I asked my beta what sort of fic she might like for her birthday. Here's what she asked for...

" So, if you feel inspired, what appeals to me is either Spike or Wes. If you pick Spike and want him to be involved with someone, it should be Buffy; if you pick Wes, I don't have any strong feelings about it. I'm open as to whether it's BtVS or AtS, and when, but some of the things I enjoy are Spike irritating Angel (without too much Angel bashing), Spike and Joyce friendship, Wes running Angel Investigations or his own business, Wes or Giles succeeding where the Council fails, and kittens. It could be part of your current storyline, if you'd like. Mood: funny and/or action. Must have a happy ending."

I can't say I managed to cover all the bases but I had a decent try.

Set after the end of Angels and Demons
Genre: Humor - Rating: R
Words: 4,020 - Updated: 11/09/2006 05:48 pm