Brave New World by JamesMFan
Chapter: Logic & Reason = Dead

Yay. (waiting for the bombshell now) :-)
05/23/2010 08:40 am

03/21/2010 06:10 am
I hadn't realized you'd added more to the story until I saw it mentioned in the bsv forum.  Great!  It looked fascinating when I first saw it, but I'd been afraid to read it in case it was never finished (abandoned works are so frustrating!), but now that I see you're still writing and probably getting towards the end, I'll go back and start reading it now.  I just wanted to write this to encourage you and let you know you have new readers as well as old ones for this story!

02/19/2010 08:34 am

02/17/2010 01:12 am
You have me hooked!  I am fascinated by the concept and I think you are doing a wonderful job exploring the world that you have created.  Will there be much more?  Please say yes.
Let me know if you want any editorial help, even if it is just another set of eyes to catch typos.

02/12/2010 09:46 pm
Ah. At last!

02/12/2010 01:44 am
This is such an outstanding Spuffy and Buffyverse story - what a treat to have waited to read the latest chapters at once.

Thank you so much for bringing all the Spuffy and Buffy fans such a great new adventure and making Buffy and Spike still alive for us.

Especially with how the comic have taken all the characters now, reading your work has filled that "empty place" that not having Buffy and Spike and all the Sunnydale characters on my TV screen every Tuesday night.

Congratulations on your work - I have so many projects that I have to fill for this month, but if you need or want a banner, I would love to make one for you -

02/11/2010 10:53 pm
About time she made a move!!!!

02/11/2010 10:07 pm
Great update. This is a wonderful original story with great charaterisation and genuine suspense. When I saw you were updating again, I had to go back and read the story from the start and it has been a joy!

I love the Spike and Mya relationship. Spike as an  overprotective Dad - always fun! And I love the role reversal with Buffy the outlaw and Spike the respected member of society. It raises lots of interesting questions about the morals of slaying. Looking forward to seeing how the trial ends...

02/11/2010 09:51 pm
 Dear Spike....he'll take that crumb and make a meal of it.

Really nice interactions between them all.  I adore Maya and enjoy the idea of Spike having a daughter to love and cherish.

Excellent update.

02/11/2010 08:54 pm
Aww, I loved that whole last scene, with them washing up. Great chapter, and the trial continues to be nail-bitingly tense.

02/11/2010 07:48 pm
Awwww. It's sweet, though I do think that Spike will find it hard to guard his heart, and she might be damning him to loving a woman he can only see through prison bars. (But that won't happen. Right? No! Don't tell me.)

All the naked Faith jokes were lots of fun. Banter: it's what all the cool kids are doing.

02/11/2010 05:44 pm
YEA!!!!!!  great chapter!!!  can't wait for more!!