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Where Do I Stand? by Thianna
8 - The Party Goes On
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Disclaimer: The characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer are owned by Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, and Fox studios. This story is not meant to infringe upon anyone's rights, only to entertain.


CHAPTER 8 – The Party Goes On

A/N: Pretty graphic violence and rape situation

We made our way towards the stairwell that led downstairs to the servant’s quarters. Sera still had her dress and petticoats in her arms and she rushed downstairs to find a quiet corner to put her clothes back on. I was lingering by the stairwell landing, straightening my shirt and waiting for Sera when muffled giggling came from down the hallway. I was about to make myself inconspicuous when I felt that it was merely Darla with her victim of the hour.

“Dear cousin,” she called out stretching her hand out to me. “I was wondering where you wandered off to.”

With a smile I bent down to kiss her hand. “Nowhere in particular dear Darla. I was just out in the gardens admiring the moonlight.”

“Well I suggest you see Angelus soon. He is looking for you.” She flashed me an obviously fake smile before she whisked the man away into a dark corner. With a silent sigh, I made my way downstairs. The bloody poofter was most probably getting bored but this was his plan to begin with. For a brief moment, I thought about getting this over with quickly so as not to anger Peaches. But why should I go around pleasing him?

Sera came out of one of the rooms a few seconds later. Her clothes were back in order and her hair was once again pinned up and in place.

“This should be quick. I only heard six heartbeats down here.”

“Good, because I think Grandpa is getting bored upstairs.”

She leaned in to plant a quick kiss on my cheek before she headed down the hall. “Don’t have too much fun Spike. You need all your strength for later.”

I flashed her a knowing smile then headed in the opposite direction. I followed my senses towards the sounds and smells of humans. Surprisingly, it was coming from one room. But instead of the steady hum of nocturnal sleep, there were faint whimpers coming from behind the thick door. I crept in as quietly as possible, hoping not to disturb the room’s occupants though after taking in the scene before me, I doubted they would have noticed anything.

One girl in her early teens lay on the floor unconscious. Her skirt was ripped and there was blood on her thighs. The whimpering came from the woman on the bed who was currently being stripped of her dignity as the man on top of her was lost in his own passion. Tears were streaming down her face and her arms and neck were red and swollen. The man grunted as he moved his hips and sought pleasure from the woman that was powerless beneath him.

Her cries where welcoming though not satisfying to say the least since her pain was derived from someone else. She whimpered in hopeless desperation and it called to me and the demon within. There was a sense of sympathy that stirred inside and wanted to break free. This was no way for this young girl to meet her fate. Not that I wouldn’t, given a chance, perhaps done the same thing. It’s just that the man seemed like a disgusting pig – heavy, sweating and rough. At least, if I were to rob her innocence from her, I would have had the courtesy to at least give her a glimpse of heaven. Perhaps I was being boastful, but I knew the truth.

The idea of perhaps changing places with the pig peeked some lustful interest but I knew it was just leftover from almost coupling with Sera just moments ago.

A grandfather clock from down the hall announced the turning of the hour and called me from my reverie.

The man was jerked back from his victim by my forceful hand on the collar of his shirt. He found himself on the floor. The shock and confusion that was evident on his face was soon replaced by anger at the interruption. “Wot do the ‘ell do you think you’re doing, mate?”

“Ain’t your mate and looks to me you ain’t exactly welcome in ‘ere.”

He stood up indignantly and threw a punch aimed at my face which I caught effortlessly with my right hand. He leaned in, throwing his weighting into his fist. My body accommodated the shift in weight, letting him lean in even further before my right hand pushed him back with such force that he hit the room’s meager dresser table. He picked himself up and his brow furrowed. The devilish grin tugging at the corners of my mouth fueled his anger even further. It was then that he decided to rush me, using his shoulders to knock me down. The floor welcomed my back but instead of causing injury, it awoke the demon inside. Blue eyes turned golden and fangs descended as I stood up to reveal his true opponent. His eyes spoke of surprise mixed with fear. “Wot in bloody hell are you?”

“Someone more powerful that can fight back.” Before he had a chance to react, my body moved and positioned itself behind him. One hand was holding him forcefully on his shoulder while the other covered his mouth and forced his head to tilt a certain way so as to expose the flesh of his neck. Fangs buried themselves deeply into his flesh, but my intention wasn’t really to feed. My intent was to cause pain. I released him for but a second before finding another spot to bite down ferociously. He struggled to no avail and his screams were muffled against my hand. I held on to him, pulling blood into me till I knew he would be too weak to do anything but contemplate what was left of his existence. He slumped onto the floor, blood flowing and painting the room crimson.

With the back of my hand, I wiped my mouth clean and shook the demon visage, hoping the girl on the bed hadn’t seen it. The last thing I needed was her to scream in fright and alert the household.

“Are you alright miss?” I said turning to face her.

She was still in obvious shock, her knees pulled up against her chest, trying to make herself as small as possible.

“Miss, are you alright?”

She moved her head as if in a daze to face her salvation. “You … is he dead?”

“Wasn’t that what you wanted?”

“Yes! … Well… “ she was sobbing again but there were no tears. Her body was too weak from struggling and her previous bout of crying to produce any more.

“It’s over now. ‘e won’t be able to ‘urt you ever again.”

She threw herself at me, trying to find comfort in my arms. Instinctively, I started stroking her hair to comfort her. I wasn’t sure why I did it, but it just felt right at the moment. “Now, like I said it’s over now. No more worrying from you. No more crying, alright?”

Her quivering body started to calm down as she responded to the calming touch and soothing words that her apparent savior was offering.

The sweet perfume of blood permeated through the air but it wasn’t the blood of the dead man on the floor that smelled so enticing. It actually came from the fragile creature that was pressed against my chest. It was young, strong and pure. Yellow eyes burned forth as the demon inside searched for the source of such sweetness. There were no apparent wounds on the girl except for the fresh bruises that were forming on her arms and neck. They would turn a sickly shade of blue tomorrow, but I was pretty certain that there was a way to prevent that from happening.

The sweet smell of her blood was coming from below her waist and it finally dawned on me exactly where it was coming from. Slowly, I let my fingers brush up her right thigh beneath her torn skirts. She was still too shocked with what had just happened to register the fingers that were dancing on her skin. She didn't even notice when her nether lips were stroked gently. She was probably too raw down there or perhaps too numb to care at the moment. It wasn't until I raised two fingers stained with blood and human secretions that fear started to take root inside her. My tongue darted out to lick her sweetness and what I had smelled earlier seemed true. Her virgin blood was sweet and strong.

"What are you?" She said trying to move away from me.

"I'm your salvation, pet. I've come to claim my prize though." With one swift move, my fangs were buried deep into her neck and her blood spilled into my waiting tongue. I drank, enjoying her useless struggles since she was too weak... too tired ... too shocked to really scream. Her energy was already spent fighting off her first attacker. Her heart was beginning to slow as her body surrendered itself to the hopelessness of her current situation.

"But you saved me..." she managed to blurt out. Her spirit still seemed like it wanted to fight but it was useless. She would die of blood loss soon enough.

"Yes I did, didn't I pet? But I didn't say anything about keeping you safe afterwards. Think of this as my good deed for the night. You won't ever 'ave to live in shame because of what that wanker did to you. ... You should be 'appy child. I'm 'elping you meet your maker."

"My sister ... I'm sorry. ... Mother forgive me for not being able to protect 'er."

"Your sister, aye?" She most probably was referring to the unconscious girl on the floor. "Well, since you've been through a lot tonight, I'll do you a favor. I'll kill 'er quick for you. It would be mean of me to break a family apart after all." With that, I released her and grabbed the unconscious girl by one shoulder, sinking deep into her waiting flesh as her sister watched in utter horror at the monster that she thought was her salvation. With the last of her strength, she sobbed tearless cries as her sister's blood coursed down my throat.

"Having too much fun, lover?"

I let the limp dead body of the younger girl fall and crumple by my feet as I turned, yellow eyes glowing at the woman that I knew was by the doorway. Sera seemed to glide into the room, the look of satisfaction on her face a testament that she had fed as well.

She looked around the room, smirking at the dead man on the floor. "Lover?"

I shook my head, licking my teeth and lips clean. "Wanker was taking advantage of the servant girls."

"Oh ... guess that's why you didn't drain him." She shook her head and ran her fingers through a few of my unruly locks that had gotten away. She smiled sweetly and brushed her lips against mine. "We have to hurry Spike, lest Daddy gets all angry. You know how he gets when he doesn't get what he wants."

I couldn't help but roll my eyes in annoyance. "And what about me, luv? Wot would you be willing to do to keep me from getting annoyed?"

"Hmmm ... There are usually only two things on your mind sweet Spike. But like you pointed out said earlier, we really don't have time for either one at the moment."

I pulled her roughly to me, grinding my arousal into her pelvis.

"Now, is that any way for a proper gentleman to act? What would the ladies in the ball think if you come in with that."

"I don't know, perhaps it will just give 'em one more thing to be envious of."

"Or you might just make the lot of them faint."

"Would be easier that way sometimes, pet. I love hearing them scream but some birds can reach notes that are just too bloody shrill for my tastes."

She giggled softly as her hands went to my shirt, straightening the fabric and smoothing out all the wrinkles that formed. "Shall we m'lord William? Cousin Angel is expecting us in the ballroom."

"Will you allow me to 'ave the next dance, m'lady Sera?"

"I plan to dance only with you tonight." she said as she took my arm and we made our way back to the party.

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