In Harm's Way by dawnofme
Chapter: 11. Staying In

07/09/2008 09:29 pm
even if joyce sprung for cable buffy would find more entertainment on her computer. very good read, thank you.
Hi.  Yes, now there is much more fun on the computer than on TV.  I don't think Buffy even had a personal computer in her home?  I only saw Willow there with her on laptop. 

06/18/2008 05:15 pm
I really like this fic! The shower scne was very sexy and I cant wait for Buffy to give in!

I hope u upate soon!
Thank you.  I'm so glad you like my story.  *hugs*

06/18/2008 04:43 pm
Ooh, I'm loving the steamy feeling building within Buffy!
Thank you. 

06/18/2008 07:18 am
Brilliant!  i love that Spike put on her hair products : ) the banter between Buffy and Spike was really cute : )
Thank you.  : )  I'm so glad you liked it.

06/18/2008 04:13 am
Typical, when Buffy relaxes around Spike they get on really well, but as soon as she realises what she's doing and starts with her usual cutting remarks it all goes wrong. Oooooh naked wet Spike! How could she resist?
I know I couldn't resist LOL!

06/18/2008 03:11 am
Thanks for another great update--looking forward to more soon!
You are very welcome.  Thanks for reading.

06/17/2008 10:54 pm
Okay. What's in the freezer that's got Buffy so worried?

I'm enjoying this story quite a bit. Naughty Spike. Silly Buffy.
I'm not telling, but if you think real hard, you might guess it.  It will be revealed in the next chapter, so not much of a wait on finding out.  : )

I'm very glad you like the story.  Thank you.

06/17/2008 10:15 pm
must say this is a great chapter...and give you mad props for referencing Johanna Lindsey and Warrior Women...great book and author....keep up the good work...
  Thank you!  I'm so glad you liked this chapter.  Johanna Lindsey is responsible for my love of romance novels and my fascination with Scotland.  Warrior Women is a little different from what she had written before, but I really, really liked it.  Figured Joyce wouldn't have anything real deep lying around.

06/17/2008 10:03 pm
Poor Buffy's practically chewing the furniture and Spike had a happy daydream - I love it!
LOL!  That about sums up the chapter.  I'm so glad you enjoyed it.