The Worst Betrayal by TwilightChild
Chapter: Signal by Fire

08/08/2012 06:17 am
I find myself agreeing with the last person who reviewed...I wish I'd found spuffy fanfiction when it was still popular. 

*love* this story and hope that inspiration hits you someday and you can finish it.  

01/03/2012 04:59 pm

So sad to see that there is no end. I searched for complete fiction so it really bugs me that your story showed up. Especially since it is so good and sad and really just so deserves an ending.
Sniffles and leaves the scene quietly. Wish I had found out about Spike and Spuffy fiction etc years ago when there were still lots of activity.

11/29/2009 06:04 am
Awesome!! I just started this story today and I am loving it! Please continue.. I want to see how it ends!

11/19/2009 09:46 pm
thrilled to have this excellent  tale back. thank you

11/10/2009 10:34 pm
I'm so totally hooked! Your story is brilliant! I got into it today and read all chapters at ones! I'm so happy that you've gotten back to it! It's totally out of this world, so amazing! I can't wait to read more! Thank you!

11/10/2009 01:32 am
 I was bored looking for something to read earlier today and stummbled thankfully on this Fic and its awesome. I really hope you continue to post! I've spent the last 3 hours reading every chapter and i must know how the story plays out in the end! Again amazing job! Can't wait for more!
  I'm very glad you like it.    Welcome to my twisted little world.

11/09/2009 04:24 pm
 Can't tell you how excited I am to see you posting again, I've loved this fic from the start and would be thrilled if you finished it.  No pressure, just saying
No worries   I'm hoping I finish it just as much as you are.

11/09/2009 04:04 pm
 Congratulations on the GPA.

I am one reader who is hoping that this one especially will be finished haunts me.  There are a couple of others (co-writing as well as solo) that do as well that I would be so pleased to see completed but this one is my favorite.

Oh yeah....Spike would like this dream.  Chaos and wild freedom all at once.  The monsters who had made the past 10 years more than simple hell in flames and screams from their throats for a change.

Xander annoys me with his continual jealousy even in face of what Spike has endured (and knowing about the so important soul!).  Buffy will need to come down hard on him and I think she will.

I am delighted the vampiress may have a chance at life in freedom after all.  Spike survived a broken spine, so can she.

Again, I really hope this will haunt YOU until finish as it does me LOL  I was beyond excited to see it updated.  Fine update at that.  Well written, very visual.


Hey Kathleen,

  I'm very glad you like the update.  All of my unfinished stories have been haunting me, but this one in particular because it was this chapter (And my three previous attempts at writing it, all of which had somehow gotten deleted or lost) that caused the majority of my writers block. 

  I always appreciate your detailed reviews of each chapter, especially since writing means so much to me and my goal is always to get better. 

  I'm glad you find this chapter visual, since descriptions that flow with the story used to be very difficult for me.  I'm trying to stick to 'show, don't tell.'