Brave New World by JamesMFan
Chapter: The Prosecution

12/14/2008 02:23 am
amazing story so far! i'm absolutely in love with it! i really hope you update this soon! =]

09/02/2008 05:45 am
I am totally hooked to this story - Love it!  I can't wait for more   I hope you haven't abandoned it completely.  Not fair to leave us hanging

07/03/2008 01:41 am
not bad first day on the stand.  was sure buffy would have responded in a way to help the prosecution. very good read, thank you.

07/01/2008 11:10 am
Great chapter!

06/30/2008 09:06 pm
Great chapter!  I can't wait for MORE MORE MORE!!!!!!

06/30/2008 07:34 pm
Thank you for another exciting chapter. I hope Buffy doesn't really plan to wait to talk until the end of the trial. How about RIGHT NOW?

06/30/2008 04:32 pm
A suitably tense examination by the charming Miss Porter, hamming it up big time in her starring role as the Prosecution.  I'm so pleased Spike made his declaration!

06/29/2008 08:24 pm
so funny!  Buffy in her bra at the window!  And the suspense is killing me...