Brave New World by JamesMFan
Chapter: Visitor

10/10/2010 07:21 pm
Passions still on?  Some things never change.  Loved the reunions!

08/30/2006 06:45 pm
*giggle* At least Spike hasn't gotten over his Passions love. I wonder how it's still running. Re-runs?

Great chapter

08/21/2006 07:35 am
So awkward for them all, glad to see Buffy wanting to have Spike with them. Maybe he'll start to see that she does care about him after all. Wonderful chapter.

08/12/2006 07:31 am
Good to see the gang again

08/11/2006 03:14 pm
The last line did make me laugh, Spike and his ‘Passions’. Xander and Willow, but both in a good place is a nice change after that morning. Thanks for the updates, I really enjoyed them.

08/07/2006 02:51 am
lol - I loved it ... Passions is on --- so is that reruns are a 30 year old run? LOL Enjoyed it very much - great chapter!

08/06/2006 03:09 pm
Hmmmm, interesting chapter. Not a whole lot in this one, but good still. I am happy they finally had their reunion. I wonder who else is going to pop up, there are no more original scoobies left. I hope you update again soon, I am very into this story!

08/06/2006 01:08 pm
thirty years and passions is still on? the reunion..i think i'm as glad to see willow and xander as buffy is! thanx for another great update...more please

08/06/2006 04:53 am
lol of all the moments to bring up passions..

08/06/2006 03:15 am
enjoyed the update, thanks for the read. passions is still going?

08/05/2006 10:45 pm
Passions is still on?

Nice to see Willow and Xander happy and healthy. Can't wait to get their opinions of this place.

Spike's falling back into old's his house. There's no reason to leave. No reason to hide that he and Buffy are on friendly terms.

Maybe super witch will be able to figure out how to send Buffy back.

08/05/2006 09:45 pm
Wow. Thirty years and Passions is still on the air. Scary. You'd think they would have run out of story lines. They probably have aliens on the show now... and vampires lol.

08/05/2006 09:45 pm