We Will Remember Them by Lilachigh

02/05/2014 01:17 am
Chp 36 Consequences         

Very good story!    I truly enjoyed this.     Nice to see that the characters from the show were spot-on, and I really enjoyed your original characters.    It would seem that any Travers, either Quentin or Phillip would turn out to be an arrogant, self-important, bigoted moron in any situation.   Well done!   Even better having Quentin declaring the Council's Witch in Residence to be redundant just before the Headquarters is destroyed in Season 7!   Excellent.

Thank you for sharing your talent with the rest of us.

Thank you so much for such a kind review of my WWII story.  So glad you enjoyed it and that you found the ocs interestingh.  Flanagan was fun to write but almost took over the whole storyline, insisting that his life story was far more interestingh!

If you like ocs, you might care for Agnes Pringle in my Business as Usual story, if you haven't read it already, that is!

Thank you once again.

08/30/2013 07:14 pm
Chp 36 Consequences         
This is a real gem! It's such a suspenseful and tightly knit story, and even if it's not short it's just long enough to tell what needs to be told. Once the child entered the story, I kind of guessed that the purpose of this time travel would be something in the way it then showed to be - but it still had me guessing until the very end. Both Buffy and Spike are very much in character - she's just a little bit more honest to herself aobut her feelings for him than she was in the show  (just as we all wanted her to be.  and Spike's feelings are very realistically reluctant. There is just enough between them to create that feeling of fated and inevitable love that we all also know is the case with these two. The end is open enough to fuel one's curiosity - didn't that time travel change things anyway? Something seems to be different... just different enough to point toward a more happy ending than season 6 provided us with.

Great read! I loved it.
Delighted you found one of my favourite stories.  It gave me a massive headache to write so am always pleased when someone "gets it".  Must admit I sometimes feel I have failed dismally when I get an e mail saying "but you haven't explained why she had to go back in time!"   Well, she certainly wouldn't have been there without her father!

07/22/2012 01:19 am
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I really loved the story! Read it in less than two days! It was very original, and very well written!
Thank you so much. I loved writing this story although I sometimes felt my brain was going to burst trying to keep all the time lines in place!   Sorry for delay in replying. Been away in Sweden at football festival!   

03/24/2012 04:10 am
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What is this tiny little loose end that you've left? Will you be writing a sequel? Please get back to me! Thanks! Great story!
Hi, well, the locket's very existence is a loose end because it has time travelled itself.  I want to explore what might happen if Spike wears or handles it in the present time line.  Also what happed to Aurora and who Hank's father was!

01/03/2011 12:21 am
Chp 36 Consequences         
ooh, I was right, I was right!! The similarity of the names was just too close to be coincidence.  At least, I thought it was.  I almost didn't want to think about it for fear I was being too simplistic.  But I think you did an amazing job with this.  Your knowledge of WWII really shows.
 Delighted you enjoyed the story.  Yes,  Aurora was (is) Buffy's grandmother.   I mean, the monks must have decided on the name from somewhere!   

Hoping for sequel!!!
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Chp 36 Consequences         

Fab read. Thanks. :-)
04/14/2010 09:53 am
Chp 36 Consequences         

03/13/2010 10:57 pm
Chp 36 Consequences         
Thank you for a fantastic story.  I 've enjoyed every chapter - your characterisations are so good. Looking forward to whatever you write next.

03/10/2010 03:47 pm
Chp 36 Consequences         
Totally enjoyed!  I love the way you tied a bit together at the end.  And yes, sequel please!
 So pleased you enjoyed the story. Off on holiday soon and will think about the sequel and updating BAU when I return!

03/08/2010 05:38 pm
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Oh, bravo! Well done for seeing this out, you deserve to be rewarded with many lovely shiny things. I've enjoyed every moment.
 Delighted to know you enjoyed the story. `it was such fun to write.

03/08/2010 04:46 pm
Chp 36 Consequences         
Bravo, you wrapped all that up very cleverly.  I loved the business with the locket and the lingering feelings both Spike and Buffy have... in a circular way of course.  Toads rock.
 Thank you so  much. Always been interested and anxious to get your views every chapter.  It's been a joy to write!

03/07/2010 09:50 pm
Chp 36 Consequences         
Loved the story Lilac - especially our friend Henry.  Yes yes yes to a sequel.
 Glad you enjoyed it.  Henry tried to take over the whole story - My Life as a Witch's Toad - Part I was what he wanted me to write!

03/07/2010 08:00 pm
Chp 36 Consequences         
The doctor watched them go. He felt satisfied with this adoption. The Summers were a good, kind couple. Not the sort to go out and save the world, but he was sure their boy would grow up to father children of his own and, the doctor chuckled to himself, perhaps one of those would one day save the world!
Holy shit.... I did NOT see that coming!


(write more please I love your stories)
 Glad the end came as a surprise!   I tried to keep the references to the locket appearing in various chapters but didn't want to make it too obvious!   So pleased you liked the story.  Off on holiday next week but will come back and decide what to write next - and update BAU, of course!  Poor Agnes is feeling neglected.

03/07/2010 03:25 pm
Chp 36 Consequences         
I really enjoyed the irony that Travers' evil plan actually helped Buffy to save her own Grandmother. Loved the Henry scene, you definitely need to continue with this so dear Henry/Flannigan can return and enchant everyone with his presence again... lol!
Thanks for sharing another wonderful tale, it's definitely been a delightful ride... good story!
 Thank you so much for your kind words and I am thrilled that you enjoyed the story.  Yes, Henry is a character who needs a larger stage - according to him, that is.  My Life as a Witch's Toad, Part One, is what he wanted me to write!  I resisted.

03/07/2010 02:54 pm
Chp 36 Consequences         
Thank ypu! It had been a wonderful journey.
 Thank you for reading and commenting.

03/07/2010 04:40 am
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I will miss this story too.  I've filed it in my favorites book.  I really enjoyed it.  A sequel will certainly be appreciated.
 Thank you so much. Glad you like the story. It was a joy to write.

03/07/2010 01:31 am
Chp 36 Consequences         
Henry ate papers, yay!
Hank was Aurora's? Heehee. That explains how Buffy has the locket back even though she lost it.
And Buffy and Spike have hints of the past they're not catching.....lol......but who needs to know when you're gettin nekkid.
Flanagan/Henry knows the Council will blow up in the future.....yes, very good to run to Devon, indeed.

It's too bad Buffy can't remember how Spike kept helping her at a time when he was evil and unrestrained. But maybe those hidden memories will make her treat him better from now on?

 Glad you enjoyed the last chapter. I felt a bit like a juggler, trying to keep all the balls in the air at once!  And I simply couldn't have Henry being blown up by The First!   He'd never forgive me.   I think the memories might start to get stronger as the months go by.....

03/06/2010 09:17 pm
Chp 36 Consequences         
Shame on me because I am commenting before I actually read the last chapter.  But I just couldn't wait to thank you so much for sticking with this story for an entire year and a half start to finish.  (Too many fanfic writers give up on such long stories, so the readers never get resolution in those stories and that is so frustrating!)  I know you felt sometimes that people weren't reading it anymore--but we were!  And now that it is completed, you will have another wave of people coming to read it because I know there are many who won't read a story until it is finished.  All your long, hard work was definitely worth it!  I can't wait til this evening when I have time to come back and read the rest of the story.  Thanks!
 What a lovely comment!   Thank you so much. You are quite right - sometimes I did feel it was me, five or six regulars and a toad reading the story!   But lots of people read and don't comment until the end, as you say.  Glad you enjoyed it.  Hope you like the last chapter.

03/06/2010 08:51 pm
Chp 36 Consequences         
After reading this entire amazing story from start to finish I can say with utter certainty that I would love a sequel to this.
 Thank you so very much. Delighted you enjoyed the story so much.

03/06/2010 04:55 pm
Chp 36 Consequences         
 "Oh me! Me! Yes a sequel please!"  Loved this from start to finish.  Can't help but wish that some of the memories flood back now that they are back together.  It could but help them in their current situation.

Love that Aurora is Buffy's actual grandmother.  Love that twist very much (what a shame her son became something of a rotter).

Still hate all things Travers, good job on painting them as the arrogant wretches they are LOL.

Just a delight start to finish.  LOVED Spike's vamp army.  Like to think they had a hand in turning the tide of the war.  Wish he'd told Buffy a little bit (it might jog her memory a bit too).

Kathleen (not signed in....sigh....Pfeifferpack
 Oh I'm so glad you liked the final chapter. I've always known what the ending would be, but worried that there wasn't enough Spuffy when I got there!  I like to think that Hank's father was a rotter - I mean Aurora would have been about 15 when she fell pregnant, hence her son not being the nicest person in the world. But I liked to think of Buffy being the great-grand daughter of a Slayer!

Now is Aurora still alive......hmmm, going off on holiday next week to think about that and update poor old Agnes whose story is making me question a lot of Spike's actions in Season 6 !!   When I began writing it from a different point of view, I never expected it to do that in my head!

03/06/2010 01:43 pm
Chp 36 Consequences         
Sequel oh yes there had better be a sequel. This story was so much fun to read.
 Thank you. Going on holiday soon but will think about sequels to various stories when I get back!  Glad you enjoyed this one. It was fun to write.

03/06/2010 01:10 pm
Chp 36 Consequences         
So Aurora was Hank Summers' mother - so Buffy had to go back in time to save her own ancestor or she wouldn't exist - the paradox makes my head spin! LOL
What a wonderful original tale you spun for us! Thank you so much. I vote for a sequel please... Um... Can I have more than one vote?
I want to know what happens to Dorcas and Flanagan... as well as how the Spuffy relationship develops....
 Thank you so much for your comments. Delighted you enjoyed the story and got the paradox at the end. I've been anxious that people would say 'oh rubbish!'.    Off on holiday next week but will start thinking about new story - and updating BAU, of course  - when I return. Thank you again.

02/28/2010 11:05 am
Chp 35 Sweet Sorrow         
Trying again, the internet ate my first attempt.

I've finally had the chance to catch-up and it's almost over. *sniff*

I loved the last line--so very Spike!

I'm looking forward to the next chap, I can't wait to see how you wrap everything up.
 So glad you enjoyed story.  yes, I'll be interested to see how it all works out, too!   Very scary, writing last chapter of a time travel fic.  I'm sure to forget something!

02/28/2010 06:29 am
Chp 35 Sweet Sorrow         
pretty please....soon!
Hopefully by end of this week!  Hope you have enjoyed the story. 

02/27/2010 11:18 am
Chp 35 Sweet Sorrow         
Oh, where to start! I've been away for ages and now all these new chapters to my favourite WIP are here...what a perfect welcome home!

But...not to sound ungratefull...only one more chapter? *shuffles feet* All good things must come to an end of course but still...

Hopefully that will mean the start of another epic Spuffy adventure
 Welcome back!   Glad you are enjoying the story. yes, only one chapter, then I have to get back to Business as Usual and a couple more ideas that are simmering!

02/27/2010 01:08 am
Chp 35 Sweet Sorrow         
I was at the edge of my seat for the whole chapter, you did an amazing job painting an exciting picture of all the action that played out! And the goodbye scene really touched my heart. Fantastic update!
 Thank you so much.  The fight scene was difficult - you can see it in your head but making it sound authentic is difficult!   I can quite see why some writers used the "with one bound he was free"  get-out!   Hope you enjoy the final chapter.

02/26/2010 11:47 pm
Chp 35 Sweet Sorrow         
Can't wait for the future reunion.
 Writing as fast as I can - which isn't that fast at the moment!

02/26/2010 11:00 pm
Chp 35 Sweet Sorrow         
Wow! - super action packed chapter and very sweet goodbye scene. 
 Thank you so much.

02/26/2010 10:48 pm
Chp 35 Sweet Sorrow         
Finally going home!

02/26/2010 10:42 pm
Chp 35 Sweet Sorrow         

Oh, how lovely!  This has been a wonderful read - I ve enjoyed evry bit of it. Looking forward to the final chapter.

 Thank you. So glad you've enjoyed it.

02/26/2010 09:43 pm
Chp 35 Sweet Sorrow         
Oh so emotional a parting....My cheeks are wet.  Can't wait to see how this plays out in the normal time-line.  Interesting that she'd think Travers sent her back to keep Spike alive (as if!).

This has been superb, just superb in every way.  Wonderful tale.  So glad the picture inspired you to write this one, it's one of your best (and Aggie wouldn't mind my saying so!).

 So glad you enjoyed this chapter.  i was hopeful about it.  Tempting to make the goodbye scene far more emotional, but he is still an unchipped vamp who is fighting the attraction with all his might!   Do hope the final chapter is up to everyone's expectations.  I am now deeply worried about writing it!

02/26/2010 09:39 pm
Chp 35 Sweet Sorrow         
A true tale of soul mates since that's been planted in Spike's subconscious.  I doubt if all is erased or maybe it's a matter of chemistry. Great chapter!
 Well, there had to be an earlier encounter for her to never stake him when she had a chance in the beginning!

02/26/2010 09:30 pm
Chp 35 Sweet Sorrow         
Crash, bang, wallop!  Fabulous action.
 Thank you so much.

02/26/2010 08:01 pm
Chp 35 Sweet Sorrow         
This has been a fantastic story! Very original, sweet (except when it has been snarky!) but always a great read. And the characters of Buffy and Spike have never been so endearing. I'm almost sorry to see it come to an end!
 Thank you so much.  I will be so sad to see it go but we have reached the end of the journey and now I just have to remember all the loose ends!

02/26/2010 08:00 pm
Chp 35 Sweet Sorrow         
Perfect - first she saves him then he saves her... and now we find out if the charm worked and why it was so imperative for Buffy to go back in time in the first place. Has anything changed? Does either of them remember? Can't wait...
 Thank you so much.  I will hope to post last chapter next week some time. I am scared of getting something wrong!

02/23/2010 03:45 pm
Chp 34 Fading Fast         
Uuugrrraaah! Cliffhangers drive me batty!! LOL
Spike is stupid for wandering off and Buffy is stupid for mumbling in her sleep lol

Interesting - Buffy is losing her strength so now Spike will have to be the hero!
 Thank you!   Just posted next chp.  Hope you like that one, too.

02/21/2010 01:47 am
Chp 34 Fading Fast         
Spike's an idiot getting caught and Buffy is a bad bad Toad Mommy.  Poor Spike, finding out that he's going to be involved with a nasty Slayer girl in the future.  The indignity of it all.  Great chapter.

02/19/2010 09:06 pm
Chp 34 Fading Fast         

What a cliffhanger!!!  Lovely chapter, brilliant story.  thank you!

02/18/2010 01:23 pm
Chp 34 Fading Fast         
The feverish Buffy interaction with Spike was great, I enjoyed Spike's reactions throughout the ordeal. Buffy's thoughts after her fever broke were fascinating too, can't wait to read the upcoming wrap-up! Wonderful chapter!
 Penultimate chap now posted. Do hope you enjoy it. Let me know!

02/18/2010 12:15 pm
Chp 34 Fading Fast         
Impossible odds...I just love 'em.  This has been a smashing read.
 Thank you!

02/18/2010 03:27 am
Chp 34 Fading Fast         
Ooh,  cliffhangers that keep us coming back!  Evil! (LOL)

02/18/2010 02:59 am
Chp 34 Fading Fast         
Wonderful chapter - a bit of UST, a bit of excitement, a bit of sadness and another freaking cliffhanger!!!!! *ahem* carry on

02/18/2010 12:50 am
Chp 34 Fading Fast         
How'd he get taken out there?

Buffy, Buffy, Buffy......do you forget that Spike helped you send Angel to Hell? If Dru's with Angelus and there's no one to get her away, you'd have to take on both...and you'd lose. Acathla would win.

02/17/2010 06:27 pm
Chp 34 Fading Fast         
Of course she has to save Spike - that's what her instinct will be crying out - yes? Specially since he'd have gone there to get some more ice to help her... Can't believe there's only one chapter left though - I need more than that!
 Hopefully it will be quite a long chapter!   And I'm sure to miss out a loose end somewhere!  Bites fingers down to knuckle!!!

02/16/2010 03:18 pm
Chp 33 Shines a Good Deed         
Very kinky and sweet

Poor Buffy has such a crappy life that she wants to stay with spike.
I hope
Buffy gets some sense knocked into her head and this all has a reasonably happy ending

(and I hope that when they go back to the future they remember each other )

02/13/2010 01:04 am
Chp 33 Shines a Good Deed         
Another excellent chapter!  I'm worried about Buffy with this latest turn though.
 Thank you!  So am I!

02/11/2010 07:16 pm
Chp 33 Shines a Good Deed         
I completely LOVE this story. The plot is very original and it looks like you know a lot about the time period which makes it believable. I love how Spike is his evil self, but still has the softer side he'll have shown in the future. And a really great input with the ice cubes, as we've seen Spike saying she liked it in Normal Again. Amazing job, can't wait for the update!!!
 Thank you so much for taking the time and trouble to review.  Glad you are enjoying evil Spike who is having just a little bit of his badness wiped out by his growing feelings for the Slayer.  I always wondered how he knew about the ice!   

02/09/2010 02:48 pm
Chp 33 Shines a Good Deed         
Buffy getting infected is all kinds of bad, I hope it isn't too serious. I do like how Spike is caring for the poor fever ridden Buffy. Wonderful chapter as always!
 He obviously had no difficulty remembering about the ice on her neck 60 odd years into the future!

02/09/2010 09:01 am
Chp 33 Shines a Good Deed         
Infection is a bitch. How much is there to do before they eat the charm? Buffy's right....she hasn't succeeded at much so far, aside from making Spike care.
 Yes, that's what she thinks. But......well, we'll see what happens next.

02/09/2010 04:34 am
Chp 33 Shines a Good Deed         
Ew - pocket fuzz on the charm.  Nice of Buffy to worry about Henry. 
 Someone has to!

02/08/2010 11:18 pm
Chp 33 Shines a Good Deed         
Boy, you really believe in piling on the drama don't you! I love it! More please...
 Well, it is a very dramatic time!  It's hard to find some peace for them.  But more coming soon as we head towards the climax.

02/04/2010 11:36 am
Chp 32 Run Now, Think Later         

I see Buffy's still daft as ever, don't eat the poor little soldiers!  Great fun.  The toad is great too!

 Henry is in danger of becoming a celebrity in all his lifetimes!

02/04/2010 04:38 am
Chp 32 Run Now, Think Later         
his gaze tight on the curve of the slender white neck - come one Spike, take a nip!  So sad for Buffy, this really isn't her Spike.  If only she had her toad companion.  Sigh. 
 Poor Spike - laying down all the groundwork for his reaction when he next sees her.....

02/04/2010 03:28 am
Chp 32 Run Now, Think Later         
Another cliffhanger..you just keep me hanging on...in a good way.
 Glad you enjoyed it!

02/02/2010 03:21 pm
Chp 32 Run Now, Think Later         
This new glimpse into Henry/Flanagan's personality was a hoot, ... lol! And the Spuffy scenes were exciting and dangerous, I can't wait to find out how Buffy's doing. Great update!
 Thank you so much.  I adore Henry but he does tend to want to take over.  He thinks his life story would be far more interesting than the Slayer's!

02/02/2010 12:44 am
Chp 32 Run Now, Think Later         
Shot! Oh, hell....
LOL, these two really can't seem to be on the same wavelength at the same time unless they're smooching.
 As soon as they are, they immediately push themselves apart! Very frustrating!

01/24/2010 05:44 pm
Chp 31: Blame the Slayer!         
Very clever means to get out of a situation.  As for the chapter end, so not the time!

01/17/2010 01:38 pm
Chp 31: Blame the Slayer!         
What a romantic cliff hanger! ^.^

C'mon, keep it coming!

May I ask what you do during your week?

Just curious so that I know how long I have to wait for updates according to what you do xD
 What do I do?  Hmmm.  wash, clean, garden, work, spend too much time on Howrse, write fic, shop, travel. That's about it!   Next chp about halfway written.  Should be posted by weekend - if I'm lucky and the phone stops ringing.

01/02/2010 12:08 pm
Chp 31: Blame the Slayer!         
Great Spike/Buffy interaction, especially the kissage. I also loved the look into Henry's head in this chapter... can't really blame him for getting all bad moody, being stuck in a pocket certainly doesn't sound like much fun. Fantastic update!
 Thank you so much. Glad someone is still reading this!

01/01/2010 12:14 pm
Chp 31: Blame the Slayer!         
I would love to see what happenes next! Especially what will happen when she goes back to the future and what Spike thinks of her changing his past. That is, if she DOES get back

12/31/2009 03:13 am
Chp 31: Blame the Slayer!         
Heehee, there they go again.

12/31/2009 01:42 am
Chp 31: Blame the Slayer!         
Cool escape and some serious sizzle -- perfect.
 Thank you!

12/31/2009 01:40 am
Chp 31: Blame the Slayer!         
Oh merry, merry Christmas indeed!
 Thank you!  And a Happy New Year to you, too.

12/30/2009 11:19 pm
Chp 31: Blame the Slayer!         
oh poor Henry - Buffy should have put a lily pad in her pocket for him.  Hope Henry gets to go back to Sunnydale. 
 Sorry for delay in replying but notification device obviously not working and I only found my reviews by coming onto the site just now!  So pleased you are enjoying the story and Henry.  He needs to get back to London, though, not Sunnydale.  Buffy definitely can't take him with her.

01/24/2010 05:36 pm
Chp 30: Another Way         
Another excellent chapter!  I really like the conundrums that time travel stories impose.
 Thank you!  And yes, sometimes I feel as if my head is about to explode!

12/18/2009 04:25 am
Chp 30: Another Way         
Excellent chapter.  Henry may need some tums if he's going to hang around with our Buffy. 
 In the chapter I have just posted, poor Henry is hungry and no one is paying any attention.

12/16/2009 09:44 am
Chp 30: Another Way         
Finally I have the time to come a read your updates!!!

I like where this is going. I hope there is some romance soon ^_^ I really love this story! It should be adapted to a movie

how many more chapters do you think you'll make? (lots, I hope!)
 Glad to have you reading story.   A movie would be lovely!    Not sure how many more chapters.  I feel we are a good three quarters of the way through.

12/11/2009 08:27 pm
Chp 30: Another Way         
Love the underdog comment So true!
 Thank you!   He will, of course, quote Shakespeare to Giles in sixty years time!

12/11/2009 04:21 pm
Chp 30: Another Way         
I don't think that I have a review on your story before but I just wanted you to know that I look forward to every new chapter.  Very enjoyable, well written and your imagination is apreciated.

 How very kind!  I love getting reviews and comments from new readers.  Makes it all worthwhile.

12/11/2009 03:56 pm
Chp 30: Another Way         
I like how quickly and cleverly Buffy found a way to keep Spike from getting butchered by the Walsh's. I also loved Henry little appearance in the chapter... lol! Good update!
 Thank you.  Yes, Henry had to have his appearance fee!   I'm not quite sure what he's doing there, but I'm sure all will become clear in time.

12/11/2009 02:01 am
Chp 30: Another Way         
Yes! They work together again. But I hate cliffhangers.. hope you update soon
 Glad you enjoyed the chapter. Have just updated!  Hope you enjoy it.

11/28/2009 06:37 pm
Chp 29 Advanced Ideas         
Chilling! Reminds me of Raiders of the Lost Ark in a way. Looking forward to seeing how Buffy will get them out of this sticky wicket and regain Spike's trust.

11/28/2009 12:39 am
Chp 29 Advanced Ideas         

You really did a great job of giving this chapter a scary vibe, Buffy's interaction with Dr. Walsh and his wife was totally creepy. I can't wait to find out what Buffy does about Spike's problem. Great update!

11/26/2009 07:04 pm
Chp 29 Advanced Ideas         
Actually, german television translated "The Slayer" as "Die Jägerin" (The Hunter). It's not quite the same meaning as in englisch, but it suits the Slayers job description. If you need help with the translation for the lines of the german characters at some point of your story feel free to ask me.
 Thank you so much for your comments.  I must admit I just translated Slayer literally.  Quite like Toterine - sorry my machine won't do umlauts!    Die Jagerin is good too, though.

11/26/2009 05:14 pm
Chp 29 Advanced Ideas         
  Spike certainly has bad luck with those initiative types...I'm beginning to wonder how he survived so long when he gets caught by everything. 
  That's a nasty place you cooked up, probably even more horrifying than the initiative itself, since it's in its baby-steps.  I look forward to seeing how Buffy is going to take the place down.
 Yes, that is what I felt.  The early stages of experimentation - dreadful.   Spike will be lucky to escape in one piece!   New chapter updated now!

11/26/2009 03:41 am
Chp 29 Advanced Ideas         
Oh, Spike, of all the places you could have landed! Good luck, Buffy.......seems a little big for the one or two of you.

11/26/2009 12:32 am
Chp 29 Advanced Ideas         
I love this story so much! And I am so happy for the update. Thank you!

The nazis are probably making vampires in the consentration camps too, but an army of SSvamps is even worse.. I like how you really combine facts and fiction, and touch upon heavy themes as consentration camps without making it too easy and not too dark either.

And Spike feel betrayed, and Buffy will save him, and somewhere along the way they will stop the nazi vamps and their evil/stupid creators.  Great! I take it the story is set prior to the Angel/Spike submarine insident?

Please please write more!
 It has been difficult to write about these subjects without sounding trite and as if these terrible events are some sort of jolly backdrop to a Spuffy story!   I sincerely hope I haven't trivialised the suffering of thousands of ordinary people.

There has been some debate amongst readers as to when this story is set - before or after submarine.  Personally I vote for after.  Angel is in the States and Spike somehow got himself back to England, met up with Dru and got captured!   

I don't think his cavalier attitude to the Nazis in the sub works otherwise.

11/26/2009 12:10 am
Chp 29 Advanced Ideas         
*Squeeeels with unbearable delight*
You cruel cruel tease! Another brilliant yet frustrating chapter. I'm so conflicted...the child in me wants Spuffy NOW but the rest of me does not want this to end ever. Well done!
 So glad you like the story.  Have updated with another chap a few days ago which I hope you have found and also enjoy.

11/25/2009 10:46 pm
Chp 29 Advanced Ideas         
Toterin - that is really creepy sounding.  Hope our Buffy can save Spike in time. 

11/25/2009 09:03 pm
Chp 29 Advanced Ideas         
Loved the creepy prison and Walsh was so casually chilling, great atmosphere..  And didn't Buffy make a great spy!
 Yes, I think the casual approach to all of this is what makes the Nazi period so horrifying.  And I wanted Buffy to be very much action girl.  She tends to fade into the background in some stories and Spike ends up doing all the fighting and planning!

11/21/2009 01:31 am
Chp 28 Spies....         
I love this story, and hope for it to be updated soon

11/14/2009 06:04 am
Chp 28 Spies....         
very good read, loved the chapter ending.

11/07/2009 08:11 pm
Chp 28 Spies....         

“Big Bad’s on his way, baby!” he was saying in a dreadful American accent, when the net fell from the trees above him!

love it! sounds like something Joss would do!! Keep it up, please
 So pleased you liked the chapter.  Just about to update story.

11/07/2009 02:00 pm
Chp 28 Spies....         
Stubbornness, thy name is Buffy. Why would she want to check out a relative that is possibly as devious as Prof Walsh? Hope she doesn't land in a pickle. And Spike...just like him to be musing about what he's going to do to Buffy when someone gets the drop on him.
 But that is the whole Buffy problem in a nutshell!   She can never leave well alone.   And Spike - captured just when he thought he was going to get some.

11/04/2009 04:27 am
Chp 28 Spies....         
probably a good plan - LOL  oh yeah.  Great twist!
 Thank you!

11/03/2009 08:08 am
Chp 28 Spies....         
Oh now... that's just mean! *grins*

11/03/2009 01:04 am
Chp 28 Spies....         
Oh, Spike, you always have to be contrary.

Hope Buffy's lie holds up long enough to keep her from getting killed.
 I think it is so way out there, that they might just believe her.  It goes under the heading of "Oh, she's American!"

11/02/2009 10:08 pm
Chp 28 Spies....         
Oh dear! History that hasn't happened yet is repeating itself! And yay! for another chapter.
 My head hurts!  Next time I say I'm going to do a time travel story, please tie me down until the urge goes away!

11/02/2009 07:34 pm
Chp 28 Spies....         
Yes! Finally update I have been hoping so much for it! I love the choice of time period, and hope you will give us even more period-spesific scenes, I can`t see why there are not more fics from this period. Yours are very interesting, and I love how it now seems to be a far longer fic than what I feared when they were handed the sweets. Spike doesen`t really know how he feel about the slayer, I love his conflicted thoughts. I also find the german officer interesting, you do great work with the carachters around Buffy and Spike, and I hope you will develop him further. Please please please write more and update soon
 Thank you for such a kind review. I'm glad you're enjoying the story.  Yes, it has turned itself into a much longer one than it started out to be. I realised I had left the German Initiative hanging in there without resolving anything and somehow Buffy just wouldn't go home until she'd tackled it!

11/02/2009 07:14 pm
Chp 28 Spies....         

Loved the lighthearted Buffy/Henry interaction. Buffy's musings about Joy make me wonder if she could be alive and captured again. And oh no, poor Spike!!! This new development is really scary!!!! I can't to find out how Buffy deals with this dangerous situation. Good update!

~ I read your response to my previous review, I don't have a live journal but if I ever take the plunge and sign up for one you bet I'll make with the friend-age!

 Glad you are still with the story.  Hope to update sometime this coming week.  Busy finishing next chp of BAU at present.

11/02/2009 06:25 pm
Chp 28 Spies....         
Ow, history repeats itself. Again he  was too busy thinking about Buffy to register the danger. Poor Spike. Favourite Sentence: "Henry, hunker down and don’t croak too loudly."
   yes, poor Spike.  Can he stand being rescued by a Slayer?  It won't do his ego any good at all.

04/14/2010 08:15 am
Chp 27 "...promises to keep..."         

10/27/2009 12:40 am
Chp 27 "...promises to keep..."         
Loved the play of emotions and uncertainty displayed by Buffy!  And she almost managed to ignore the hotness.
 Well, she's certainly trying!   Succeeding - hmmm, I doubt it.

10/22/2009 04:57 am
Chp 27 "...promises to keep..."         
very good update, thank you.

10/20/2009 04:41 am
Chp 27 "...promises to keep..."         
Terrific chapter!  Spike at his best and funniest.

10/20/2009 01:33 am
Chp 27 "...promises to keep..."         

I loved the unexpected twist with Henry, he's definitely an interesting character... too bad he can't find a way to write his memoirs! As for Spike and Buffy... the interaction between them continues to sparkle.  Wonderful chapter!

P.S. I peeked over at your LJ vacation report... Loved your pix, and I'm happy you had a great time.

 So pleased you like Henry.  Yes, Memoirs of a Toad would be quite fun to write!   Wonder how old he really is?  Hmmmmm.

Oh and why not come and friend me on LJ.  It's where I hang out most of the time!  And you get the stories first!  Just saying....

10/19/2009 08:53 pm
Chp 27 "...promises to keep..."         
Love the story love the characterizations but most of all love the toad.

10/19/2009 05:55 pm
Chp 27 "...promises to keep..."         
You're back! Godd chapter. Spike is funny when his temper is like that of a toddler. The first Sentence was a really good beginning, especially the part with the scarf.
 Apologies for not replying sooner!  Time just vanishes.  Glad you are enjoying the story. I hope to update very soon.

10/19/2009 04:24 pm
Chp 27 "...promises to keep..."         
Oh, and what did you do while you were in Africa? Where did you visit?

Africa isn't one of my most fav countries... Too many giant bugs lol!  If I went somewhere it would definitely be Malta.
I would love to explore the Hypogeum Caves. I've heard a lot of creepy news reports about those caves. Apparently if you go deep in the center of the caves and yell, it creates a butterfly echo.
 Oddly enough while visiting Kenya, Tanzania and this year South Africa.  I have never seen any bugs, not even a snake.  A few tiny lizards, butterflies and a working dung beetle that was fun in the safari park last month.  Mind you, when those beetles fly off, they are huge!  But harmless.

Glad you are enjoying the story.

10/19/2009 04:17 pm
Chp 27 "...promises to keep..."         
that was so sad ; . ;

Lemme guess.... He doesn't take the charm?? Please tell me he doesn't??

10/19/2009 12:10 pm
Chp 27 "...promises to keep..."         
Don't think Spike will be eating any sweeties just yet!  Loved this chapter.

10/19/2009 04:04 am
Chp 27 "...promises to keep..."         
Good luck, Buffy!
What an interesting toad, living so long. Ah, if he could tell tales...
2001 Spike would probably find all this quite amusing.

10/19/2009 02:08 am
Chp 27 "...promises to keep..."         
I feel so bad that I've not reviewed this before as I've been hooked for ages. The concept is wonderfuly original and the characters are so believable...frustrating though it is, I love the way Spike's behaving towards Buffy. It feels true to his character and the story.

Thank you so much for posting, the update was well worth the wait!

Although...maybe next time...a little less wait? Please?  
 Thank you. Am doing my best to update quickly but RL keeps getting in the way.

10/11/2009 11:53 pm
Chp 26 Lies         
Sorry to be so dense but don't understand the cryptic message and its significance. Huh?
 I think Buffy has realised that a relative of her Professor Walsh is involved in experiments on vampires back in 1943.  She needs to investigate.  Let's hope she takes Henry with her!

10/08/2009 05:04 pm
Chp 26 Lies         
It's been weeks since you've updated... I hope you're alright
 Hope you got my message on the chat board?   I am fine but my 2 weeks in South Africa wore me out - I need another holiday!   But am now back to writing and new chap should be up by end of week. Fingers crossed - which makes typing difficult!

09/25/2009 07:06 pm
Chp 26 Lies         
I so hope you will update soon.. since you have uptdatet pretty quickly earlier, I just have to check in each day to see if there is a new update.. So please hurry
 Sorry for delay.  Holidays got in the way!   Hope to start updating again this week.

09/22/2009 01:48 am
Chp 26 Lies         
the roots of the initiative. or just an excuse not to leave spike. very good read, thank you.

09/20/2009 11:57 am
Chp 26 Lies         
Ha! Just when I thought this was coming to a close..

09/20/2009 09:59 am
Chp 26 Lies         
Oh, I'd half forgotten about the vampire experiments and the American connection. You sneaky thing! lol So, Professor Walsh's father, maybe?

I love Henry, I do hope he's going to have a further part to play.

Spike is being just a tad slow, lol, I get the feeling that his subconscious is stubbornly refusing to connect the dots!
 Absolutely!  He's not at his brightest at this moment in time, bless him!   And yes, the Walshes obviously are around, even in 1943.   

Glad you like Henry.  I think he is the same toad that Dorcas has in modern day Watcher's Council!  Sort of passes from witch to witch!

09/19/2009 01:58 am
Chp 26 Lies         
Great Spike/Buffy conversation. I find it very interesting that Spike has now convinced himself  that his interlude with Buffy in France was a some kind of magical mojo... looks like somebody is knee-deep in denial. Loved Henry's appearance, he's definitely a scene stealer. And I like the new twist, can't wait to find out what happens when Buffy and Spike take on The Initiative. Fantastic chapter! ~ Have a fun holiday!!!
 Thank you.  I feel that Henry is, in fact, the same toad that Dorcas has in the modern era.  A very magical creature passed from Witch to Witch.  Wonder if he ought to go back to France with Buffy.....hmmmm.
Yes, the holiday was fantastic - see my LJ for details and pix.  Now back to work.

09/18/2009 09:28 pm
Chp 26 Lies         
 but I’ll need cajoling - yeah right, LOL.  Interesting chapter.  Buffy really needs to blurt out the whole thing at some incredibly inconvenient moment.  Can Buffy take Henry back with her.  She could use a pet.

09/18/2009 06:35 am
Chp 26 Lies         
Oh, and the plot twists!  I was starting to get sad that it was going to end soon, so good to see that it might be going on a bit longer?  I'm loving this story and it's great the way Spike's fighting his attraction to Buffy.
 Every time I try to get her to go home, something else happens.  I sometimes wonder who exactly is writing this story - me or them!

09/17/2009 09:28 pm
Chp 26 Lies         
I love their conversations.   Buffy did really well giving info without revealing too much and Spike toned down his I'm so bad tude.  The dodgy doctor spoke in the works is excellent.
 Thank you!  Away on holiday for a fortnight as from now, but will update on my return.

09/17/2009 08:18 pm
Chp 26 Lies         
Oh oh! So are experimentations on demons some sort of family trade for Walsh or did she too travel trough time? Most mysterious part in this chapter for me: "Under the table, Henry, who was good at lies too, ate the spider." Will it be important that Henry is good at lies?
 Sadly, Henry - at the moment - does not play too big a role in the storyline. But the trouble with Henry is that he simply will not take a back seat.   

10/11/2009 11:02 pm
Chp 25 The Big Secret         
It's cute..Spike protecting Buffy's honor in that time and place. 

09/22/2009 01:35 am
Chp 25 The Big Secret         
the truth does have away of astonishing people. very good update, thank you.  shame they cannot keep their memories. would set the stage of an equal enjoyable sequel.

09/14/2009 06:01 am
Chp 25 The Big Secret         
LOL Well, that shut him up!

09/14/2009 12:55 am
Chp 25 The Big Secret         
Buffy stared down into the face that was so familiar and yet so different - brown curls, still soaked in blood and sticking to his forehead, the odd clothes, the smell of the French cigarettes he’d been smoking still clinging to his body. But the eyes were the same and unchipped or not, they seemed to laugh up at her. The bond was there; it burnt between them like a flame that could never be extinguished.

Ahhh, you write their connection so well. And glad to see that Buffy's news had the ability to shock Spike. What will his response be?! Also loving Buffy's acknowledgment that she is in a world where humans are behaving worse than demons. Can't wait for more . . .
 Thank you so much. Always wait for your reactions!

09/13/2009 03:33 am
Chp 25 The Big Secret         
but after all, she just has to, well, lie there while he – well, does it! She doesn’t have to – take part - LMAO!  And Spike acting like he doesn't want to have sex with her.  Great chapter with Buffy finally getting Spike to shut up. 

09/12/2009 04:57 pm
Chp 25 The Big Secret         
Loved how all the characters interacted with each other. I especially enjoyed Spike's dialogue, his spouting off during all the conversations was fun. I also loved the moment Spike and Buffy shared. And the bit with fried onions made me smile. Great chapter! 

09/12/2009 02:00 pm
Chp 25 The Big Secret         
Aw.. you can't leave us with such a cliffie! Please update soon, I'm addicted. I wonder if he realises, just how well they know each other or if he thinks such a thing is impossible.
 Thank you. Spike is in a state of complete denial at the moment. He thinks what he remembers about a certain event in France is all down to the Slayer's magics!  Poor boy is totally confused.

09/11/2009 11:19 pm
Chp 25 The Big Secret         
Ah - smoke that, Spike! LOL  *looks around eagerly for more* What? No, I'm not pressuring you. Not in the least. I wouldn't do that...
 Feeling guilty about long delay.  Holidays do get in the way of writing, don't they?  And the guiltier I feel, the slower I write. Odd that.

09/11/2009 09:03 pm
Chp 25 The Big Secret         
Evil cliffhanger! I want to know what happens next: how Spike will react, if Buffy will let anything slip, if he's pig enough to focus on the question of if they've had sex in the futrue or if he'll ask about Drusilla. I can't wait for the next chapter.

I do think you use exclamation marks a little too often in this chapter. We can tell that many sentences are important, and you could just add a descriptive word to someone's speech tag instead of having every line end with exclamation! s.

09/11/2009 06:55 pm
Chp 25 The Big Secret         
OMG more!! I love this chapter!! So excited

"And raising her head, she found herself smiling at the look of astonishment on his face."


09/21/2009 11:49 pm
24 Enough for Two?         
that will be so difficult for buffy. right. very good read, thank you.

09/08/2009 07:17 pm
24 Enough for Two?         
Cool!  The magic isn't all bad then, Spike!

09/08/2009 04:59 pm
24 Enough for Two?         
Col. Monroe's talk with Buffy was interesting, but right now I'm wondering if maybe Aurora was the person Buffy was meant to save... it's possible the babe could be very important one day.
Loved Valerie and Henry's appearance in this chapter, I really enjoyed how they interacted with Buffy and Spike. And WOW, what a note to end on! Can't wait to read more! Good update!
 Ssssh!  Say nothing!   Updating today with new chapter. Hope you enjoy it.

09/08/2009 04:46 pm
24 Enough for Two?         

09/08/2009 12:15 pm
24 Enough for Two?         
Making love with Spike in France had been stupid, okay, she knew that, but that was behind her now. He was William the Bloody and she would not forget it again

*goes and scans through the other chappies*

Did I miss something? I've read every chapter and I don't recall them ever having had sex in this story so far.. O.o
Did you forget to upload a chapter?

 No, I've checked!  It is there.  Chp 14 ,  In the Dark,  when they are trapped under the tarpaulin in the vegetable cart!  They're certainly not playing tiddlywinks!

Do hope you find it OK and that it hasn't spoilt the story for you.

09/08/2009 03:17 am
24 Enough for Two?         
she would always hang their clothes outside in the fresh air, not rely on the dryer in the basement  - yeah till she finds out how much work hanging up wet clothes really is, not to mention the part where your clothes are like boards.

Loved the toad that guards Buffy's clothes.

the witch wants us to have sex - poor Buffy, she's going to have to take one for the team.
 A girl's got to do what a girl's gotta do!    And yes, I forgot how hot the sun would be in California!   Whoops!

09/08/2009 12:22 am
24 Enough for Two?         
 Interesting developments! No wonder Buffy is torn between wanting to get home and wanting to stay just a little bit longer!
 You can't really blame her, but will Spike play along?  Now there's a difficult decision for him to make!

09/07/2009 08:42 pm
24 Enough for Two?         
My favourite quote from this chapter: “Jeez, Spike, why do you always moan when you’re healing, never when you’re actually injured?” I guess the answer is undoubtedly something ... "male".
 Absolutely!  I've always seen Spike as a real "guy" in so many ways.

09/21/2009 10:28 pm
Chp 23 Prisoners         
not all the council is rigid. very good chapter, thank you. (although a spot of violence wood have been nice.)

09/18/2009 11:35 pm
Chp 23 Prisoners         
Nasty chaps indeed all around..

09/02/2009 03:51 am
Chp 23 Prisoners         
Terrific!  Get on with it already!!! Please?  Are they going to see the witch?  Gotta love Monroe. 
 Thank you!   Next chapter half written and hope to update by end of week with luck and a following wind!  Poor Monroe - trying to save the world - but has he succeeded?

09/01/2009 08:29 pm
Chp 23 Prisoners         
Ooooo... more more more! Now! Please!
I so love this..

I am a bit surprised that there have been no looking in on the "Buffy is missing in Sunnydale!"-question? I keep waiting for Spike2001 to start looking, and he is bound to know she was last seen with a Travers?

I am so looking forward to the solution, and I keep hoping for Spike 1943 to realize something about Buffy.. I love him

and I think I love you! and this story..
 I love you too for such a great review.  Makes writing it feel all the better.  Buffy might learn more about the time travel situation soon.  

09/01/2009 01:35 pm
Chp 23 Prisoners         
Looks like Buffy and Spike are on their way to meet Valerie Figgs and Henry.. should be interesting! Loved this update!
 Thank you so much.  Always pleased to hear you are still enjoying the story. And yah, Henry!

09/01/2009 08:17 am
Chp 23 Prisoners         
Buffy was a bit slow on the uptake, but she got there in the end.

Yay for the Spike rescue! And now...off to see a witch about a... potion? lol
 And to see the toad - don't forget the toad!   But what will they tell Spike.  Hmmm, runs away to check messages from brain.

09/01/2009 12:24 am
Chp 23 Prisoners         
Thank you for the update. Will you send her back soon or will there be more missions for Buffy and Spike of the past? I'd prefer the latter of course.
 Glad you are enjoying this story.  More missions for them - well........

08/31/2009 07:29 pm
Chp 23 Prisoners         
Yay, someone with a proper grasp on the situation.
Poor Spike......
Silly Buffy, being so naive about the Council. After season 5, she should know better.
 I think she felt that it was probably "better in the past".   A sort of "good old days" syndrome!  Now she knows that to the Council, Slayers have always been disposable!

09/21/2009 10:20 pm
Chp 22 Promises, Promises         
at least buffy has some history of dealing with travers type. very good read, thank you.
 So glad you are enjoying this still. Sorry for delay in updating.  Holidays and RL got in the way!

08/22/2009 07:30 am
Chp 22 Promises, Promises         
I keep having daydreams of how your wonderfull story might continue. It's quite distracting. So please update! And just if you wonder: My most ridiculus possibility so far was that when Buffy starts with the initiative and they want to register her they realise that she already has a 60 years old personal file because she started working for them during the war until she finally could go back home.
 Hope to update this week!   RL has been hectic.  Glad you enjoy the story. It is one of my favourites to write.

08/16/2009 04:20 pm
Chp 22 Promises, Promises         
Very apt title. So it seems Quentin is really a chip off the old block sad to say. Really, Buffy should have seen this coming with as much experience with the Council as she's had. Looking forward to see how Spike gets out of his predicament.
 I don't think she ever believed anyone else could be as cold-hearted as Quentin Travers!

time of change
08/13/2009 10:02 pm
Chp 22 Promises, Promises         
Eeep!  Evil, lying Watchers!

08/13/2009 03:58 pm
Chp 22 Promises, Promises         

Yikes, looks like Buffy giving the Watcher's Council the benefit of the doubt was a bad decision. Can't wait for her to square off against Travers, should be interesting! Wonderful chapter!

 Thank you. Sorry for the delay in replying.

08/13/2009 12:52 pm
Chp 22 Promises, Promises         
All caught up now (and hoping to stay that way). Still loving this fic...it's just so original, and so much fun!

*gulp* I have a very bad feeling about this...
 Delighted that you are still reading and enjoying Agnes' adventures.  I'm afraid the next few months are going to be difficult for her. Season Six!!!   Agggghhhhh.

08/13/2009 10:47 am
Chp 22 Promises, Promises         
Buffy should get over her whole "no killing humans" spiel and just let Spike eat them.
Except for innocent and kind people, of course...

There should be a Spuffy bath scene. those are always fun ^^

Where she's scrubbing suds on herself and Spike barges in unknowingly and starts kissing her and....

OK... Lost my head lol

Great chapter BTW Can't wait for the next update!
 Trouble is, at this time he doesn't care if people are kind or not!  And that really upsets her!   But when it comes to Travers, well, that might be a different question!

08/13/2009 05:29 am
Chp 22 Promises, Promises         
I had a feeling it would go this way!  Too bad Buffy didn't listen to her instincts to stay by Spike's side.  Glad to see this updated.
 Thank you for reading. Much appreciated.

08/13/2009 04:47 am
Chp 22 Promises, Promises         

Oh, dear....Buffy needs an ally, and fast.

 There may well be one arriving very soon!  Watch out for update this week!  And thanks for reading.

08/13/2009 04:02 am
Chp 22 Promises, Promises         
Great chapter - Spike is too funny. 
And that is to dust them as quickly as possible. - whoops.  Hope Buffy has a plan to punch the current Travers in the nose. 

08/07/2009 06:14 pm
Chp 21 Safe and Sound?         
I still come here every day...

waiting impatiently for another fantabulous chapter
 New chapter posted!

07/29/2009 09:17 pm
Chp 21 Safe and Sound?         
at least someone knows of buffy's problem. very good read, thank you.

07/26/2009 04:10 pm
Chp 21 Safe and Sound?         
‘live your own life, no Dawn, no Scoobies, no mission, no responsibilities - Buffy you wicked, selfish girl. 

Excellent chapter.

07/24/2009 08:05 pm
Chp 21 Safe and Sound?         
So glad there's a solution to the problem. What are Angus's alliances about? Worrying.

07/23/2009 09:35 pm
Chp 21 Safe and Sound?         
The period feel of this story is so good. I like the "jolly hockey sticks" tone of Valerie.  Spike and Buffy are so sweet. I love this story.

07/23/2009 12:36 pm
Chp 21 Safe and Sound?         
Great Valerie/Colonel Monroe scene, loved the twist with frog. And the Spike/Buffy interaction continues to be wonderful. Spike's remarks about Angel were hilarious, and the Spuffy hand clasping was so sweet. Good update!
 Thank you but Henry would be deeply offended to be called a frog.  He is all toad.

07/23/2009 12:20 am
Chp 21 Safe and Sound?         
 Ahh, asleep holding hands. Gorgeous. And a bit of a giveaway!
And finally a way home for Buffy . . .
 Yes, if she takes it!   Glad you enjoyed the chapter.

07/22/2009 10:07 pm
Chp 21 Safe and Sound?         
Ooops?   Another wonderful chapter. This story is so unique!
 Thank you so much!   I love writing it, which is always a good sign.  But I'm neglecting Agnes!  She won't be happy.

07/22/2009 09:29 pm
Chp 21 Safe and Sound?         
Awwwwwwwwww how sweet that even in sleep they are holding hands.

Like Valerie and Colonel Monroe very well.  They seem decent sorts unlike Philip (is it genetic?) Travers of the disposable Slayer philosophy.  Glad they know what's what and can help sort things out properly. 

Joy must be alive as no new Slayer has been called else Angus wouldn't have expected Joy. 

Loving this and you have captured the time period well.  Yes, back then cowboys were the "good guys" in cinema and during play.  PC and a realistic look at history didn't show up until very recent history LOL.  You have nicely made your characters part of the 1940's!


 Glad you liked Valerie!  I'm looking forward to her meeting Spike!   My witches tend to be rather jolly people, I've realised!   And when you think about it,  Slayers are disposable and I think that is exactly how the Council sees them.

Hope to update before Writer Con, but might not have time.

07/22/2009 08:22 pm
Chp 21 Safe and Sound?         
Angus, you idiot.

Ooo! The way home has arrived! Yay, if Buffy can just get to Monroe, she's not stranded.
 But will she want to go!  Decisions, decisions!   Thank you for reading.

07/26/2009 04:18 pm
Chp 20 Just you wait and see         
The French can deal with their own problems. They never thank us for our help, anyway - ooh, truer words never spoken.

07/21/2009 01:29 pm
Chp 20 Just you wait and see         
Still waiting impatiently for the newest chappy ^.^

 Hope to update this week!

07/13/2009 12:24 am
Chp 20 Just you wait and see         
"singing something under his breath about blue birds and cliffs"

What does that mean?

Great story so far, BTW

Keep it comin' ^^
 At that time there was a very famous song The White Cliffs of Dover.  Sung by Vera Lynn, one of the lines was "there'll be blue birds over, the white cliffs of Dover, tomorrow, just you wait and see."

Far too smulchy for Spike, but he is upside down at the time!

07/11/2009 01:18 am
Chp 20 Just you wait and see         
great chapter, thank you. for a moment i thought you might let buffy babble out the truth. (i drink a bit...)
 It will be interesting to see what she does say to him!

07/10/2009 07:51 pm
Chp 20 Just you wait and see         
LOVE the Banner -

Was waiting for a good amount of chapters to be posted - off to enjoy another wonderful one your great Buffyverse adventures.
 Do hope you have enjoyed the chapters so far?

07/10/2009 05:37 pm
Chp 20 Just you wait and see         
Watchers are always canny aren't they? Looking forward to next chapter to follow Buffy's line of thought..and hope Spike survives.
 Hopefully he will!

07/07/2009 03:09 pm
Chp 20 Just you wait and see         

Great chapter. More please, I want to know how Buffy talks her way out of this!

 Thank you for reviewing. Hope to update again very soon.

07/07/2009 03:04 pm
Chp 20 Just you wait and see         
Wow, that was one intense scene that played out after the crash, I loved all detail you put into it. I also enjoyed the the tidbits of new info the scene back at the Watcher's Council revealed. I especially liked learning that Joy sent the coded radio message about Spike and Buffy's return to England, and I'm thinking the slayer Colonel Monroe is depending on isn't Joy. Loved the update!
 Colonel Monroe is going to be confused in lots of ways, I fear.  Or is he?

07/07/2009 05:41 am
Chp 20 Just you wait and see         

Hopefully, Buffy can convince the assembled farmers to help her with Spike...

This is a good story - I'm enjoying the twists and the insertion of the vampire / slayer wrold into the Nazi one.  Cool.

But I miss Agnes...

 I miss her, too!   But I am determined to try and finish WWRT before the next UK writer con!

07/07/2009 04:56 am
Chp 20 Just you wait and see         
At least they got there alive....for now.

07/07/2009 03:13 am
Chp 20 Just you wait and see         
man, i am so happy that i decided to read this story.
please continue writing this excellent work of literature
 I'm delighted to have a new reader!  Hope you continue to enjoy the story.

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Oh - another great chapter! Amazing fic. Really.
 So glad you are still enjoying it.

07/07/2009 12:27 am
Chp 20 Just you wait and see         
Back on English soil and still in mortal (well, undead) danger!!
And so close to telling him . . . 
more soon ! more soon!
 More when I get back from Spain!

01/02/2011 09:31 pm
Chp 19 To bite or not to bite         
Am I reading to much into things, Joy . . . Joyce, Aurora . .  Dawn.
This isn't Buffy's ancestry, is it??

Really enjoying the entire story!

07/03/2009 08:10 pm
Chp 19 To bite or not to bite         
he was deeply ashamed of his impulsive action - great!  Loved Spike dithering about being bad and making up lame excuses for saving the brat.  Great chapter.
 He really is suffering, isn't he?  And it won't get better any time soon!

07/03/2009 05:53 pm
Chp 19 To bite or not to bite         
*Throws pom poms in the air* I've come to motivate you lol

C'mon get 'er dun!

07/02/2009 11:59 pm
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very good read, thank you. chuckled through the last paragraph.
 Always pleased to have your comments. Much appreciated.

07/02/2009 11:15 pm
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Get it together, Buffy! William is nice but that was cutting it too close. Fervently hoping that the next action is successful and Aurora survives.

07/02/2009 01:06 am
Chp 19 To bite or not to bite         
This is one of my very favorite WIP's Spike is evil, but not viscious. There are lot's of little hints and flutters of the heart that demonstate what might be possible... I don't know how you are going to reconcile their feelings with Spike and Dru's affair. Can't wait for more!
 What a very nice comment!  Thank you so much.  Do hope you continue to enjoy it. Hope to update soon.

07/01/2009 10:57 pm
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This story is just SO good!  More please !!!!  Please?
 Thank you so much!  it is so good to know the story is OK with readers.

07/01/2009 03:33 pm
Chp 19 To bite or not to bite         

"If I lost you - I mean, if I lost someone I loved"  Great line, I liked how Buffy's subconscious let that slip out. And I loved the locket clasp scene, I thought it was very interesting that Spike and Buffy were sharing the same thoughts. Fantastic chapter as always!

 Always keen to read your views.  So glad you are still enjoying their adventures in France.

07/01/2009 03:10 am
Chp 19 To bite or not to bite         
 So nice to see Buffy have the light globe moment that perhaps it doesn't matter that Spike has no soul. And more moments where they can't resist touching each other!
Cute idea about the stake tattoo for Slayers, but in the context of the story, I felt the darker undertone of tattooing people for identification with a shiver.
Poor abandoned Aurora, and poor Buffy facing the painful realisation that she will probably never have her own baby.
Can't wait for the next chapter!!
 So good to see someone has picked up the tattoo comparison.  I really couldn't see anyway of putting it across without spelling it out which would have been far too preachy and heavy.

06/30/2009 07:08 pm
Chp 19 To bite or not to bite         
It's good to see Buffy recognizing the good in Spike and especially that little thought about did it really matter that Spike has no soul.

Great update.  Loved the tension/confusion about Spike's growing feelings for Buffy and Buffy thinking that him not biting her meant he didn't want her. . .
 Thank you so much for taking the time to review and comment. Much appreciated and glad you are enjoying the story.  This trip is teaching Buffy a great deal.

06/30/2009 07:01 pm
Chp 19 To bite or not to bite         
lovin' it!

But, could you maybe make the word count a bit longer
So I have at least 10 minutes worth of a good read.
I can wait a little longer so you can write ^^ I love your story
 Sorry, the story is as the story is.  I can't pad it out, I'm afraid and that seemed the right place to stop it. Do hope you are enjoying it,though.

06/30/2009 06:01 pm
Chp 19 To bite or not to bite         
Evil cliffhanger!
 Sorry!  Hides under table from Lou's wrath!

07/02/2009 11:51 pm
Chp 18 Trapped!         
guess three will be going back to England after all. wonder how spike will rationalize his actions. very good chapter, thank you.
 So glad you enjoyed it!

06/27/2009 03:09 am
Chp 18 Trapped!         
Ah! You left me hanging! And such a sad chapter too. I'm sad to see the end of Joy and Pierre. Somehow though I'm beginning to think that Buffy is the Slayer Spike is meant to bring back to England anyway. Can't wait for more!

 Thank you so much for all your reviews for this story.  Hope you saw my message on home page about reposting chapter 7.  I had to do 8 as well. l had no idea they were still missing after the great melt down drama.

I am thrilled you are enjoying the story so much.  Do hope you don't still find Buiffy a little bland. Don't forget this is Season 6, just back from the dead, Buffy.  She always seemed a little disconnected to me.

Hope to update again soon.

06/27/2009 01:50 am
Chp 18 Trapped!         
My tears are flowing freely. Some things are worth fighting for.
 thank you!

06/23/2009 07:24 pm
Chp 18 Trapped!         
Buffy & Spike, babysitters. Now there's something you don't see every day. I wonder what the COW is going to say about that in London? That's assuming they ever get there...
 At least they are heading in the right direction and for all the right reasons!

06/23/2009 05:42 am
Chp 18 Trapped!         
Wow, I never saw poor little Aurora's tragic situation happening. I can't wait to find out how Spike and Buffy deal with the aftermath of this Joy's decision. Loved how Spike's inner hero surfaced in this chapter, his thoughts on Joy's actions should be especially interesting. Fantastic update!
 Poor Spike is so conflicted at the moment.  I imagine this is doing all sorts of things to his subconscious vampire!   Perhaps that explains what happens in the future.

06/23/2009 04:08 am
Chp 18 Trapped!         
Oh man - if word of this ever gets out, Spike will be the laughing stock of the vampire community. 
 He'll probably say he saved her for a snack later on!

06/22/2009 06:22 pm
Chp 18 Trapped!         
Poor little baby....
Aww, Spike.....always a softie for Niblets in trouble.
 Now we see where he got the word he used many years later!

06/15/2009 02:40 am
Chp 17 Soup and Sympathy         
Ahh, glad to see Spike's subconscious can't help himself but try to make Buffy happy.
Sulky Spike in flying jacket is a lovely visual!
Can't wait for more . . .
 Thank you. Yes, the pic is lovely, isn't it?

06/13/2009 06:28 pm
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This is soo good...the last line really give me a good chuckle...
 Thank you. Glad you are enjoying the story.

06/12/2009 03:45 am
Chp 17 Soup and Sympathy         
Yay!  Just like in Fool For Love, a crying girl sends those intentions by the wayside.  And it looks bad for Joy.  Maybe there will be three on the return trip after all.
 But you can only get 2 in a Tiger Moth!

06/11/2009 02:27 am
Chp 17 Soup and Sympathy         
very good chapter, thank you. great ending line.
 Thank you so much.!

06/10/2009 03:30 pm
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Yay!! You updated!!! Keep going!!

I would actually be more than happy to wait a couple extra days for a couple extra chapters

1 chappy just isn't enough to quench my thirst
 Trying to update at least once a week!   Glad you are still enjoying the story.

06/10/2009 02:25 pm
Chp 17 Soup and Sympathy         
I'm finding Spike's plight very fascinating, he's got his love and worry for Dru on one hand, and his concern and budding feelings for Buffy on the other... should be interesting to see where Spike's heart takes him. Spike also made some good points about the German's setting a trap, can't wait to find out how the upcoming plan pans out. Good update!
 Yes, in some ways he is far more confused than Buffy. She knows they have a connection, it doesn't come as a surprise to her. But for Spike, he is being torn in two.

06/10/2009 04:24 am
Chp 17 Soup and Sympathy         
You smell different when you lie. - Love it.  Great chapter with Spike agreeing to take her back for no reason known to himself. 
 He just doesn't understand, bless him!

06/10/2009 04:00 am
Chp 17 Soup and Sympathy         
Spike and his soft spot.
 She gets to him every time!

06/09/2009 07:05 pm
Chp 17 Soup and Sympathy         
Oh he is so smitten!  Her welfare is already his concern (that's our Spike!).  I kinda wish Buffy would just tell him the truth, give him something to think about.  That would change things, yes, but that is the very least that the future Council deserve for their trickery.

If nothing else Buffy SHOULD snap that Spike without a soul can and does love.  Why would he go to this trouble and danger if he didn't love Dru?  AND....If he was capable of loving Dru he most certainly is capable of loving her.

Love this story!

 I think she is beginning to see the light!  Will she tell him?   Hmmm, I think she will be tempted.  Whatever happens, the connection has now been made.

06/09/2009 06:32 pm
Chp 17 Soup and Sympathy         
Just can't help himself, LOL

06/08/2009 10:00 pm
Chp 16 Counting the Cost         
yay!! Moreee!!
 Glad you're enjoying it.  Updated yesterday.

05/31/2009 10:24 pm
Chp 16 Counting the Cost         
giles learned well from travers. very good read, thank you.

05/29/2009 08:09 pm
Chp 16 Counting the Cost         
Another wonderful chapter!  Spike was just being Spike taking an opening when given to him.  Can't blame a bloke for that.  Buffy on the other hand ..They need to survive and looking forward to how you pull that off.  You have one of the best lines I've read from Quentin.."necessary reduction of obsolete stock".  So aptly cold!! 
 Thank you. i love writing Quentin. So obnoxious, but then we don't know his history!

05/29/2009 06:38 pm
Chp 16 Counting the Cost         
YAY another update!

"a necessary reduction of obsolete stock." 
OH what a cold bastard!

Oh Giles!  You just do not get the connection between Buffy and Spike do you?

Ahhh he momentarily forgot Dru *snicker*.  Yes they both dove deep into the waters of denial.  Glad Buffy has admitted to herself that HER Spike does love her (wonder if that realization will hit her consciously?).  Naturally they are both trying to pretend that what happened between them was some weird fluke not destiny.  I think they will have to reevaluate.

Hum....thinking ahead I wonder if some sort of "forget" spell will be used on Spike to explain his lack of memory of this interlude.  That might explain his early attraction to Buffy in canon for one thing!

Love how she is starting to notice how blurred the differences between "her" Spike and this earlier, evil version.  The man was always there!

Love his toying with the idea of taking on the German war machine with a vamp army!  I can see him doing just that with the right impetus.


(Um....is there a missing chapter?  It goes from 14 to 16.  I noticed no gap in the story though.)

 Must admit I am enjoying writing this one.  The attraction between two bitter enemies when only one of them knows they are!  is interesting.

05/29/2009 11:53 am
Chp 16 Counting the Cost         
Interesting Giles/Travers scene, I never wouldn't guessed charms were so expensive... then again the charm is very powerful. And I loved Buffy and Spike's interaction, all things considered I think the morning after went reasonably well. Great look into Spike's head too, like it or not Buffy's influence is definitely changing him. Wonderful update!
 Thank you for reading. So pleased you are enjoying the story.  I've always wondered about the money side of the Council!

05/29/2009 01:11 am
Chp 16 Counting the Cost         
So happy to see an update! Hmmm, could their shared moment in the cart have had an effect on Spike's conscience? I hope so! And what is Quentin Travers up to? I'm worried!
More please!
 Quentin will be fine as long as it doesn't cost him anything, either in money or status.  And yes, Buffy is having a bad effect on Spike!

05/29/2009 12:20 am
Chp 16 Counting the Cost         
Huh, tinges of conscience, Spike? lol  I'm so pleased to see an update of this story.
 It's all that William personality that hasn't been completely wiped away. Sighs. Poor Spike!

05/28/2009 07:17 pm
Chp 16 Counting the Cost         
Bit confused by going from chapter 14 straight to chapter 16... but then I realised I hadn't missed anything so it's all good. I see both vamp & Slayer are still deep in denial mode... it's so cute! Now then... to stay and help the resistance or to get to the plane? Decisions... decisions...
 Sorry about the chaptering. The site does that to me so often and I get worried about going back and renumbering in case I delete something!   yes, big decisions to be made. Well, that's OK because hey, Buffy and Spike, two people who can make a decision - right?

05/28/2009 07:08 pm
Chp 16 Counting the Cost         
cut-glass accent - good description.  LOL at Travers docking Giles pay for the charm. 

For a minute he was tempted – he could tell them he would stay and fight with the Resistance - whew - Spike almost slipped up there and did something good, sort of.  Thank goodness he came to his sense.
 Buffy is having a bad influence on him!  Poor Spike - so bad and yet the good is just there, under the surface all the time.

05/28/2009 06:38 pm
Chp 16 Counting the Cost         
Confusion all round!  Good to see this update.
 Glad you enjoyed it.

05/28/2009 06:02 pm
Chp 16 Counting the Cost         
Just - love - it.
 Thank you for taking the time to let me know!  Much appreciated. Makes me write faster!

05/28/2009 03:21 pm
Chp 16 Counting the Cost         
Tangled web.......and I'm thinking if the present is going to be preserved, then Spike has to have his memory wiped of this trip once he gets Buffy back to England. He'd absolutely remember her in Sunnydale, otherwise.
 Well, something has to be done - but what?  We'll see.  And will it work?

09/09/2009 12:37 pm
Chp 14 In the Dark         
Ah, now I see!
"Regretfully, he wondered how far she would have gone if he hadn’t reacted to her blood? Now he’d never know. Pity!"

They didn't actually have sex, she just touched him. Now I know why I couldn't remember if they had or not ! LOL

And no, hasn't been spoiled for me by a long shot.
I hope this story goes on for at least another 10 chapters. I could just keep reading and reading and never get tired!

06/08/2009 09:42 pm
Chp 14 In the Dark         
This is some good shit. I come back every now and then to see if you've updated.
Please, continue
 Hope you've caught up with the latter posts!

05/12/2009 12:39 am
Chp 14 In the Dark         
do not believe spike will be able to keep his feelings locked away. very good chapter, thank you.
 Thank you so much for reading and reviewing.  Poor Spike. So conflicted, even in this time and place.

05/09/2009 01:06 am
Chp 14 In the Dark         
Ah, but that's the devil in inherent attraction, isn't it?!

05/06/2009 02:59 pm
Chp 14 In the Dark         
I liked your clever uses sleep and unconsiousness as a way to give Buffy and Spike the freedom to act on their desires/feelings. Buffy's touches to the unconscious Spike were definitely sweet, and Spike giving in to temptation opens up all sorts of interesting new possibilities. Can't wait to find out how the aftermath of the dream induced Spuffy loving plays out! And I gotta say Spike and Buffy's inner dialogues rocked yet again. Great chapter!
 Appreciate you taking the time once again to leave me a nice long review.  it certainly brightens my day to receive them.  Glad you enjoyed the chapter.  They are both on the brink of a new relationship now.  We will see if they are brave enough to take the plunge.

05/06/2009 01:28 pm
Chp 14 In the Dark         
Argh! The thingy ate my review! Now then... what did I say?
he pushed that thought deep into his brain, locking it into a little box and throwing away the key.
Love the identical trip into the land of denial... LOL
Now then, when Buffy wakes up will she realise it was really real? Will they 'talk about it'? Can't wait!
 Now when did Buffy ever talk about anything that bothered her?!!!   Spike, now that's a different thing altogether.  It will be an interesting conversation but might be a bit one-sided!

05/06/2009 09:01 am
Chp 14 In the Dark         
Loving this story, the setting and how Buffy is reacting to this Spike (and vice versa). So glad their instincts brought them together in this chapter for some spuffy lovin'! Can't wait for more updates . . . soon . . . please?
 A new reader?  I love your name!   Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. Much appreciated. Glad you like the story.  Working out their relationship is great fun.  Hope to update again very soon as would like to finish this by Writer Con 09 in England!

05/06/2009 05:04 am
Chp 14 In the Dark         
You sneak.....you held out on us with the lovin'    But uh-oh.....no going back, now....
 Bit difficult in the dark, under a tarp - but we will see what happens next!  Thank you for taking the time to comment. Much appreciated.

05/06/2009 03:55 am
Chp 14 In the Dark         
Terrific!  I can only imagine how this encounter colors future Spike's first view of Buffy.  BTW I don't think I mentioned that when the site finally came back up, this fic (previous chapter) was the first one I read.  Very memorable, and lots of fun.
 Thank you so much and delighted you enjoyed the chapter.  I think whatever happens at end of this story, the attraction is embedded in their blood now!

05/06/2009 01:21 am
Chp 14 In the Dark         

Oh, I can manage that, pet - LOL at Spike - this is the Spike we know and love.  Obnoxiousand feisty. 


05/06/2009 12:12 am
Chp 14 In the Dark         
 love it please update soon
 I'll try!  Must do another chp of BAU first, though and Future Imperfect is begging me to write next section, too.  Sighs.  I haven't got time to read anything!

05/05/2009 10:37 pm
Chp 14 In the Dark         
Very tasty, and much needed!
 Absolutely!  Thank you for reading.

05/05/2009 07:39 pm
Chp 14 In the Dark         
How shameful was that! Being hit over the head by a girl holding a baby!

Heh. Good thing he was able to overcome his embarrassment!

This was an interesting chapter, with so much of Buffy's baggage coming to light in the dark.
 So glad you enjoyed it!

06/10/2009 03:36 pm
Chp 13 "I will fight!"         
Oh hell ya!! I love this!!

excellent story! I adore time travel.

But why did you post "I will fight" twice? maybe you accidentally missed a chapter.. OMG!!
 Pleased you like the story.  Don't worry, the site posted a chapter twice. It sometimes does that to my fic for some reason.

If you like time travel fics, you might care for Through Time to Me, which is posted on this site. By me!

04/30/2009 03:57 am
Chp 13 "I will fight!"         
Oh man, you should have let Buffy slap that other Slayer. 
 The problem being that Joy is only reacting as a Slayer trained by the Council or by a Watcher is isn't Giles, would react!   And really she and Buffy are very alike in some ways.  They are both fanatically loyal to the men they love!

The Emperor's Sister
04/29/2009 03:14 pm
Chp 13 "I will fight!"         
Umm... this chapter got repeated. I enjoyed it twice though.
 Sorry about that.  The site doubled me up!

04/27/2009 09:27 pm
Chp 13 "I will fight!"         
Poor Spike....they got the drop on him. And Buffy's facing feelings.....
 The trouble is, she faces them with her eyes shut!

05/06/2009 01:13 pm
Chp 13 "I will fight!"         
I love how Spike & Buffy are gradually becoming accustomed to rescuing/helping each other. Buffy is slowly recognising the potential that always existed in Spike before the chip and Spike is having 'William' moments more and more often. Excellent slow progression of the relationship and very realistic.
 So pleased you enjoyed the chapter.  Working out their relationship with all the different 'who knows what about whom' has been interesting and will get even more so as the story progresses.  Hope you will enjoy the rest of it.  Do let me know.

04/30/2009 11:58 pm
Chp 13 "I will fight!"         
at least buffy can help spike. very good read, thank you. the last line.,, not going there.
 Pleased you liked the chp.  Hope to update again very soon.

04/28/2009 09:14 pm
Chp 13 "I will fight!"         
Poor Spike!  Hmm... maybe he'll need a little Slayer blood to get him back on his feet....

 You might well be right. Keep on reading!

04/28/2009 12:01 pm
Chp 13 "I will fight!"         
Oh-oh -- confined together in a dark place......
 Absolutely!  It's taken me quite a while to get them there!

04/28/2009 11:21 am
Chp 13 "I will fight!"         
Ehh!!!!!! * is so embarrassed* I made a typo... I meant to say the line sums up a bit of Buffy's personality perfectly, not  "That sums up Buffy's a bit of Buffy's personality perfectly." ... I accidently threw in an extra "Buffy" ... so sorry about that.
 Don't worry. You should see the state of some of my posts!

04/28/2009 11:11 am
Chp 13 "I will fight!"         
This chapter featured a great look into Buffy's head. I especially liked the brain clicking moment when Buffy realized an important truth about Spike.  I also loved this line... "Buffy shut her thoughts into a tiny box, buried it deep in her head and threw away the key."  That sums up Buffy's a bit of Buffy's personality perfectly. The scene with Joy was interesting too. Wonderful update!
 Thank you.  Was waiting for your comments!   So glad you enjoyed the chapter.  As it was the first thing I had written after being ill, I was worried that it sounded disjointed.  But people seem to be happy with it.  On to next one.  Oh, they are in a dark hot place on their own!  Oh!

04/28/2009 06:49 am
Chp 13 "I will fight!"         

Thought you should know, the chap has posted twice--it's been happening a bit lately.

Gah, silly Spike, getting caught--I'm glad Buffy is willing to protect him (and I love that she's having little niggling thoughts about his nature and ability to care, even if she is trying to ignore them).

Fabulous chap, as always, thank you.

 I never know whether to delete one or not.  Probably I had better do that because it obviously irritates people.  Glad you enjoyed the chapter.

04/28/2009 02:51 am
Chp 13 "I will fight!"         
I understand that war is war and can do things to people but even so, Joy seems very cold and callous to a vamp that obviously didn't hurt her. 
 Joy is a Slayer trained by the Council.  Her Watcher is not known to Buffy and we have no idea how she was educated by him.  To her all vampires should be killed immediately. She does not understand Spike or Buffy, come to that!   But there are character traits she and Buffy do have in common.  Loyalty to their men is the main one.

Love the lighter :-)
04/14/2010 06:40 am
Chp 12 Lies and more Lies         

06/10/2009 03:42 pm
Chp 12 Lies and more Lies         
Well, shit! damn that's good stuff!!  * must read more*
A friend of mine referred me to this story and... WOW!

Keep it up.

 Thank you. Glad you're enjoying it.

05/06/2009 01:06 pm
Chp 12 Lies and more Lies         
Just catching up with the updates I missed while the gremlins were about...
He reckoned it was being close to a sodding Slayer that was making him have all these weird emotions. It was something catching! Like measles.
Love the analogy LOL
    Thank you!   Poor Spike.  So conflicted!

02/25/2009 11:07 pm
Chp 12 Lies and more Lies         
"He reckoned it was being close to a sodding Slayer that was making him have all these weird emotions. It was something catching! Like measles."  lol  Lovely analogy!

Thank you very much for the "couldn’t-care-less " - I keep hearing 'could care less' and it drives me a little round the bend! 

“He knows exactly where I am.”  I'm surprised he didn't smell himself on her, but maybe it had been a while between shagathons.
 Appreciate the comments and yes, I agree about "couldn't care less".   I've seen could care less as well, which makes absolutely no sense at all!     As for measles, well, high fever and a desire to stay in bed!  I'll forget the rash!!!!!!

02/24/2009 05:52 am
Chp 12 Lies and more Lies         
"He reckoned it was being close to a sodding Slayer that was making him have all these weird emotions."  Yes, Buffy is already drawing the William in him to the forefront.  He is always lurking about and when Buffy is in the mix he really moves forward.

Love the way Spike is so familiar even while different not only to us but to Buffy as well.  One thing happening with her is a coming to realization that HER Spike is more than a pass time....she is jealous of Dru and misses her relationship with him.

Curious about the American killed....have a feeling there is something more to this.  Love the hints that Spike has shared more than a little of vamp lore....expect those imprisoned vamps will still play some part in time.

Excellent, just excellent. 

 I was hoping you would comment as i always value your remarks, as you know.  Yes, I've always felt that some parts of William remained in Spike even after he was turned.  And Buffy is the one person who awakens that side of him, no matter in what year they find themselves.

But he is still unchipped and unsouled and I think it is going to be very scary to her when she realises, this doesn't actually matter to her feelings for him.

The American, Joy, vamp army,  Dorcas, Giles, Travers - hope you're keeping a list of all the threads that I'm trying to pull together in case I miss one!

02/23/2009 07:24 pm
Chp 12 Lies and more Lies         
Looks like in any era Buffy gets under Spike's skin... lol! Spike's already mentioning Buffy's hair, makes me wonder how long it will be before Buffy enters his dreams.
The interaction between Spike and Buffy continues to rock! I'm enjoying the conversations these two are having, reading their hidden thoughts is also informative and fun.   Wonderful chapter!
 Well, by the way he keeps reminding himself how much he loves Dru,  I would say Not Long!

02/23/2009 06:54 pm
Chp 12 Lies and more Lies         
I loved this chapter.   Buffy's defences are weakening, as are Spike's; he just doesn't realise it.
 And she has convinced herself that it isn't the same man she knows sixty years hence.  They are both confused.

02/23/2009 01:57 pm
Chp 12 Lies and more Lies         
Hmm the band that held her hair together vanished whilst she was asleep? *grinz*
 So pleased you enjoyed it. Hope to update again soon, but must do another Business as Usual chp first or else people will throw things at me!

02/23/2009 07:00 am
Chp 12 Lies and more Lies         
Ha! Love the last line.

Yes, Buffy, Dru survived, too.
 She's beginning to ask herself exactly why she was sent to France, but she's a long way from knowing the answer.

02/23/2009 02:14 am
Chp 12 Lies and more Lies         
Buffy almost forgot herself there. Good thing Spike didn't pick up on it.  And I suppose Joy shows up at some point again as Buffy logically surmised?
 Buffy is quite often portrayed as being stupid, but when there is a fight or mission involved, she can see things very clearly.  

02/23/2009 01:31 am
Chp 12 Lies and more Lies         
Lies, indeed. Though Buffy was right - he did know exactly where she was. Or, a version of him did. =) Love the chapter, especially how Spike got all upset on behalf of the tortured vamps and then decided that he was catching something from Buffy. Uh huh. Sure. =D Anyhow, can't wait to see what you got in store next!
 Delighted that you enjoyed the chapter.  Poor Spike, all these feelings of pity and anger and he can't admit to any of them.  I'll try and update again soon.

02/22/2009 09:41 pm
Chp 12 Lies and more Lies         
Very nice chapter.  I love the balance between the insightful or touching moments and the snark and snappy comebacks. They're both on such an emotional rollercoaster at the moment and you show that so well.

He reckoned it was being close to a sodding Slayer that was making him have all these weird emotions. It was something catching! Like measles.

I love this line--it's just so Spike! (And it almost made me snort coffee all over my keyboard. LOL)
 Thank you!  Yes, Spike is trying really, really hard to justify his feelings of pity and his desire to fight a battle that, at the moment, isn't his.  The man he will one day become is already there, chip, soul or not.

02/22/2009 07:39 pm
Chp 12 Lies and more Lies         
Great chapter.  Loved the measles comment and the part where Buffy tells Spike about the guy in her life was excellent and sad. 
 Thank you for commenting. Yes, Buffy is having a very hard time keeping the 2 Spikes clear in her mind, and I can't say I blame her, because at the end of the day, it's just one guy!

02/22/2009 06:22 pm
Chp 12 Lies and more Lies         
Thanks for the update!  But does Spike going to get water for Buffy water mean he won't get to spy on her bathing in the stream?
 Sadly, I don't think he'd even bother to spy. He'd just look!

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Great chapter!  Now you got me curious about the American.  Just what was he doing there?
 Thank you so much for commenting. Glad you are enjoying the story.  All will be revealed in time.  Hopefully!

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Excellent story!  Love that we are on the adventure with you.  Very original!
 Delighted that you are enjoying this story, too.   I am writing as fast as i can, but have to add a chp of Business as Usual first before Aggie's Army scrag me!

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Rationalization, thy names will always be Buffy and Spike.  I've been trying to catch up with all of my Spuffy reading, and was so pleased to see that you have got this wonderful story still going strong.  These two still got it, no matter what baddy you throw at them.  I'm looking forward to more.  Thank you

 So pleased you enjoyed this story.  I do hope to update again soon but must get a couple more wips underway first!  Thank you so much for commenting. Much appreciated.

01/31/2009 12:08 am
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they are so much fun together, especially when they try and justify what they are doing. very good read, thank you.
 Pleased you enjoyed the chapter. Thank you so much for continuing to read and review.

01/30/2009 11:36 pm
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do you get those little cardboard tubs of ice cream in the States? I like those – and snacking on whoever’s sitting next to us, of course.
That was a snortful chapter - just like one of those 40s madcap movies with Claudette Colbert and Clark Gable.  Brilliant fun.
 So pleased you enjoyed it, whoever you are!   It might get a bit darker later on!

01/30/2009 03:59 am
Chp 11 Food for Thought         
LOL at Spike convincing himself that he's being cunning.  He's such a nut.
 Spike not only thinks he's cunning, he's convinced he's the biggest bad on the Continent.  Sadly, he might find out that not only vampires are evil.

01/30/2009 03:16 am
Chp 11 Food for Thought         
Blood sucking mosquitos, exciting fight scenes, a mysterious american stranger, a wild jeep ride, witty dialogue, lunch and Spike's fascinating musings... I'm really loving how Spike and Buffy's adventure is progressing. Thanks for the great new update!
 Delighted you are still enjoying the story.  Spike's much happier now he's got wheels.   I hope to update soon. Must do new chp of Future Imperfect first!

01/30/2009 01:54 am
Chp 11 Food for Thought         

Oh, love the new chapter! Seems like both Spike and Buffy are trying to convince themselves that it's only for ther own protection that they want to stay with each other... we know other wise... =D Anyhow, I adored the comments about how Angel wouldn't believe his story! And I just love the picture of Buffy falling asleep on evil William the Bloody's shoulder... awww...

 So glad you enjoyed the chapter.  it was fun to write.  Spike is trying so hard to live up to his image and failing in some ways because the Slayer doesn't respond as she should.  Well, she can't, because even though he is William the Bloody,  part of her still thinks of him as her lover. Very confusing for her.

01/30/2009 01:11 am
Chp 11 Food for Thought         
Yep, she is the most squeamish girl!

Hee hee, all their rationalizing for staying together.....

Jeep travel is definitely an improvement.
 The Spike of this time is just the same as the Spike of Sunnydale. Give him some wheels and he's a happy vampire.

01/30/2009 12:23 am
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Great update, as usual!  More intrigue, more snark, dangerous Spike, and good German cheese and black bread.  What more could one ask for? 
 Thank you for reviewing and commenting.  What more could you ask for?  Well...  runs away to check notebook!!

01/29/2009 09:52 pm
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All caught up again. *sigh* I just don't seem to be able to keep up with my reading lately.

I love the way they keep falling into working so well and comfortably together, only to remember that they shouldn't be.

Hmm...I wonder who the American was and what he was up to.

I am still really enjoying this fic (despite my inability to keep up with updates. lol)
 I know the feeling only too well!  I can read or I can write!   At moment writing is winning.  Glad you are still enjoying the story.

01/29/2009 07:14 pm
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I was so excited to see another chapter.
 I was excited writing it!   The next chapter is already bubbling up!

01/29/2009 05:01 pm
Chp 11 Food for Thought         
An American with the Nazis? Ooh! An Initiative connection? I wonder what the papers they took say? Aw Buffy sleeping on Spike's shoulder. Sweet.
 Thank you. Hope to update again very soon.

05/24/2009 09:28 pm
Chp 10 : Following Orders         
umm hi hate to be pain in the ass...but i absolutely love your story..and unfortunatly the chapters 10 onwards do not seem to load...at all so all i got was the glowing reviews.....but its eating me up..lol could you please email me the chapters...if its not too much trouble. I really appreciate it...Its an awsome story and you write it absolutely beautifuly!!!
 Hi, sorry you are having trouble reading the story.  I have gone into the site and reposted Chps 10 and 11 which seemed to be the missing ones.  Do hope you can read it all now.  Do let me know if you can't and i will, of course, email you the missing chapters.  Thank you for your interest.

01/21/2009 03:09 am
Chp 10 : Following Orders         
This is a really excellent fascinating story. Is there by chance any more?
 Sadly your name didn't show up on my page, but thank you anonymous reviewer for taking the time and trouble to write your thoughts.  So pleased you are enjoying the story. It is fun to write and the next chapter is coming along but I must finish a new chp for Business as Usual as that is very overdue!

01/20/2009 12:10 am
Chp 10 : Following Orders         
enjoying dorcas and her over caffeinated toad. hopefully when this tale winds down someone will remember giles involvement and not just his efforts to fix the mess. very good read, thank you.
 Wheeee!  You are the first person to notice my over caffeinated toad!  And I was so proud of him!   Thank you for reading and taking the time to review all the chapters.  It makes such a difference.

01/10/2009 02:48 am
Chp 10 : Following Orders         
Whee!  I love the way this is coming togetherf to a climax.
 Thank you so much for reviewing the chapters of We Will Remember Them.  And i am delighted that you are enjoying the story so far.  I hope to update again fairly soon but have to finish a chapter of Something to Sing About as that was my new year's resolution!

time of change
01/08/2009 07:03 pm
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Wow!  Finally got a chance to read this.  It's wonderful!
 So glad you like it!  It does seem to be popular, which is pleasing.  Hope all well with you.

01/08/2009 01:10 pm
Chp 10 : Following Orders         
Dorcas is great addition to your cast of original characters, loved her scene with Giles. I'm also loving the Spike/Buffy interaction. Wonderful chapter as always!
 Glad you are enjoying Dorcas!  She is fun to know.  Thank you for continuing to read and review. Much appreciated.

Flames to dust
01/08/2009 11:20 am
Chp 10 : Following Orders         
Spike´s nose always the first down ;DD
But the next will be the most interesting, right? o_<

01/08/2009 07:21 am
Chp 10 : Following Orders         
Ha, but what Dorcus doesn't know is that William the Bloody is Spike and Buffy is Buffy, and when Spike and Buffy get together... well... death isn't exactly the outcome, now is it???
Great chapter! Can't wait to see how Spike and Buffy will get to the plane! And if Spike will figure anything else out about this girl who seems to know more about him than she should........ ^_^
 Thank you so much for reviewing.  yes, Dorcas certainly doesn't know or understand about the connection. But she knows something is wrong.  What else will she discover in her predecessors notes?   It will be interesting.

And Spike is already totalling confused by this Slayer and his reactions towards her.  He's getting very irritated with himself.

01/07/2009 10:34 pm
Chp 10 : Following Orders         
I rather wonder why Rupert hasn't questioned Spike about his memories of the events of 1943.  Likely hasn't occurred to him as yet.

Giggled a lot about Dorcas and her blue tuna.  As a child I loved to use food coloring in whipping cream to make a lovely blue or pink concoction.....hum...an apprentice witch perhaps?  Never tried it with tuna although it might have appealed back then.  LOL

Love the reason Giles had for putting Buffy in this position even if she will likely not be happy with him.

Great update.  Buffy sees bits of HER Spike already there...the ability to know and do things that are on the right side of moral are traits she never really credited him with pre-soul so it must surprise her to see them in pre-chip Spike.  She has much to learn  and think about (including how Spike has not bitten her and how he is self-sacrificing in his love for Dru...hum....can a demon love?  She'll have to conclude that THIS one can at least).

 Kathleen!  You are an apprentice witch!  Food colouring bad!  I'm not too worried by the blue in the tuna; it was the wiggly bits that were more of a concern!

Yes, Buffy is already disturbed by this Spike. She knows he is unchipped, but keeps forgetting.   And usually their fighting ends up in only one way and that isn't going to happen - she thinks!  

At the moment they both know instinctively that they need the other one to get out of this mess, although neither will admit it.  

As for Rupert - well, let's wait and see.   

Runs away to consult extremely complicated notes.  

Please, if I ever say i am thinking of writing another time travel story, stop me!

01/07/2009 10:31 pm
Chp 10 : Following Orders         
I get the distinct impression that Aggie would never allow Dorcus into her kitchen!  lol  You create such wonderful, lovable characters. 
Thanks for the update.
 You are quite right. I think the toad would upset Aggie, especially one who drinks coffee!

01/07/2009 09:45 pm
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Excellent! All the characterizations work and I enjoy the historical elements.
 Thank you so much for taking the time and trouble to review. So glad you are enjoying the story.

01/07/2009 07:12 pm
Chp 10 : Following Orders         
Oh I do like Dorcas. Blue tuna indeed... yeuk! Just as well Buffy's already decided she needs to get back to Watcher central...
 Yes, Dorcas is a very special person.  As Witch in Residence, of course, she is practically impossible to dismiss, so can get away with a great deal.  I have the feeling she isn't keen on Q Travers!

01/07/2009 05:24 pm
Chp 10 : Following Orders         
Little does Dorcas know...heehee. At least Buffy's figured out that she has to get back to London, as well.
 Yes, now she's got to get there. And there's still Joy to worry about!

01/19/2009 11:59 pm
Chp 9 The Pact         
spike plan seems plausible. he might even find '... over my dead body!" an added bonus. very good chapter, thank you.

12/22/2008 03:28 am
Chp 9 The Pact         
LOL at Spike's plan.  It's a dandy.

12/19/2008 10:21 pm
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really enjoying this - please update again soon! thank you
 Delighted you are enjoying the story. Hope to update very soon, but probably not until after Christmas. And with that in mind, I trust you have a very Happy Christmas and a lovely New Year.

12/19/2008 03:49 am
Chp 9 The Pact         
Just thought I'd send you a quick note - I AM reading this one, although it's not really my cup of tea (which you've so kindly taught me to brew and drink properly...) but it's well written and I find the betrayal of Buffy by the people in the present in this way to be an interesting idea.  I know that everyone, just about, in Buffy's present betrayed her at least once, but this sure is a big one!
I will go back to reading in the Lilachigh Library soon - just a lot going on here with Christmas preparations and all. 
 I do hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a very happy new year.  Updating my stories may have to wait now until after Christmas as, like you, I am getting busier with each passing day and i don't expect there will be many people around to read them, anyway!  But i do hope to rough out next chp of Future Imperfect while i am away, and before too many people come after me with large blunt instruments, try and get some closure - or at least beginning of closure! - on Something to Sing About which has been sadly neglected.

12/18/2008 03:12 pm
Chp 9 The Pact         
Buffy's musings about Spike and Dru's visit to Sunnydale in the future has me doing some serious pondering, should be interesting to see how or if Buffy's actions change the future.
Spike has a good plan, I can't wait to find out if he goes through with it or not. Loved the update!
 Well, it seems a good plan in theory.  But then Spike's plans always do!  Thank you for reading. Writing anything to do with time travel gives you a headache!

12/18/2008 12:52 am
Chp 9 The Pact         
Great update!  Poor Buffy.  You really had her emotions rolling for a bit. 

"You’ll do that over my dead body!”  I can just imagine Spike's reply!  Looking forward to the next installment.

 Thank you for reading.  Pleased you are enjoying the story.  Yes, the next few days for our couple of heroes should be interesting.

12/18/2008 12:22 am
Chp 9 The Pact         
Hmmm, gotta remember Buffy, you're just fulfilling history....
 Hmmm, Buffy and history, there's athought.  Happy Christmas!

12/17/2008 07:19 pm
Chp 9 The Pact         

You really do enjoy producing enigmas, don't you? Glad B&S have decided to stick together, and although I love Spike's plan I can understand why Buffy doesn't... And I'm still wondering what Joy's up to...

 Yes, Spike's plan should prove interesting.  Not quite sure how Buffy is going to cope.  As for Joy - well, she's still a Slayer with a mission....

12/17/2008 05:10 pm
Chp 9 The Pact         
Sad to see Buffy's got her blinkers firmly in place!

12/17/2008 04:55 pm
Chp 9 The Pact         
OH I LIKE Spike's plan!!!!!  I rather enjoy the idea of a pack of demons going after the Nazi's..yup yup.

Buffy hasn't snapped to the fact that Spike could (SHOULD) have already killed her since he believes himself betrayed and Dru likely dust.  She hasn't figured out he is much like her Spike already.

Just love this story.  Can't wait till there's some payback.  Wonder what Spike in the "future" remembers and if he will be talking to Giles any time soon about those memories.



 Will you remind me the next time I start anything to do with time travel that it makes me head ache!  Glad you are enjoying the story.  I love writing it but, as Harmony once said, it's hard and stuff.

01/19/2009 11:49 pm
Chp 8 Not Cricket         
now we can rage at being betrayed to the mixture of emotions bombarding the slayer. very good read, thank you.

01/10/2009 02:37 am
Chp 8 Not Cricket         
Apt title for this chapter!

12/06/2008 02:09 pm
Chp 8 Not Cricket         
Well done!
 Thank you.

11/30/2008 11:11 am
Chp 8 Not Cricket         
OMG you can't just post a couple of chapters and then leave me like this!

anyway, the story is just great
can we have a chapter where Buffy goes all hard core killer? She's not doing nearly as good as she should!!
 Well, you have got 8 chapters so far!  Chapter 9 should be along some time this week.  i do appreciate that Buffy is not being particularly Slayerish at the moment, but don't forget what she always says - she fights and kills vampires and demons, not human beings.  Remember her crisis when Faith killed the Mayor's assistant by mistake?    She is in the middle of a serious war situation but feels unable to kill soldiers, regardless of her knowledge of the situation.  I actually feel quite sorry for her.  Do you see what I mean?

11/29/2008 04:56 pm
Chp 8 Not Cricket         
More damnit! I want more! Great story! Brilliant!!!!
 Thank you so much!  Always nice to get reviews from people who have just found a story of mine!

11/20/2008 04:09 am
Chp 8 Not Cricket         
You’re giving me the creeps. I’m going to stink of Slayer for weeks.”
  LMAO.  Spike is just great, as nasty as he can be.  Just the way I love him.
 Must admit it is refreshing writing this Spike and not the love lorn Season 5/6/7 i usually attempt to portray!

11/19/2008 03:16 pm
Chp 8 Not Cricket         
 omg update soon i love it 
 So pleased you are still enjoying the story. Hope to update soon.  Must do next chp of BAU first!

11/18/2008 10:32 pm
Chp 8 Not Cricket         

Oh, dear.  What now? 

I love Dorcus.  She reminds me a bit of  Mad Madame Mim, the witch in Disney's Sword in the Stone.  She has shades of Agnes, too, but much less concerned with her appearance!

Thanks for the update.

 What now indeed!  Betrayal, a lover who doesn't love her - well, so far! - and a witch whose spells might not always work.  Oh plus the Third Reich, a runaway Slayer and a baby.  Hmmm, this short story sort of grew wings.

11/18/2008 10:04 am
Chp 8 Not Cricket         
Let's hope Dorcas comes up with the goods!
 Dorcas Twigg can always be relied on to come up with some plan.  A good plan.  Now, where have we heard that before?

11/18/2008 10:03 am
Chp 8 Not Cricket         

The moment Buffy took to ponder whether she wanted to go home or not was so bittersweet, I'm glad Giles is working on a way to help her. Loved the Dorcas/Giles scene, I think Dorcas is a great addition to the story. Fantastic update!

 Thanks for reviewing. Glad you like Dorcas. I think she might be important!   Now she has to decide what to do in 1943.

11/18/2008 04:07 am
Chp 8 Not Cricket         
And now she finds out she's been tricked.
 Absolutely. It's going to be interesting.

11/18/2008 02:51 am
Chp 8 Not Cricket         
Buffy asks a good question. how come Spike didn't recognise her at the Bronze that first night? has she already changed the future? Have you figured out how to avoid the paradox yet?
Now Buffy knows Giles lied to her. She's not going to be a happy bunny, is she?
 Not happy bunny?  I think that's an understatement.  Now she has to decide what to do in 1943.  Have I worked out the paradox?  Well.....

11/18/2008 12:56 am
Chp 8 Not Cricket         
And so she discovers the betrayal.  Poor Buffy was so often betrayed by others in the disguise of "greater good".  I don't know if she will easily forgive Giles for this one.

Interesting about being more emotionally whole there.  Hope she figures out her feelings before returning and also hope she puts her friends in the PROPER place in her life and that is not deciders (to use a word my current and soon to be former President uses often).

Excellent.  Really enjoying this and love your witch very much.

Glad Rupert is at least trying to do right by Buffy.  Maybe he'll feel enough remorse to actually accept her feelings for Spike.

 At the moment she is being betrayed on all sides and perhaps, deep down, she will never forget.  Of course, that applies to other feelings as well!

Glad you like Dorcas Twigg.  Now how can i get her to meet Agnes?

06/26/2009 06:38 pm
Chp 7 Rivers of Time         
ack! this chapter dissapeared! bring it back!

01/10/2009 02:32 am
Chp 7 Rivers of Time         
Where did that emotion come from with Spike? Instinct?

11/13/2008 04:15 am
Chp 7 Rivers of Time         
Lilac you have a perfect talent for little old ladies.  Does Dorcas know Agnes?  I'm sure they'd be great friends.  Good Spike - nasty and damn cheerful about it, too.
 Thank you!  Demons are difficult, little old ladies seem easy - but Agnes would be deeply offended to be called 'old'!!

By the way, on my LJ, I am offering Christmas ficlets featuring my original characters.  Are you on LJ?   I am so tempted to do an Agnes/Dorcas cross-over fic anyway!

11/10/2008 11:27 pm
Chp 7 Rivers of Time         
I am really enjoying this story so very much.  I'll follow wherever you lead with it but can't help but speculate about a whole new universe being created if Buffy discovers she cannot return.  I can see her using what she remembers from history (she was never THAT stupid) and altering the course of the war if stuck there!  I can also see her hooking up with Spike back then and him giving up the big bad for her just as in her time.  LOL   So many possibilities.

"Giles had a nasty feeling Buffy would sacrifice the world to save Spike."  How perceptive of Giles...he sees whereas even Buffy hasn't .  Buffy LOVES Spike and her Watcher knows.  Will be interested to see what he has in mind with the Council's witch there (really like her in this brief meeting).


 I haven't been told yet by the characters what will happen!   I have an idea or two, but we will see.  Regarding Giles, I always thought he must have known and seen from the very beginning which way Buffy was going regarding Spike.  This man is a Watcher - the word, surely, says it all.   Forget the absent minded librarian, remember the guy who in cold blood killed Ben.

11/10/2008 08:16 pm
Chp 7 Rivers of Time         
yeah, great!! Update soon!!
 Thank you!   Glad you enjoyed it.

11/10/2008 06:47 pm
Chp 7 Rivers of Time         
I love Dorcas!  I can tell she's going to be a veritable force in this story.

Giles' inner musings are interesting and very telling, especially the bit that leads up to "Giles had a nasty feeling Buffy would sacrifice the world to save Spike."

The end was hilarious: "they were both pushing away, cursing, spitting and scrubbing at their mouths."  Shades of Willow's spell.

I wonder if Buffy has been duped by Joy.  Sometimes Buffy is a bit naive and much too trusting.  I suspect it has something to do with her black and white view of the world; Joy is a slayer, so she must be honest. 

Great chatper.  Thanks for the update.

P.S. You might like to correct  "Her jerked her towards him, hearing the little gasp as he head fell back."

 Thank you so much, especially for picking up the typos which I have rushed to correct.

Yes, Dorcas is going to be vital, Joy needs to be watched because she is an old-fashioned type Slayer. Everything is black or white.  Buffy sometimes sees shades of grey and I have the feeling they are going to clash very soon - well, as soon as they find her, that is!

11/10/2008 05:24 pm
Chp 7 Rivers of Time         
Excellent chapter, they are both so conflicted yet somehow can't help themselves!
 Absolutely! Thank you so much for reading and reviewing.

11/10/2008 02:21 pm
Chp 7 Rivers of Time         
Wow-I wondered when Giles would re-think what he did.  Is he trying to validate himself by thinking she would have done this even if she knew tjhe outcome?  Just how is Dawn dealing with all this?  And now that Spike and Buffy kissed would he be able to smell himself on her? I know, yuk.  Can't wait till the next update!
 Thank you for your interesting comments. Well, Dawn thinks Buffy is away on Slayer business for a couple of days!  Could be problems if she is away for longer.  And,  of course, there must be a way to resolve the problem of Buffy and Spike recognising each other when they meet again - if they both survive the War!

11/10/2008 02:14 pm
Chp 7 Rivers of Time         

11/10/2008 05:57 am
Chp 7 Rivers of Time         
Wondeful story... You made my blood run cold when Giles said that Buffy had sacrificed Spike to save the world.  All I could think of was that smirky little smile on her face at the end of the earthquake that covered Sunnydale. I think I would have to hate Joss alittle bit if he really  meant for Buffy to  betray  Spikes devotion to her and her friends and family. He deserved so much more than the constant disdain and belittling. 
  Really good , I love it when a good fanfiction, sticks a knife in my heart like  the show did. thanks for the story, eager for more. N
 Glad you are enjoying the story and thank you for taking the time and trouble to review. Much appreciated.

11/10/2008 05:31 am
Chp 7 Rivers of Time         
love it! nice ending there. great chappie. can't wait to see what good ol giles is up to....
 Thank you for reading and reviewing. Much appreciated and glad you are enjoying the story.

11/10/2008 12:42 am
Chp 7 Rivers of Time         

Giles had a nasty feeling Buffy would sacrifice the world to save Spike.
Interesting--that Giles knows there is something between them, that is.

I wonder what Joy really is up to...I guess we'll find out sooner or later. lol

Buffy drew her fist back to punch the face she loved so much and stopped as a stutter of machine gun fire ripped through the trees.

Oh, and admission (of sorts) from Buffy that she loves Spike, or at least his face. lol 

Still loving this fic! Thank you for the update.

 I think Giles has always suspected more than he let on.  He never looked that surprised when she told him on his final return to Sunnydale that she was sleeping with Spike.    Buffy will never admit she loves Spike except when she is angry with him!   And she doesn't love this Spike - but his face is still that of the man she does love. Confused?  You should be sitting where I am!

11/10/2008 12:34 am
Chp 7 Rivers of Time         
Great closing scene, I enjoyed looking at things through Spike's eyes... should be interesting to see how long he and Buffy can hold off before completely giving in to temptation. I also enjoyed the Giles/Travers interaction, Travers' opinions are definitely interesting. Between Giles' new plans, Spike and Buffy's perlious situation, and Joy still missing... I can't wait to read more! Fantastic chapter!
 Thank you for taking the time to comment. Much appreciated as always.  Yes, poor Spike is completely confused by his reaction to Buffy.  It goes against everything he believes in at this time in his life/death.  Will try and update soon.

11/09/2008 10:46 pm
Chp 7 Rivers of Time         
Aha! I knew the inevitable B/S chemistry would rear its Spuffy head soon!
Now then, just what is Joy's true mission and just why is she taking so long?
 Thank you for reading.  Joy - hmmm - a Slayer, a mother and wife and a hater of vampires.  She'll make life interesting.

11/09/2008 09:46 pm
Chp 7 Rivers of Time         
Oh, dear.......

At least Giles is trying to redeem himself.
 Yes, about time, too.  Although he did feel he was acting for the best - but then that is Giles throughout the whole story,isn't it?  The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Flames to dust
11/09/2008 09:30 pm
Chp 7 Rivers of Time         
Poor Gile...always thinking first with the brain and not with his heart. And the next always are laments.
Can you put together this two and don´t wait for the kissage?
They can curse and spit everything what they want that they will return to do it again soon.

More and more...
 Spike genuinely is confused because he loves Dru and can't understand what is drawing him to Buffy.  Buffy, of course, cannot separate the two different Spike's in her heart, although in her brain she can see the difference. Sighs. Life is so difficult!

04/08/2010 07:44 pm
Chp 6          
It was interesting to see the different point of views of the two Slayers: we know Buffy to have an open mind and personal opinions; she's gone against the Council and had vampire boyfriends, so I was expecting some sort of flexibility from Joy as well, since she's defied the Council's authority, but in spite of having seen Spike majorly involved in the plan for freeing her, she just crosses him off as a foul creature of no possible use.

06/26/2009 06:20 pm
Chp 6          
OOoh, very eerie ending. I love to see that you've been doing your historical research. It shows in your writing. I missed having Spike in this chapter, and I'm wondering if Joy has gotten herself into trouble. Guess I'll have to see! Again, the only slight critique I have is that Buffy is coming across a little plain, but I'm still hooked to this story and can't wait for more.

01/10/2009 02:25 am
Chp 6          
Definitely sounds Nazi ish.

12/06/2008 01:47 pm
Chp 6          
Great chapter

10/29/2008 08:01 am
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more please
 Lovely to see a new name on my review page.  Glad you are enjoying the story. Hope to update very soon.

10/27/2008 01:45 am
Chp 6          
pity spike, joy seems even more contrary than buffy. very good read, thank you.
 I think William the Bloody expects Slayers to be difficult.  Let's just hope, for Buffy's sake, that he doesn't decide to go 'dancing' with Joy!

10/25/2008 01:03 am
Chp 6          
Now I'm wondering why the Council is so intent upon Joy returning to England... and also why she is so determined not to.
I knew Spike wouldn't stay away for long..
I wonder what's keeping Joy?
Are they going to have to do something about stopping the vamp experiments?
 I think Buffy is about to wake up to the fact that she is in the middle of a "history" lesson that she learnt a couple of years ago and the full horror of it hasn't occurred to her yet!   How she and Spike deal with it and each other - well, let's just wait and see!

10/22/2008 06:12 am
Chp 6          
Ooooo an update!!  *Xander happy dance*

I really love your fics.  "god-forsaken, snail-eaing, hell-hole"  LOL  You rock.  Looking forward to more.
 Delighted you are still enjoying the fic.  Am trying desperately to write next chp of Future Imperfect but have a rotten cold at the moment so am having to go back and edit because it is getting very gloomy - because of the cold!

10/21/2008 04:05 pm
Chp 6          
Again, this is great! Keep up the good work!
 Thank you.

10/21/2008 12:44 pm
Chp 6          
Uh oh! Gotta say I'm more than a bit worried that Joy never returned, can't wait to find out what happened to her. And I'm incredibly grateful that Spike wasn't captured, the closing scene really made me feel bad for the poor experimented on vampire. Good update!
 Glad you are still enjoying the story.  I think we are going to learn a lot more about the vampire experiments.

10/21/2008 02:11 am
Chp 6          
I somehow missed a chap, so have been playing catch-up.

Joy's pretty ungrateful, isn't she? LOL And even bossier than Buffy.
I wonder why the Council is so keen to get her back to England.

Ah...the Nazi-Initiative! *shudders* I can see why the poor vamp was thanking her for staking him, it was a mercy.

 Yes, Joy is the type of Slayer who thinks she knows better than everyone else.   I wonder who that reminds me of?

10/21/2008 12:45 am
Chp 6          
Ewww. A face really shouldn't migrate down that much.
Hope Joy knows what she's doing.
And leave it to Spike to sneak up on her without trying again.

If it's only one Nazi covering the plane, then Buffy just has to sneak over there and knock him out. They get in the air and back to England.
 No, I think there were more than one and Spike couldn't fly it during daylight anyway!  And the plane only holds 2 which may prove to be a problem.....

10/20/2008 11:11 pm
Chp 6          

I hope the Council aren't misbehaving during wartime!  That's just not cricket, old chap!

10/20/2008 11:08 pm
Chp 6          
Excellent cranky Spike - I almost feel sorry for him. 
 He's not having the best of times in France, is he?!

Really enjoying it. Ta.
04/14/2010 05:21 am
Chp 5          

Really enjoying it. Ta
04/14/2010 05:21 am
Chp 5          

06/26/2009 05:55 pm
Chp 5          
not as much fun in this chapter, but I love seeing Spike beginning to react to Buffy and I'm quite curious as to whats up with Joy. Things are beginning to be revealed! And how will they all fit in the plane? Sitting in spike's lap I hope XD.

Again, Bloody brilliant.

10/04/2008 06:51 am
Chp 5          

I'm loving this, especially evil Spike.  But I have a feeling he's going grow a heart on this adventure.

 I think it will be interesting to see how he reacts to 2 Slayers!  Poor guy.

10/03/2008 06:11 am
Chp 5          
love the way their thoughts are changing so slowly. very good read, thank you.
 Thank you.

09/30/2008 04:08 pm
Chp 5          
Well done

09/29/2008 10:18 pm
Chp 5          
This is so good! The possible time paradoxes are a bit mind boggling but I`m sure you know where you are going with this. I can`t wait til the next update.
 Do I know where I'm going?  No, I wait for them to tell me!  But yes, keeping it clear who knows what and who mustn't be told what is complicated!  Clutches head and rushes off to drink more coffee!

09/29/2008 08:13 pm
Chp 5          
Action, intrigue, an ailing slayer, a hungry baby, snarky Spike and bossy Buffy... that's quite an interesting mix!  The adventure through enemy lines is bound to be quite exciting! Loved the interaction and dialogue between the characters, reading Spike and Buffy's thoughts was also enjoyable. Wonderful chapter!
 Thank you so much for reviewing again. Much appreciated and glad you enjoyed the chapter.  Their adventure is certainly going to be eventful.

09/29/2008 08:27 am
Chp 5          
Ok, so, human baby.  I thought maybe the Nazis were doing experiments on slayers and vamps, but it sounds like they don't even know what a slayer is.  Luckily for Joy.  I'm guessing that they're about to find out once they decide to ambush Buffy and Spike!  

I LOVE the snarky Spike!  Looking forward to more.  
 Yes, when they realise they have not one but two Slayers almost within their grasp, then i think they will call up reinforcements who won't be quite so "soldierly"  if there is such a word!

09/29/2008 05:03 am
Chp 5          
very exciting and loved the Spuffy banter.  Poor Spike - he's in trouble all ready.
 Thank you for taking the time to comment.  Glad you enjoyed the chapter.

09/29/2008 02:36 am
Chp 5          
Hmmmm, things just got more interesting!
 That's for sure!

09/29/2008 02:02 am
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Great snark!
 Thank you!

04/02/2010 11:46 am
Chp 4          
A baby! The plot thickens!

06/26/2009 05:46 pm
Chp 4          
Beautiful use of spike in this chapter, again. The twist at the end make me literally suck my breath in with anticipation. I love the contrast between Spike and Buffy, English and American, and all the fun being poked at the Yanks. I'm now completely addicted to this story.

Bloody Brilliant!

01/10/2009 02:11 am
Chp 4          
A baby?  Do they have the wrong cell?  Nice cliffhanger there. 

10/21/2008 03:55 pm
Chp 4          
L-o-v-i-n-g it
Can't wait to see where this is going!

10/03/2008 05:59 am
Chp 4          
fine read, thank you. a baby. should provide some very challenging  situations.

09/12/2008 11:53 pm
Chp 4          
Oh goody - Spike can change diapers.  I completely forgot that Spike had brown hair still.  Feeling sorry for Buffy, trying to deal with mean Spike, Dru jealousy etc.  Good chapter.
 I think Spike would probably say "diapers? What the sodding hell are diapers. Oh, you mean nappies!"

09/12/2008 10:56 pm
Chp 4          
I am really enjoying this. It is a very original take on things, but Spike and Buffy are still very much in character. Good job !  Can't wait to see what happens next !
 So pleased you are enjoying the story and for taking the time to comment. Much appreciated.

09/12/2008 10:15 pm
Chp 4          
A baby?!   Curiouser and curiouser....  A vamp/slayer hybrid?  Thanks for the update.  I'll be watching for more.
 Thanks for commenting. Will do my best to update again soon.

09/12/2008 06:18 am
Chp 4          
Wow! :o The new development is all kinds of interesting, Spike and Buffy interacting with a baby is bound to be fun. Loved reading both Spike and Buffy's thoughts throughout the chapter. Wonderful update!
 1943 Spike and a baby could be extremely interesting!   This could get nasty.

09/12/2008 02:18 am
Chp 4          
oh, wow! twist! love it, love it. love buffy's jealousy of dru... haha. cant wait to see where this story is going... you've really got me curious!
 Well, that was my intention!  So pleased you are enjoying it.

09/11/2008 10:53 pm
Chp 4          
A baby? Uh-oh....
 Yes, this could lead to all sorts of complications.

09/11/2008 10:33 pm
Chp 4          
Great chapter
 Thank you.

09/11/2008 08:11 pm
Chp 4          
Oooh that was exciting, a very tense chapter - unputdownable!
 Thank you for such kind words.

09/11/2008 07:31 pm
Chp 4          
This idea is great, very original.  Evil Spike, Horny Buffy, Nazis... the possibilities are endless.  Travers actions are typical, but whats up with Giles?  A baby?!? Is it the slayer?  Must go back and reread any mention of Joy.  Anxiously awaiting an update!       
 Delighted you are enjoying the story.  Yes, life is going to get very complicated for our favourite couple. Will try and update again soon.

06/26/2009 05:24 pm
Chapter Three         
Your use of British slang coupled with comments about smelling like cabbage had me laughing out loud. It's amazing how so little happened and yet so much. I love the picture you paint of evil spike, but (just a small note) the Buffy is a tad bland. Again, bloody brilliant and I look forward to more.

01/10/2009 02:02 am
Chapter Three         
Hmm Spike notices something. So many things to wonder about.  This is very well written.

09/05/2008 03:13 pm
Chapter Three         
I haven't had a chance till now to write a blurb on your new story. It's marvelous,really. ................I bet you could  even make reading a shopping list intriguing:)...........................My absolute favourite in Spuffy stories, is time travel,so consequently, I've read a lot of them, and can honestly say, your plot is the first of its' genre I've read. Thumbs up to you girl:)............................... So here I sit,eagerly waiting for the next chapter.(grin).........Type quick would you??;)
 So pleased you are enjoying it.   I wonder if you ever read my Through Time to Me which is also posted here.  I really enjoyed writing that one, too.

09/03/2008 02:42 am
Chapter Three         
Oooh! I just got caught up on this story and I've got to say I'm very interested! You've got a great plot idea here and I really enjoy the way you're writing it. Can't wait to see Chapter 4!
 Thank you.  A new name, I think, to my reviewer's list?   Glad you are enjoying the story. Chp 4 will be along as soon as next chp of BAU is finished.

09/01/2008 10:26 pm
Chapter Three         
I like how their connection is as strong as ever, even though Spike is completely unknowing.  More soon please. 
 Thank you!  Will do my best to post more soon, but have to finish next chp of BAU first!  Agnes insists.

09/01/2008 12:28 pm
Chapter Three         
Regardless of the decade the Spike/Buffy interaction is wonderful. Their bantering just flowed, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading their musings. Fantastic update!
 Thank you so much for kind comments and for taking the time to read and review. Much appreciated.  Rushes away to write more.

09/01/2008 05:11 am
Chapter Three         
love it. can't wait to see what will happen!
 Nor can I!

09/01/2008 04:40 am
Chapter Three         
And, yet, Spike doesn't take the time to kill Buffy.  Hmmm. 
 Well, he could have, but it would have made a very short story!   But seriously, I think he is very reluctant to do anything that might lead to Dru being sacrificed for his mistakes.  And, of course, this will really upset Buffy when she discovers his motivation.

09/01/2008 01:39 am
Chapter Three         
Such a short chapter, but I'm just glad this fic updated! The idea of Spike letting a branch swing back to hit Buffy is such a clear demonstration of the differences between this time and her time's Spike. I can't recall Spike ever killing in Buffy's presence before except demons, but whatever.
I'm looking forward to Spike getting more suspicious about Buffy and whatever is going to happen next while they're on this mission! and if Buffy finds out he's doing it for Drusilla. Great chapter, write more soon!
 So glad you are enjoying the story.  I think Buffy means that she has seen him kill - if not feed, although I would need to check on that.  And yes, I think Spike will begin to suspect something strange is going on. Will hope to update soon.

09/01/2008 01:21 am
Chapter Three         
I have always loved the interaction of Spike and Buffy, no matter what stage their relationship was in.  As Kathleen said, the connection is always there.  This story is brilliant, so whatcha got in store for us next?  thank you for a great update.

 Pleased you like it. Hope to update soon when the other Slayer appears!

09/01/2008 01:12 am
Chapter Three         
Oh my no matter the time period they meet that connection will always be there.  No escaping the inevitable.  This will be quite the learning experience for them both.

Really am enjoying this story and the cold blooded behavior of Travers and Giles is totally in character.  I'd bet Quentin DID know it was Spike too!

Excellent update.

 Glad you are enjoying the story. Yes, I'm sure Travers knows more than he is saying.

Great start!
04/14/2010 04:50 am
Chapter Two         

06/26/2009 05:13 pm
Chapter Two         
Ah! I said it before and I'll say it again: Bloody Brilliant! The picture you paint is brilliant, and the few plot details you spilled here with Giles and Travers leave me hungry for more.

Every sentence just adds to further pulling me into the story. Brilliant.

08/10/2008 01:56 pm
Chapter Two         
Yikes - that was quick!  Can't wait to see how they get on.  Giles has behaved very badly not being straight with Buffy, and he can't blame it on Travers.  More soon please. 
 I know!  i am so proud of myself, getting 2 chapters out so fast.  Third one might be a day or two longer.  Agnes is calling.

08/09/2008 09:29 pm
Chapter Two         
always thought giles want to grow up and be just like travers. very good read, thank you.
 I suppose the difference is that Travers is completely cold-blooded about what he does - he would have made a perfect vampire - but Giles agonises over things.  At the end of the day, though, Giles will always act for the greater good, even if that means sacrificing his friends.

08/09/2008 01:42 am
Chapter Two         
That was great - loved the evil Giles betrayal (again) and wondering just how are you going to get them back????
 me too!  Well, Buffy, at least, and of course if she doesn't go back, then Spike won't be chipped and various apocalypses would turn out different and....oh my brain hurts!

08/08/2008 03:39 pm
Chapter Two         
Darn! That Travers and his underhanded plans.   The Giles twist came as a complete surprise, I wonder what he's gonna tell the scoobies about Buffy? Can't wait for Spike to interact with Buffy, should be very interesting. Fantastic update!
 Thank you so much.  Will try and update very soon.

08/08/2008 02:48 pm
Chapter Two         
Excellent; this should be great fun!  He will be soooo freaked!

08/08/2008 12:50 pm
Chapter Two         
Travers is as sneaky as we have come to expect, but I'm surprised at Giles. Now then... I'm on the edge of my seat wondering how Spike will react to Buffy... and how will history be changed? Will Buffy be able to get home to *her* Spike or will she have to stay in 1943?
 Travis, of course, is quite cold-blooded about Slayers. Giles, perhaps not so much, but does he know more than he is saying?  He did  make the charm liquid, of course.  Canon will change completely if she stays in 1943. Would Spike even get chipped?

08/08/2008 11:31 am
Chapter Two         

Gotta say, love the whole idea of this story.  I'm a huge fan of back in time fics and you don't see many covering WWII.  I'm looking forward to any and all updates.  Your writing, as always, captures Spike and Buffy perfectly.  Please keep this one coming

 Very pleased to hear you like the idea of the time travel story.  It's fun to do, although my head hurts sometimes trying to remember all the time lines involved!

04/02/2010 10:46 am
Chapter One         
Juicy beginning!
Nazis and vampires... it's Joss' canon, it's Bowiebaharata's canon; it was about time someone put the Spike/Buffy action right there, and I'm glad it's you. 
 So glad you are enjoying it so far!  Await further comments anxiously.

06/26/2009 04:58 pm
Chapter One         
Bloody brilliant! I wasn't sure going into it how you'd manage the set-up, but I have to say, I'm already hooked. Spike's characterization is spot-on and I'm hungry for the next chapter.

01/10/2009 01:47 am
Chapter One         
What an intriguing idea! 

10/21/2008 03:43 pm
Chapter One         
Oooh, I like this one! Just had to comment on the great beginning, very original, indeed! Now on to the next chappie
 Thank you. Hope you continue to enjoy the story.

08/09/2008 09:23 pm
Chapter One         
off on another adventure, thank you. very good opening chapter.
 Glad you enjoyed it. Hope to update again very soon.

08/09/2008 01:37 am
Chapter One         
Cool story concept Lilac.  What does I should coco mean?
 I should coco is a term that was much in use during thirties and forties in England.  Roughly it is a sarcastic version of "No way,"  "In your dreams"  "You must be joking".    I have no idea where it originated.  I imagine it was a version of Cockney rhyming slang but even the encyclopaedia doesn't help.  But my parents used it a great deal.

08/08/2008 02:44 pm
Chapter One         
Great banner and I love this concept; very clever!  Interesting point in time to start from the present.  Really looking forward to more.
 Thank you very much.  Nice to know you are enjoying the story.

08/07/2008 11:14 pm
Chapter One         
A great idea to place Buffy in wartime France, plus a big surprise in store!  I love it.
 Delighted that you are enjoying the story. With a banner like that in front of me,  it's fascinating to discover what happened to them.

08/07/2008 07:29 pm
Chapter One         
As soon as I saw your name above a new story I knew I would be in for a treat. A really interesting opening chapter, can't wait to read more. Thank you.
 What a very kind thing to say!  So pleased you are enjoying the story. Posting more very soon.

08/07/2008 07:07 pm
Chapter One         
Love it.  Thanks!
 Delighted you are enjoying it.  I so love time travel stories, they make my brain hurt, but in a nice way!

08/07/2008 05:57 pm
Chapter One         
Oh, this sounds really interesting.. can't wait to read more.
 Glad you enjoyed it. Posting next chp very soon, like probably tonight!

08/07/2008 03:28 pm
Chapter One         
Interesting premise, I look forward to seeing how things play out. Great start!
Love the banner, Spike looks quite dashing.
 Yes, it was Kazzy-cee's wonderful banner that kick started my brain. Glad you are enjoying it so far.

Flames to Dust
08/07/2008 12:39 pm
Chapter One         
Time travels always are a dangerous trick. Worried about Drusilla, forces to saved the Slayer. I dont think that he has a lot of patience with a future Buffy.
I know it, it is a history for them, but always Spike is below his potential, which always bring me his words to Buffy after bitting Andrew saying her that she never saw it as really he is; and the same that he said  to Angelus during their fight for the 'Cup'  in which he said him that he did not know who is really Spike, who he has never seem him actually.
Seems to be a great history and I wait for the new update.
 Meeting up in a different time will be interesting - especially for  Buffy because it will be normal time for Spike, of course.

08/07/2008 08:06 am
Chapter One         
Putting your banner up is not too difficult. First you need to store it somewhere online (photobucket is good, or the LJ gallery works too...I find photobucket a little more user-friendly).

If you go with Photobucket you just copy the HTML code that it gives you and paste it where you want it...I generally like to centre banners above the fic--to do that you just paste the PB code inside <center> </center> .

If you store the image somewhere other than photobucket just use this code  <center><img src="insert image url here"></center>  Don't remove the inverted commas, and make sureyou use the American spelling and you should be right. Good luck...if you have any problems just yell (you can get me on YM as wantedjbj, I'm invisible, but just ding and I'll probably be there).
 It works!  Runs screaming round the room at lovely banner appearing.  Thank you so much.  I shall store your instructions and go round putting up banners on everything!

08/07/2008 06:00 am
Chapter One         
Great beginning.  I'm hooked.  I love time travel fics.  And this is an unusual time to go back to. 
 Thank you.  Have at last managed with the help of Always_jbj to put up the banner. Have a quick look. It is so good.

08/07/2008 03:34 am
Chapter One         
Well this sounds different and original , and written by one of my favorites spuffy authors , life is grand.  Looking forward to reading more, update soon.
 Thank you so much.  I will certainly try to get the next chapter posted soon.  I have also managed to put up the banner. Check it out!  It's wonderful.

08/07/2008 02:56 am
Chapter One         
I love time-travel fics, and clearly you've got layers going on in what's happening! I love how Spike had to bite back saying "of course" because of his evil pride, was unafraid of dying, was a bit rude and loudmouthed, and so worried for Drusilla... perfect characterization in one scene. Great job and I hope you update soon!
 Oh so do I.  This is the second one I've written - Through Time to Me was the other - and the time is interesting because it is close enough to be almost the same but not quite.  And I've always been fascinated by what Spike did after the submarine!

08/07/2008 02:51 am
Chapter One         
Very interesting.  Why wouldn't Buffy and Spike remember if they met before?  Maybe I'm jumping the gun.
 Well, a little bit, perhaps.  The title holds a double meaning...I say no more!