

Hostile 17 introduces Buffy to another side of demons, and she realizes the flaws and faults that have basically created the initiative. Of course, the fic should end with a happy S/B ending, as well as the loss of the initiative and the destruction of Adam (who should feature in the story.) 

Must Have:

Buffy/Spike ending

A very close relationship between Buffy and Professor Walsh (sort of like Riley's canon relationship with Prof. Walsh)

Adam featuring as the main bad guy that opens Buffy's eyes to the truth of Spike's revelations about the Initiative. 

A Riley/Buffy relationship in the beginning. 

Angel in L.A.--although he can make appearances if necessary. 

Willow/Xander/Giles all aware of the Initiative, but they do not support it. 

Buffy in a confused state of mind having everything called into question again. 

Buffy being introduced to Anya and Tara when she returns to the Scooby gang. 

Can Have: 

Minor Riley/and/or/Angel bashing--although not too over the top.

NC-17 scenes. 

A confrontation between Parker and Spike, after Spike learns about what he did to Buffy. 

Can't Have:

Character death of ANY kind. (Adam and Professor Walsh are the only exceptions.)

Scoobies with control issues. 

Challenge: 462
Season:Season 2
I would love to see a Season 2 story where Spike and Buffy are together during the episode 'Ted'. 

Must Have:

1. Spike and Buffy currently together
2. Buffy introducing Spike to Ted

Can't Have:

1. Ted being revealed as a robot right away
2. Ted liking and approving of Spike

Challenge: 461
Season:Season 5
There aren't nearly enough stories about Buffy getting her period.

So, this is my challenge: Buffy gets her period


1. Must have Spike either smell her or find out some other way

2. Must have Spike verbally messing with her

3. Must have Spike wanting to taste her (it is blood after all) and trying to convince Buffy to let him

4. Must have Buffy embarrased / grossed out (she doesn't have to stay that way for the whole story)

Can Haves

1. Can have one or more sex scenes

2. Can have cramps or any other unpleasant side effects

Challenge: 460
Season:Season 2

Sneaky Spike Challenge


The local vamps warned Spike that Buffy was beyond any other Slayer, and that it would take more than confrontation to kill her. Therefore, he decides to take a more subtle, planned tactic, and instead woos her. In the process, of course, he falls in love with her.

Must Have:

Spike thinking carefully about and taking steps to ensure Buffy doesn’t figure out he’s a vampire, e.g. protecting himself from the sun mystically.

Buffy finding out, either by accident or because he chooses to tell her the truth.

Drusilla playing a role.

A fight between Angel and Spike.

Spike/Buffy happy ending, obviously.

And some kind of complication, mystical or otherwise, that gets in the way of the easy ending and is your opportunity to make the story yours.

Giles being protective, but glad that she’s fallen for a human this time (until of course it’s revealed Spike is actually a vampire).

Can’t Have:

Any threesomes (or more), including S/B/A or D.

Buffy sleeping with Spike too early – this is second series, so she hasn’t even done it with Angel yet.

Too much Angel bashing – he’s allowed to be jealous and get in the way, so long as he’s not portrayed as some psycho who doesn’t care about Buffy’s own feelings. In the end he has to accept (however unwillingly) that it’s Spike she wants. (Unless, of course, the complication is that he becomes Angelus, in which case make him as psycho as you please.)

No graphic sexual content – keep it PG-13 or under unless it needs a higher rating for violence, sensitive topics etc.

Giles and Xander are allowed to be riled about Buffy seeing Spike, but don’t go over the top.

Repeats of series six.

Really naïve Buffy who never suspects Spike even if she never sees him in sunlight.

Can Have:

Angel becoming Angelus.

Joyce and Spike close friendship.

Please contact me if you wish to have a go, I would really like to read any responses.

Challenge: 459
Season:Season 6
Thisun's been rolling around in my head for weeks but since I'm not a very talented writer and wouldn't do it justice, I thought I'd shoot the idea in here and see if anyone gives it a go.

Timeframe: Post - As You Were

While Buffy leaves town for a night, needing some space from Sunnydale and Spike, Drusilla visits him but gets a bit of a surprise when he's not exactly rolling out the red carpet for his Sire due to the fact that he's too depressed about Buffy to care. Dru leaves eventually after becoming incensed that the Slayers scent is all over Spike and the crypt. (there's that icky vamp smelling thing again!)

After leaving the crypt, Dru runs across Dawn who is walking home from a school function. Because of Dru's jealousy over Spikes affections being displaced, she thinks the perfect revenge is to turn the Slayers little sister. Presto! Vamp Dawnie.

Later that same night, while patrolling in Buffys absence, Spike comes across Dawn lying in a cemetery unconscious. At first he thinks she's dead but then recognizes the bitemarks on her neck (and Drus scent). He then realizes what's happened and loses it. Horrified, Spike takes her back to his place and keeps her safe while waiting for the Slayer to return. If you wake Dawn up before Buffy returns Dawn is angry with Buffy for leaving her alone and blames her for the situation. It's up to you how and when the Scoobys find out what's happened but upon finding out, Xander (and maybe Giles?) tries to convince Buffy that Dawn needs to be eliminated and Buffy is having none of it. Spike tries to get Xander to back off but...well we all know how the boy can be.  Dawn claims that she must still have her soul because she doesn't feel the need to inflict severe bloodshed on her family, but Xander and Giles don't trust her.

Buffy hesitates for obvious reasons, refusing to stake her little sister without absolute proof that its necessary which gives just enough time for Anya to show up and note that she's telling the truth. (Anya saw Spikes soul first so I figured she'd be a good choice.) 
A spell by Tara confirms this and after extensive research it's either assumed or proven that because Dawn is the Key, the PTB couldn't risk losing her if this happened so they affixed her soul to her body so that it cannot be 'stolen' by supernatural means as a precaution before sending her to live with the Slayer cause..well, Hellmouth + Key to dimensions = potential for badness.

Don't mind what else happens but I'd like it all to end Spuffy with Buffy finally seeing that Spike is capable of true love for both her and Dawn and realizing she left because it was too painful being in Sunnydale and not being able to be with him the way she wants to.

Must have:
Spuffy + Dawn family ending
At least one Tara+Spike bonding moment
Buffy holding her emotions in as she did in season 6 until she actually sees Dawn vamp out, which makes her walls start to crumble.
Buffy visiting Joyces grave and finally breaking down there.
Spuffy comforting in large quantities..mutually, I'm sure Spike will feel tons of guilt for 'breaking his promise'. Buffy should realize that he's hurting too..
A Spike and Dru confrontation...but if Dru dies Buffy gets to dust her.
Buffy thanking Spike for taking care of Dawn, both now and back when she died. It always burned me up that she never recognized how he kept his promise so I'd like to see her express gratitude.

Can have:
Dusty Dru
Xander redemption.
Flashbacks to Spike and Dawns relationship previous to Buffys resurrection and a remorseful Spike for letting their friendship dwindle while he chased her sister.
Dawnie getting Vamp 101 sessions courtesy of Spike.

Cannot have:
The sentence "But it's Spike!" as I've seen way too many fic lately that have the characters spouting that excuse for their vile actions. Be creative with explaining their reasons.
This sorta goes without saying but no Spike/Dru kissage or anything like that. By season 6 Spike was completely in love with Buffy and I'd like to see that reflected.
Angel involvement. He has his own problems around this season, let's leave him there shall we? :P

Challenge: 458
Season:Season 6

“I wish we didn’t love them anymore”


So Spike wishes to Anya during the pity party during Entropy. Anya, being the good little vengeance demon that she is, grants the wish, making Spike and Anya fall out of love with Buffy and Xander (respectively)…and Xander and Buffy are not going to take it well.



Must Have


  1. Though Spike has no problem calling Buffy out on her behaviour and while he won’t take it, he doesn’t outright hate her. In fact, make him be fairly friendly to her when she’s not being a bitch.
  2. Anya does the same to Xander
  3.  Since neither of them feel the need to bow down to the wishes of their partners, both Spike and Anya are more forceful about the way they’re treated within the Scoobies as a whole.
  4. Buffy realizing that she does, after all, have feelings for Spike. Having him fall out of love with her is a wake up call, but now it’s up HER to try and woo Spike.
  5. Supportive Scoobies!
  6. Happy & healthy Spuffy ending!


Can Have


1. Spike/Anya starting something up (to what extent is up to you)- what better way for to Buffy to get out of denial than jealously?


2.Some Spike/Dawn friendship time, since season six didn’t have enough of it.


3. Xander and Anya can work things out and get back together (though, keep her a vengeance demon- she rocks that way).


There you go! Have at it all!

Challenge: 457
Season:Season 2

Longer fic. Slow developing relationship.

Either in S6 or during the five months between S5 and S6, Dawn somehow travels back in time. She winds up in mid-S2 (so Angelus is already on the loose), when she doesn’t exist and no-one has any memory of her. Unable to find a way back home without some help, she goes to the Scoobies and… embellishes her story a little in order to get their help.

She’s Buffy’s daughter, from the future – because that’s more believable than “I’m your fourteen-year-old sister, but I don’t exist for another three years because I’m not really your sister, I’m a mystical Key made of swirly green energy”, now isn’t it?

Of course, Dawn’s not stupid. The way she sees it, she has a chance to change the future for the better. Fix things. And one of the things she’s planning on doing is making her sister happy – by setting her up with the guy she knows loves Buffy more than unlife itself. Of course, this is S2!Spike and S2!Buffy, so we’re talking some pretty explosive reactions when she claims that she’s Buffy and SPIKE’S future daughter.

Spike has to find out somehow (that Dawn is his “daughter”), and he has to believe it, too – maybe Spike made some kind of protective claim on Dawn in the future, so his vamp senses register her as “family”? Regardless, he’s got a daughter. He’s amazed, stunned, probably a little wigged because of who the mother is, but he wants to be a part of her life, even if he has no idea how to be a father.

There must be at least one father-daughter bonding date involving ice-cream and a serious conversation.

Spike and Buffy develop a kind of “we’re her parents, we have to get along” relationship. Then, slowly, as they spend more time together, as Buffy sees more and more of Spike-the-father and Spike-who-isn’t-determined-to-kill-her, trust and camaraderie builds. Slow burn/building relationship! Keep in mind this is S2 and Buffy’s still in love with Angel (or thinks she is, if that’s how you see it)!

Go nuts. Do what you want. It’ll probably have to be a longer fic, but it’s all up to you. Just stick to the basic idea. Also, future!Spike and/or future!Buffy turning up to retrieve Dawn and finding out what she’s told their past selves is optional. Maybe Dawn arriving in the past created a separate timeline instead of changing the future? All up to you!

My one pretty-pretty-pleaaaase is that Dawn is threatened/hurt/kidnapped by Angelus and Buffy and Spike go on a warpath about it. I want Spuffy teamwork and an alliance. Whether Angelus winds up staked is up to you – maybe Dawn tells them about the re-ensoulment spell? I want furious-master-vampire!Spike and Slayer-mode!Buffy joining forces because someone’s threatened their offspring - and doing something about it, come hell or highwater.

Challenge: 456
Name:Mr. Chaos
Season:Season 4
Spike and Buffy get talking about what it is like to be a Big Bad. Buffy comments that Spike wasn't that good at it, and she could do a million times better. Spike challenges her, stating that she could never manage to be evil, let alone be the Big Bad.

Buffy, pissed, foolishly bets she can.

Now, it can be a demon, a spell, or simply Hellmouth luck, but Buffy and Spike learn that Buffy must now complete the bet, or the world will be destroyed. Thus, Buffy finds herself forced to act evil and find a way to be declared a Big Bad by the demon and human world (turns on Big Bad is actually a title...who knew?)

Must Have

-Buffy having trouble at first being evil, but getting the hang of it
-Buffy dealing with minions (what the minions are is up to you), and the other pratfalls of being a bad guy
-Buffy coming to actually enjoy being a Big Bad
-Buffy keeping her soul (the point is she doesn't want to be a Big Bad at first)
-Spike becomes Buffy's Yoda when it comes to being a Big Bad...and he must quote Yoda at least once!
-Spike torn between loving Big Bad Buffy and missing the sweet, heroic girl she use to be

May have

-Buffy being turned into a demon, or getting special powers to help her be evil
-Buffy creating an evil alterego, thus forcing herself to pretend for the Scoobies that she is actually fighting herself... part of the deal, the Scoobies have to stand against her, even as she tries to convince them that she isn't evil
-or...the Scoobies end up deciding to help her (it will save the world, afterall), thus result in all of them struggling with their new roles as evil bad guys
-The other villains utterly confused by Buffy's actions and deciding they are just going to sit this one out.
-The Demon Community ends up LOVING Buffy being the Big Bad and requests she stay evil.
-Someone absolutely silly being the 'hero' trying to stop her (a group of veggie vampires that spark in the sunlight; Dawn's best friend Janice; Detroit Red Wings goalie Jimmy Howard...whoever floats your boat. Bonus points if the Shiny Vampires team up with Janice and a heroic Jimmy Howard)

Can't Have

-Angst. This is to be a funny story.

Challenge: 455
What if Hank Summers was an Initiative agent/scientist?

The actual plotline is yours to create! Pick any season (although, probably best to be S4 onwards) and do what you will! Stick to canon until a certain point, or go completely AU, it's all up to you.

Only requirements are:

* Eventual Spuffy, but they can't get together straight off the bat - develop it first.
* Chipped!Spike
* Buffy must be or become the Slayer
* The Scoobies included somehow if you go completely AU (doesn't have to be all of them, but as many as you can)
* No Xander-bashing!
* For that matter, no Willow-or-any-of-the-other-Scoobies-bashing

For bonus points (if you can):

* A scene or scenes based on this: "Push the door, I'm home at last, and I'm soaking through and through, and then you handed me a towel, and all I see is you, and even if my house falls down now, I wouldn't have a clue, because you're near me."
* A game of Chinese Whispers, or something based on the concept
* A photograph taken while the subject is unaware
* Said photograph later being important somehow
* A romantic moment in an unromantic situation
* A car accident
* A Slayer dream
* A ribbon
* Dawn (she doesn't have to be the Key)

Challenge: 454
Season:Post Chosen

What if Angel never made that deal with Wolfram & Heart, and thus never got that amulet to give to Buffy at the Hellmouth?


That question popped into my head last night, and since I don’t really think I could do the idea justice, I’m putting it out to you guys. Basically, Buffy & Co lose, and The First and the Ubervamps take over the world. Buffy and Spike survive, and whoever else you want, and why they survive is up to you. So, the challenge is Spike and Buffy in this post- apocalyptic world. Do they keep fighting? Go into hiding? Something else?


Have fun!

Challenge: 453
Season:Post Chosen

Post Chosen/NFA Challenge


Title: Third time’s the charm.



We’re waaaaay into the future (at least 100 years)

Buffy’s ‘bright idea’ of Calling all the Potentials to be Slayers has had an unfortunate side-effect of bringing an end to the Slayer line. Slayers can’t have children after they’re Called (for the purposes of this fic, Nikki Wood had Robin while she was still only a Potential) and the only women strong enough to bear the baby girls who can become Slayers are Potentials who were never Chosen themselves – explains Joyce’s fierce protective streak and her handiness with that axe of hers….


After Willow’s spell, every Potential gets called as soon as they reach puberty so there are no new uncalled Potentials maturing to bear the next generation. It’s only a matter of time before the last Potential gets called and then when she dies – no more Slayers.

When this happens, Angel & Spike work with the New Council of Watchers to hold back the Tide of Evil until Angel shanshues – ages – dies, then Spike fights on, largely alone, completely trusted and totally relied upon by the New Council.

Until the prophecy is discovered. A new Big Bad is coming and only The Slayer can defeat it.

For years the New Council has been trying and failing to revive the line so they decide they need an experienced Slayer to fill the gap and to be on hand to fulfil the prophecy until they can finally figure it out. Much against Spike’s forcefully expressed wishes when the idea is first proposed, the New Council secretly decide to resurrect Buffy – the Greatest Slayer in History – and when they succeed they appoint an astonished and outraged Spike to be her Field Watcher as he’ll be the only living person with whom she’ll be familiar.

As the Council are unsure how much longer it’s going to take them to solve the problem of reviving the Slayer line, the spell to bring Buffy back again deliberately makes her immortal, something Buffy & Spike only discover some time later.

The characteristics of the Future Society, how/when Buffy died again, the fates of Dawn, Giles and the various Scoobies (and any descendents) since Sunnydale and the AI gang since NFA, the nature of the prophecy and the New Big Bad, all totally up to you – except PLEASE ignore the stupid comics (except the initial setting up of Slayer Central in Scotland and the part where it wasn’t Buffy but a decoy in Rome with the Immortal) as IMHO they have gone so way off the ethos of the Buffyverse they’re in a whole other dimension.


The only stipulation I have is that it ends up with a Happy (Immortal!) Spuffy Ending – the intensity and variety of drama, action, comedy, pathos, angst and/or romance etc. that lead up to that resolution, totally up to you.

Challenge: 452
Season:Season 2

Sorry, but it’s Yet Another Halloween Fic.

I want S2!Buffy to become her older self instead of the 1700’s girl – her PostChosen self. Buffy was stressing about how girls from “Angel’s time” were so pretty and not at all like her, but wasn’t the age difference also an issue? I seem to recall a certain souled vamp’ angsting over the “You’re sixteen, I’m two hundred and forty” deal. It’s not that big a leap for Buffy to, instead of wanting to be like a 1700s girl, want to be older/more mature/whatever for Angel.

It’s up to you whether PostChosen!Buffy leaves when the spell ends, or if she stays and changes the future, but… give our heroine some time with Spike.

Also, regardless of whether you get rid of PostChosen!Buffy when the spell breaks, memories would stay behind (at least for a little while. Remember Xander with his soldier memories?) so Buffy would have a chance to change the future. I don’t think she’d actually believe the memories until she’s shown some kind of proof (something happening that matches the memories), by which stage they’d be starting to fade – what she still remembers and what she’s forgotten is up to you.

How it happens is also up to you – did PostChosen!Buffy wish for a chance to change what happened? Maybe she did, and the Powers (or whoever grants the wish) set it up so that it’d happen this way – providing Ethan Rayne with some of future!Buffy’s clothes so that when he casts his chaos spell Buffy becomes her future self, making the change permanent or leaving residual memories, etc. 

If you can/desire:

* Spike and future!Buffy fighting, and future!Buffy thoroughly enjoying herself (laughing, knowing his techniques so well that it’s more a dance than a fight, etc)
* PC!Buffy making Angel promise not to have sex with her younger self, no matter what, in the hopes of avoiding the Angelus ordeal. Whether he keeps the promise or not is up to you.
* I'd prefer a longer fic, what with all the potential timeline changes, not just a oneshot or something. I wanna see how it affects canon.
* Please no Spike and Buffy jumping into bed together straight away. I mean, seriously. Make it believable.

Challenge: 451
Season:Season 4
Idea inspired by Katy Perry's "Waking up in Vegas"

I'd like to see a fic that has Buffy and Spike on some kind of mission in Vegas. Must be set before either of them realizes that they have feelings for one another, so Season 4 or 5. 

Must Have:
-A plot, no PWoP
-Must take them some time to realize their feelings

Can Have:
-Spike loosing the hotel key
-Buffy with a fake ID, and loosing it
-Buffy and Spike drinking together
-Visiting various famous Vegas casinos

Challenge: 450
Season:Season 6

After re-watching both ‘Smashed’ & ‘Wrecked’, I’m (not shockingly) in one of my anti-Buffy moods. All I could think during ‘Wrecked’ is how would you like being treated that way…and then this idea popped into my head.

There are a heck of a lot of time travel fics out there, and this is a twist on the whole idea. The whole thing starts off during Buffy’s uncaring, ice queen phase when dealing with the newly returned, souled Spike (think when she rather callously leaves him suffering in the basement despite knowing about the soul and the craziness). Somehow (vengeance wish, spell gone wrong, etc) Buffy gets sent back in time to season six…into Spike’s body, during one of Buffy’s ‘shining moments’ of the season (morning after ‘Wrecked’, beat down in ‘Dead Things’, breaking up in 'As You Were', take your pick-there are many to choose from).

Buffy get to see how she acted from the other side of the spectrum, and not only her behaviour towards Spike, but the others as well. She wants to get back to her own time and her own body, but since she’s Spike at the moment, no one is going to give her the time of day, let alone help (for whatever reason, she doesn’t want to say she’s future Buffy). In fact, I see a lot of ‘Get lost Spike, you’re not welcome here’s’ being expressed, probably a fair load of violence too. How she finally gets back is entirely up to you, but it’s not without a lot of pain to get there.



Buffy horrified about the way she acted, thus taking real responsibility over her faults in the disaster that was the season six Spuffy relationship & getting past that ‘it’s all Spike’s fault’ mentality she seemed to sport.

Getting Spike out of that basement much sooner and helping take care of him/help him cope

Buffy apologizing to Spike, again with the owning up to the role she played

Buffy explaining some things to Dawn (how much is up to you) and thus letting the Spike/Dawn friendship be repaired.

Must Nots:

Don’t change things in the time line- all the events stay the same, and Buffy returns she gets back to the same ‘future’ as before.


Everything else is up to you. Have at it all!

Challenge: 449
Name:Mr. Chaos
Season:Season 2
This challenge as inspired by colilitiongirl's "A Switch in Time"

At some point in Season 2, Buffy has a run in with Drusilla and everything goes black. Upon awakening, Buffy finds that she has taken Drusilla's place as Spike's crazy vamp girlfriend. Whether this is a body switch or Buffy ending up in an alternate dimension is up to you, as is how this happened. The main focus will be how Buffy deals with not only being a vampire, but also now being the sire of the Slayer of Slayers...and what  that entails.

This fic should have humorous overtones.

Can Have:

-Drusilla ending up as Buffy and deciding to make the most of it, even ending up where Drusilla makes a better student, friend and slayer than Buffy ever was

-The switch causes Buffy to lose her soul, and she has to constantly fight her vampire urges

-Angel being utterly clueless

-Spike taking a liking to the new Dru, and if he should find out its Buffy, fighting to prevent her from going back.

-Buffy getting frustrated with wearing Dru's clothing.

-Things NOT returning to the status quo (Buffy deciding to remain as Drusilla, Buffy and Spike getting together at the end either way, characters being killed and vamped...heck, you can even have other characters get swapped.)

Challenge: 448
Season:Season 6
Like many people, I've always seen the Spuffy relationship as abusive on Buffy's end (yeah, yeah Spike had his moments, but he was the one that got beat to a pulp and left in an alley), and after seeing one of those public service commercials about domestic abuse on tv, this idea popped into my head. As I have no time to write it, here it is as a challenge to you guys!

After Dead Things someone (I was personally thinking Clem, but your choice) convinces Spike to go see a domestic abuse councilor (who caters to the supernatural- it's Sunnydale after all). Spike REALLY needed someone to talk to in season six, and who better than a trained professional?


Spike obviously not wanting to be there but going anyway, and of course doing his it's not really her fault thing.

The councilor eventually convincing Spike that what Buffy is doing is not okay and that he doesn't deserve it- it will take more than one session though, because it'll take longer to convince Spike of all that.

Spike tells Buffy it's over, thus forcing Buffy to A. confront the truth of what's she doing and take fault and B. realize what she lost because of it

Buffy apologizing for what she's done (how long it takes/if Spike chooses to accept it is up to you)

Angst: domestic abuse is not a happy subject. If you want to have a happy ending eventually go for it, but most of this story should not be all puppies and rainbows

Must Nots:

Can't really think of anything that you cannot have, except an over flowing amount of humor.

Can have:

Another Dead Thingsesque moment that finally makes Spike realize how bad things are

A Scooby somehow finding out what's happening and being on Spike's side (if you can make it Xander, brownie points)

The person who convinced Spike to get councilling confronting Buffy

A happy ending with a healthier Spuffy relationship, or on the flip side Spike not wanting to get into a relationship with Buffy again (or not at the moment- it could be one of those I need time to figure things out before I decide things).

So there you have it. Have at it!

Challenge: 447
Season:Season 2

Season 2: Spuffy

I'd like a Spuffy rewrite of the episode “Ted”. I've only read one fanfiction story for a spuffy version of this and I really like the idea of Buffy talking to Spike about how much she hates Joyce's new boyfriend. I'd love it more if they were a couple for it too.

So this fic must be:

A decent length story but not over 65,000 words. One shots are acceptable.

I want Buffy to confide in Spike and I’d want Angel bashing by Spike to ensue. Maybe Spike being jealous of how Buffy was with Angel.

I’d like for Buffy to realize how Angel(us) is/was a mistake, that he isn’t the one and that Spike is much better.

If this is needs to be a longer story in order to get Buffy and Spike together, I’d like for the episodes in season 2 to be recognized at least a bit.

It must, though, have a detailed version of the now spuffy Ted episode.

John Ritter was amazing so I’d love the parts where Buffy is questioned and the all disturbing moments where Ted is in her room to be included. Now if Spike happens to be in the room at that moment too, that’s up to the writer.

May not be: Rated NC-17
I was hoping for it to be lower than NC-17, smut is not really my thing. But I don't want it to be all G-rated. R or mature or whatever you want to call it, is what I was aiming for. I'm tired of tons of fluff. But I was looking for plot and not very graphic smut.

Thanks for considering this.

Challenge: 446
Season:Season 4

I’ve always been uncomfortable with the way Buffy oh-so casually entered into a relationship with a Post-Grad TA who was responsible for grading her work.

Such a relationship is unethical to say the least and I always felt that Riley, (as the person in a position of trust and ‘authority’ who should have known better) should have been disciplined for it.

Maggie Walsh didn't do her duty and put a stop to it herself, presumably as she just didn’t care about the ethics of the situation - or perhaps as it was so convenient having the handy connection to the Slayer. She should also have been penalised for the neglect of her responsibility.

My challenge is this:

The Dean of the University ('the boss of us', as Buffy put it) gets to hear of Riley sleeping with a student (Buffy) and insists to Maggie Walsh (his mentor and de facto employer) that Riley should be thrown out of the University.

Remember the camera in Riley's room where she watched them together? They never played up that plot point, did they? It should be discovered by the next student who takes over his dorm room and the cameras would be traced to her office so that Maggie loses her professorship as well for being a predatory sexual pervert! (Tee hee)

The Riley/Buffy relationship which is still in its infancy at this point cannot survive the fuss, of course.

Riley and Maggie would still be around because of the Initiative, but he wouldn't be able to stay in the fraternity house so he'd have to be all sneaky... and Riley’s so useless at being sneaky!

What I would like to see is a continuation of Season 4 from some point between ‘A new man’ and ‘The I in Team’ when Maggie’s interview with the Dean would take place, taking the above developments into account.


Must have:

Maggie being furious with Riley and Buffy for putting her in such a position so down in the Initiative she takes it out on Riley in spite – maybe she activates his chip earlier?

Spike reacting a bit more positively to Giles’ ‘higher purpose’ suggestion regarding his chip and is brought in ‘officially’ to help as part of the Scooby ‘team’ after the way he doesn’t hesitate to help DemonGiles (as IMHO he should have been).

A happy Spuffy resolution to the season. (of course)


Can’t have:

Biley (obviously)



Can have:

Dawn featuring as she would be remembered in season 5.

Spuffy Claiming

Go for it!

Challenge: 445
People write a lot of fics about Spike claiming Buffy, and the two of them eventually (or already) falling in love. What I'd love to see, though, is SOMEONE ELSE (probably Angel) CLAIMING BUFFY, and then a subsequent romance with Spike. The claim seems to force a connection, but not necessarily love- so the idea would be Buffy trying to resist the claim to be with Spike, but her mate would probably become aware of it.

Oh, and preferably not Angelus as the claimer- I've seen enough fics that have that same idea of Angelus as the "overlord" of sorts, dominating both Spike and Buffy. I'm not averse to B/S/A, also, but only if there's little or no Bangel in it. I'd rather see just Spuffy, though.

The claim may or may not be broken by the end, but if it's broken, I'd prefer that it happen later than sooner.

Any season, any time.

Happy writing!

Challenge: 444
Season:Season 7
I think that Buffy would have realized her feelings for Spike if she became jealous. Lets face it, the time with Tarantula girl at the "Wedding from Hell" and Anya in the "Magic Box" were the closest we came to seeing Buffy admit to caring for Spike. So I thought who is the person that if Spike got attracted to Buffy would come out with green horns. It was quite simple really - Faith.

So my challenge is this. Lets say that every Slayer by the end of their fifth year of being chosen goes through a mating cycle. Like a siren call they pull towards themselves their destined mates (who are always vampires) from wherever they at the time might be. But at the same time every vampire they are physically near to gets a sudden urge to jump the Slayers bones and she in turn at a bit slower pace has the same need. And there lies the problem, the First Evil's apocalypse is nearing and everyone has to stay together - that includes Buffy, Faith and Spike. Now Spike in spite of how he may feel about it gets turned on by Faith. And although Buffy knows why all this is going on is still jealous of the heated looks that pass between her sister Slayer and the souled vampire.
Buffy's mating cycle started by the very end of season 5 long after Spike was already in love with her, but Buffy had yet to start to respond to the horny vampires the same way. And Spike secretly dusted many vamps at that to stop Giles and the Council from learning what was happening to Buffy. Then Buffy died and when she came back the mating cycle had stopped.

Must Have:
The only thing that will stop Spike (and every other vampire out there) getting attracted to Faith is Faith claiming her destined mate or Spike mating with someone else.
Buffy getting jealous about Spike suddenly turning his attention to someone else but still being in denial about the reason behind it.
At least one Turok-Han attacking Faith with the intention of killing Faith as only second option. A Xander joke because of this situation could be made.
However much angst you want to make there must be a happy ending (preferably for both Slayers).
Spike must be Buffy's destined mate but neither of them can know that.
While normal vampires are ruled by their urge to have sex with a Slayer that has went into her mating cycle, her destined mate must not have those needs forced. The mating must come naturally with both of their heads clear.

Can Have:
Faith's destined mate could be Sam (the vampire Angel turned on the submarine, when he already had the cursed soul), but you can choose any other vampire too.

Cant Have:
Faith and Spike having more than a few kisses, that should be interrupted.
Everything going smoothly for our favorite couple, there is a lot of bad blood between them.
The Turok-Han succeeding in his attempt to snatch Faith.
Although Faith has a big role in this story she cant take over the entire plot. This has to center around Buffy and Spike dealing with their emotions and jealousy's.

If something here bothers you feel free to change it, everything written here is meant more as guidelines not rules.

Challenge: 443
Buffy meets John Hart from Torchwood and he manages to convince her that he's Spike. He comes on to Angel and to Lorne.

Challenge: 442
Name:Open Hearts Catch Dreams
Season:Post Chosen
I have seen abundant numbers of challenges and stories in which Buffy or Spike (or both) are sent back in time, from any point, to any point so that the challenges and obstacles of the characters lives can be changed or averted because the character in question retains the memories from the life before.
I wanted to put forward a challenge that would be a little different but the same at the same time because another thing I have noticed is amongst Angel and Riley bashing (which is a good sport) Xander can often come off as very predjudiced and his character is often twisted beyond the norm until he is almost as evil as the vampires he hates.

What if Xander made a botched attempt to reverse time and found himself in the past with all his memories intact and a better look on the world gained through experience?

The story should be set sometime either mid season six to post season seven. Xander can go back to season one or up to mid season five. His purpose in this story is to make the past Buffy realise before the one in his timeline that she and Spike would be happy together.

Must have:
Xander repairing what was then an undamaged relationship with either Anya or Cordelia - I don't mind which and it will depend on what season it is
Xander having seen Spike's changes through his timeline and accepting that the vampire is not normal for his kind and even pushing Buffy towards him (the fic could have a humorous tone if he is saying this at the point where Spike is still clearly evil during season 2)
A few scenes in which Xander claims something will happen in "three," and it does...
A story in which time is reversed, not an alternate universe. the older versions of his friends that Xander left are wiped away when he goes back so there is no more than one timeline.

Everything else is pretty much up to you:

The season Xander goes back to
if Xander tells them he's from the future
if Spike still gets chipped
if Angelus rises or if Buffy sends him away earlier
If Riley and Buffy get together
if they discover the initiative and Adam before it finds them
learning Glory's secret earlier

Some things depend on the Season Xander ends up in:
If Faith or Kendra is around
if he is with Cordelia or Anya
if Spike is still 'Evil' or at least unchipped
If the high school still exists
if Giles has opened the magic box
If Angel is in town or Angelus is on a rampage
If Joyce is alive (unless Spike is around to smell the blood of her anneurysm, she would still die...hint, hint)
if Dawn exists (season five set stories would include her by default)

Xander travelled back down his own timeline, eradicating it as he went. it is not an alternate universe so things will progress the same.
Xander may chose not to kiss Willow during 'Lover's Walk' in season 3. As a result Willow and Oz remain together and Cordelia does not hate him. this could change the time line naturally. Xander's going back will not mean the Mayor never shows up in Sunnydale.

I would love to write this but I do not have the time and I lack the motivation for longer stories. If the challenge gave you an idea for something similar, post that as a response and just state the differences, but I would love to read this if someone thinks they would have fun doing it!

This is about Xander trying to fix things because he has the knowledge of foresight whilst acknowledging Buffy will never go for him but Spike could be right for her. Have fun and e-mail if you want further details

Challenge: 441
Season:Season 5
 Okay, so it would be a time travel fic to Season Five from post-Chosen/NFA (author's choice), but here's the twist- Spike/Buffy (whichever you choose) from the future is put into Xander or Anya's body! So he/she has to try to keep the timeline mostly intact, making changes wherever he/she wishes, but mostly, he/she is trying to give the past Buffy and Spike a better chance at a relationship! Must Have: 1. Spuffy 2. Past Buffy and Spike can't find out about the time traveller until the end of the fic, or not at all 3. Angel bashing from the spuffy couple! (But not so much that it's silly) Riley bashing is nice, too. 4. If the time traveller is in Anya, nobody takes him/her seriously, and he/she has a hard time making people listen. 5. LOTS of UST Can't Have: 1. Bander. (So if it's Buffy in Anya... no experimentation) 2. Ridiculous dumpings (Buffy's not going to just drop Riley in a second! If he goes because she sends him away, it's a thought-out decision 3. Nonstop vulnerable!Spike Might Have: 1. Spander (If Spike's in Xander)


A Switch in Time by coalitiongirl (complete!)

Challenge: 440
Season:Season 6
1) Riley comes back sans the wife in "As You Were." And stays.

2) Buffy gets back together with him after much pressure from her friends, ditching Spike.

3) By the end, she has to realize that she loves Spike, and there's a spuffy ending!

Challenge: 439
Season:Post Chosen
 After seeing Buffy kiss Angel in "End of Days," Spike separates himself from her. He does fight in the end, but Buffy's being a total dope and doesn't give him the amulet because she's mad he's mad (as IF she has any right!). Buffy wears the amulet, rips it off at the opportune time, and they win. Spike leaves after Chosen, and...

Challenge: 438
Season:Post Chosen
 Buffy goes back in time from post-NFA (after which she was NOT a soggy mess of tears, but got on with her life) to season five or six. She tries to make things right - especially with Spike - by NOT sleeping with him, etc this time. She IS in love with him, but hasn't quite realized it yet- her "I love you" at the hellmouth was more a gift to a dying man. Also, if it's season five, Spike's also discovering his feelings for her at the same time.

What I really want is a Buffy who is still driven, and moving on. Maybe she mourns, but doesn't let it take over her life. Not even close.

Challenge: 437
Season:Season 7

When Buffy and Spike are discussing if their night holding each other meant something, Buffy doesn't avoid answering. Their night also meant something to her. But they will talk more about it when gets back from learning more about the Scythe. Skip a few scenes and stop when Buffy and Angel kiss, she discovers he is...human through a deal with WRH. Spike's heart breaks as he witnesses not only the kiss but Bangel sex (ew I When Bangel is over Buffy immediately realizes her mistake but has no choice to go back to the house with Angel in tow. When the pair gets to her house Spike is there, only his attitude and demeanor has reverted back to Season 2 Spike. Buffy explains Angel is there to help and will be staying with them. She then goes to confess to Spike. He is bitter and cruel towards her. She begs for his forgiveness, and doesn't recieve it-yet. A potential arrives at the house and she and Spike get along famously. There is nothing sexual going on between them but Buffy thinks so.


*As much as I hate it-Bangel sex-this is only once, and their relationship stops to exisit.

*Spike returning to his former Big Bad attitude. After all isn't that what Buffy needed him to do?

*A female character driving Buffy green with jealousy. NOT Faith or any other Buffy female.

*An orginal female character or a female character from a crossover

*The First convincing Spike to try and kill himself. He goes to attempt sucide, but someone other than Buffy stops him.

*Spike and Dawn rebuilding their relationship

*A Spuffy ending


*Return of a Riley who has grown past his issues with demons and apologizes to Spike

*Drusilla tempting Spike back to evil


*Angel turning back into a vampire. He must remain human. Fine print of the contract says he is signing away any chance of redemption.

*Spike dusting. They manage to defeat the first in another way.

This fic doesn't have to be a crossover, that is a choice I will leave up to the authors. It was suggested to provide a female character that isn't part of the series to bring Buffy and Spike back together. It can be a one-shot or a multi-chaptered fic. I would be great if you could complete it in one story, if you chose to continue it the story that's fine. It's up to you. Also the title doesn't have to be "It means something". Other than that enjoy.

Challenge: 436
Season:Season 5
1) Spike comes to the realization that he must get the chip out, if he's to keep Dawn safe.

2) Buffy attempts to stop him, then somehow comes to terms with this.

3) Spike does get the chip out.  And his resolve to control or balance out the predator in himself is tested.

The rest is up to you.  Spuffy, dark, angst, action, other, any or all of the above: however you want to handle it. :)

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