In Harm's Way by dawnofme
Chapter: 19. Saying It!

08/22/2008 05:21 pm
(Swoon). Wishing that a man would use that attention getter on me! (Fans self.)  Loving the build up.  Buffy can't hold out much longer, now ..can she?
  I don't know how she can resist at all!  LOL!  I'm so glad you are enjoying the story.  Thank you so much for your review.

08/14/2008 03:10 am
that is what she wants to hear. but it will be awhile before she admits that.  she is nearly as stubborn as spike. but she has moments when she weakens. fine read, thank you.
Yep.  She does have moments when she weakens.  She in to him and she's sort of spooked by that. 
I'm glad you enjoyed the chapter.  Thank you.

08/11/2008 11:05 pm
OH yeah!  If she doesn't get it she needs to think and think long on how he has behaved.  All those things he "should" be doing if he didn't love her, didn't want to change from cardboard evil; all those things he's NOT doing....speak volumes.  Angel and Giles may have filled her head with crappola but she is not stupid.  Of course he can love...he clearly loved Dru (think of his letting the room full of walking lunch go and turning down Buffy Brulee  because Buffy held a stake to Dru's heart). 

Lovely chapter in all ways.  Love her headstrong determination to get OUT of the hospital.  Love the hospital's typical stance on that.  Love Spike's threat to Troy (expected Spike to call him Nurse Nancy) and picking Buffy up in lieu of the wheelchair.  Joyce and Spike's comradery is a treat too.


Thank you.  I'm so glad you liked it. 

08/11/2008 11:51 am
Buffy is continuing to act like a spoiled brat and can hardly bring herself to give Spike the time of day!  He has the patience of a saint, but if Buffy belittles his declaration, I hope he walks.
Yes, Buffy's being Buffy.  She's been through a lot with fighting Adam, surgery, and being stuck in the hospital.  Then fighting her own attraction to a vampire who may also be the father of her child.  Girl's all messed up in the head. 

The thing we know about Spike is that he's pretty tenacious.  

08/11/2008 08:39 am
Poor Troy. I love the image of Spike carrying Buffy everywhere. She'd be so steamed! But deep down . . . heh.

I am looking forward to seeing how they resolve all their issues. Hopefully more quickly than in canon. If they ever really resolved them.
LOL!  Yes, deep down, Buffy's gotta like being swept off her feet. 

Thanks for reading!

08/11/2008 01:52 am
Oh, what a place to leave us!  Great characterization of them both in the hospital, although I'm not at all sure if Spike would have carried through on his threat or not.
Thank you.  I guess will never know what Spike would have done.  : )

08/10/2008 05:52 pm
Loved this chapter and am looking forward to the next.  I can just imagine what her reaction will be!
Thank you.  I'm so glad you liked it.