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Pimping LJ community!

Oct 09 2006 10:22 am   #1Always_jbj

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If you love the worlds of Buffy and Angel and the amazing characters that Joss created in those worlds; if you love them for their complexities, their strengths, their weaknesses and the incredible depths of character that they were given—then you will enjoy this community.

Aim from the heart
Some will love and some will curse you, baby
You can go to war
But only if you have to 

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Jan 10 2007 09:22 pm   #2The Space Between

Hey hun, I linked this site on my new BtVS/AtS community!

~*~ The Powers offer no sympathy for the way things are...Human deeds are left in human hands. It's what one does with what's left that makes any difference ~*~ Jenny Calander as created by HollyDB