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Where Do I Stand? by Thianna
6 - Winged Angel
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Disclaimer: The characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer are owned by Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, and Fox studios. This story is not meant to infringe upon anyone's rights, only to entertain.


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CHAPTER 6 – Winged Angel

Drusilla always got what she wanted. She wanted a happy family and with her gracious gift we became one.

The nights were filled with blood and lust. Elizabeth learned quickly. Darla knew what she was talking about when she mentioned that my dear angel was strong. She took to feeding and killing as if it was second nature, though I could still sense some distaste in her when Angelus would teach her the best way to make a man scream in pain. She relished in the kill but she wanted to claim her prize quick. She didn’t want to wait for the taste of her victim’s blood.

It would take her some time to learn how to enjoy being the harbinger of death and pain. If memories of her human life were important to her, then it would really take some time. She was a farmer's daughter. Her life was devoted to seeing things grow, to watching the seasons change and to understanding that the world revolved around mother nature's cycles. She no longer lived in that world. Human mortality could no longer touch her. She would never age and she would never change. And now, instead of nurturing life, she was its destroyer.

I could feel the slight unrest inside her, despite what everyone else in the family thought. No one knew of the nights she would sob softly in her sleep and I didn't have the heart to tell her about them either. It would just be harder for her to accept her nature that way. Or maybe it was me that was clinging to that old ideal. Perhaps dear Elizabeth was right that she was no longer my sweet angel. The demon inside me scoffed at the idea. Elizabeth was no longer William's sweet angel. She was Spike’s. Now she was my Sera and my darling Dark Princess was right when she said she made her perfect just for me.


… sometime in 1882 …

The scene in the darkened alley looked quite inappropriate to any who passed by though to a vampire, it was all perfectly natural. A tall rather built man was on his back while a young woman, who looked like she was barely out of her teenage years, was sitting on top of him. Her head was bent down by the man's neck. Her skirts were hiked up exposing her tone legs and thighs. She needed the fabric out of the way to comfortably straddle the man by his hips. Her body was moving to some music only she could hear as she mewed and purred in delight. The scene itself was quite arousing especially since she took her time, enjoying the feel of blood and life as it flowed from her victim into her body.

"Enjoying yourself, luv?"

She stopped a few seconds later, standing up and away from the now dead flesh. She smoothed down her skirts and pushed her hair behind her shoulders. She licked her lips and moaned in slight contentment. "It would have been better if he was easier on the eyes."

"Why did you pick that bloke anyway? You wouldn't 'ave needed my 'elp to bring ‘im down if you got someone a little smaller."

"But you looked so handsome being my knight in shining armor." she said batting her eyelashes in a mocking tribute to the conservative ladies of the time.

"Bah! You still could have gotten ‘urt, Sera."

"He's dead now. All is well. And you know I can handle myself."

"Sure you can. You ‘andled yourself real well that you needed my ‘elp just minutes ago, pet.”

“He was giving me a strange look.”

“And that was a good enough reason to take him on?”

“You’re giving me advice?!”

“But you’re still young, Sera. I ‘ave more experience than you, luv.”

"You've got what? One year ahead of me? Now, if you were as old and as strong as Angelus. … "

Without even thinking, my hand clamped around her throat and I slammed her against the side of the building. "Don't you dare compare me to ‘im. Just because the poofter has a century over me doesn’t mean he’s better."

But the effect I wanted was wasted on her. She knew for a fact that I would do nothing to really harm her. So she just smiled and licked her lips. "I wasn't comparing really. Just stating a fact dear Spike." She reached out her hand to caress my cheek. "I want you." She said huskily.

My hand moved from the front of her neck to her nape as I pulled her roughly to crush my lips against hers in a passionate kiss. She pursed her lips and sucked on my lower lip before sliding her tongue into my mouth. She moved her hands to peruse my body. She then let them travel from my chest down to my crouch before breaking the kiss.

"I like it. My new name that is. Tell me again what it means." She asked with a devilish grin as she continued to tease me.

“It means fiery angel.”

“I remember that. But the poem. … I want to hear the poem you wrote about me.”

“My poems are ‘ardly any good, luv.”

“I love that poem. Tell it to me.” She said half-pleading.

I took a deep breath and moved closer to whisper the poem into her ear.

”Sunlight in the dark
Fire through the cold
My angel calls to me
And I answer lost in her honeyed tones”

I nibbled her ear gently before continuing.

“Her voice is sweet desire
Her body soft and willing
But there is passion beneath this woman
This servant once consecrated to god”

My left hand moved from her neck as I traced her shoulder and then moved down her arm.

“Now she is a warrior
A Winged princess of the night
Yet she is still sunlight
Bright, piercing, shimmering, aglow
Sera, winged angel
I placate myself before you
Engulf me
Take me
Make me”

She giggled at the faint breath and soft kisses that tickled her ear. "That's not how I remember that poem ending."

I pulled my head back and gave her a questioning look. "And 'ow do you know that, luv?"

She stuck out her tongue like a little child. "I couldn't resist looking one day. I wonder though how you were able to have sketches of me in there from before I was reborn."

"Now you're mocking me, Sera."

"I think it's sweet."

"Take that back!"

"Awww..." she brushed her lips against mine, her tongue begging entrance. I lost myself in her touch once more. I wanted nothing more than to take her right then and there. But the night was young. The hunt had just started and I still didn’t have my fill.

The scent of strong perfume found its way towards our little shadowed retreat. It seemed like she caught it too as she pulled away and gave me a wry smile. "Intrigued?"


"That much perfume, I would say, in her thirties. Has some money though, she smells like she had a bath."

"'Cor, I could care less as long as her blood is rich."

"Going to play with her? Can I watch?"

"Shall we make ‘er scream, pet? ‘aven't ‘eard terror in a while."

She clapped her hands in delight as her eyes flashed from green to amber then back to green again.

"I'll be back, my dear Sera." I said taking her hand and kissing it gently before walking towards the street to meet the woman that had called to my senses. I wondered briefly what fantasy I would have to fulfill for this woman. What type of man would she need to let herself go? What sliver of heaven would be my gift before death claimed her in its eternal embrace? I stole a quick glance at my Sera and thought that I was the luckiest bloke in the world.

A/N: I decided to rename Elizabeth(which means consecrated to God) as Sera which is related to two names >> 1) Sarah meaning "lady" or "princess" in Hebrew or 2)Seraphim which is from the Latin name Seraphinus, which meant "fiery ones" and can also be derived to mean heavenly or winged angel.

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