Brave New World by JamesMFan
Chapter: Spike & Bette Midler

05/23/2010 04:52 am

07/01/2008 10:58 am
Well done!

06/30/2008 08:36 pm
It's nice to see them talking to people in a fairly open way, but when, oh when, will they talk to each other? It's so odd to see this reasonable, rational version of Angel. The parent/child teasing was well done, too.

06/13/2008 08:35 am
They had a vacuum that did the work on autopilot but ever since it had gone berserk one time and chased Mya around the room she hadn’t trusted it.
Definite laugh out loud moment Great chapter. I love that Angel and Buffy talked about Spike. And I so love Mya. She's a cool kid.

06/10/2008 03:14 am
mya has done what she can. unfortunately it is up to the two of them to communicate. very good read, thank you.

06/09/2008 03:20 pm
These two are hopeless and silly and thank goodness for the intervention!

06/09/2008 11:01 am
Great update- times two! Love that they're both so scared to talk to each other. I really like Angel in this - feel kinda bad for him. It's nice they can talk to him though. Look forward to the next update.