Pieces of Me by xaphania

11/03/2009 07:59 pm
Chapter Eight         
Thanks for the nice story!  Your humor had me laughing out loud at times--like the line about stuffed toys being a good weapon against Barney!  The idea of an imaginary friend who isn't really imaginary was really unique!  That is what drew me to the story.  Didn't we all have one when we were little, and now that we are adults when we play in our minds with new plots for Spike and Buffy series aren't we each recreating them as imaginary friends for ourselves?  Anyway, the premise deserves an entire forum thread discussion!  Well done!

09/09/2009 08:05 am
Chapter Eight         
Awww. Sweet ending after all that action. This is a fun fic with a nice, open resolution. Ned really did smooth out lots of issues less painfully than Joss did. ;-}
Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed

09/06/2009 09:48 pm
Chapter Eight         
Nicely done! I had imagined Ned at the wedding or something...but all in all, a very nice fic!
Thank you! Glad you enjoyed

09/06/2009 08:20 pm
Chapter Eight         
Fun story - still wish you'd let the spell go through. 
Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it, and thank you for reviewing throughout

09/06/2009 08:09 pm
Chapter Eight         
"find that support somewhere else"- do tell!!!
a sequel will be nice!!!
and again love the idea of the story very refreshing!
Thank you! I don't think there will be a sequel, I mostly wanted to leave the fic on that hopeful note. Thanks for reviewing, I'm glad you enjoyed the story and concept.

09/06/2009 08:12 pm
Chapter Seven         

Her eyes were all shifty and narrow. - excellent Anya.  Very exciting although I wish you were going to run with it and not end it in the next chapter. 

Thank you! Anya's fun to write I'm glad you're enjoying the fic! This was kind of an experiment for me, to see if I was capable of writing more than one-shots. Now I know I can (and it's not too painful!), any future fics will probably be longer.

09/06/2009 01:40 am
Chapter Seven         
Loved every word! I really loved how Anya knew who he was and asked if her hair was okay! Each chapter shows improvement, and the plot gets better and better!
Thank you! I'm happy you're enjoying Hope that the final chaper won't disappoint!

09/05/2009 07:58 pm
Chapter Seven         
no bring her back!!!!!!!
cant wait for more!!!
Hee, you'll see exactly what happened in the next chapter. Thanks for the review!

09/06/2009 08:05 pm
Chapter Six         
fun Dawn and Buffy chapter.  It was a little too easy though for Buffy to get Dawn to come around.
Thanks for your review I didn't want to spend too long on Dawn's kleptomania as that wasn't the focus of the fic, but I'll bear your comments in mind for the future.

09/04/2009 12:37 am
Chapter Six         
I really love how I don't have to wait too long between chapters! I loved seeing Ned be, well, Ned with the singing. That was great! I also liked how he was trying to help with Willow, although it backfired. Good to see that he helped with Dawn too and Buffy is being proactive about that! Telling Dawn about being in heaven seemed a little anticlimatic, I would suggest devoting just a few more lines/emotions/thoughts for next time. I really hope that if Willow doesn't clean up her act, Buffy will at least start asking for rent (another thing I thought the series should have done). Any scenes with Buffy at the job? Maybe with Spike watching her? And has Giles left yet? Keep up the fabulous job!
Thanks for your review! I'll bear your comments in mind when writing in the future I'm glad you're still enjoying this!

09/03/2009 03:47 am
Chapter Five         
a fully-clothed Spike - okay that was just plain disappointing.  Good chapter
Hee! Well, he was naked for a bit Thanks for the review, I'm glad you liked!

09/02/2009 04:41 pm
Chapter Five         
Very nice chapter. I always wondered why Buffy didn't do something with a gym or karate instructor or something. Keep up the good work!
Yes, she would have been more suited to that than flipping burgers. Thanks for the review!

09/01/2009 04:01 pm
Chapter Four         
LOVED the new chapter! Seems pretty appropriate that demons would know about Imaginary Friends. Why hasn't Fred been around? Giving her some space to let things happen? Or to figure out that she needs him? I hope there isn't a demon trying to kill Imaginary Friends! Although, that would be an interesting subplot...Things seem to be moving right along too (friend wise and giles wise). Will Fred be able to help Buffy save the wedding? Are Spuffy smoochies to appear soon? Great chapter, cant' wait for the next!
Ned's realised he needs to give her a bit of space after what happened Thanks for reading and reviewing, I'm glad you're liking!

08/31/2009 11:38 pm
Chapter Three         
Ned is crazy!
keep up the good work!
He's just a little bit mad, yep Thanks for the review!

08/31/2009 06:21 am
Chapter Three         
I really like where you're headed with this! Will OMWF make an appearance in a chapter?
Thanks so much! I didn't include OMWF, the events of the season take a turn in upcoming chapters...

08/31/2009 03:32 am
Chapter Three         
LOL - Ned should be more careful around younger viewers. 
Hee, definitely! Thanks for the review!

08/31/2009 06:17 am
Chapter Two         
I'm really liking it...
Thank you, I'm glad you are

08/31/2009 01:50 am
Chapter Two         
Oh no, she threw Spike out by accident.  The professional friend is totally on to her.  Poor Buffy.
That's just the beginning of the misunderstandings. Thanks for reviewing!

08/30/2009 12:03 pm
Chapter Two         
That was fun - poor Spike!

08/30/2009 08:35 am
Chapter Two         
aww never say that it couldn't get worst!!
love the story by the way!  great idea so so funny!
When you say that, it will always get worse! Thanks for the review, I'm glad you're enjoying it

09/02/2009 06:08 am
Chapter One          
Oh this is too clever!  And how funny!  I love this dialogue
Get ready for a long stay,” Buffy said.

“I’m starting to realise that,” Ned frowned. “I knew I should have taken the mass murderer in Kansas City.”

I have to admit that when I first saw the summary on the "updates" page, it sounded crazy so I didn't go hurry to read it.  But now that I have finished chapter 1, I'm hooked.  Now I will definitely hurry to read each new chapter you post! 
I'm glad that you changed your mind about reading! Thanks for the great review, I'm happy you're enjoying it so far

08/31/2009 06:13 am
Chapter One          
I'm intrigued...
I'm glad you're intrigued!

08/31/2009 01:46 am
Chapter One          
“Why do I always go for the loony ones?”   LOL - very funny chapter.
Thank you!