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Drowning In You by BloodEnvy
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“Riley?” Buffy jerked away from Spike, shaking herself as she turned towards her boyfriend’s voice. What the hell had just happened?

They had been arguing, which, of course was a usual for them and all of a sudden, they were all about being with the closeness and the… oh, god, did she almost kiss him? Did Spike almost kiss her?! No, Buffy shook that idea off quickly. That was just plain stupid, Spike hated her.

“Buffy, I heard you yelling.” Riley Finn came jogging into view from behind the nearest crypt, a stake in hand and a worried look on his face. He looked slightly out of breath. Spike rolled his eyes, his jaw set tightly. “I thought you might be… Spike? What are you doing here?”

The vampire straightened, raising his chin defiantly at the larger man’s suspicious expression. Buffy took another step away from him he noticed, almost guiltily, and Spike couldn’t help the tiny smirk that touched his lips, “Nothing to worry yourself about, Finn. Just keeping the Slayer company, making sure nothing nasty gets a hold of her.”

Buffy couldn’t help but blush as her mind flashed to his hand running up her butt. Catching herself as her mind lingered on the slight squeeze he had given her as he grabbed the stake, she shot a glare at the vampire in question, and he curled his tongue against his teeth in response. She rolled her eyes at him, a smirk of her own touching her lips. Remembering her boyfriend suddenly, she stepped closer to him, away from Spike. She wasn’t sure what the hell was going on, but it was wigging her out.

“Riley? I thought you had a class tonight?” Buffy asked, cursing herself for how, well, guilty she sounded. She hadn’t done anything wrong, so why was she acting like she had?

Because you thought Spike was going to kiss you. A voice in her head reminded her. And you wanted him to.

Shut up! She scolded her little voice before returning her attention pointedly to Riley. I did not!

“I did, but it finished an hour and half ago…” Riley told her with a furrowed brow. “I thought you were going to stay in tonight and study? I was going to come by after I patrolled for you.”

Buffy blushed. I’ve been studying for the last three days… I got bored. I was going to be home by the time you got there.” Okay, so only part of that was true. Honestly, she was kind of enjoying the studying. The only problem was, all the reading and learning about wars kind of made her want to hit something. She’d actually totally forgotten about Riley coming over.

Bad girlfriend. Bad, bad, bad girlfriend.

Truthfully though, after the last time, she hadn’t exactly been looking forward to sex.

Riley smiled, raising his eyebrows suggestively. “Well, if you’ve already patrolled, we could head back to my place now, if you want. I could help you with your… ‘Studying’.”

Spike scoffed at the weak innuendo, earning himself twin glares from both soldier and Slayer. Stuffing his hands in his coat pockets, he watched them, amused, as he leaned back against a tombstone.

Buffy glanced once at Spike before smiling, somewhat forced, at her boyfriend. She wasn’t sure why, but she felt kind of bad, mean even, being all affectionate with Riley in front of Spike. “Sure, honey. I was just finishing up now anyway. Spike caught me just as I was heading home.”

Slipping her arm through his, she glanced Spike’s way again as she pressed a kiss to Riley’s cheek.

Spike’s jaw ticked as her lips brushed against the ex-soldier’s skin, and he stood up abruptly. “Yeah, thought I’d catch any late risers on my way back from Willy’s. Found the Slayer finishing off the last of them.” He turned on his heel, raising a hand in a wave over his shoulder. “See you ‘round, Buffy.”

Buffy and Riley watched the vampire go before the man turned them both around and began leading her out of the graveyard, back towards Riley’s apartment. Buffy’s brow furrowed as they reached the entrance gate.

Since when does Spike call me ‘Buffy’?

*                              *                              *                              *                              *                              *                              *

Spike kicked the crypt door shut behind him with a crash, throwing his now empty cigarette box in the corner. Bloody, fucking tosser. He’d been this close, this close, to kissing her, to tasting her lips against his own in sweet release of passion and that bloody wanker turns up and manages to get her to go home with him. Not only that, but he manages it with an overly possessive air and a weak suggestion.

Bloody hell.

Spike shook his head bitterly, grabbing the nearest bottle of Jack Daniels and downing several long draughts. What the hell was he supposed to do? He was in love with a woman who didn’t love him back. Who wouldn’t love him back. She was to bloody busy being in love somebody else.

Grabbing another bottle from the fridge in the corner, Spike chugged down the remaining three quarters in the first one and dropped himself into the sole chair in the upper portion of the crypt- the armchair in front of the television.

He screwed his eyes shut, the pressure causing pain to ripple about his temples- a sign that he’d already had plenty to drink. By now the Slayer would be back at the tin soldier’s apartment, making herself right comfortable. Would Riley give her wine and soft music, set the mood and make her ache before she even began to think about foreplay, or would he be the kind of man tonight that would throw onto the bed as soon as he got in the door, strip her down and…

Spike groaned, gripping the now half-empty second bottle of Jack so tightly that the thick glass shattered in his hand, the broken glass cutting into his hand.

Spike released his fist, showers of glass  falling like dust from his hand, and he laughed at the sight of the blood and glass mixing on his palm and fingers.

He needed something, anything to get his mind off of the Slayer in bed with the boy, the way she would moan and her eyes would flutter, the way she’d smelt when he’d leant in to kiss her tonight, before the git came and took her away. The way her ass her felt under his hand as he’d touched. The way Riley would be touching her now….

“Blondie Bear? Are you coming to bed?”

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