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Some words about me?Okay then.

Name: BloodyHell (We all know why.If got the wrong site *smirk*)
Age: 23
From: Germany (so English is NOT my native language)
Profession: Student of Medical Informatics (there is such thing,yes)
Writing fanfiction since: Uhm, let me think, around 2006 (Gilmore Girls). Spuffy writer since January 2009.
Goals: To delight fellow Spuffy fans with my stories :)

Any questions left? Out with 'em!

Oh, and please read and review :)


Buffy has made up her mind. Now it's their chance to live and love together. There's just this damn apocalypse standing in the way... Set in 7.21 and continues from there (with 'slight' changes, of course)!
Genre: , - Rating: - Warning: - Complete: Yes
Chapters: 4 - Words: 12,574 - Started: 01/27/2009 - Updated: 05/01/2009 12:47 pm