Sacrament by Holly
Chapter: III

12/30/2010 02:34 am
Oh poor Buffy.  Why doesn't she toss a boot at that big lug and wake him up.  Very nice scene where she gets her soul. 

07/11/2010 07:05 pm
Great scene where Buffy gets her soul back. 

06/18/2010 03:09 pm
I love the idea for this story! Its amazing and your writing is beautiful! Can't wait for more!

06/18/2010 04:04 am
It worked. And Spike slept through it....poor Buffy. She could have been held.

Nice to know about Joyce. And Faith has Wes. I'm glad that Jenny was going to be doing the spell, too, not Willow.

Anxious to know how Buffy will get through the next few minute or hours. I'm sure Spike will be more upset that she's been cursed than for the soul itself. Her friends will have to worry about him forcing them to undo it.