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Need two betas for my next fic

Dec 17 2010 08:07 pm   #1The Enemy of Reality
I need two betas on a more permanent basis since both of my betas are terribly busy with their original fics right now. I'd only need the betas for this story. It's going to be multi chaptered, but not epic. The fic is end of S3, more of a fulffy banter-ish story rather than dark and angsty, most probably NC-17 but nothing porny. It would be great if one focused on grammar, punctuation and sentence structure, and other one kept a lookout for character inconsistencies and plot holes.  I need someone honest who won't beat around the bush and tell me if they don't like something. I love constructive criticism because it helps me learn. I'd be sending one or two chapters a week (probably), so I'd appreciate it very much if you'd have time to get back to me within a couple of days. Let me know if you think you fit the bill. I really need betas asap as I want to start posting my new story. Thank you!
Dec 18 2010 02:25 pm   #2All4Spike
I'm suffering  a painful period of writers' block at the moment, so I'm overdosing on other people's fics. I'd be glad to give you a spelling/grammar etc check - although you should be aware that as I am English, my spelling is also English! I'm also prepared to give an honest (but hopefully not cruel) opinion re: plot & characterisation. I have plenty of time.......
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Dec 18 2010 04:46 pm   #3BloodyHell
I'm not a native speaker but I could help with plot holes and the story in general... if you're brave enough to choose a German beta *smirk*
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Dec 18 2010 04:57 pm   #4The Enemy of Reality
How amazing are you guys?! All4Spike, you being English is perfect as I use the UK spelling in my fics (I'm not from UK but I study there so I don't want to slip into the bad habit of using US spelling). And BloodyHell, I consider myself very brave. I'd appreciate your input very much. Thanks again, both of you are made of awesome! I'll message you with my email and stuff via BSV.