Author: TalesOfSpike Title: A Reckoning Character/s: Drac: Good Spike: Evil Lilah Month: Challenge #1 (Good__Evil LJ Community) Rating: PG (I think) Summary : Sort of SWBD 'verse but not; not to be regarded as canon for that 'verse as, if you compare dates with recent chapters of Angels and Demons, you'll find that circumstances didn't allow for such a gathering in "the real world" but spikereader and alwaysjbj were getting enthusiastic about Spike in his formal wear and the Drac challenge all at the same time, which got me to thinking about Drac turning up at the wedding, but that might spoil Buffy's 'perfect day', so instead let's imagine what might happen if he turned up at the stag night/bachelor party... For those of you unfamiliar with the 'verse: Buffy and Spike are together. Spike claimed Buffy some time ago and after a bit she got over her inhibitions and returned the favour. Various things happened differently, like Spike pointing out how badly faked the death of Connor's adopted father was, so that Angel never had his stay at the bottom of the ocean. Cordy got rescued before Jasmine's possession of her was complete. When the AI crowd were shunning Wes, Buffy asked him to come back to Sunnydale where he now has his own business, a sexy Mexican attorney with a half-demon daughter for his girlfriend and so on... For those familiar with the series, just assume that the FE/Caleb/bringers/Turok Han have all been dealt with and that instead of Spike and Wes heading north to Gilroy, they, Giles and Clem headed south to LA. It's Friday night and there's just over a week until the wedding... Requirements: *Drac.... of course *1 'Good' BtVs character as a major character. *1 'Evil' AtS character as a major character. * A chess piece *Someone mentioning "All Hallows' Eve"
Genre: Challenge Response - Rating: PG
Words: 1,701 - Updated: 11/08/2006 11:42 am