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Feb 16 2007 02:03 am   #1The Space Between

Is it bad when I want to order several things from here?!?


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Feb 16 2007 03:41 am   #2Immortal Beloved

Nope.  Not bad at all.  I found that site a few weeks ago.  I just love some of the stuff.

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Apr 27 2007 08:23 am   #3Jace Nox

why have I not seen this yet!  OMG!  I want everything...*wishes to win the lotto*  Thanks for sharing *debates on using Mom's credit card* How dead do you think I would be?...I have the numbers memorized...she'd never know.. *snerk*

Apr 27 2007 10:29 am   #4angelic_amy

OMG! *shields eyes* I went nuts on eBay last year and I so shouldn't be looking at this cos now I'm sooooo tempted!

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Apr 27 2007 11:12 am   #5Guest

Found site ages ago got lots of their stuff..... My favourite is a tee shirt saying I'lll take the Blonde

Apr 28 2007 03:26 am   #6Guest

 I want it all. And I have no money.

Apr 28 2007 05:03 am   #7Guest

Finally took a look, and that's awesome! I could take several.


Apr 28 2007 11:32 am   #8Monty

I don't have a credit card, and I live too far away. Darn. And I like that Turn-ons;Turn-offs the BEST!!!

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