Cousin Arabella by Lilachigh

Thanks. :-)
05/31/2010 05:52 pm
Chp 12 Can you make him happy?         

05/11/2009 10:24 am
Chp 12 Can you make him happy?         
I am so much enjoying reading your work - I read this long time ago - and look forward to the sequel -
 Delighted you enjoyed Arabella.  I love writing about her and Div'vid.  Did you find the sequel -Three for a Secret?   It is on this site.  Do hope you like that one too.  Thank  you for taking the time to write. Much appreciated.

03/28/2009 05:26 am
Chp 12 Can you make him happy?         
I hate Arabella. That means you did a great job developing her character xD

I also loved the sequel! hehe revenge is sweet. Loved the Spuffy development in here and the sequel. Great job!
 Not sure whom I'm talking to as your name didn't come up but so pleased you have met Arabella.  She was a wonderful character to write, although my heart went out to Div'vid every time he appeared on the page!  Will she return again?  Well, I somehow feel she isn't completely gone from the Spuffy world.

BecomingChosenGirl13 (JULIE)
01/13/2008 07:47 pm
Chp 12 Can you make him happy?         
i read this story on BS diaries about a year ago, and i really love it. It was the first i ever read and i think it`s amazing!!. I have a sort off love/hate relaitonship to Arabella, wanting to kick her bum for being a ho towards Buffy, but still loving her for being a new and exiting character. My favorite chapter was "Sixty minutes" as the perv i am, and i really love the way you make Buffy`s fears and insecuraties real. It`s like watching a episode, just reading it (....) with your writing, you make all the characters so real it`s like having them right infront of you. I also like the way you got Arabella to speak of Hope in a very excitng and hidden way, i didn`t catch it the first time i read the story since i`m stupid, but i did now and it was a really cool way to introduce a new plot and character.... Phew!!!, that was a mouthfull....
Thank you for nice long comment. I remember you reading and enjoying Arabella on BSD. Glad you've found her again. Did you get to read Three for a Secret yet? That is the sequel and explains a lot of things.

01/01/2007 06:03 am
Chp 12 Can you make him happy?         
I really enjoyed this. Thanks for the ride.
Glad you enjoyed it. The sequel is about ten chpts long so far. You’ll find it under Three for a Secret and guess who’s baaaaack!

08/19/2006 10:05 am
Chp 12 Can you make him happy?         
That was fun! He is so slayer whipped and he still thinks that Arabella's only was playing with him like they used to when they were young? So glad that you've already started on the sequel. Going to it now. Fantastic fic! Thanks ever so for the read. BFN.
Thank you so much for all the great reviews. A mammoth task, reading and writing about each chapter. Glad you enjoyed the story. Arabella was immensely popular with readers, a vampire they loved to hate. I’ve had people begging me to stake her, but it’s not that easy!

02/04/2006 03:10 pm
Chp 12 Can you make him happy?         
Gah, Spike was on the verge on killing Arabella, and yet he changed his tune in the car drive back? How weird! At first I thought it was a twist to the story or something, that maybe Arabella was trying to make Buffy admit she loves Spike, but then, guess she's simply a bitch lol.

I still can't imagine canon Buffy having that kind of patience, especially around Arabella. You should know how things turn vicious between us women!

I can't wait to read your sequel I've always loved reading the works of all the writers of the bsv. Thank you

Hi and thank you for review. I was trying to convey that to Spike, his arguments with his cousin are just ‘family squabbles’. In this case he is being the perfedt ‘male’ creature and failing to see what is blindingly obvious to the women in his life. Buffy being patient - yes, odd, but then once again, she loves Spike, even if she isn’t quite admitting it and Arabella is his cousin!
Sequel starting tonight.

02/01/2006 10:15 am
Chp 12 Can you make him happy?         
What a fantastic ending! A hilarious conclusion with sexy undertones for the Spuffy! Thank you - I adored the deliciously wicked predicament you created for cousin Arabella. She deserved it and more! Look forward to your next tale.
Thank you so much for reviewing. Glad you enjoyed ending. Sequel will be posting soon. Called Three for a Secret....

02/01/2006 05:46 am
Chp 12 Can you make him happy?         
Fantastic story! I really enjoyed it. I'll be keeping a lookout for the sequel.
Thanks for reviewing. Pleased you liked Arabella. Sequel starting soon. Called Three for a Secret....

02/01/2006 05:07 am
Chp 12 Can you make him happy?         
Great job... but I want to know about those damn puppies!! I'll be looking forward to a sequel.
So do I!

02/01/2006 02:32 am
Chp 12 Can you make him happy?         
You will bring us Arabella II? Glad Spike doesn't take her seriously even if Buffy is still not very good to him. Thanks for the fun story.
Thanks for review. Glad you enjoyed Arabella. The sequel will start to be posted soon. Called Three for a Secret....

02/01/2006 01:55 am
Chp 12 Can you make him happy?         
Wow!! I just have to say this whole story was incredible! I love the ending...because even though I hated Arabella, it would have been kind of sad to have either Spike or Buffy actually kill her....I like that Spike found out the truth about her in the end and chose Buffy over her... I like Arabella's "fate" I think you should do a sequel someday!!! Thanks for writing this great story!!!
Thank you so much. Glad you enjoyed meeting Arabella. Sequel coming soon. Australia will never hold her! It isn’t big enough

01/01/2007 05:51 am
Chp 11 To the death         
well its safe to say she's pissed. and buffy's coming to see she loves and needs spike.

08/19/2006 09:07 am
Chp 11 To the death         
Wow! so she's had a slayer before, but she wasn't Buffy, nobody's quite like Buffy. Too bad that Spike stopped it but then there's more fun to be had, isn't there, in the sequel!

01/30/2006 06:57 pm
Chp 11 To the death         
Good chapter, as always!

01/30/2006 03:17 am
Chp 11 To the death         
Wow! Chapter 11 - what a great chapter. Arabella is a real nasty piece of work. I don't think this can end well for her or her hubby. However, girl fight and hot sex - what more can one ask for? Next chapter please!!!!
Thank you or reviewing. Yes, Arabella is certainly not a nice girl! But then, she thinks she is! And I’m in love with Div’vid!

01/29/2006 09:03 pm
Chp 11 To the death         
I hate Arabella!!! And why can Spike not see through her????!!!!! I promise, that vamp needs dusting badly!! Cant wait for the next update!!!
Thanks for review. Well, men never see through girls like Arabella. That’s life, even when you’re dead.

01/29/2006 08:45 pm
Chp 11 To the death         
How long before Spike takes Buffy home? Will he catch on to Arabella in time to save somebody's life or unlife?

01/01/2007 05:29 am
Chp 10 Learning Curve         
uh oh. nasty woman that vamp is.

08/19/2006 08:28 am
Chp 10 Learning Curve         
Buffy like's games? Well I'm sure there are many more fun filled night's ahead of her. Wondering what crap Bella brought her to wear this time. Bella may think of her as prey but I don't think she's come across a slayer before and has she got a surprise coming to her, if Buffy let's it go that far. If she gives her no choice. Wonderful chapter, great read.

01/28/2006 01:00 am
Chp 10 Learning Curve         
Yikes! Evil cliffie leaving Buffy naked and weaponless with the lying vampire bitch. Will Spike get back in time? More story please.
Glad you like the story. Updating soon.

01/28/2006 12:38 am
Chp 10 Learning Curve         
I wish Buffy would just stake that chick and get it over with! Good update!!
How can you kill ‘family’ is her problem!

01/27/2006 09:24 pm
Chp 10 Learning Curve         
Hmm...  Arabella in Spikish attire.  I wonder when Spike is going to realize that his cousin is a bitch?
Some men never do!

01/27/2006 02:08 pm
Chp 10 Learning Curve         
Great chapter. Can't wait for the Buffy/Arabella confrontation.
Thanks for review. Fight coming soon, I expect.

01/27/2006 01:43 pm
Chp 10 Learning Curve         
there was a tiny voice saying, ‘Is this what normal girls do?’

LOL - Only if they get the chance!
Oh, I so agree, but Buffy aches to be normal and has done from day one of the series.

08/19/2006 07:57 am
Chp 9 “I Dare You”         
Bella gives Buffy a run for her money when it comes to being a bitch! To give her the maid's clothes was really low. Bella has no idea what she mean's to him. Can't wait for her to though. Thanks for the wonderful fic.

01/23/2006 11:23 am
Chp 9 “I Dare You”         
Just found this one and love it! Keep up the good work!
So pleased you like it. Writing more in my head at moment, which isn’t so good for the readers!

01/22/2006 09:34 am
Chp 9 “I Dare You”         
Loved the fighting. Maybe Cousin A should move to Sunnydale?

01/21/2006 07:06 pm
Chp 9 “I Dare You”         
Interesting.  I wonder when Spike is going to see his cousin for what she really is?

01/21/2006 03:54 pm
Chp 9 “I Dare You”         
Good update! Interesting confrontation between Buffy and Arabella. Can't wait to read more.

01/21/2006 01:25 pm
Chp 9 “I Dare You”         
Great chapter. Men! They are truly, truly blind creatures. Hopefully the blinkers will be removed from Spike's eyes and he will see his cousin for the slutty conniving vamp she truly is.

01/21/2006 12:37 pm
Chp 9 “I Dare You”         
Spike snores?? Cousin is pretty snarky and I wish Spike and her husband would catch her while she's tormenting Buffy. More story please.

01/21/2006 09:17 am
Chp 9 “I Dare You”         
Have I mentioned yet how very much I hate Arabella?? LOL She is such a witch, but she *did* almost get Buffy to admit she loves him, so maybe that's a good thing....still adoring this story...waiting for next chappie
Everyone hates her. But she just insists on taking centre stage. So like girls I’ve known!

01/01/2007 03:35 am
Chp 8 Sixty Minutes         
dang spike get up. hmm, whatever will buffy do now?

08/19/2006 07:20 am
Chp 8 Sixty Minutes         
Good fight but if he thinks he can take out the slayer that easily he's nuts. Great read thanks.

01/19/2006 02:33 pm
Chp 8 Sixty Minutes         
Loving this story but . . . EVIL CLIFFIE!! More story please.

01/19/2006 08:09 am
Chp 8 Sixty Minutes         
What a great cliffhanger! How could you leave Buffy in that situation? Love it! Spike's cousin, Arabella and her husband are two fascinating and wacky characters.

01/19/2006 02:16 am
Chp 8 Sixty Minutes         
I just finished reading all 8 chapters, and i'm really enjoying the story. I look forward to reading more!
What a long task! Hope it was worth it. Just posted chp 11 so hope you’ve managed to catch them all.

01/01/2007 03:20 am
Chp 7 Just one more Time         
is buffy finally realizing that she loves him? wonder how their going to get out of the house with all the demons outside.

08/19/2006 06:52 am
Chp 7 Just one more Time         
Nothing like a good brawl to get the juices flowing. To bad she can't let go and be happy. Thanks for the Spuffy chapter, always like those. Exciting chappie, thanks.

01/16/2006 04:41 pm
Chp 7 Just one more Time         
Cool chapter. Like'd the Spike thoughts in this one. Of course, one can never complain about the smut, either. *L*
Smut? Well, hot sex, maybe!

01/16/2006 08:31 am
Chp 7 Just one more Time         
Awesome update! I'm really enjoying this story!
pleased you’re pleased. More will be posted very soon.

01/01/2007 03:04 am
Chp 6 We’re not together!         
oooo, a fight. i hope my two fav blonds get out of it in once peice.

08/19/2006 06:36 am
Chp 6 We’re not together!         
That was fun. Bella's such a bitch and yup, she's just like Cordy, but she did try and get Spike to kill her and her husband, that was no act. Continuing on, excellent read.

01/15/2006 07:11 am
Chp 6 We’re not together!         
I just wanna tell you again how much I'm loving this story!!! I can't believe i didn't start reading it sooner!! Sounds to me like Arabella's a little loopy, actually...doesn't seem to matter to her who gets killed, she just wants to see some she's telling Div'vid and Spike to kill each other, then she's telling Spike to kill Buffy, then she's telling Buffy to stop them...they need to dust anyway, can't wait for the next update!!!
Arabella is typical of her type. She changes her mind about what’s best for her from second to second!. We all know girls like that.

01/15/2006 01:32 am
Chp 6 We’re not together!         
Awesome story, can't wait for more!
thank you. More coming soon.

01/14/2006 04:44 am
Chp 6 We’re not together!         
I liked the closing paragraph in this chapter. Leave it to Spike to go all GRRR when he's outnumbered. Haha!
anything for a fight, our boy.

01/01/2007 02:17 am
Chp 4 One for the Girls         
epp, love the plot twists.

08/19/2006 06:22 am
Chp 4 One for the Girls         
Thanks, it's good to know that you're of the same mind that Spike would talk first. Glad that Buffy knows what's going on and can put this demon's mind at ease. Lovin' this fic. Great chapter.

01/11/2006 05:08 pm
Chp 4 One for the Girls         
Ewww...tentacles. That "would" be rather gross. Wonder what Buffy is going to say to Div'vid. Hmmm...Can't wait to see what happens next.
Thanks for review. I just had this funny picture in my head of a room full of dancing disco demons.

01/11/2006 10:39 am
Chp 4 One for the Girls         
Oh this is getting way good!!! I hope she can convince one of our two poor sweet clueless guys what that Arabella slut is up to!!! Can't wait for the next update!!!
Let’s face it, where women on the prowl are concerned, most men are clueless! Thanks for review. Hope you enjoy rest of story.

12/16/2008 03:39 am
Chp 4 Anything at All         
Wow.  Arabella is quite a piece of work. 
 Using this way of saying have a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year. Thank you for being such a good reviewer during the year.  Much appreciated.

01/01/2007 02:09 am
Chp 4 Anything at All         
wow, she is a evil bitch. i like her, except the fact she's trying to take spike from buffy.
Everyone does! You should hear her when she won an Award! Talk about boast!

08/19/2006 06:12 am
Chp 4 Anything at All         
What a conniving little bitch! But she doesn't know how much Spike has changed and will talk to him first Start asking questions, at least I hope that's what he wants to do. Buffy is so going kick her ass at some point I hope. Great read, thanks.

01/29/2006 03:47 pm
Chp 4 Anything at All         
This chapter reminds me of a Star Trek (original series) episode where the Vulcan Spock is betrothed to is so brutally honest about how she wants Spock dead in order to marry her lover. Totally different scenario but same methodology. Brilliant!
Thanks for review. Glad you’re enjoying the story. Arabella could well be a Vulcan, except too much emotion!

01/09/2006 03:02 pm
Chp 4 Anything at All         
Wow. Arabella is an big evil bitch! Can't wait to read more.

01/09/2006 01:06 pm
Chp 4 Anything at All         
Oh my gosh that evil disgusting little slut!!! She's gonna either get Spike hurt or cause major problems between him and Buffy or both....this makes me mad!!! Grrrr....but I can't wait for the next update!!!
Yes, she’s not the type of girl you’d want to annoy, that’s for sure.

01/09/2006 09:41 am
Chp 4 Anything at All         
ok Arabella must die. or worse make her sleep with Xander
Poor Arabella!

01/01/2007 01:58 am
Chp 3 ‘Where’s Drusilla?’         
like she can drive home drunk. like she can drive period,lol. let spike explain buffy.

08/19/2006 05:58 am
Chp 3 ‘Where’s Drusilla?’         
Wow is Buffy jealous! Don't blame her for being pissed at him though for not telling her that it was a formal occasion! Men!!! If she's around Arabella for to long they'll probably get in to it, besides why haven't the vamps tinglies gone off yet with a slayer in the room? This is great, love it already. Thanks.

01/08/2006 08:34 am
Chp 3 ‘Where’s Drusilla?’         
Ok, I need more of this story like, NOW!! I'm loving this and hating Arabella and wanting Buffy to stake her but somehow i think its a lot more innocent than she thinks it is... waiting for more!!

01/08/2006 08:13 am
Chp 3 ‘Where’s Drusilla?’         
Love Cousin Arabella - what a bitch. Lilac - no cloakrooms in America - bathrooms or powder rooms.
Thanks for review and vocabulary update. i went back to story and edited it. I should have remembered from my visits to States that you always ‘go to the bathroom’ not ‘go to ladies, or go to the toilet’.

12/16/2008 03:24 am
Chp 2 Ashamed of Me?         
ok, your last reply has me scared...I was talking about your Frovlax demon and you started warning me about sex.  I'm really hoping this isn't going to be some weird sad-green-cow-like-regurgitating-demon orgy or something...just a visual I REALLY don't need.  And I'm already halfway there now!
I love the reaction Buffy is having to the idea of Arabella.
 No, don't worry, no demon sex. Just Slayer/Vampire. It was the sexiest story I ever wrote.  Must admit I enjoyed writing jealous Buffy, especially when she is full of pink champagne.

12/31/2006 08:21 pm
Chp 2 Ashamed of Me?         
i like how buffy is miffed with spike and arabella. can't wait to meet her.

08/19/2006 05:37 am
Chp 2 Ashamed of Me?         
Oh Buffy's jealous! That's rich! This is going to sooo good,'cause you know that Arabella is so going to want the skinny on Spike's "friend". Buffy should give her mom some credit and try and figure out what she saw in Spike that wasn't in Angel. I'm all excited about the meet. Great chapter, great read, thanks.

01/08/2006 08:19 am
Chp 2 Ashamed of Me?         
Oh wow this is getting better and better you are totally drawing me in....I wanna go on a date with Spike!!! Oh and I loved the description of Spike's voice, like "cream poured across brandy ice" -- that's a gorgeous and memorable line! ok, off to read more now!
Thanks for kind review. Much appreciated.

01/06/2006 06:37 pm
Chp 2 Ashamed of Me?         
It won't hurt to let Buffy stew a little!!
thanks for the review. Appreciated.

01/06/2006 12:17 pm
Chp 2 Ashamed of Me?         
Curious to see where this one leads. Good chapter.
glad you’re enjoying it. Wish more people were reading it!

05/31/2010 04:13 pm
Chp 1 The Invitation         

12/15/2008 03:41 pm
Chp 1 The Invitation         
Well, I guess I"m about to meet seem to like taking Spike's throwaway lines and running off to play with them.  I love it! 
But a regurgitating Frovlax demon?  7 foot tall green cow?  Good heavens!
 Should warn you, this does get a bit sexy in later chapters.  I find I can't write like that now but in those days I was still all wrapped up in the passion of their relationship.  

Div'vid is one of my favourite demons ever!  

Oh and watch out for more Britishisms.  Again, early work.

12/31/2006 07:07 pm
Chp 1 The Invitation         
i like the start, reading more.

08/19/2006 05:06 am
Chp 1 The Invitation         
Was going to read Three for a Secret but noticed it was a sequel, so here I am. So this is S6 and Spike needs a date, this should be very interesting. Am I crrect in saying that this starts canon and goes AU? Well I guess I'll find out. Very good chapter, looking forward to the rest. Thanks.

01/09/2006 02:22 pm
Chp 1 The Invitation         
Haha! So far, so funny. And, I mean that in a good way. Off to read the next chaps.
Glad you like it so far.

01/08/2006 08:08 am
Chp 1 The Invitation         
Just started this story tonight...I'm loving it so have a great sense of humor and an eye for detail in your writing....I love how you took this story from a little detail in a single episode, and there are all kinds of little hints of possible other stories that could branch off from *this* one too!! lol I wanna hear about the party where Dru killed the guests and the puppy incident, dang it!! Well, off to read your next chapter! Great so far!! PS: Honestly I hadn't read yet because I've been doing more writing than reading lately, lol, but now I think I'm hooked!
Thanks for the review. Glad you’re enjoying the story. Arabella sort of forces her way into your life and refuses to go away!

01/05/2006 08:25 am
Chp 1 The Invitation         
*Snort* ‘Spike, I haven’t got a thing to wear!’ yeah Buffy is female

01/05/2006 08:09 am
Chp 1 The Invitation         
Ooh, Arabella's back. Love her. Well not really. I really think she's just a vamp stealing ho. But, she has style. More soon, pretty please?