Lucky Coin by xaphania

03/16/2013 03:42 pm
Lucky Coin         
Holiday lucky drunkeness!  Warm fuzzies from this one.  Spike is so cute when he's nervous. 

12/02/2010 08:48 pm
Lucky Coin         
oh my goodness, that is one of the best xmas spuffy fics i've ever read. no, probably the best. <3 it, defnitely made my day.

Thanks :-)
05/04/2010 07:29 am
Lucky Coin         

01/10/2010 06:40 pm
Lucky Coin         
Oh, this was sweet and I want some pudding for some reason...
Hee, thanks!

01/10/2010 06:10 pm
Lucky Coin         
I haven't read the story yet - I just had to say, love the banner!!!
Thank you!

12/31/2009 02:56 am
Lucky Coin         
 Lovely Little Tale! I enjoyed

12/17/2009 04:23 am
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Get drunk and then start a fight with your loved ones - LOL, ain't it the truth.  Fun story and loved your banner, too.

12/09/2009 06:51 am
Lucky Coin         
The beginning was fun, the sex kinda came out of nowhere, but was good anyway, and the ending was really sweet.  If the lead up to the sex scene had been a bit more gradual, or Buffy was a bit more drunk then she seemed to be, it would have been better, I think.  Bah!  Why am I complaining? I enjoyed the whole thing.  It's like a sugar cookie.  Light and fun and melts in your mouth.  Well, not my mouth, 'cause I was reading it, but "melts in your eyes" just sounds wrong.  And now I'm rambling.  Actually, I think I started out that way, and just continued on and on and on and ...
Thank you! I just wanted this to be a non-serious piece of Christmassy fluff, hence the coming-out-of-nowhere, LOL. Thanks for reviewing!

12/08/2009 05:00 pm
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A very lovely little piece!
Thank you