Parting Gifts by angelic_amy
Chapter: Alarm.

09/10/2006 01:37 am
oh wow...that last bit did it, pet...brought me to tears...he has to make her see that he willingly will stay with her, because he loves her...great chapter, pet
I brought you to tears! Awww! (YAY!) I'm so glad you're enjoying this story so much. Thanks for the lovely review.

09/06/2006 01:37 pm
ahhhh that was awesome - loved the interactions and everything -so perfect!
Thanks Steph! You're a stellar reviewer, you know that?

07/11/2006 12:02 pm
Ohhhhhhh my sweet spikey *pounces*
Yes, he is a sweetie, isn't he?

06/10/2006 09:47 am
Talk about break your heart last line! Poor Buffy, everyone did leave her between the two worlds, except Spike of course! Great chapter.
It was a bit, wasn't it? You had no idea how stoked I am that you're enjoying this so much. Each piece of feedback brings a hugs grin to my face!

05/30/2006 02:26 am
Awww! *sob* So beautiful! You’re making me fall in love with Spike all over again! (Heh—and hopefully Buffy too!)
Oh good! That was the plan. LOL

05/09/2006 03:59 pm
Wonderful! Very interesting developments, I am so into this.
Thank you, I'm glad you liked what happened in the chapter!

05/09/2006 11:39 am

hope everyone realises soon that this isnt their Buffy and that Buffy treats Spike better. hoping for more soon.
I agree on both counts! Hope you continue to enjoy the story.

05/09/2006 07:44 am
Nice going Spike! He gets what is making part of her miserable and may actually get through to her. Will he figure out the AU problem here?
He does get it, and Willow didn't. Says a lot, huh? You'll find out more in the next chapter.

05/09/2006 06:34 am
great update. spike is the same in both worlds. thank you for the fine read.
Yes, he really is the same in both worlds. I'm glad you liked the chapter!