Parting Gifts by angelic_amy
Chapter: Notification.

09/10/2006 02:20 am
so very emotional and've drawn me into this story, this alternate it
Thank you for all your sweet comments, I love reading your reviews.

09/06/2006 01:44 pm
oh sweet alteranate reality. I absolutly adore this story. really really fab. I can't wait to see what happens next - this is wonderful!
I'm so glad to hear you adore it! It's definitely a different world, isn't it?

07/11/2006 12:22 pm
*grumbles at angsty wankers* lol
Lots of angst in this fic, that's for sure. And lots more to come.

06/10/2006 10:19 am
Oooh, Thank you for killing off Angel, now we know why another slayer was called and hey, Xander is Giles' roommate? Who else is there to kill off? You little death dealer! Great read.
I don't normally kill of ANY characters, so this fic is quite the departure from my normal style. But this story needed it. Hope you continue to enjoy it!

05/30/2006 02:27 am
Great exposition—this recap has answered a lot of nagging questions (if only serving to deliver more shock value…) I’m really liking Nicolas—who’da thunk? A watcher with a soul? And having Miss Lilah around is always good times—she’s so awesomely ev0l. But *sob* for Angel—and for Darla and Connor too, for that matter. And poor, broken Giles. And Faith going all Dark Phoenix! Is there anyone you WON’T kill??? I guess I shouldn’t complain—at least you didn’t kill Xander… Loving these wonderful, broken shells of the characters we know.

But I’m getting slightly worried about you—between Spike, Willow, and Giles, you’re revealing an encyclopedic knowledge of all things alcoholic. Do we need an intervention here? *wink, nudge*
Yup, this was an exposition chapter, wasn't it? LOL. I'm glad it answered some questions. Nicolas has been so easy to write so I'm glad you are liking him! And that you find Lilah evil. LOL. Because that's her role! Is there anyone I won't kill? Hmmm... you'll have to wait and see I guess! I don't normally off half the primary cast, this is new for me. LOL. Broken shells of characters is what I was after so it's good to hear I succeeded.

As for me, no, I'm okay. LOL. No intervention needed. *giggles*

05/26/2006 07:19 am
Just found this story and ack! you can't leave me there. I must know what happens. Spike inside Buffy's mind is great and I really want to know how he gets her out. Please update soon
LOL - next chapter is up! I'm glad you're enjoying the story so far and I hope you continue to do so! Thanks for the review!

05/19/2006 06:21 pm
great chapter
Thank you!

05/18/2006 08:37 pm
Neat! Such an interesting world you have created. Look forward to more. Like Nicholas BTW....sounds like William would have been.

Thanks, I'm glad you're enjoying it! Nicolas is a lot of fun to write so I'm happy to hear you like him. More has been posted up now!

05/18/2006 07:54 am
Pretty horrible AU. Will Buffy be able to make a difference?
Yeah it isn't a pleasant world. As for Buffy, you'll have to wait and see what she can do!

05/18/2006 04:40 am
very good read. thanks for the excellent chapter. one question: if spike is consistent, does that mean that xander will be also? i mean, a worhtless ass.
Thank you, glad you liked it! Spike is the only character so far that has been consistent, so you'll have to wait and see what happens with Xander. *grins*

05/18/2006 01:04 am
Just read the story up to now. Very interresting this new world. Can´t wait to see what happens next. Please update soon.
Oh wow! You read the whole thing in one sitting? Not bad! I'm so glad you find this new reality interesting and I hope you continue to enjoy the story.

05/17/2006 11:13 pm
Great update, I feel their pain. Poor Giles, he is so broken. I am eager for he next chappie.
Giles is broken, poor guy! I'm glad you liked the chapter!

05/17/2006 11:53 am
Just read all 11 chapters...quite an alternate world you've created. Love that Spike caught on right away...they'll have a lot to talk about when Buffy comes out of her head. Shouldn't take much to realize that she's from another dimension.

And wow to all the other stuff. Imaginative.
Wow, you read them all at once!? I'm so glad you like the world I've created. There was no way Spike wouldn't get what was going on in Buffy's head - he's a very perceptive guy! So happy to hear that you found the story imaginative and I hope you continue to enjoy it!

05/17/2006 10:45 am
Damn you sure killed off a lot of people in this chapter. So was Faiths death what called the new slayer? I seem to remember that no new slayer was called after Buffy jumped in season 5 but as this is an alternate reality kind of thing that might not be the same.
Yes I sure did! Yes, Faith's death IS what called the new Slayer. A lot of things have changed in this new reality, but the way the Slayer line runs has not. I'm glad you liked the chapter!