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Favorite Scary Movies

Oct 29 2006 02:43 am   #1LisFayte

Okay, it is that time of year again, every channel is playing a scary movie.

 (1)What type of scary movie do you like? And why?

(2) What is you favorite scary movie? And why?

To answer my own question, I hate slasher movies (Friday The 13th, etc) and gore and torture movie (any Saw movie or Hostel type movie) My fav type scary movie is the type that is just scary with out having to resort to gore (because that is just cheating).

My fav scary movie is The Exorsist, I also liked The Ring, The Omen, Gothika, An American Werewolf In London, and House, there are more, but I will leave some for you to share

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Oct 29 2006 02:03 am   #2DreamsofSpike

Question 1 -- wow....pretty much all of them?? i don't get too into movies with excessive sequels (Friday the 13th....Nightmare on Elm Street, etc.)....and I don't mind gory movies, but it is possible to go to far and totally squick me out....Saw came close to that line....mostly murder type scary movies, not so much hauntings and the like

Question 2:  all time -- Silence of the Lambs...though I suppose that's more suspense than scary, but still...intense and terrifying....and the exception to the "too many sequels" rule would have to be the "Scream" trilogy, again not a genuine scary movie, in the fact that it was basically a deliberate parody of itself....but there ya go...those are my faves


Oct 29 2006 05:22 am   #3Hostel 17

(1) I pretty much enjoy all scary movies, and for some unknown reason I really like the Saw movies. My friends think I'm a freak, but hey, they prefer ANGEL over Spike. Stupid friends. The 1st Nightmare on Elm Street was pretty good, (Johnny Depp!) but then they got LAME. I pretty much enjoy all Vampire movies (hmmm.. wonder why?) with a good plot, that is. I just hate cheesy horror movies.

(2) My all time favorite horror movies is Shaun of the dead. Not really scary, I know, but it has zombies in it. Zombies just freak me out. Otherwise I don't get freaked out easily.



Oct 29 2006 12:56 pm   #4GoldenBuffy

1st question: Ok, well I love all thinks horror and scary. Some of my favs. Freddy, Jason, and Michale, cause I grew up with them. My newest ones are the Saw movies. I want to go see number three hopefully this coming weekend. I LOVE gore, more the blood the better. The only movies I hate are those with zombies, I HATE zombies,lol.

2ed question: I would have to say the Grudge, it was scary and thrillery but without the blood and all that. It had me jumping for a whole week. Silence of the Lambs, Scream, The Fog 2005 version. That's all I can think of now.

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Oct 29 2006 06:07 pm   #5TwilightChild

  I'd have to say that, at the moment, my favorite is also The Grudge.  There are not many movies at all that can freak me out, but that one definately did.  It was almost beautiful in how creepy and icky it was, as much sense as that makes.

  Zombies seem to get to me.  Senseless gore without plot I don't really care for, and slasher/thrillers don't scare me or impress me.  But for some reason, Zombie movies do.  Maybe it's just the idea of the unstoppable, ever increasing wave of slowly approaching mindless death....

Or maybe i just get squicked by dead bodies that move around.  Don't know.

Oct 29 2006 06:11 pm   #6Hostel 17

it's nice to know i'm not the only one with a zombie phobia.

Oct 30 2006 08:42 pm   #7Guest

1.  I like scary movies in general, but to me the best ones are those with a definite "creepy" factor.  I like creepiness, like The Village, The Ring, etc. more than slasher/gory stuff like Friday the 13th and Hostel.  I don't mind gore, but to me seeing something that is just "not quite right" is more effective and scaring me.

2.  I have to admit to really liking the first Saw movie, so much that I haven't seen the sequels because I'm afraid it'll ruin it, but that was more for the surprise ending than the horror factor.  Another one I really like is the first Jeepers Creepers.  I found it very creepy.

Oct 30 2006 08:43 pm   #8Guest

Crap, apparently my cookies have expired.  That last one was from Coquine.  Sorry, Dia, won't happen again!

Oct 31 2006 04:19 am   #9anaunthe

Okay, maybe this is weird for someone who likes this site, but I do NOT like scary movies AT ALL.  Never have, never will.  Particularly dislike anything with excessive gore, but don't really enjoy any of it.  Anyone out there agree with me?

Oct 31 2006 06:07 am   #10Guest
I don't do scary movies either....When i was 5 I snuck out of my room and watched poltergiest from the door way....needless to say I don't do scary movies or clowns. Dang clowns...Anyway I do enjoy the occasional zombie movie. (they're not scary) I cant remember the name of my favorite one though. It was a "Living dead" one...the army comes to town, spills some gas, a zombie tries to convince his girlfriend that if he eats her brains it wont hurt..he says they "taste like cinnimon", the movie ends with the zombies being electricuted, and strangely enough there's a Michael Jackson "Thriller" look-a-like in their midst. I know its complete cheese, but hey! SCARY Clowns man, scary clowns... RandiGiles
Oct 31 2006 07:10 am   #11GoldenBuffy

The Village wasn't scary to me. I think its because its more of a thriller than a killer,lol. But I did like it. Oh I LOVE Sixth Sense, still one of my all time favs. And It by Stephen King, one day I'm going to read the book as well.

I think the zombie movie you're talking about is one of those night of the living dead, takes place in one of those back wood towns in PA. I'm thinking its the same one I watched years ago when USA used to play scary movies Friday night. After watching that I was scared to travel outside of Pittsburgh, cause I knew zombies were just laying in wait, ROFL.

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Our only light in paradise
We'll show the world they were wrong
And teach them all to sing along
Oct 31 2006 08:05 pm   #12Niamh

Scary movies make me laugh.  I laughed through Silence of the Lambs and I was sitting in a dark house by myself, when I watched it.  The "hack and whacks" (as my father calls 'em) are hilariously funny and riddled with cliches and just. . . Not.  Scary.

I prefer psychological thrillers to the gory ones, because your imagination is always scarier than what you actually see.

What scares me is something completely different.


Oct 31 2006 10:42 pm   #13ZoeGrace

Believe it or not I don't really like most scary movies.  I like vampire movies.  I like movies like "Silence of the lambs"  I don't care for stuff like "the ring" (My god, i've never seen a barn and cows and horses and flies and brushing your hair seem so scary!)

I won't even allow the movie "the exorcist" in my house.

I do like movies that don't scare me like "american werewolf in paris" and the scream movies.

Some  movies though are just too Hostel.  Gag me.  I'm sorry, but I like my torture just a little bit more psychological and sexual and just a little less amputated.

Nov 02 2006 02:52 am   #14Guest

How about Rocky Horror Picture Show?  Not really a scary movie, more a genre all its own.  They played it last night on the new gay cable station LOL!

Nov 02 2006 05:34 am   #15LadyYashka

"SCARY Clowns man, scary clowns... RandiGiles"

You are so right! Clowns are evil!

I won't watch most scary movies. Weird because I want to write horror novels.

I know I'm a big sissy but I don't like them. Nightmare scared me when I was a kid and Poltergeist made me hate clowns and mirrors.(I won't have on in the bed room) The movie "It" just reinforced my hatred of clowns. Though anyone with a hatred of clowns should watch Scary Movie 2. =)

My favorite movies in that genre, even though their not scary, are Evil Dead 2 and Army of Darkness. I only watched about 30 minutes of The Sixth Sense. I figured the whole surprise twist out and turned the TV off. I might watch the whole thing one day. I did like "Stir of Echoes" though. It's one of my favorite movies and I love good vampire movies.

Before my husband and I got married he talked me into watching the TV mini-series "The Shining." We got to the part where you find out what the lady in the bath tub did to the little boy when he went into that room. I made him turn it off. =)


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Nov 02 2006 06:40 am   #16ZoeGrace

"Stir of Echoes" is a vampire movie?

Nov 02 2006 07:02 am   #17LadyYashka

"Stir of Echoes" is a vampire movie?"

No. Guess I didn't make myself very clear huh? =)

It's about a guy who gets hypnotized and starts to see this dead girl in his house.

Tomorrow may be hell, but today was a good writing day, and on the good writing days nothing else matters. — Neil Gaiman
Nov 02 2006 09:28 pm   #18ZoeGrace

hahaha ok.  I thought Man, where was I.  Obviously I have not seen this movie lol.

Nov 03 2006 07:00 pm   #19Guest

My idea of scary films is the original Bad Seed or the two Turn of the Screw films - both films work with contrasting the theme of innocent children with evil inner beings.  While Lord of the Flies might not fit into supernatural or horror genre, it also has to be one of the best scary films ever.

Nov 03 2006 08:04 pm   #20TwilightChild

  I like the movie 'The Others'.  It wasn't really scary at all to me, but it seemed like a real good ghost story. 
 I agree that the scariest movies aren't the monster or gory or slasher ones.  The scariest stories come from things you can't see or can't understand.  The minute you can actually see whatever it is you're supposed to be afraid of is the minute you can start conquering your fear. 

Nov 04 2006 03:20 am   #21The Space Between

I'm a bit demented as I love horror movies. I like the ones that basically mess with your mind because once you get your imagination working for you (or would it be against you), it keeps the scare factor going long after the movie is over.

Hmm. Just recently saw The Grudge, which was more disturbing than scary, but still...bonus points for making me all nervous. I just watched The Fog last night and I was pretty disappointed. It was a good idea, but not written very well. Overall, there are a few movies that scared the crap out of me.

One was Stephen King's It. I was a nosy brat when I was a kid and snuck out of bed and watched it sitting in the hallway (it led out into the living room). After that it was like SCREW YOU CLOWNS! I still don't like'em.

Another was Cujo (another Stephen King book turned movie). Maybe is was because our neighbor down the street had a St Bernard that always seemed like it was gonna eat us. Not really a horror-horror type movie...kinda more low-key and again with the eeep! factor.

I have to say, the movie that really scared the crap out of me as a kid and still as an adult was The Amityville Horror. I watched the original (thinking about checking out the newer releases just to see how they compare) and have to say YIKES! It's an adaptation of a true story (which ups the EEK factor) and the house it happened in is still standing and some kind of landmark or tourist attraction now.

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Nov 04 2006 04:26 am   #22Guest
The minute you can actually see whatever it is you're supposed to be afraid of is the minute you can start conquering your fear.

That was pretty deep TwlightChild.

Nov 04 2006 12:28 pm   #23ZoeGrace

The Amityville Horror didn't happen.  it was a hoax, those people changed their stories several times.  And several ridiculous sequels were made in both book and movie form.

Basically two people bought a house they couldn't afford, got in over their head, got a bit freaked out by a few easily explainable things and then started yelling evil ghosties.  Once they made the talk show circuit and realized they had a little gold mine and a book deal, they just got out of control.  

But it's total and complete BS that has been debunked many times. 

Nov 04 2006 07:52 pm   #24TwilightChild

   Why ty ^_^

  But basically, an example of what I mean:  Take the movie 'The Boogey Man' as an example.  Now when the movie started it actually had some potential.  The idea wasn't the most original, of course, but for the first half of the movie things happened fast, and they were intense.  You didn't really know what was happening to these people that were just disappearing.

  But then the villian himself had to make an appearance, and the minute you actually see his face all the fear instantly faded, and it wasn't there for the rest of the movie either.

Nov 10 2006 05:05 pm   #25The Space Between

Neat...thx for the update Zoe. Just goes to show you how much I follow up on horror movies.

Still...the damn movie scares the crap out of me. ^^

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