Revenant by dreamweaver

11/17/2016 11:06 am
Chapter 6         
Perfect follow up

12/01/2013 03:16 am
Chapter 6         
I'm so glad you liked it! Thank you! I'm really fond of this story.

04/27/2013 07:57 am
Chapter 6         

I like how you resolved the series history for this Buffy and the alternate dimension Spike - it's a good solution.  Been a pleasure reading your work again.

Some people wanted each dimension’s Buffy and Spike to end up together, but for me it having the cross-dimensional pairs together made more sense, for the reasons I mentioned at the end of ‘Revenant’.  I’m so glad you liked the story!  I’m very fond of it.

04/07/2013 11:41 pm
Chapter 6         
Great Story
I'm always nervous when I write a sequel, but this one worked out pretty well. Thank you for liking it!

05/22/2010 12:20 am
Chapter 6         
Oh I'm so glad she got to keep 'her' Spike! Because he really was her Spike, loved the way you put together a Buffy without all the damage and badness of season six and a Spike who knew how to avoid all the things that made her that way. Also loved the resolution of the other story but I didn't comment there so I'll do so here. Beautiful tales, both of them.
Oh, thank you!  I'm so glad you liked them!  I'm very fond of how this pair of stories worked out.

09/26/2009 01:42 am
Chapter 6         
He finally got to save her!!  And what a fantastic idea - that she needed this Spike, and he needed her, and viceversa for the other dimension.

After Spike's 'Every night I save you', I really wanted him to have that.  And I'm so glad you think these pairs belong together the way they ended up!  I think they match, but some people had problems

spuffy chick
09/22/2009 10:00 pm
Chapter 6         
loved it...loved it....LOVED IT!
Thank you!  I'm so glad you liked it!

09/18/2009 11:41 pm
Chapter 6         
excellent tale. thank you. enjoyed that both buffys and spikes found what they needed.
I'm so glad you liked it!  Thank you!  Some people wanted the original pairings, but I thought this suited.

09/18/2009 11:28 pm
Chapter 6         
Love the portal and the non true death solution. Fantastic tale!
Thank you!  This pair of stories was an experiment in mirroring and I'm so glad you think it worked and liked it!

09/15/2009 03:18 pm
Chapter 6         
Great story; even the ending was perfect. The last chapter is the down-fall of some stories. Yay to how Spike saved the day - I kept thinking - but Spike, you have Buffy's blood, too. But I didn't think about how Spike having Glory's blood might save his life. Also getting drained of her blood keptyou from having to explain how Spike kept from killing Angel in the ensuing days,
Oh, that last chapter is always so hard!  Having to resolve everything.  I'm so glad you feel it worked!  And that's exactly why I had the rift drain that power.   Thank you for liking the story!

09/14/2009 11:54 pm
Chapter 6         

Very good story. You're one of my favorite authors. Can't wait for your next story.

Thank you!  Working on the next right now.

09/14/2009 09:36 am
Chapter 6         
Why is it that the stories that I love end so soon and the rubbish ones seem to go on forever...?

Love that you gave Spike the solace that he needed and stopped this Buffy from going through all of the pain of her Mother's death and dying herself et al, and that you sent Angel off with a flea in his ear hopefully realising that he could have had Buffy and now never will.

All I can say is 'More please' - perhaps a quick Epilogue like at the end of season 4 in the series but without the cheeseman LOL...
I never know what to do in epilogues - everything seems to be covered in the story itself, unless it's the two pairs talking to each other, which would be difficult to arrange and would seem artificial.  So I'll leave it the way it is.
I'm so glad you liked it!  It wasn't intended to be a long story, just fluff.  I'm three chapters away from the end of a long story, but a new one has taken possession of me and I'm working on it right now and hope to have it done soon.  Only it's not very politically correct and people may hate it. 

09/14/2009 06:12 am
Chapter 6         
Brava!  Another tour de force.  My only complaint... "It's over..." Oh say it ain't so.  <g>

Also, just a quick "thanks" for taking the time to answer my questions about your writing style.  It was a fascinating read.  Loved the way you explain chapter length.  Maybe _others_ will heed your words. 

There was also one point in which you mentioned, "That all writer's find people fascinating"  and as true as that might be, not all writer's have your innate ability to _really_ see and then put those thoughts to paper. (I'd bet my last dollar you're probably considered very "wise/insightful" amongst your friends.)

Well again, a big "Thank you" for sharing your wonderful talent. 

Thank you for liking my stories!  That 'wise/insightful amongst your friends' made me laugh.  I'm the most horrible introvert and tend to keep my thoughts to myself.  I'm the only romantic one in a family of terribly pragmatic people and got cut up whenever I betrayed even a little of that.  The only place where I show myself is in my stories and it's lovely to have people like and value that.  That's the only place where I'm wise and insightful, except in my head.   It's probably a good thing that most people don't know what I'm really thinking!

09/14/2009 04:09 am
Chapter 6         
awwwww.....they are sooo sweet...lovely..... 
Thank you!  I'm so glad you liked it!

09/14/2009 03:38 am
Chapter 6         
Nice final chapter. I liked that you incorporated the spidery world from Angel, which was always incredibly creepy to me. Nice character bits of everyone. I love a happy ending. *sigh*
I'm so glad you liked it!  Thank you!  I have Season 1 and Season 5 of AtS, but got bored with the whole Darla/Connor/Holst story lines and never followed Seasons 2-4.  Was the spider world in those seasons?  That writer must have found spiders as creepy as I do! 

09/14/2009 01:59 am
Chapter 6         
 That was wonderful! I almost cried when Spike jumped , Scared me so much. i love the ending The right buffy for the right Spike. Great idea. Thank you.
Oh, I'm so glad you liked it!  Thank you!  This was to balance 'Pinch Hitter' - each pair finding the right partner.

09/14/2009 01:44 am
Chapter 6         
That was really nice.  I can't wait to see what you write next.  I'm glad to see some writers still doing non all human stories.
Thank you!  I'm so glad you liked it!  You'll never find me doing an all human story and giving up that whole Vamp/Slayer dynamic.  Without that, it's just another Harlequin.

09/14/2009 01:02 am
Chapter 6         
One word- amazing.
Knew Spike was going to jump through the portal. I always assumed he would have tried to do that in the show if it had been possible. As long as he had the blood, it should have worked. And hey, chances of him dying would have been less- him already being dead and all.
That's right- that's exactly what both the orignial Buffy and Spike needed- the slate wiped clean. I know they loved each other, but there was so much pain there. I mean, I highly doubt that they'd stop caring about the other Buffy/Spike entirely -too much history after all-, but they needed this new one. In my mind I kinda hope Buffy2 somehow gets the message that Spike (this Spike, not the other one- wow this can be confusing lol) is happy. I'd think she'd want to know, just like this Spike would be happy she is.
Anyway, this was a great story. Can't wait until whatever you bring out next!
I too think that he would have jumped on the show, if it would have saved her.
Maybe the PTB will let Buffy2 know somehow.    Thank you for liking it!  I've already got another in the works.  But it's going to be so not politically correct and people may hate it.  But the stories write themselves; I don't really control them.

09/18/2009 11:19 pm
Chapter 5         
buffy is having some difficulty in understanding spike will do anything in his power to spare her. very good read, thank you. love the last line.
Thank you!  Yes, she's still having trouble - the Scoobs really have a problem with killing humans.  A good thing usually, but not in this case.

09/15/2009 03:13 pm
Chapter 5         
     Loved this chappie! Buffy's conversation with Angel was not over-the-top, but only as angry as he forced her to be. I was sad to see that Buffy couldn't understand why Spike had to kill Ben, but then she hadn't had to fight Glorificus yet, so it's understandable.
That's exactly what I thought - she isn't really aware of how dangerous Glory was.

09/13/2009 07:23 pm
Chapter 5         
Very exciting! I loved the giggling Giles, and super-juiced Spike. Buffy has hit on something important, when she asks:

Is it a vamp thing, that despite your souls the only solution either of you can find is to kill?

Good stuff.
It begged the question.  I should explore that in some story - it might be interesting.  I'm so glad you're liking this!  Thank you!

09/13/2009 02:24 pm
Chapter 5         

So what, by killing Glory, Spike opened the portal anyway? Or maybe it's open in another dimension, or maybe Buffy2's dropping by to say hi? Can't wait fo find out. Love the "Angel's an ass" you've got going here.

Not a fan of Angel's, as you can see.   Thank you for liking it!

09/13/2009 01:17 am
Chapter 5         
Of course it's not going to be that easy. It's never that easy.
Go Spike! Taking out Glory like that! And then not caving in about killing Ben.
Why is is such a difficult concept to get? Kill Ben or all hell breaks loose. The only way is right. And Spike did them a favour- now both Giles and Buffy won't have to live with doing that.
How dare Angel wanna kill Dawn?! Did he really think that suggesting killing her, when, false memories or not, Buffy loves her? Right, because that's going to go over well. That's right Spike, keep protecting your Nibblet.
I'm gald that no one (in theory) is gonna figure out about Dawn- again with less angst to come if it stays secret.
Can's wait for the next (last?) chapter!
You know the Scoobs.  Human are sacred, because of their souls.
And Angel is pragmatic.  He doesn't know or care for Dawn, sees her only as this alien ball of energy.  In canon, Giles wanted to kill Dawn, even though he knew and cared for her, since her one life would save billions.  But neither Spike or Buffy will allow it.

09/13/2009 12:57 am
Chapter 5         
You can't leave us with a totally unexplained cliffhanger like that! And when we had other stuff to deal with, too.

Liked Buffy's thoughts about both Spike and Angel, and what she said to Angel. Poor Spike, though, I think he needs to do more to defend himself to her.

Can't wait to find out what happens next!
He will do more.  Thank you for liking this!

09/18/2009 10:41 pm
Chapter 4         
Loved your reasoning of all the changes Buffy incurred as a result of her being ripped from Heaven. Very heart rending.
So much went wrong because of that.  I'm so glad you're liking it!  Thank you!

09/15/2009 03:09 pm
Chapter 4         
Loved how Buffy compared Spike to Angel by pretty much deciding there was no comparison. Buffy and Angel are too much alike to make it happen as a couple.
Boys in high school & men going to pre-marital counseling should be required to read this fic as a manual!
Yeah, there is no comparison!  Wow, thank you!  I'm so glad you're liking it!

09/12/2009 09:48 am
Chapter 4         
Before I start complimenting you on another _fanfrickentastic_ chapter there's a couple of things...: 

First, I'm not sure if anyone has every mentioned this, but I just gotta tell you, how much I appreciated the length of your chapters.  They are like a meal onto itself and there are only a handful of writers who actually flesh out their stories. (Usually the ones who win awards.) 

And second, I'm curious.  Can you give us some insight on how you 'write' your stories.  Do you outline, or just let it flow? And have you always written or did you "pick up the pen" to defend Spike? <G> 

Alright back to the regularly scheduled program:  Like the others have commented season 6 was the pits, but your Buffy's voice is sheer perfection.  (Are you or have you ever been a psych major?)  You nailed so much of the 'trial and tribulation' poor Spike endured.  I loved how you address the abuse heaped on him.  Someone once wrote out the season with Spike treating Buffy the way she did him.  It was ugly and we would have lynched any man who acted and did the things she did.  It always made me cringe when I heard Geller say, "Buffy was a role model for young girls."  Scary! 

Sorry for the diatribe... your stories always provoke such feelings in us readers... we do go on.

So, once again another great chapter, an I know you have either finished this story or are a ways a head, but please support "our" local vamp and his moral dilemma.  I know 'angst' makes stories more... But I'm gonna campaign to give poor Spike a break.  (Purdy Please)

I've always wanted to write and I'd love to end up published.  Writing Spuffy is to learn how.  My first story was 'Fated' and I wrote it because I wanted Buffy and Spike to get together so badly and canon never allowed it.  I was so uncertain about it that I almost didn't put it up.  But then people liked it and that got me writing more.
Chapter length?  A lot of fic writers write a scene and call it a chapter.  But a chapter is built out of scenes and each chapter should be like a mini-book, rising to a climax.  The climax of each subsequent chapter should hopefully be higher than the one before until the final one that ends and resolves the story.  That's the way published books seem to me.  And stories should always be fleshed out so that readers believe that they could be real!  Anything else cheats the readers.
I wish I could outline, but doing that kills the story for me.  I usually have a vague idea of where things should go and just start writing.  And I have to write from start to finish, because only the story knows where it's going and does what it wants.  I think my subconscious does the plotting.  This is not the proper way to write!   I can get a huge block and lose days before I realize that, hey, that should have been through Buffy's point of view or why am I wasting time with Dracula when Glory would make a better villain?  Very unhandy, but it's the only way that works for me.
I'm not a psych major, but like all writers I find people fascinating.  And I completely empathize with Spike and hate how canon treated him.  All the stories are wish fulfillments 
I did warn that this one was going to be a little angsty.  But, hey, hopeless romantic here.  Have I ever let you guys down? 

09/12/2009 02:35 am
Chapter 4         
 You're making me cry here. 
Perfect!   I'm so glad you're liking it!

09/12/2009 01:05 am
Chapter 4         

It's offical- I love your Buffy. She's understanding and open and nice...everything she never was in the show.
All the internal Spike thoughts make me so sad . When he's all 'I was a monster' is make me want to give him a big hug and tell him he's not. Thank God you have your Buffy doing that. Again, it's nice for a change.
And I'm glad Spike's getting what he needs- that sense of absolution. He deserved that a long time and never got it. I hate that he went through blaming himself for so much when the blame was on both their shoulders.
Also, the part you mentioned about the whole thing between him and Anya, thank god someone finally sees it the way I do! Xander adn Buffy treated Spike and Anya like crap, break up with/leave at the freaking alter, and then freak out when they have comfort sex with someone who understands. They gave up their rights to have any say about who they were with the minute they ended it. There's no excuse for being pissy that they 'moved on'. Not gonna lie, after Entropy I developed a mini love of Spike and Anya as a couple. Still prefer Spuffy, but I think those two were suited to each other and could have made each other happy.
I have many season six issues, that is one of them. Can you tell?
I was wondering when Dawn would show up. Since Spike knows all about Glory now, wonder if anyone'll even have to find out she's the key. That would save some Dawn shaped angst.
And wouldn't have Buffy2 but something in her binder about Ben being Glory, that being the only way to stop her and all? Giles killed him before because it had to be done, so why is it any different for Spike? As horrible as it is, the only way to stop Glory is to kill Ben. Kill Ben, problem solved. Spike's way of thinking is so much easier.
Anyway, can't wait for the next chapter!

I think everyone has issues about Season 6.  I spent the whole of it wanting to whack Buffy (and Xander) over the head with a two by four.  Totally agree with what you say.
Glory's spell about no one being allowed to retain the memory that she is Ben is still in effect in this dimension since she hasn't died here yet.  Only Spike is immune, as he always was.  And the Scoobs always have problems about killing humans.  I agree with Spike, like you do, but they don't.
I'm so glad you're liking this!  Thank you!

09/12/2009 12:08 am
Chapter 4         
Love love love it!!!  Update soon.
Thank you!  Next chap up tomorrow.

09/18/2009 10:08 pm
Chapter 3         
buffy is a quick study. did not expect such a rapid apology. beautiful chapter, thank you.
The binder has made her think and she's learning.   I'm so glad you're enjoying it!

09/14/2009 10:16 pm
Chapter 3         
Not fair! Buffy has everything!  "Her whole body flamed into white heat."  *sigh* Great story line; excellent smut!
Thank you!  Those scenes are at once the most fun and the hardest scenes to write.  After fourteen stories, it's hard not to repeat oneself.

09/11/2009 04:39 pm
Chapter 3         
Buffy smartened up several notches LOL! Beautifully written.
Thank you!  I'm so glad you're liking it!

09/11/2009 10:20 am
Chapter 3         
That had to be the sexiest Spuffy I've read... Not helped by reading it at work LOL!

I love this combination; Buffy before she got so cynical and hard, and Spike ensouled and loving.  All I can say is Wow - and ask how many more chapters that I can look forward to... 
Oh, thank you!  Three more chapters.  I'm so glad you like it!

09/11/2009 07:35 am
Chapter 3         
Gee, Buffy's a quick study this time around. I'm glad Spike didn't play too hard to get, though.

Fun chapter.
She's got that binder.   And can you see Spike ever turning Buffy down?  I'm glad you're liking it!

09/11/2009 06:38 am
Chapter 3         

You’re the best. The brightest and the bravest and the most beautiful. A shining light. *sigh* Spike sure knows how to make a girl feel special, doesn't he? Of course, that's really you writing while channeling him, but I can seem him saying something like that.

Hmm, they don't love each other but they want each other? Isn't that still under using?? And i think Spike would love Buffy no matter what version he came across. Besides, where she's at right now is when he first realized he loved her isn't it? Or not yet?

Grrr! I hate that he settles all the time with her! I know he can only take what she offers but it still sucks! And 'clawed at his taut ass'? *snort* It's a good thing about the vampire healing or it's gonna hurt to sit down. *crackles in delight*

Great chapter!! Really loving the story!

He's not saying it for effect - that's the way he sees her.  And that 'they don't love each other'?  That's Buffy talking, not Spike.  Because you're quite right - she's what he first loved.  You've anticipated me by three chapters.
Bites and scratches are only a stimulus to a vamp, right?  And he does heal fast. *grin*
I'm so glad you're enjoying this!  Thank you!

09/11/2009 06:27 am
Chapter 3         
> Transformation was Spike’s middle name. from Future Shock, I know this to be deceptive and false. Yes, some people have a greater capacity for, and need for, change than others. However, all people need constancy in some area of their lives to thrive, whether it be work or friends or family or geography. Spike's constancy was Drusilla and then Buffy. And ironcially enough, Angel. Of course, Angel himself had radically different constancies and his self-delusions were one of them. It sure as hell wasn't people since he took them and discarded them at will.
Future Shock is about too much change in too short a period of time, right?  Spike's own change is always balanced - he adapts and transforms, but only to what he needs.  He is as fluid as water, but like water keeps his own essential nature.  He changes, but never leaves, constant to the things he loves.  Angel abandons Dru and Buffy; Spike never does.  In BTVS, Spike's arc over Seasons 2 to 7 is one great arc of change, of movement towards redemption.  Transfiguration.
He's the Fool in the Tarot deck, the spirit in search of experience, having the ability to tune into the inner workings of the world, often representing the flesh, the sensitive life.  Dancing on the edge of the abyss, he represents change, recklessness and the human spirit's journey.
Without change, one ceases to grow, becomes essentially dead.  Static, like Angel.  Spike's the chaos figure, always causing trouble, but always growing and adapting.  Life should be his middle name and I wanted to use that, but it wouldn't have suited the context.

09/11/2009 04:29 am
Chapter 3         
  Thank you!

09/11/2009 03:49 am
Chapter 3         
Be still my heart- is that Buffy being the one to start up the 'we need to talk and figure things out' conversation? I never thought I'd see that day.
I like how you showed that they could still have the rough sex (which lets face it, that was hot on the show even if it was depressing) but it didn't have to be horrible. That's what the show always seemed to say to me- anything that didn't fall into the 'nice' category of sex (rough, bondage, etc) was 'bad', 'wrong' and 'destructive'. Yes it was in the show, but you just showed it doesn't have to be.
Anyway, let's hope this Buffy doesn't go all 'Wrecked' Buffy the next morning (on a side note, did you ever find it bleakly ironic that Buffy played the Angelus role the morning after to Spike?)
Can't wait for more!
I wanted to show that this Buffy is not damaged and doesn't need to duck discussing things. 
The show seemed to say that only the missionary position is permissible and everything else wrong.  I don't agree - anything goes if it's with love and doesn't hurt the partner.  'Her Way' has a bondage scene; 'His Girl' and 'A Different Light' have rear entrance; almost all my stories have rough.  And, yeah, I noticed that irony too.  She was as cruel as Angelus.  But the show never admitted that she was ever hurting or abusing Spike.  He didn't have a soul, did he?  He deserved it.  Yeah right.
I'm so glad you're enjoying this!

09/11/2009 03:21 am
Chapter 3         
What can I say?  Loved the I think this story is great give me more.
I'm so glad you liked it!  Thank you!  More will be up tomorrow.

09/11/2009 12:58 am
Chapter 3         
Spike just liked to fight, even against impossible odds and especially when the outcome was in doubt, the fact that he could die proving that he was alive.  To a TEE!  Even Angel made the comment in Damage that it was never about evil for Spike, it was the fight, the challenge.

WHWOA  HOT!  No disappointment here either.  By the way...I had the "back of my mind" thought that the two Spikes should have their OWN Buffy somehow but I think I like this match up better.  Buffy2 and unsouled Spike AND Buffy and souled Spike  have no history of anger, violence and all that hurt to pop up and ruin the loving.  I think all four can be happy right where they are.    YUMMY!

Two chapters in one day.  I feel spoiled (but sadly not as satisfied as Buffy LOL).

That's what I thought too - no history of pain between either pair, all of that wiped out by the switch.  I'm so glad you agree!

09/25/2009 11:34 pm
Chapter 2         
Could be interesting seeing how Spike handles going back to the girl after being with the woman.  And how long before Buffy wants this Spike to want her and not Buffy2??
With Buffy2's binder explaining things and this Spike having a soul, not long. 

09/18/2009 09:46 pm
Chapter 2         
now that's as she was.  wonder how long it will take her to figure it out. very good read, thank you.
She still has experience only of the unsouled Spike and hasn't made the adjustment to a souled Spike and is scared of what he makes her feel.  I'm so glad you're liking it!

09/15/2009 03:06 pm
Chapter 2         
It was refreshing to see Buffy realize that Willy the bartender was trying to cause trouble by telling her about Spike going home w/ a Brachen gal. But she gets back to her old self when she gets mad at him for helping her w/ the poisonous demon.
Buffy knows Willy.  She got mad at Spike not for helping, but because he was trying to protect her and that made her have feelings towards him, scared her.  Scared Buffy always hits out.

09/11/2009 04:04 pm
Chapter 2         
Stupid immature Buffy!! Well some things never change...LOL
This Spike is completely new to her.  The one she knows is the lethal, antagonistic Spike of Season 4.  She's shook and that always makes her hit out.

09/10/2009 09:50 pm
Chapter 2         
She really has no idea how to deal with Spike does she?  Comes across as ungrateful but that isn't it...she is confused.  She's dealing with a complete unknown and it unnerves her. 

Buffy didn’t need anyone to take her into the light. She was light.  So correct!  That whole "need someone normal" was rot and Angel giving up the chance to be her normal guy in IWRY proves that even HE knew it!

Once, for all too short a time, she had seen him as a man, not a monster. But after they had started that disastrous liaison of theirs, she had seen him only as a monster. He had wanted her to see him as a man again OH this is THE perfect explanation for how the demon interpreted Spikes, "Make me what I was"!  Nothing in canon made sense of it.  He didn't want to be human.  He NEVER was a souled vampire before. Joss swears that the intent was always for a soul so it didn't mean remove the chip (and really if that's what Spike wanted all he needed was a doctor!) so it made little sense until this  insight here.  YES!  To have her see him as a man like before they started the sex and the only way was to come back with a soul.  Excellent!!!!!

Poor Spike, he really doesn't think he deserves Buffy's love and so he isn't even going to try to make this one care.  His Buffy made the decision to win the other Spike's love but Spike knows well that Buffy's aren't interchangeable....still he'll protect her to death if needed.

Really loving this story (or pair of stories actually).

Wonderful chapter.
Don't know about Angel knowing that in IWRY.  After all, later he keeps trying to Shanshu.  Personally, I think it was just ego at this point - he couldn't bear to be weaker than she was.  But then I'm not a fan of Angel's.
I truly think that was what Spike meant - to be a man, not a monster.  It was so ambiguous in canon.
And for all his arrogance, Spike always has this amazing humility.  He doesn't think he's worthy.  But we know better.   I'm so glad you're liking this!

09/10/2009 08:45 pm
Chapter 2         
The way he was looking at her felt somehow more dangerous to her than an attack would have been.

Could be, Buffy.

I like her uneasiness. I also think that Willie might end up being a problem. He's so venal and grasping here.

Good chapter.
When isn't Willy venal and grasping?    I'm so glad you're liking this!

09/10/2009 07:20 pm
Chapter 2         
 aww love this story, its hard findind good ones.... i read them 
I'm so glad you're liking it!  Thank you!

time of change
09/10/2009 04:39 pm
Chapter 2         
I'm so glad you revisited this universe you created with Pinch Hitter.  I like the way you show Buffy's ambivalence.
I couldn't leave this Spike dead and Buffy with Riley.    I'm so glad you like it!  Thank you!

09/10/2009 06:34 am
Chapter 2         
Another great chapter.
Oh, poor Spike. You had me near tears when he was thinking how bitter sweet Buffy2's folder was. And then with the him beating up on himself for not going to her once he was solid again. It makes me so sad, knowing that he gets to find out that she finally loved him and no she is quite literally gone forever.
Way to make me cry. lol
My this is Buffy ever a study in contradictions; she's all hey be my partner and then when he does the whole helping out your partner thing, she flips. It sounds like something a child would do actually, kind of like my kid sister. I think I just commented on Buffy (at said point and times) immatureness.
And good point on the whole Angel/ Spike hero/vigilantee. That irked me, considering Angel had just sold himself out to evil incoperated. And yet Spike, going along helping teh helpless and that mission statement, he's a vigilantee, not hero.
And here I thought it was the good guys' job to rise above doulb standards. Apparently not.
Though it is interesting to note that, despite calling him a vigilantee, Wes and Gunn were more than willing to use Spike to their advantage. He was just the only one smart enough to see W&H as bad news.
And I go with what you say; what the HELL was that fight with the senior partners about? Can you say pointless? Way to be an idoit Angel.
Anyway, I think I kinda ranted there. Sorry.
Can't wait for the next chapter!
My rant too!  That vigilante business made me so mad.  I mean, where did they get off with that damn double standard of theirs that both the Fang Gang and the Scoobies keep dumping on Spike!  The 'white hats' were always such hypocrites.
Buffy flips because of the undercurrent.  It makes her nervous that Spike's trying to protect her and the way he makes her feel when he does - and when she's nervous, she always hits out. 
I'm so glad you're enjoying this!  Thank you!

09/10/2009 03:17 am
Chapter 2         
Whoa! lol What was that fight about? Just blew up at him! It's funny! Great chapter! Looking forward to the next one!
That's Buffy fighting her feelings as usual - she knows he saved her from being hurt, plus she was worried about him and didn't want to be.    I'm so glad you're liking this.

09/10/2009 03:16 am
Chapter 2         
 Fab- looking forward to more. Interested to see how you reconsile what happened wit it not happening now that Buffy knows. Did that make sense?  Anyway. can't wait for the next instalment.
It's fun trying to figure out ways to reconcile it.   I'm so glad you're enjoying this!  Thank you!

09/10/2009 02:06 am
Chapter 2         
Can someone one please "spank" Buffy's ungrateful ass. OMG I know she is just a figment, but she gets on my last nerve. 

Great chappy.  Nice tension between the intrepid duo.  Also, love you addressing the dual edge sword poor Spike was forced to lived upon.  Angel = hero Spike = Vigilante  Hell did Angel ever _thank_ Spike for pulling the soul sucker thingie off of him or for anything else?  And don't even get me started on the Scoobs and the Fang gang.  "White hats" my not so little butt. <G>

That got me so PO'd too!  Where did they get off, 'Angel's a hero, but Spike's a vigilante'?  And Angel thank Spike?  Ha!  He kept dismissing him and dumping on him constantly throughout AtS5.  It got me so mad.  Spike does so much and never gets thanked by anybody.  Yeah, don't think much of those 'white hats' either.

08/10/2015 06:11 pm
Chapter 1         
You are the best, my favorite writer in buffy fanfiction, your stories are creative and emotional, wow.....such a talent)))) keep writing, I would like to read more of how it would finish with young Bufy and Spike with the soul)))))

09/25/2009 11:21 pm
Chapter 1         
Ok so I raced here straight from reading "Pinch Hitter" and I gotta say I like where this is going i think!!
Mirroring 'Pinch Hitter', so this one will be a little angsty. 

09/18/2009 09:41 pm
Chapter 1         
seems they both have a lot to think about. very good beginning, thank you.
It's a major adjustment for both of them.  Thank you for liking it!

09/14/2009 09:01 pm
Chapter 1         
     Oh, I never gave a single thout to what would happen if Spike came back from the dead (again!) until I saw the specs for this fic.
I'm so excited! I loved Pinch Hitter!
It didn't seem right to leave this Spike dead and this Buffy all alone.

09/12/2009 02:25 am
Chapter 1         
I thought I might finally review a story I'm reading. Ordinarily I only read completed fics, but, since I've liked virtually every other B/S fic you've ever written, I decided to give this a shot.

Pinch Hitter was a very enjoyable story (I really like time travel/alternate universe/dimension hopping stories). It was right up my ally, and, now, Revenant is too.

Keep up the good work, and know that, even though I might rarely review, I do appreciate all of the work you put into your fanfictions.

Thank you.


Michael (CubedEvil)
I'm so glad you like my work!  Thank you!  And thank you for reviewing - I love knowing who my readers are and that they're enjoying the story!

09/11/2009 03:41 pm
Chapter 1         
What a confusing situation for the both of them... Looking forward to resolutions.
I'm so glad you like it!  The confusion was fun to explore.

09/10/2009 02:38 am
Chapter 1         
> and didn’t even get off when she was sleeping with him. All of which was true, HAHAHA. Ouch! It's one thing for Buffy2 to fling it as an accusation when she's mad. This is something else. You know what I'm thinking? First that with all the heads up in Sunnydale, things are gonna be boring for Buffy. And second, she's got _some_ heads up for Los Angeles too...
Spike's going to be around, sooo I don't think Buffy will be bored. 

09/10/2009 01:25 am
Chapter 1         
I love it al already!
Thank you!  I'm so glad you like it!

09/09/2009 09:34 pm
Chapter 1         
Oh yeah!  This will be so very very good.  I look forward to seeing where you take this.  I'm glad "our" Spike is back in the mix.  He earned it.

He had never flinched from any ugly thing the Initiative had demanded of him. Even the time he had helped rescue Oz was when he had realized Oz was Buffy’s friend; the cruelties done to Oz and other demons hadn’t bothered him until then.  You KNOW my feelings on this and I could kiss you for spelling it out.  You ROCK!

Excellent and I am always excited when  you put out another story.

I really despise Riley and I agree with everything you said about him.  'Revenant' is going to be a little contemplative, exploring things.  I hope people don't find it slow after the fluff and fun of 'Pinch Hitter', but the other side of the coin, right?   I'm so glad you're enjoying it so far!

09/09/2009 09:12 pm
Chapter 1         
yay, you're back! With a sequel! Looking forward to more of this.
Thank you!  More coming tonight.

09/09/2009 08:11 pm
Chapter 1         
“There’ve been some changes made,” she said uncomfortably. “You’re different, I’m different. Guess we’ll have to get used to each other."

Oh, yes, please! This is a great start, very supple. Can't wait for more.
Thank you!  I was worried that having to recap a bit might make it a little slow, but it seems to have worked out.  I'm so glad you like it!

09/09/2009 04:10 pm
Chapter 1         
I really liked "pinch hitter" so I can't wait to read more of this one!
Thank you!  This one's not as fluffy as 'Pinch Hitter', but it'll be sweet.

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Chapter 1         
Hurray! Another story! Already!! This is going to be great! Yeah feel kinda bad that Spike didn't get the other Buffy after everything they'd been through, but at least with this Buffy he won't have to deal with her bitchy-ness...well no more than she usually is. Great story! Looking forward to more!
I thought so too!  I'm so glad you like it!  Thank you!

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Chapter 1         
Just red the first story.. i realy look forward to seeing how this relationship will go, and whether all will end up in their right timeline amd dimention in the end.. ? Please write more!
Thank you for liking it!  It didn't seem fair to leave this Spike dead at the end of 'Pinch Hitter' so I started writing this story right away.  More coming tonight. 

09/09/2009 12:19 pm
Chapter 1         
*soft sigh*

Oh, this is going to hurt so good, I can't wait.  Brilliant start to a sequel; I'm dying for more!
I'm so glad you like it!  Thank you!  This one's a bit angsty.

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Chapter 1         
Ooooh more of this soon please!  A tale of the other Buffy and Spike is very welcome to all your readers.  Wonderful beginning.
Thank you!  I'm so glad you like it!  Next chapter will be up tomorrow. 

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Chapter 1         
May the "Happy Snoopy Dance" of joy begin!  Such is the law of the land when your name appears next too a story title.  (Such a small homage for big returns.)

And as always, we love to see your spectacular "twist-of-the-wrist" or is it "sleight-of-hand" magic when you give us both sides of the proverbial  coin.  Yes... There have been a few tales along these lines (swapped dimensions), but you have given it a breath and scope all it's own, (an it's only the first chappy.)

Besides who doesn't love a good dimension jumping or time traveling story.  I say, "Bring it on sister!"  Looking forward too lots more.

I couldn't leave this Spike dead and this Buffy without him around!    And I love playing with dimensions and time travel - it's such fun!

09/09/2009 09:42 am
Chapter 1         
It's offical- you're my fav author on here.
I'm excited to see how this one will come out.
I'm not gonna lie, I feel bad that Spike's got switched just because I know that Buffy2 and Spike2 would have been happy to be together, but this has it's advantages too. Like no baggage on one side and less hurt. lol
And I love your Buffy here! She actually uses her brain! It's a miracle! I loved that she understood the hugeness that was a demon going for a soul of their own violation. Something canon Buffy never did get through her thick skull (don't mind me- watching season seven last week and I'm in a slap Buffy upside the head mood).
Anyway, love it and can't wait for more!!!
Oh, I'm so glad you like it!  Thank you!  I too got really mad at Buffy in Season 7 when she didn't understand exactly what he had done for her.