Best Bloody Christmas Ever by slaymesoftly

01/03/2013 03:51 pm
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Thank you.

01/02/2013 04:22 am
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Loved it. Hope you'll be writing more, possibly longer, Spuffy fics. You are without a doubt one of my favorite writers. Thank you for the great stories!
Thank you for reading. I'm so glad you enjoyed it.  I'm sure there will be long fics eventually. but short seems to be my rut ATM. :)

12/31/2012 06:35 am
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Awww! This was terrific, and I love how everybody is so understanding of everybody else's foibles. Though the manly posturing between Spike and Dowling -- who we can all agree is a decent guy and a right catch for some gal who isn't lucky enough to have her own Spike -- is my very favorite part. The lack of animosity all around, while still having loads of interesting conflict, is something all too rare in fic. It's sort of Christmasy!
Thank you so much!!!  I really think Buffy (and Spike) can meet and have relationships with other people (who, of course, will never actually take the place of the their "twuu lerves") without those people being demonized in a fic. (unlees they really are demons...)  And Dowling, of course, already was aware of the feelings between Spike and Buffy. Can't blame him for trying if he thinks Spike is gone. :)

12/24/2012 11:14 pm
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Will there be a continuation or a sequel to this? It says 'one shot', but it also says 'not complete' so I'm a bit confused...
Anyway, great story, although I'm not much into the comics, especially season 8.
I'm sorry. Thought I'd gone back and marked it complete. I'm glad you liked it. It just takes place in the world of the comics. I just gave it a Spuffy twist that isn't there in comics canon.

12/20/2012 06:13 pm
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She talks her way into more trouble! She needs a brain to mouth filter.
Trouble? In bed with Spike? We should all be able to talk ourselves into that kind of trouble. :)

12/20/2012 12:23 pm
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Thank you!

12/20/2012 03:51 am
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Great story Slay - loved the Spuffy argument and sayanara Dowling. 

Thanks. Alas, that's not the way the comic is going... although it still might be bye-bye Dowling. We'll see next issue, I guess.

12/20/2012 03:29 am
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They so palpably needed each other!  The best thing about this fic was the dialogue.  Just superb. 
Thank you!