Parting Gifts by angelic_amy
Chapter: Reanimated.

09/09/2006 11:39 pm
wow...that darker buffy from that dimension sounds interesting... lol...wonder how he's going to feel about the changes in her
Thank you! *bows* I wanted to make her a LOT different to the Buffy we know and love. As for Spike and his thoughts, you'll find out soon enough. Thanks for the review!

07/11/2006 09:18 am
I like the makeover ^.^

06/10/2006 06:05 am
Wow! you really are putting it out there, love the twist and no more Angel right? because... BARF!!! that was hard on my stomach. Good work.
I'm trying! As for the twist, you might be on to something there! Thanks for the review!

05/25/2006 07:49 pm
So I'm *finally* getting a chance to read one of your fics—figured I’d start with the most recent one, since I seem to be a masochist who subjects herself to WIPs. And you don’t disappoint! I’m totally intrigued by this new world you’ve created—there’s a big twisted part of me that likes it when writers go really dark with the characters, into horrific AUs and stuff, and this seems very promising. Looking forward to reading the other chaps this weekend!
Yay! So happy that you're reading something of mine! This fic is my baby and I ADORE it to bits so I'm thrilled that you're reading it. Intrigue was something I was trying to foster with this new world, so glad it worked! Angsty drama is something I've written quite a bit, this is much darker and a little out of my comfort zone so it's great to hear when people like it. Thanks for the review!

03/04/2006 01:55 am
Wow what a dark Buffy - me likey - darn you I am supposed to be in bed.... and now I can';t put the ficcie down... So yummy - I can;t wait to find out what happens next.
Yep, she is kinda dark. Sorry for keeping you out of bed sweetie, but I'm glad you're liking the fic. *hugs*

02/17/2006 12:03 pm
Wowee!  That is most definitely a different Buffy than we know!  I like how you are taking a drastic spin on this story!  Poor Spike.  I feel so badly for him.
Yes it is a different Buffy! I'm so glad that you like the changes, and trust me, there's going to be heaps. Spike is going to be in for a rough, confusing ride, that's for sure.

02/06/2006 08:11 pm
New world! Cant wait to read more about it.
More will be revealed with each new chapter - some of which will be posted in a few days. Thanks for the comments!

02/06/2006 07:04 pm
Thanks for a great update.
Thank you for commenting!

02/06/2006 09:58 am
Great chapter, hun! Am really eager to find out what is gonna happen next. Please don't make me wait too long! *sobs into tissue*
Thanks Sue, I'm glad you're enjoying it. I'll TRY not to make you wait to long, but not making any promises - I'll be gone for a week so both stories will be on a mini hiatus.

02/06/2006 09:57 am
I think there's at least one slayer in need of a beat down. And the place of the Bangel sex (shudder) is significant. I think either Angel asked where he lived or Buffy took him there to be as cruel as possible.
Yes, this Buffy isn't very nice is she? LOL. Thanks for your comments, more will be up soon.

02/06/2006 05:11 am
wow! very different world here, can't wait to see what you do with it!
Thanks Karyn! I'm glad you're excited about it. I'm nervous... I hope people like what I've done.

02/06/2006 04:41 am
very good first few chapters thanks for the enjoyable read. do we receive a drawing of the tattoo?
Thanks, I'm glad you like it. As for a drawing of the tattoo, I hadn't thought of putting one up, but if I can find one that looks like what I've got in my head, I will.