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Where Do I Stand? by Thianna
14 - We Belong
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Disclaimer: The characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer are owned by Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, and Fox studios. This story is not meant to infringe upon anyone's rights, only to entertain.


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CHAPTER 14 – We Belong

I quietly crept around the room, gathering discarded clothing and shoes. I dressed in silence hoping to slip out into the night without Sera waking. She slept soundly and though my body wanted nothing more than to be pressed and molded against her, I had something else in mind for my precious mate. Mate. I never thought that that word could mean so much. She was mine now. She was bound to me as I am to her for all eternity.

She was right. I was a stupid git last night for doubting her. Like she said, I should have claimed her years ago. But I didn’t want to hope. The nights we spent together proclaiming love with our bodies and the kills she would affectionately share with me were enough to satisfy my needs. I was fulfilled with her touch and took anything and everything she was willing to offer me. Perhaps, a part of me feared rejection. I feared that my affections would be scoffed at as petty and that my passion was nothing more than misplaced infatuation. Angelus had pointed that out once, describing to me of my misguided feelings for my sire. He poignantly told me that I did not nor will I ever be what my Dark Princess truly desired. But that was my past. Sera was my future, my mate, and nothing else in the world mattered.

She would wake soon and I had to hurry if I planned to accomplish my task before she shed off slumber. I turned and quietly made my way to the door but as soon as my hand touched the knob her sweet voice called to me.

“Was I such a poor companion last night that my mate hastens to leave before the sun has fully set?”

“’ardly, luv. You were such an exquisite lover last night that your mate feels obliged to shower you with gifts.”

“I would rather have you here with me.” She said flicking the covers and exposing her luscious body. She let her hands trace the curve of her bosom, squeezing the flesh of her breasts gently. Her eyes fluttered closed and she let a soft moan escape her lips. “Spike …” She moved her right hand lower and dipped her fingers within the folds of her nether lips. She slowly traced the length of her sex before she rubbed her clit with deft fingers, bringing her closer to the pleasure she was seeking. “Spike …” she moaned once more beckoning me to join her.

That was all the convincing I needed. Her arousal was thick in the air and my own need responded to her. I made my way back towards the bed and licked my lips in anticipation. She angled her body, making sure I had a view of what she was doing. With lust in her eyes, she sat up and pulled me towards her by hooking her fingers on the band of my trousers. It didn’t take long for her to rid me of clothing. She pressed kisses on my neck, purposely petting and licking the claim mark. We melted once more into a familiar and passionate embrace. All thoughts of what I had planned to do for her were gone now as I satisfied a different kind of hunger.

Hunger for blood was the only reason we roused from bed. I donned on my clothes for the second time tonight as she readied herself for the hunt.

“Wish we didn’t have to go.” She said with a small pout.

“Well I was plannin’ on gettin’ us something to eat before you woke up. But my little kitten woke up too early and was hungry for something else.”

“You should have had the discipline to resist me.”

“Like I could.” I said pulling her into my arms and soundly kissing her lips till they were slightly swollen. “You’re ‘ard to resist, luv.”

“Then why did it take you so long to claim me? If I hadn’t done anything, we still wouldn’t be mated.”

“Shall we speak of that again? You’re now mated good and proper. Or do I need to teach my mate ‘er place.” I spanked her bottom playfully.

She let out a giggle but pouted as hunger called to her once more. “Not right now. I’m too hungry. Let’s go.”


We were about two blocks away from where we were staying when our sires came into view. As usual, Dru walked on ahead to meet us. The smile that was on her face slowly faded as she drew closer. The open arms she initially had were gone now as she narrowed her gaze and studied us.

“You’ve shut me out, you did. … Shut me out and threw away the key. My babies go where I cannot follow. Naughty! Naughty! … The knight and princess run away.”

“So I see the errant boy has actually grown some bollocks to claim our little lady.” Angelus said with some irritation in his voice. He was looking at Sera with disappointment which only served to stoke my ego.

Sera had never shown any interest in Angelus and on more than one occasion had blatantly rebuked his advances. Darla didn’t seem to care one way or another though she smiled at the disappointed look on the poofter’s face. She must have been somewhat grateful that this was one conquest Angelus was not about to partake in. A sense of relief washed over me at her approval. With her agreement to the claim, Angelus would not dare contest it.

Dru extended her hand towards my jaw and tilted my head to expose the fresh bite marks that stood proudly on my neck. She grew furious and her hand flew against Sera’s cheek. Sera took a step back as she nursed her face. Dru took a step forward, her arm poised for another strike but I moved between them.

“My princess dares! You ‘ave ‘im. You ‘ave ‘im more than I really cared for. But you dare erase all that I am.” Dru cried out as she pushed passed me and roughly tilted Sera’s head to expose my bite marks on her. She wailed to the moon before turning around and planting herself in her daddy’s arms.

Angelus ran a hand down Dru’s back. “Fine mess you’ve done now, William. You deserve a lashing for making your Dark Princess cry.” He said with anger in his voice since now he had a daughter to calm down. He ushered his child away from the upsetting scene.

I answered him with a glare of my own before I turned to Sera to see if she was alright.

“I don’t understand why she would be that furious.” Sera mumbled. “It’s not like our relationship with her has changed. She is still our sire. I still recognize her as sire.”

“It is bold for both of you do the claim.” Darla responded. “Why would you tie yourself to one another and lose your freedom?”

I looked at her puzzled. “I don’t see it that way.”

Darla shrugged and gave me a look that said I most probably wouldn’t understand what she was talking about. “Still such a human concept William – to be bonded to only one.”

“Why does it matter? It’s not like we belonged to anyone else, luv.”

Darla came closer to Sera and slowly traced her jaw line with a fingernail. When she reached the chin she tilted my angel’s head to one side, exposing once more the fresh bite marks that showed the world that my Sera belonged to me and me alone. “You, both of you, belonged to my darling daughter. These marks have erased her own mark. It’s perhaps a petty little thing, but my little daughter must feel like you have rejected her.”

My hand flew to my neck to trace exactly where Sera had bitten me. Darla was right. Sera had placed her mark over Dru’s scar and from my wicked plum’s reaction; I must have done the same.

I looked over and watched Drusilla sobbing softly into Angelus’ chest, but though he was acting kindly towards her, I could sense the anger building inside him. His touch was loving for now, but how long was that going to last? He planted a kiss on his daughter’s forehead then shot me a deadly glare. Sera hooked her arm around mine but I didn’t even afford her a glance as I matched my grandsire’s stare.


… two weeks later …

I could feel her giggling in delight as she led her victim into a shadowed corner. She moaned and even purred softly as nourishing blood coated her tongue and lips. I could hear and feel her perfectly though she was far from me. We had started hunting on our own, making the evening a game. It was a hunt within the hunt. With mischief in our eyes and a passionate kiss we would bid each other farewell and head off in different directions. Then the hunt would begin. We would satisfy our need for blood while we sent lascivious thoughts and images through the claim, teasing each other until we could no longer resist. The victor was always the one that could resist the longest, though in the end it didn’t matter because the result was always the same – both of us trying to bring the other to ecstasy.

The night was young and the hunt was just beginning. A young maiden walking by her lonesome caught my fancy. There was something about her that called to me. Perhaps it was her walk, the way she carried herself with confidence though she was alone. She seemed to be afraid of no one and the demon inside wondered how confident she would be if she found herself faced against someone that was more than just a man. I followed her for a while, watching and studying her before making my move.

When I eventually approached her, she seemed a little too willing to slip into the shadows with me. I didn’t have to coo in her ear or confess how beautiful she was in my eyes. She invited me into her arms, her body wanting to be touched, her heart pounding with eagerness. Part of me was wary of this prey but her blood sang to me. The call of sweet red ecstasy drowned out the sense of cautiousness. But as her neck became my chalice, I sensed a faint smell of almonds.

I wondered what it could be or perhaps my mind was playing tricks on me and it was just the scent of the girl in my arms. But it was unmistakably there and my nose to her flesh told me it was not from her. I caught her wrist in time, clamping down on her appendage with force to release her grip on whatever it was she was holding. I pulled away, blood spilling from the corners of my mouth as I searched her face for answers. There was anger in her eyes now. It was anger bordering on defiance. The want and need that were there moments ago no longer existed. The demon inside demon grew agitated at the fact that this one had decided to resist my charms. I pulled her in closer and ignored her feeble resistance as fangs sliced into her flesh once more, biting down harder as I drained her to the point that she could no longer lift her arms. She fell limp by my feet, barely alive.

My eyes scanned the scene, looking for what she had hidden securely and was about to use against me. A few feet away from her dying flesh, the smooth shine of a stake proclaimed its presence. With a small smirk on my lips, I picked up the stake. It was made from the wood of an almond tree which now explained the scent I noticed earlier. I wondered why a girl would have such a weapon hidden away. Had she known that this could have resulted in my end or was she merely acting out of instinct to protect herself? What was she? Who was she? I knew for a fact she could not have been the Slayer since there was nothing about her that spoke of the deadly power and strength a Slayer possessed. I was curious and wanted to know more but a dreadful feeling invaded my mind. Panic. Fear. And a name. … Angelus.

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