Going to Tell by Spikez_tart

07/03/2011 06:07 am
Going to Tell         
I LOVED this story! Lots of humor and emotion and a fantastic Buffy voice! My favorite part: Buffy's long monologue about making the secrety stuff not so secrety, etc. I really thought it was a great take on Buffy's inner and outer voices. And a happy ending too? Yay!!!

08/21/2010 12:28 am
Going to Tell         
How did you come up with those incredible flavors of donuts?
I just think up all kinds of trendy things, then add in the thing that would taste the worst. 

06/02/2010 06:41 pm
Going to Tell         
Great story!  I especially liked Spike's “Maybe we should skip right to the kissing?” when Buffy was being her usual muddle headed self.

07/24/2009 02:29 am
Going to Tell         
Loved it!! The postcard to Giles was the kicker... almost fell off my chair I was laughing so hard!
Thanks Guest - I know I was stretching to think that Buffy would actually write anything. 

05/28/2009 07:02 pm
Going to Tell         

"They'll spawn a herd of goats"  Is that an original Buffsterism? I like it and hope it's cool for me to use it.  As an Appalachian, I'm always up for a new metaphor.   I LOVE Anya! She's the coolest of the
female demons.   Thanks for writing her in. "Spike didn't kill anybody we know. Lately". Great line.  "...burst out like dust errupting from a vampire's dead heart  "I don't think there's enough room for me to tell you how much I like this:  "Spike...makes all the decisions...he tells me...which body paerts...how long...he tells me when to cum & I do!"Definitely too many donuts, Buffy!


Hi de kinfolk!  My family is from Harrodsburg Kentucky and I was born in Louisville.  (Stuck up here in Yankee land Chicago now.)  Buffy does say (when she gets her SAT scores) that she knows Giles will have a goat.  I added the rest, but feel free to borrow.  Buffy may need to get that sugar binge under control.  Thanks so much for reading and reviewing.

03/03/2009 03:22 pm
Going to Tell         

01/29/2009 04:24 am
Going to Tell         
I just adored this fic. So funny. And man, those were some crazy donut flavors.
Thanks so much.  I'm doing snack foods in the next story (after Tin Bird - a shamelessly angsty piece.)  Appreciate the review.

01/15/2009 07:34 pm
Going to Tell         
sweet read, even without the donuts. thank you.
Thanks Vladt - I'll bring back some nummy treats in the next story. 

12/20/2008 04:29 am
Going to Tell         
 This is some of the best Buffyspeak I've read in a fanfic.  Good job capturing the characters! Even Buffy was believable.  Usually fanfics get the characters all wrong, but you were spot on with most of them.  The only one that needed some improvement was Xander.  He really didn't seem like Xander to me.
Thanks Guest - I wrote this one a long time ago, so maybe Xander wasn't firmly in my mind.  I was thinking more of the Xander who was talking to Buffy right before Warren shoots her and less of the Xander who upbraids Buffy for sleeping with a mass murderer.  Thanks for the review.

12/17/2008 01:08 am
Going to Tell         
that was great.
Thanks A.  Appreciate the review

undead girl
12/14/2008 06:19 pm
Going to Tell         

Very nice and warming. Kept me smiling all along...

Thanks undead.  I love getting reviews.

12/11/2008 06:24 am
Going to Tell         
NICE - very neatly done - I LOVE IT -
Thanks NM  I appreciate the review.

12/11/2008 04:33 am
Going to Tell         
That was one of the funniest things I've ever read. Seriously, I wanted to start highlighting all of my favorite lines, but that turned out to be every other sentence...

Loved it. Hope to read more from you
Thanks Dee.  Hold your highlighter for the next one. 

12/11/2008 02:43 am
Going to Tell         
This was fun! 
Thanks so much for feeding the author.

12/10/2008 12:11 am
Going to Tell         
Awww... OMG, i absolutely loved this!!! I could imagine Buffy saying all of those things in her head and the secrety secret bit was soooo funny! wow, great fic! =]

Thanks so much.  The secret canyons of Buffy's brain are always a fun place to delve into.

12/09/2008 05:57 pm
Going to Tell         
Great, i loved it. That should have happend on the show!.
Well, except for the nasty donuts. Do they actually have those flavours in America or did you just make them up?. Yuck, yuck.

I wouldn't totally rule out those flavors in California.  A nice coconut, maple, raspberry with macadamia nuts and bubble gum flavor chips would really hit the spot!  Thanks for reviewing.

12/09/2008 10:40 am
Going to Tell         
 Cute- the donut flavors cracked me up.
Thanks for reviewing.  There could be a whole new trend in donuts.

12/09/2008 08:54 am
Going to Tell         
Oh! I know, she could go up and take a shower, and he could come, too. Just to hear the "I love you stuff", you understand. And then, they'd both have nice, clean, sweet smelling memories of when, where and how. It's brilliant!

This was lovely. I think my favorite phrase was "Real Contention Boneage". Heh!

Thanks, Reb.  Then they could share a tasty donut!

12/09/2008 01:02 am
Going to Tell         
Big ol' pile of AAAAWWWWWW

Oh oh, I've slipped into the heartwarming zone. OHHHHH NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!  Thanks for reviewing.

12/09/2008 12:06 am
Going to Tell         
Sweet.....I liked t.

Thanks Jane.

12/08/2008 08:34 pm
Going to Tell         
Aaaw, this was so much fun! Cuteness overload. Very perky and Buffy-ish Thank you for this spot of sunshine!

Thanks for reviewing and I'm glad you liked it.

12/08/2008 08:16 pm
Going to Tell         
Very cute story..Just remind me Never to ask you to pick-up donuts..
(This donut has buttercream, carob and carrot spice tofu pulp in the middle)Can I just say EWWWW..lol

Can I just mention the pineapple, carmel, pumpkin pie spice with hot cinnamon dots?  Thanks for reviewing.

12/08/2008 06:47 pm
Going to Tell         
Ahhhh, cute story and how it very well could have been in a better world!

Buffy and Spike together would be a better world.

12/08/2008 04:06 pm
Going to Tell         
Sweet stuff. I like it 
Thanks A.  Appreciate the review.

12/08/2008 12:32 pm
Going to Tell         
awwwww. A nice story to wake up to (at 12.30 pm). Loved Buffy's babbling in the middle and the end was just cute.
Thanks Shiko.  Stay tuned for my next big crazy story.

12/08/2008 07:43 am
Going to Tell         
Awww...I love the fluffy!  & I think Willow totally owes Buffy a fresh, new doughnut.
Yes, I'm thinking a vanilla, marmalade, with Heath Bar chips and those little silver balls that nobody knows what they're made out of.  Thanks for reviewing.

Randi Giles
12/08/2008 07:14 am
Going to Tell         
Your flavor combinatios are gonna give me nightmares.........however "Corpse of Iniquity" is gonna have me rollin for days!
Those flavors were fun.  Thanks for reviewing.  And laughing.

12/08/2008 03:50 am
Going to Tell         
Cute story.  You have very imaginative donut flavors.  I love that Xander was the reasonable one.
Repulsive flavors, too.  Thanks for taking the time to review.

12/08/2008 03:42 am
Going to Tell         
Oh, I loved this!  Exceptional.
Thanks so much for reviewing.

12/08/2008 03:31 am
Going to Tell         
Cute adn funny very aww worthy . I liked a lot.

Thanks, fang.  I don't usually do the Awww stuff.

12/08/2008 03:29 am
Going to Tell         
I love it. You've got Buffy's hesitations, her internal monologue and ramblespeak perfect.
Thanks for reviewing.  Glad you liked it.

12/08/2008 01:28 am
Going to Tell         
Hee! I smiled all the way through this.
Thanks S - Buffy just has to be fun.

12/08/2008 12:08 am
Going to Tell         
Sweet fun.
Thanks for reviewing.

12/07/2008 08:46 pm
Going to Tell         
awwww! that was cute and hilarious all at the same time! I LOVE IT! especially the part with the donuts... and then the secret speech-y thing that buffy says to spike. that was hilarious! no guy could ever follow that! yay for the gang being supportive! oh, i bet giles will have a heart attack when he gets that postcard!!! LOL!
Thanks Dram - glad you liked it.  Not sure Einstein could understand the secret speech.