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Brave New World by JamesMFan
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When Buffy woke up upside down she just had to wonder why for a long moment. Her head was kind of hurting due to all the blood rushing towards her brain. She groaned and sat up on the bed. She then proceeded to flop over onto her front, sighing. She had no idea what time it was but going by the rather loud mambo band that seemed to be performing in her head she knew it was too early. Something was tickling her foot. She kicked at it and heard a loud curse. Buffy opened her eyes partially, frozen. Tried to recall the last time she woke up in bed with the not aloneness and sadly found it harder to remember than it should have been.

The bed moved beneath her as her companion turned over and then a sharp swat against her foot made her brave a look. She lifted her head and looked down at her feet. All she saw was a mop of bright blonde hair. Oh. Of course.

For some reason Buffy was sleeping the wrong way up, her head at the end of the bed and her feet up against the headboard. That was the least of the confusion, though. Firstly, she kind of wanted to know how she’d ended up in Spike’s bed. She suspected it was down to the copious amount of liquor she’d consumed. Thinking back on it now Buffy vaguely remembered the sensation of being carried. He’d carried her?

The Slayer closed her eyes and rested her forehead down on the mattress. She so did not want to come to terms with the implications of being in Spike’s bed. She knew for damn sure nothing had happened, she’d have had to be stone cold drunk not to remember that. Besides, there was the whole fully clothed state of them both. Unfortunately.

Just as she was contemplating the right kind of action – flee or stay, she felt the bed move again. Buffy closed her eyes instinctively. A moment later and her skin began to tingle with the sensation of very light fingertips tracing the arch of her foot. She fought not to squirm away and stayed put. The finger tip found its way around to the curve of her ankle. And then it was gone. Just like that.
Buffy frowned. A lot.

“You used to be ticklish there,” Spike spoke suddenly.

Buffy jumped, blowing her cover. She flushed. “Not nice to exploit my weaknesses.”

He yawned and she turned and watched as he rolled onto his back to look up at the ceiling. She prodded his chest with her foot and he looked at her.


Spike arched an eyebrow. “…Buffy?”

“Duh,” she snorted. “I’m…kind of…in your bed?”

He kept the eyebrow arched. “Is that a question?”

“Stop trying to be clever. It doesn’t suit you.”

He half-smiled, eyes sleepy. “The only thing that looks good on me is you, eh love?”

“Oh yeah. Well, that and tight pants,” she replied.

He laughed at that and closed his eyes. She smiled and did the same. Buffy felt strange. She had an odd warm feeling building in her stomach and it felt very much like laughing. That moment mid-laugh when nothing else matters and everything is just okay. Only lasts a while and it’s rarely ever noticed but that’s what it reminded her of.



The Slayer rolled onto her back and then sat up to look down at him. “Since I’m stuck here. I mean the future not, like, your bed or anything…anyway. Since it looks like I’m here for good, if I don’t get thrown in the slammer for the murder of innocent vamps and the coffee tables of the future don’t kill me –”

“There a question in there somewhere?” He pulled himself into a half-sitting position against the headboard.

Buffy scowled. “I was getting to that. Taking into account the previous rambling…would it be okay for me to…stay?”

Spike frowned. “Stay?”

“Here, I mean,” she said awkwardly, looking down at her ticklish feet. “Obviously not here in this – your – bed. God, no. Not that it’s not a nice bed – ’cos it is. I just mean here with you. Oh, what am I even saying? Of course it’s not okay! You have Mya and you’re widowed and I’m being an asshole! Just ignore me, okay? Okay. Good. Let’s not –”

“Buffy,” Spike reached out and placed a finger on her lips to silence her. “You even have to ask?”

Buffy shrugged and nodded simultaneously.

He smiled. “Okay, then I’ll have to answer. Stay forever. No, forget that, stay longer than forever.”

She smiled against his finger and that’s when they both seemed to realise he was still touching her. Spike’s hand dropped quickly but Buffy caught it and kept hold of it. She studied it closely. His long thin fingers, the deep lines on his palm. He had a scar on one of his knuckles. She’d never noticed before. Little things she never paid attention to.

Buffy looked up and found Spike looking at her curiously. For a short while things seemed to stay just like that. Both of them sitting on his bed, his hand held in hers, their eyes searching.

That was when Mya burst through the door.

“Dad! You’ll be glad to – Buffy!” Mya screeched to a halt. “Uh…I guess you actually will be glad to Buffy.”

Buffy quickly let go of Spike’s hand and jumped up too fast, her legs tangling in the sheets and nearly throwing herself headfirst off the bed. Instead she just about managed to catch herself and try to look dignified and not at all guilty.

“There’s no Buffying!” She announced.

Mya’s shock turned to a slow smile. “Uh huh. I was going to let you know there’s a message from Cain Travers on the machine but you know what? It’s not that important. You two have…a nice time.”

She gave a little wave and then backed out of the room, shutting the door behind her. The sound of running footsteps and barely suppressed laughter could be heard for several moments. Buffy turned to look at Spike. He was already climbing out of bed, clothes rumpled and starting for the door.

“Well, come on!” He motioned to her. “This could be it.”

When Buffy finally freed herself from the sheets the door was wide open and the vampire was long gone. She huffed and leapt off the bed after him. Trotting down the hall towards the living room she could hear Cain’s voice drifting down the hallway.

“…busy to answer my call, you bastard? Fine. I’ll keep it short and obnoxious – just like you, Spike – I’ve reached my decision on our dear Slayer. Fact of the matter is, she broke the law. No getting past that. However, she does have a bit of a legend to her. Could benefit The Council in some way to have her name associated with us. Scare all those little leeches who’re thinking ’bout rising up against us. So, here’s the thing,”

Buffy stepped into the living room and Spike glanced at her then turned his attention back to the answering machine.

“Summers will stand trial but it’ll be a trial run by us and by H.U. If you’re dear girl is crafty enough to plead her case against H.U. and win, then she’s in the clear. The Council will lend our support.”

Spike turned to Buffy and grinned. “See, I told you. It’s all goin’ to be –”

“But think on this, mate. H.U. are goin’ to want to see her go down for this. And they’re going to appoint their top man to the case…”

Buffy locked eyes with Spike.

“…and he’s going to have to argue the case for her execution or indefinite imprisonment. Hang on… aren’t you their top man?”

Cain hung up, laughing.
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