Brave New World by JamesMFan
Chapter: Elephant & Castle

05/23/2010 08:25 am

02/13/2010 11:04 pm
Nice sensible Xander, I hope Buffy listens to him.

02/11/2010 07:24 pm
Great chapter, filled with exciting plot AND lovely relationship stuff. Xander describing his wife, Mya and Spike reassuring each other. Buffy getting a clue...from Xander! All very satisfying.

02/11/2010 12:19 am
Really hope that Willow can get the portal opened during the trial. And that Buffy takes that chance at happiness.

02/09/2010 09:03 pm
 Well it took middle age and a happy marriage to do it but Xander finally wised up LOL.  Hope she listens to him.  I especially liked this line: 
“If even I know,” he smiled softly. “Then you must know ’cos I’m pretty dumb.”  It was in character an clever as well.

I am so delighted to see this story picking up steam again, it is a favorite of mine and ever so original. These updates have been well worth the wait.


02/09/2010 02:59 am
I remember reading the first couple of chapters quite a few years ago when you started posting it.  I was so intrigued by your premise of vampires as part of society, and Buffy viewed as a murderess.  Then there didn't seem to be any more chapters and I wandered off to other stories.  I just wandered back and found you had written so much more.  I haven't read them yet, but I just wanted you to know I an so excited and glad to see that you didn't leave the story as a WIP.  Hurray!  Now I'm off to start reading!

02/06/2010 08:25 am
awesome chapter!   I can't wait i can't want for MORE!!!!

Nobodys Girl
02/06/2010 04:20 am
I'm thinking I'd really like Sarah. Unexpected pro-Spike talk from Xander but guess the guy had to grow up some day.

02/06/2010 01:32 am
Hot damn.  I love this story.

02/06/2010 01:13 am
Long time no see!

Wow, power backlash is right. See Willow still isn't great about control...

Nice Xander/Buffy talk. She really needed to hear that.