In Harm's Way by dawnofme
Chapter: 23. Yes!

09/03/2008 04:53 pm
What a neat Buffy-Spike and Scoobies story you are giving us - I really like how you varied The Initiative and that ever wonderful Gem of Amara.  Bringing in a history connected to it is another very nice touch. 

Now that I have all the chapters read, I will be sorry to have to wait for new posting - look forward to seeing the next chapter. 
Thank you.  I hope you enjoy the read of the story.  I've had a lot of fun writing it. 

I promise not to make you wait too long in between updates. 

09/03/2008 05:52 am
i love this story....

Thank you.  I'm so happy that you let me know.  Really makes my day!  And it's my birthday, too.

09/01/2008 02:31 am
fun read. things are going well. so it must be time for buffy to screw up. or is it spike turn. think my money would be on buffy. thanks for the read.
LOL!  There is a bit of a bumpy road on the way, but I won't say more. 

Thank you for reading!

08/31/2008 04:58 pm
 Yay things are going well! .. of course that can only mean they're bound to go bad soon.

 Nice to see Buffy coming out of denial though.
Yes, Buffy can only be in denial for so long.  Who could resist Spike for too much longer?  Not I.    Thanks for reading.

08/31/2008 10:59 am
Nice update. It's looking fairly likely that Spike is the father - wonder how long Buffy will keep denying it. And by the way, HOT kiss.
Thank you.  I'm glad you liked the kiss  

08/31/2008 08:12 am
“And I don't know what I want.”

That about sums it up. This is a fun chapter. I like all the gentle jibes from Clem and Willow to their bestest buds. You may love your friend, but it doesn't mean you don't see through their smokescreens.

And hey! Look! Buffy and Spike are going on an actual date! Progress! Until the next crisis . . .
I'm so glad you enjoyed the chapter.  And it's true.  Your friends see through the smokescreens and real friends will tell you the truth.