Brave New World by JamesMFan
Chapter: Legally Boned

OMG. Amazing. Beautiful. Lovely. Fantastic. :-)
05/23/2010 09:11 am

05/11/2010 08:44 am

Long time coming but at least we are close to the end of her trial - loved the update and the simple but hard facts defense Buffy gave -
Having Buffy and Spike, and the Sunnydale characters in the future setting makes their story fresh - especially with having Spike and the world of vampires and humans so different.

I want to thank you for taking up your story again, I was afraid that this would end up as another  terrific and really wonderful Buffyverse and Spuffy story that was never completed.  Grateful Reader here.

Hope that you can bring us another chapter soon -

05/08/2010 02:50 pm
i am so happy to see this story being updated. it's been an eternity. but the writing is still fabulous and the story still magnificent. i don't know the vertict but i'm just happy that buffy finally fessed up to her self and every one else.
awesome, awesome, awesome story. i'll be sad to see it end.

05/08/2010 09:44 am
LOL. No, Buffy, I think he's good on that. Nice thing about aging.

05/08/2010 05:58 am
“Oh, Buffy,” he said sadly, shaking his head. “You really shouldn’t have said that.”

Hee! Will Buffy's curse strike again?

Nah. Very interesting chapter. I do hope she's said enough. If the judge is looking for remorse, I'm not sure he got it. More of a "I promise to be more careful in future." It could still go many ways.

Still, it's always good when Buffy sees her feelings clearly. That's what I call a victory!

05/08/2010 12:03 am
Hee! Somehow I doubt it...  Wonderful chapter. Loved Buffy's public declaration.